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The 10 Most Worthless College Majors


College is a great place to learn and have fun. But let’s not kid ourselves, some degrees are as useless as the plot in a Michael Bay film. Here’s a list of 10 degrees that may be interesting, but do jack shit for you in the real world.

10. Art History


Why It Won’t Help You Get a Job: With an art history degree you could maybe curate an art gallery or work at a museum or .yeah, that’s it. That’s all you can do. And seeing as how every art gallery and museum I’ve ever been to has exactly one dude sitting quietly at a desk reading a New Yorker and eating a food that requires chopsticks, I’m going to go ahead and assume there’s not a lot of positions open in the field. That means you’re going to have to venture out into the corporate world. And let me inform you, when you’re interviewing with Bob from the HR team at Wal-Mart who’s wearing a tie that has the twin towers smoking with writing underneath that says “We Will Never Forget, your art history degree says to him “I’m a commie a-hole who thinks I’m better than guys with 9/11 ties.

What Job You’ll End Up With: After your parents boot your ass from your bedroom to make room for anything that’s not your bedroom, you’ll wander towards the nearest coffee shop and get a job there, which will allow you to meet artists who will thank you for allowing them to put fliers by the cash register that inform people of their upcoming show that touts “the combination of art and flute.

9. Philosophy


Why It Won’t Help You Get a Job: This isn’t ancient Greece: No one is going to pay you money, or allow you to sodomize their attractive son, in exchange for your knowledge of existence. Never has there been an employer who’s said “Man, we’re having all kinds of problems, I wish we had someone on our team who could reference and draw conclusions from the story of Siddhartha that would pull up our fourth quarter numbers. I took many philosophy classes and it involved reading and smoking a shit pile of weed. You don’t need to pay 20,000 dollars a year to do that. All you need is twenty dollars and a library card.

What Job You’ll End Up With: Thanks to your extensive knowledge of philosophy, you’re now self-aware enough to know that most jobs out there will make you totally miserable. So most likely you’ll wait tables part time and hope someone starts paying you for the bi-monthly entries on your blog.

8. American Studies

american studies worthless college degrees

Why It Won’t Help You Get a Job: If you’re not named Achmed or Bjork or G’Day Mate this isn’t a degree, it’s the last 18 years of your life. If you really want to study us you don’t need to go to some stupid class, you need only to sit back and watch a two-hour block of Must-See TV to understand The American. After doing my own research, it seems that this mysterious creature is a pot-bellied humanoid with a hot wife and bad credit who has a penchant for low-calorie beer, Chilis, Applebees, TGIFridays, Denny’s, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Dave and Busters, Steak and Shake, Chilis (again) and Red Lobster. Oh and he can totally demolish a White Castle Crave Case in, like, 20 seconds. OK, now give me my degree.

What Job You’ll End Up With: To take your American Studies degree one step further, you will be qualified to do 40-50 years of “graduate work cleaning tables and taking orders at a Chilis, Applebees, TGIFridays or Red Lobster. Or possibly Denny’s.

7. Music Therapy

music therapy worthless college degrees

Why It Won’t Help You Get a Job: I didn’t even know this was a major until I found it on the Appalachian State website. According to their actual explanation of this major: “Music therapy is the scientific application of the art of music within a therapeutic relationship to meet the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of individuals. Which is a big, fancy way of saying “We’ll teach you how to make a mix tape. I guess I, too, am a qualified music therapist because my “Summer Jams “95 tape I made in the 10th grade totally rocked my house party. All my friends told me that kicking it off with Wreckz-N-Effects “Rump Shaker followed by Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise totally met their physical, mental and spiritual needs to help them get wasted on my dad’s Schnapps and Drambuie.

What Job You’ll End Up With: After realizing that yoga studios and elderly homes don’t pay people just to come in and set mood music, you’re sadly going to end up putting your degree towards burning a fire to keep warm because you are homeless.

