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Terrell Owens Wants To Be Tony Romo’s Tight End

I understand it can be difficult to have a great season and then get bounced out of the playoffs after just one game. So I’m not blaming T.O. for showing a little emotion after the ‘Boys loss to the Giants. I mean, how can I blame him when I’m laughing at how stupid he looks while he’s bawling. But he’s a hypocritical douche for getting all high and mighty with the media for questioning his “teammate” for boinking Jessica Simpson in Mexico the weekend before the game. This is the guy who told anyone who would listen that Donovan McNabb was tired at the end of the Super Bowl and called Jeff Garcia gay. He had no problem tossing previous “teammates” under the bus, but now he has no problem tossing Romo’s salad. Does T.O. have a crush on Romo? Well, if it smells like a rat, it probably fucks quarterbacks like one, too.

2 Responses to "Terrell Owens Wants To Be Tony Romo’s Tight End"

  1. Tomy Lee says:

    What a back stabber little pussy…. I bet the media wasn’t even asking him about his QB, he just couldn’t wait to put the blame on him… “Ohh please don’t blame my little QB, sniff sniff, it wasn’t because he took long vacations, or because he was late to every practice, or humpped hot celebs, snifff sniff… please please stop… sniff sniff is my TEAM!!!” This guy sounds like that gay dude who cries for Britney Spears… forgot his name. Anyway, Tony Romo is a little bastard too, but that’s just because i wish i was his penis for one day….

  2. mike says:

    Did he remind anyone else of Cuba Gooding Jr. in Jerry Maguire? I was waiting for him to say that he was”his ambassador of kwan.” LOL What a LIL BITCH