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That’s In There Pretty Far


9 Responses to "That’s In There Pretty Far"

  1. WTF says:

    Who doesn’t like a fist up their ass?

  2. Yenta Mental says:

    a JAP the day after the wedding.

  3. Olala's mother says:

    where’s my son…this makes me miss him!

  4. Olala says:

    Right below you as usual

  5. R Scott Dennis of Invesco Fame says:

    I like it deeper than that!

  6. pratik says:

    We know one thing for certain… it’s not Miss Piggy, since it’s not a hoof. My money is on Grover from Sesame Street.

  7. Jim Henson says:

    It’s not a puppet, it’s a motherfking muppet.

  8. The Souless Ginger says:

    I’ve had a fist up my butt before, left my corn hole pretty loose.

  9. macdad says:

    I guess it aint easy being green ” Damn”