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Texas Fans vs. Alabama Fans

Tonight, thousands of rednecks will descend on Pasadena, California to hoot and holler for either Texas or Alabama at the Rose Bowl for the BCS National Championship title. Many people would consider these two sub-classifications of redneck as one-in-the-same, but those of us who were raised in Redneck Country know that there are some subtle but crucial differences between a Texas fan and an Alabama fan: 

17 Responses to "Texas Fans vs. Alabama Fans"

  1. Lance says:

    Whut? We got Krystal’s up in ‘Bama not that weak ass Milo’s.

  2. Brog says:


    First off….spell Lynyrd Skynyrd correctly.

    Secondly…us Southerners don’t drink Jack Daniels…we drink Bourbon, which technically would be Jim Beam. However, we don’t want to melt our mouths so let’s change that to Booker’s Bourbon.

    Third…ROLL TIDE!

  3. kle57 says:

    Redneck came from anyone that worked out in the sun all day but usually farmers. It’s from the sun burn they would get around their necks.

  4. Peter in LA says:

    English is not my native language.
    Isn’t it bad to call people “rednecks”?
    Can someone clarify this?

  5. Jar says:

    It is, but many rednecks proudly use the term to describe themselves. Some wacky broad even wrote a song in which she called herself a redneck. The term’s original usage was to describe the red bandannas coal miners wore around their necks during the The West Virginia Coal Miners March. However, it was even an insult back them, as West Virginia coal miners fit the modern description of a redneck. What does this mean? Never visit West Virginia.

  6. ffffffffffffffff says:

    This is why whenever I’m forced to visit the south, I make sure my car is carrying its New York Yankees vanity license plate.

  7. pratik says:

    Determining factor: level of hatred for anything New York-related

  8. Bama's yer daddy says:

    I believe that’s Tuscaloosa, loser. Bow Down.

  9. jbamafan says:

    who is that fuck bama guy,go fuck your sister,steers and queers, roll tide 37-21 bitch,and if your not a tx fan,my guess is auburn,must be tough growing up in the hugs shadow the tide casts on the plains,bitch

  10. fuck bama says:

    and the plane they flew in on from tuscaloser

  11. MrKillson says:

    If you’re gonna re-post, at least change the name of the Bowl game and town.

    And Peter, redneck is bad in certain parts of the country. Other parts it’s a badge of honor.

  12. HB says:

    What-a-burger FTW!

  13. HB says:

    Oh yeah, and Numero uno bitches!

  14. fuck bama says:

    and you got all this right except for the boot part. bama fans usually come barefoot, stupid and loud.

  15. AnonymousFKR says:

    Rose Bowl, huh? Nice FAIL HT!!

  16. Tim says:

    What-A-Burger for the win!!!