6. Communications


Why It Won’t Help You Get a Job: Go into a communications class on any given day and it’ll smell like dried semen and booze. Reason being, communications is the major for anyone who wants to graduate, but doesn’t want to stop getting totally wasted on weekdays. Here’s the bad news, if an employer is going to hire someone to help decipher how human beings communicate, he’s going to hire someone with the letters “Dr. before their name, not the person who first checks to see if a class is offered online, then when they find out it’s not, let’s out a “gaaaaay bro.

What Job You’ll End Up With: You’ll go to several job interviews that turn out to be pyramid schemes, even though at first you won’t realize this and come home and tell your parents, who you still live with, “They said I’ll probably be making six figures in less than a year just by selling these beer cozies.

5. Dance

dance worthless college degrees

Why It Won’t Help You Get a Job: Despite what “Dancing with the Stars and “High School Musical may tell you, there aren’t a lot of dancing jobs out there,so you better be good because there aren’t any gigs for mediocre dancers. Outside of New York City or some crap in LA there is absolutely nothing you can do with a dance degree that doesn’t involve actually dancing for money. And since the Des Moines interpretive dance movement hasn’t really taken off yet, you have a better chance landing a job as an 8-Track repairman or a member of the Beatles.

What Job You’ll End Up With: After moving to New York and trying out for Hello Dolly! or Damn Yankees or any of the other seven Broadway plays that want dancers and not landing a single one because you got your dance degree from Ball State, you will find ample opportunity to show off your choreographic skills at one of the city’s many strip clubs. You’ll just need to change your name to Crystal or Bambi and you’ll be able finally live out your dream as a dancer. (Mom and Dad will be so proud!)

4. English Lit


Why It Won’t Help You Get a Job: If someone can spend a weekend with a box of Cliff’s Notes and have only a slightly less conversational knowledge of what you spent 4 years studying, you probably don’t have the most employer friendly degree. Having an English Lit degree is like being a member of the Kansas City Royals: No one cares and the best you can hope for is every once in a while someone buys you a beer because of it.

What Job You’ll End Up With: You can read and comprehend, so that gives you an advantage over 99.5% of the people that peruse Craig’s list job listings. Therefore, you’ll most likely end up landing an entry level position at a random small company, or showing up to your interview and being raped repeatedly by a group of masked men.

3. Latin

latin worthless college degrees

Why It Won’t Help You Get a Job: Not only does no one speak this language anymore, but we already have all the Latin that exists in the world. There’s no new Latin that’s hot off the presses that needs immediate translating. I’m no business major, but majoring in a language that doesn’t exist anymore doesn’t sound so good for job security. And I’m sorry to break the news to you, but the world doesn’t need someone to translate The Bible or the inscription on the side of a Post Office or El Loco Latino’s “Latin House Party.

What Job You’ll End Up With: Since you majored in something that doesn’t exist, you’re going to have two jobs. Your first one will be as the annoying pretentious guy who gives everyone the Latin etymology of every big word he hears at every dinner party he attends. Your second, and most lucrative job, will be as a Subway Sandwich Artist.

2. Film


Why It Won’t Help You Get a Job: No one in hollywood gives a shit that you made a short film about an alcoholic albino that discovers the meaning of life through the help of a retarded child. Unless that retarded child was played by the son of Harvey Weinstein, your film or degree will be as pointless as the last three seasons of Lost

What Job You’ll End Up With: If you’re lucky, you’ll have an uncle who can get you a job as a production assistant on CSI Miami, where your time will be spent making coffee runs and finding whores that will let David Caruso pee on them.

1. Religion

religion worthless college degrees

Why It Won’t Help You Get a Job: Sorry God, but a major in Religion is about as worthless as St. Brice (The Patron Saint of Stomach Aches.) Even Duke University can’t put a solid sell on this degree: “A major in religion offers intellectual excitement and can be a pathway to a liberal education. OK, you sold me. So now I get to shell out about a hundred thousand dollars so I can know what to wear to a Shinto ceremony and learn how many virgins Allah will give me if I blow myself up in an Israeli square? If it’s OK with you, I’ll keep my money and stick to my sinning-a-lot-now-and-repenting-on-my-deathbed plan.

What Job You’ll End Up With: This one is tricky. On one hand you’ll probably end up working behind the desk of a Christian Science Reading Room. But on the other, you may end up with everlasting peace and spiritual enlightenment. Let’s call it a draw.

