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That’s Gotta Be A Pretty Big Taint

I’ve seen some pretty big taints in my day, but I’ve always been able to escape them. I can’t imagine how big a taint would have to be to qualify as "inescapable." Especially for a president-elect. Because I imagine the secret service has the top-of-the-line taint-escpaping abilities of anyone on the planet. Between Air Force One and his long line of black SUV’s, I’m pretty sure Barack will be able to outrun even the fastest of taints. Don’t worry, everyone, Obama should be fine.

4 Responses to "That’s Gotta Be A Pretty Big Taint"

  1. Anonymous says:

    What a loooooser!

  2. Complainer says:

    Cory… you may pronounce it “excape” but it is spelled “escape.”

  3. rick says:

    He looks to be on the asshole side of the taint.