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Terry Bradshaw Drops F-Bomb on Howie Long

At the 50 second mark you can hear Terry Bradshaw say, “Did you find a hat that’ll fit that big f***in’ head” to Howie “Big F***in’ Head” Long. I guess being on TV for 45 straight hours saying the same thing over and over again (The Pats are going for perfection, Eli is stupid, the Giants have no chance) is enough to drive anyone to hate Howie Long. Oh wait, Firestorm already took care of that.

3 Responses to "Terry Bradshaw Drops F-Bomb on Howie Long"

  1. DonnyG says:

    He said “Bucket head”

  2. AT says:

    I heard it all morning yesterday on the radio and it’s definitely Bucket head. No f bomb dropped.

  3. kevwilman says:

    He said “BUCKET-HEAD”, not “fuckin-head”.