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Terrorists Have To Pitch Ideas Just Like Hollywood

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So, about a year or so ago, a group of terrorists tried to get together enough funding to carry out an attack on JFK airport. They had the idea, did the research, but when they pitched their idea to some larger terrorist organizations in order to get funding, well…. it didn’t go so well. Anyway, we heard this and it got us to thinking, being a terrorist sounds a lot like being a screenwriter. Enjoy this video we did in conjunction with the guys over at thecword.

10 Responses to "Terrorists Have To Pitch Ideas Just Like Hollywood"

  1. jqbed qblxhw says:

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  2. Mr. Spanky says:

    Dig the unibrow. As for the timing, thanks giving over christmas any day but what the hell to they know. By the way, is there any way I can get my comments spell checked with out actually having to open up a dictionary? On second thought, I’m sure there will be at least a couple of type A’s out there more than happy to edit and re-type this comment. Knock yourselves out guys.
    P.S. One of the funniest goddamn skits I’ve ever seen. Keep up the good work guys.

  3. IraqiBoi says:

    lol hilarious!

  4. wikibuddha says:

    Mr. Spanky, use firefox. ’nuff said.

    “American’s are stupid… They’ll think that a terminal and a plane are the same thing.” ROFL!!!

  5. Arthur C. says:

    This is bloody brilliant

  6. Gavin says:


    funny, because this is MOST LIKELY what the American administration does behind closed doors… its just a big joke to them it seems, the amount of pain and human suffering they “conjure” up and spin… such a sad existence, really..

    BUT! brightside time, this video is pretty roxor…

    but rofl my waffle…

    “makes 9/11 look…….. gay.”

    keep ‘er comin!

  7. toxicshark says:

    I’m Arab and even i find this funny. good job.

  8. xpdx says:

    Mr. Spanky

    Use Mozilla Firefox it has a built in spell checker for web forms. With out it I would look like the illiterate moron that I am.

  9. Gavin that is precisely right, this is prob what goes on behind the scenes at our expense. Anyway great vid!

  10. who he understand says:

    FUNNY ‘(-_-)’
    they dont have to use airplanes consedering that they can cut off oil and let us use our own pee instead.

    you wish