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Thanks Mother Nature!

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8 Responses to "Thanks Mother Nature!"

  1. Pothead Tree Hugger says:

    Not exactly what you’re TRYING to say there pratik, I’m guessing you’re struggling to translate an original thought in Hindu into English but failing miserably at it.

    Earth Day however, you insignificant little Indian, is celebrated globally on 4/22, not 4/20.

  2. pratik says:

    It figures that a bunch of pothead tree huggers would make the day after 4/20 Earth Day.


    LOL – ouch

  4. philosøpher says:

    hello AVATAR 2

  5. Jo Densen says:

    Aint Mother Nature great? Amazing.


  6. DonkeyXote says:

    If by “Mother Nature” you mean “mexican bible studis”, then yes, “Mother Nature” is great!

  7. mmm says:

    Damn nature. You scary.

  8. fudgepacker says:

    Check out these mother nature pics of the f-in volcano which exteneded my biz trip by 4 days.