1,110 Responses to "The 10 Most Worthless College Majors"

  1. Phil says:

    What about IDS (interdisciplinary studies)? This one might as well be chalked up to “I can bullshit about a whole lot of things” degree.

  2. Billy Jean says:

    #9. Philosophy, always gets me. I have a few friends that dropped out of the business college to persue this degree. I’d rather pay for my kid to go to bartending school

  3. Tickaz says:

    I studied 2 years of a 3 years Physics degree before realising it was useless and shit. I now work in “management” at a fast food restaurant

    • Josh Campbell says:

      Ok, quitting a degree in physics was retarded. Worthless? A physics degree? Do you really not understand the need for physicist these days? There is a reason you now work at a fast food restaurant, and it has nothing to do with your degree choice.

    • michael says:

      Josh didnt see your reply; a physics degree is extremely worth-while. prick.

  4. J says:

    Um, hello? Women’s studies? That shit should be number one.

    • DonkeyXote says:

      So trueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and the lecturer (yes, singular, you won’t ever have several professors lecturing it) is always an overbearing female with a very strong lesbian look.

      • ocean sky says:

        I graduated with a degree in woman’s studies and now I’m getting my masters in social work. This degree worked for me!

        • Vids says:

          Thx 4 teh fuel 4 mai roflchopper. I can now go 2 russia.

          Lol your degree worked for you cause it got you back into school? Now you’re just gonna be 2x the debt. lolololololol

  5. Lexi says:

    @ 1, Realist.

    It’s “cue” the bitching. I know, because I was an English Lit major–with a concentration in drama, so it was EXTRA useless ;-)

    The writer did forget to mention that, much like art history can only lead to museum jobs, English degrees can only lead to teaching. Teaching or nothing. /cry

  6. K says:

    You left of “Human Development/Family Studies,” a popular major at Auburn University. I have yet to understand what you do with that degree.

    • naturalista says:

      Um…alot! You have to get a graduate degree and become a professor or researcher at an institution. Who do you think develops all sorts of programs for things like teen pregnancy, divorce, and bullying? THESE RESEARCHERS! Ok I’m done :)

      • Wilford Brimley's Monkey says:

        did you read the date of that post? oh wait, you tried defending “Human Development/Family Studies”.. nevermind

  7. Music Business.

    It was the Dude’s degree. It was also my roomate’s in college. I believe he works at a car dealership now.

  8. Homer says:

    The Iliad or The Odyssey are in greek…

  9. mase says:

    The number one most worthless degree is definitely “LIBERAL ARTS” hands down; total waste of time/money.

  10. Andrew D. Tran says:

    you completely ig’nant sons of bitches, philosophy is what many pre-law undergrads pursue… but I’m a civil engineering major so what do I care >_>

  11. Jim says:

    What, no mention of my financially worthless degree – history. After graduation I worked four years in an electroplating factory, then went to a technical school and got a job as a software engineer.

  12. tomato1324 says:

    eh im a communications major, it actually doesnt have much to do with just people communicating. ever turn on the news, a sports broadcast, the radio, open a newspaper or magazine, and not to mention the thousands of ads you see everywhere these days? yea, the majority of the people of involved in all that were probably comm majors.

  13. harry siphilis says:

    oir end up writing ultra lame top ten lists.

  14. harry siphilis says:

    nothing could be worse than ending up writing ultra lame top ten lists.

  15. Kegan says:

    hey, don’t forget a theatre degree. Who wouldn’t want to major in playing pretend for four years?

  16. Agree to disagree says:

    I don’t agree with you on the communication’s degree (too many CEO’s, corporate sales professionals, and lawyers that make a s**t load have a communications degree , but everything else sounds about right.

  17. A.B. says:

    It’s actually a communication major. The plural is incorrect. At least I learned something during my time in the program. You should have taken notes =)

    You’re correct about the booze, women and procrastination though. Wrong about how it pans out. A com major is for people who know how the system works, have made the right connections and are there to maximize the experience. Academia and the real world have almost nothing in common. It’s like honors programs. There are two types of students. The “smart” ones that spend all of their time studying, wasting hours of their lives reading every page and memorizing every fact and then the “intelligent” ones who drink/smoke/party more than just about any other group on campus and still take home the scholarships, top grades etc. – the difference is the second group has the system figured out. They know how it works, and make it work for them.

