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Text Messages from Michele Bachmann

john wayne

Michele Bachmann has tossed her hat in the ring for a Presidential run.  She’s also an idiot.  Yesterday she made news for likening herself to serial killer John Wayne Gacy by accident when trying to invoke that other John Wayne.  What more hilarity will she bring to a Presidential run?  We can only imagine. In the meantime, enjoy this glance into her private life via exclusive text messages hacked by highly trained Holy Taco interns.  We feed them nothing but Red Bull and corn nuts.

3 Responses to "Text Messages from Michele Bachmann"

  1. Exile says:

    Plugs Biden is the most retarded person who ever lived, but Holy Taco rips on a woman with a post doctoral degree in Tax Law from William and Mary.

    That’s it. Fuck this country full of democrap toadies. YAY CHINA!!!!!

  2. sweetfly says:

    she didnt go to William and Mary …she went to some crackpot Christian school in Oklahoma that has changed its name at least six times .