    Then again – what do I know. I went to the infamous ASU, was a Com student and spent half my time in Dance classes. Maybe my time spent with the #3 Commercial Real Estate Brokerage firm in the nation and working in the Merger and Acquisitions Industry was a fluke =)

    • Med Student says:

      Yo guys A.B. is totally right. People that work hard never get anywhere, and those who don’t do shit have the system figured out and have all the success.

      Man I wish I had his wisdom when I wasted my time studying my ass off. Now I’m going to med school at Michigan :/.

      If only I had the system figured out – maybe then I could have gotten into an academic powerhouse like ASU and not wasted my time at Cornell.

      A.B. you’re an ignorant dumbass. Yes ASU has a number of big name recruiters – but that’s because they know ASU students are not likely to attend graduate school and therefore have a greater chance of sticking around. ASU also has 50,000 students that will work for much less than a more intelligent graduate.

      you will find out soon enough that life isnt as easy as you think.

  18. Rob says:

    You can add Bachelor of Arts in political science to the list. Its like philosophy for morons.

  19. Jeff says:

    As a civil servant I can tell you that all of those degrees will land you a job… after you give up all hope of happiness.

  20. business says:

    Wow. Seems like a lot of people I know who attend college do it for the false sense of security. There are plenty of unemployed lawyers and PhDs out there. There’s more to success than a mere degree.

  21. Tara says:

    You can do more than teach with an English degree. I turned mine into a Marketing career path, with plenty of contract writing work on the side. The Latin course I took didn’t hurt either, since it helped me to learn the etymology of many common words we use today. And the other people I work with in Marketing? Most of them have Communications degrees. In an age where you need a degree in almost anything to get a decent job, it’s a shame to see such ignorance. But what do I know? I actually bothered to take the time to respond to such a lame post.

  22. Nice linkbait.

  23. Mike says:

    Fuck You! You no talent hack! If you think Boondock Saints is a shit movie, then I’ll see you in Subway. I hope your kids get down syndrome Scott.

    Dictated but not read

  24. kevin m says:

    A little known secret about a great college major: Geography. Its lucrative with GIS technologies and many governments and businesses use Geographers, even though they may not call them that in the title. And, there are not enough of us, which, for me at least, has equated to a type of expertise garnering higher salaries.

  25. Seraphic Wannabe says:

    Physics is turning out to be a pretty lame degree, too. Engineering would have been half the work and twice the money. It’s really just philosophy with math that some people might pay you for after a decade or so.

  26. Soli says:

    No Political Science on the list? If that’s not a useless degree, well… Wanna hire me? :P

  27. random says:

    Lawyers typically hold a J.D. Your undergrad major typically doesn’t matter once you’ve paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to earn the right to take a test that, if you pass, may allow you to find a career in law.

  28. the Snark says:

    Hey! I’m working on my major for Theatre Design!
    And according to everyone I’ve talked to, including my uncle who is an actor, being a Techie is a great career.

  29. onynmous says:

    Check out #6. Physics makes on average more than anything on this list by far =)


  30. TechWriter says:

    Actually, English degrees can lead to an unglamorous, but moderately well-paying job as a technical writer.

  31. Frankie says:

    You are an idiot. Any degree from an accredited university can only help. Right now more and more employers won’t even consider someone without post secondary education. While your observations are marginally funny, they are completely unfounded and frankly, quite insulting. Not just to my intelligence, but yours as well. ANY degree will get you a good job. If you graduate from university and are sitting at home looking for a job on Craig’s list… you should have wrapped your lips around the cold barrel of a revolver long before you entered university. A degree opens doors left and right but you still have to walk through them. You have to know what you want and go for it. Articles such as this and opinions such as this usually come from people who don’t have a formal education and are bitter. The only way to comfort themselves is by saying “Well I may work for only 20 bucks an hour but at least I’m not in debt to my ears and educated.”

    It’s fucking pathetic. Don’t listen to this cretin, go to university take whatever the fuck you want, have a career in mind and pursue it. If you are persistent, you will get it.

    • Lenore says:

      You are correct that no degree gets you a job and you are somewhat more competitive in the job market with a degree.

      However, I have to argue on two points: first, there are actually a lot of jobs available to people who gain work experience but do not have any degree, and degrees overall are over rated in their value in the job market. Particularly for what they cost now. Many people are better off in “trade school”.

      Second, all the snarking about Craig’s List job postings is misguided. Many employers are using Craig’s List because it is free to them to post ads there and reaches more tech oriented job seekers. Do not dismiss this as a job search tool. I have a professional job and a degree and I found my job on Craig’s List. You just have to be careful – check out the contact info you are given for an interview and make sure it belongs to a legit company. Mine only does Craig’s List ads now.

  32. Piznipy says:

    What about all degrees? seems like none of them are really working now. . . . .

  33. Paul Joshua says:

    This is entirely nonsense. I believe that whoever reads this and accepts this is quite an ignorant. I consider myself an ignorant for having to spend three minutes on this website.

  34. dsfsf says:

    Lol @ the butthurt and raging fags who got one of these degrees and are desperately trying to reassure themselves it wasn’t a waste of time.

    u so mad

  35. derp says:

    Philosophy can help you ace the LSAT (test to get into Law School) like a boss. And you make it sound like anyone that doesn’t go into math-or-science-based majors is a dumbass stoner. I’m wondering what you based this on. Sounds like BS from a parent who just cares about how much money their kid might make. By the way, your grammar was pretty bad. No wonder you put English Lit on the list. Deuces!

  36. redfive says:

    Any degree can be useful or worthless depending on how you approach it. This article assumes that the only purpose of a college education is to train for a specific job. Most people change careers several times during their life, so that’s not a great reason to spend all that time and money. Getting a college degree is more about a) proving you are intelligent and have the ability to learn, and b) being exposed to a variety of fields and ideas.

    Overall, this is a pretty ignorant article. Communications and English? Those happen to be two of the most sought-after degrees in a huge number of careers, not to mention graduate schools. English is a common pre-law or pre-business school degree, for example. Sounds like someone really just needed to vent.

  37. Owner says:

    I’ve been out of college 6 years and yes, a B.S. is completely vague and useless and doesn’t teach you “how to do something” (unless we’re talking nursing). After getting a Business Administration Bachelor’s I still had to go learn a skill so I could tell someone “I know how to do THIS.” The only people I see who do well with a Bachelor’s are pretty boys with Blagojevich haircuts who sell real estate or work at banks pushing papers or something. They do not possess a marketable skill and therefore have to rely on thier cute smiles and schmoozing people to substitute hard, honest work. We’ve forgotten how to roll up our sleeves and go give it 8 hours in the U.S.

  38. PFFlyer24 says:

    Perhaps we need to define what worthless/useless is. This seems to be a discussion of knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing. I’m sure there is personal value in having a philosophy degree or such. But so is partying with your friends. But for the sake of discussion, the lousy economy, and supporting your self without having to mooch off your parents – lets say we are talking prices and business bottom lines, not value. To the guys who are now lawyers & civil engineers with BAs in Philosophy or Art History, those majors did not get you your job. Your Law degree got you your job. Lots of folks whose Bachelors were in business, or math, or education, get law degrees. If the philosophy major was so great – why switch to Law or engineering or business? Why not get your masters, and PhD in Philosophy? Look at the ads and tell me how many jobs are require a 4 year degree in Philosophy. And in any interview for a business, if there are two applicants, one with a philosophy degree, and one with a background in that company’s specialty, the philosophy major is going to be hired why??? Charm? Personality? Daddy owns the company?

    One high school student told me he was thinking of getting major in Philosophy, because it was a good all around major, and it didn’t matter what he got his degree in since he was going to get a masters. I pointed out (in 2008) that wouldn’t it be better to get a job where you could actually make some money to pay for that Masters? You can never guarantee there won’t be another 9/11 incident, or another Great Depression/stock market melt down. That year, the recession crashed, and college loans dried up, and jobs disappeared.

    Don’t get me wrong. I have an uncle that had the paid off house in the burbs, and a job, and a lawn to mow. He’s much happier now that he walked away from it. He doesn’t have a pot to pee in, or a window to throw it out of. He lives in a trailer, and travels in his retirement. If you can create your own Philosophy, instead of just quoting dead philosophers, if you can live like The DUDE, shop at second hand stores or not at all, and you don’t need the house, family to support, travel, eating out, then go for it.

    I won’t argue with Religious History majors, if you plan to become a minister or work for a church. I won’t say there’s no need for Art History majors, if you get involved with an Art Museum or gallery, or write an art critic column for a paper. Just because jobs are scarce, doesn’t mean the degree is useless. Even acting and art, you can audition or paint signs, or hire yourself out.

    The degrees that are useless are the ones that can not stand alone without adding a law degree or business degree. If that’s the case, minor in Philosophy, and major in something to pay the rent: Business, education, geography, math, science, nursing.

  39. Pickles says:

    I think you are on the right track as far as phony degrees like Religion, Film, or ” the visual arts” (halarious) etc…, and naturally degrees like that make worthless minors as well. Not even the most creative cranial processes can save you there i.e. picture under philosophy, lol, but I do think it creates more jobs for people, so WTF!

  40. nik says:

    how about Fuckyoulogy????!!

  41. GiveMeABreak says:

    HAHA at the person who said “Who cares if your college degree doesn’t get you a job? Study what you enjoy!” Guess what kid, in the real world it takes money to rent an apartment, buy food, afford health insurance. Without a useful degree, you’re going to be working somewhere alright, but it’s going to be flipping burgers at McDonalds or as a bean counter, if you’re lucky. Just see how much time you have to “do what you love” when you have to work 50 hours a week doing a job you hate for the rest of your life just to put food on the table. Welcome to the real world, where you can’t live on mommy and daddy’s trust fund while you screw off in college anymore!

  42. Carolyn Wright says:

    I do not like the fact that you associated the Book of Mormon with the word “worthless”, because I intend to prove that the Book of Mormon is true within my lifetime. Also your ignorance is showing because Mormon missionaries serve on a purely volunteer basis without a degree in religion. The Book of Mormon is misunderstood and stands as a second witness of Christ’s existence on the earth. In third Nephi it explains that Christ appeared to the Nephites in the South Americas after his crucifixion. He referred to them in the New Testamant as “other sheep…not of this fold.,,them I must also go to.” That is why the early explorers were greeted as “white Gods returning.” There were legends that a white God had appeared to them and promised to return. In the book of Third Nephi within the Book of Mormon, it explains that when Christ appeared he organized his church just as he had done in Jerusalem by calling twelve apostles and their names are listed in the book. When Christ left, he gave the twelve whom he had called the wishes of their heart; and three of them wished that they never taste of death, but tarry on the earth just as John the Beloved had wished. They are called the Three Nephites and when their existence is proven as a reality before the entire world that event will convert a nation of Jews that Jesus is the Christ. This event will take place within my lifetime and commence the literal gathering of Israel. My mother was a Jewish victim of the Holocaust and my heritage was taken from me. The literal gathering will be necessary for those still enslaved through the deception to their rightful heritage. The Nephites were a very distinctive people handsome, tall, blonde and large in stature, who became extinct. These events have been deliberately set up to prove Christ’s existence because the Jews are going to have to stand “One in Faith” against the entire combined world powers upcoming in the very near future. I myself am having to stand alone with my story, but I believe there are mysteries of God man does not understand or receive unless you ask with a sincere heart really desiring to know for yourself. Prayer does work! I can prove this story is true within my lifetime. The Book of Mormon is true and its purpose is for the conversion of the Jews, because it tells about other people witnessing that Jesus Christ lived as a breathing soul upon this earth. He taught them that he was crucified and resurrected and he showed them the wound marks in his hands. When he left he promised to return. The literal gathering of Israel has to take place before the Second Coming, because currently the Jews have no homeland of peace and security to raise their children. Israel is theirs in order to gain a homeland whereby they can teach their children truths before the Second Coming is designated to take place. A conversion of that magnitude seems impossible today, but just wait and see because this event should take place within the next couple of decades if not within the next few years. I don’t believe that event is too far off. So you’ll need to replace the photo that seems to me to be associating the Book of Mormon in a derogatory fashion, because I find it very offensive that you would consider that a compromised endeavor.

    • Squigs says:

      Wow you are for real aren’t you? News flash: Nobody is interested in your cult. Sorry. I really like when the mormons taught that if black people became mormin they would “become white and delightsome” (due to them being made black due to being evil) and also when they tried to say that native american indians were of jewish descent. Must suck when DNA says NOPE, they are ASIANS! Reality – 1, Cult make believe book – 0

      Joseph Smith got the womenz (including other people’s wives) but not the respectz. Even with magical underwear and glasses with gold plates to read “reformed Egyptian” (which later turns out to be standard hieroglyphics which he translated 100% ENTIRELY INCORRECTLY, EVERY SINGLE SYMBOL) but hey don;t let reality or textual criticism stop you.

      There is just so much evidence for Mormonism. Oh wait, there is none…. ;( <—you crying on your magical pillow

      Go get a degree in Utah-ology. And dont post your beliefs on a website called "HolyTaco.com" and expect to get a respectful or serious response you salt-lake-city-luvin-door-knocking brainwashed-coffee-hating-multiwifing(until your leaders caved under political pressure and banned polygamy)-cultist

  43. Katie says:

    you are stupid as shit… honestly…. I’m a music therapist. We make quite a lot. I see 5-9 people a day, an hour each. It’s not a worthless major.

    • Squigs says:

      Wow, you are a real life music therapist? So how old were you when you first felt the urge to lick someone of the same gender between the legs?

  44. tim says:

    longest. thread. ever.

  45. Sara says:

    I think some people are missing an important element of this article. These majors are, in fact, useless when they stand alone which I think is what the author was talking about. Of course a Philosophy major can take you to law school. A few of these majors, like Communication, look great if you follow them up with grad school. But on their own…yeesh…

  46. Flora Dora says:

    –Arts administration (puh leeze, those positions all go to hot tub butt buddies of the arts funders)
    –Social anything (nuff said)
    –Math (like, you’re going to what, count better than the next guy pushing the button with the cartoon of a hamburger?)
    –Hospitality science (I think that’s what it’s called–the art of exploiting low wage grumblers to mark up industrial by products posing as food)

    To be honest, all bachelor’s degrees are worthless. It’s not bachelor’s degrees that make a well rounded person, or a well employed ones. Any intelligent polymath can acquire sufficient grounding in the human fields of endeavor. Any idiot with a good work ethic can get and keep a good job.

  47. The Independent says:

    Ancient post but has value.

    Here are the points.

    1. Schools are a business, the number one priority is to stay in existence and grow, requiring an ever growing number of students to push through the programs they offer. So it is buyer beware.

    2. The advice my dad gave me years ago still stands.
    Look at how many jobs there are for the fields you can fill with the degree you have. Right now with a nursing and an advanced engineering degree even in a downturn jobs are stable. Less people available than jobs. Very important ratio to consider. Also get that from those who hire, not the school. Also get what average salaries are from other sources. It may change your mind.

    Look at what the jobs do, are they something that is a core requirement of business. Those are the least likely to be laid off.

    Look for a school that produces a known product for the job market.

    In many of the cases of people stating my degree got me this in the non applied science fields. They followed his other advice, be flexible, get out there and intern, work with businesses, pay part of your school by working so you have a job resume as well as a school resume. If you showed up all the time for that hated job, you are less of a risk. That is why they made it. The degree was of less importance.

  48. OZZY says:

    doesn’t Howard Stern have a communications degree?

  49. McLovin' says:

    For all of you who would like to be employed at a decent paying job someday, the formula is really quite simple. Your income/employment level is based on:
    1) How skilled you are at a certain task compared to others, and
    2) How much that task is a need versus a want.

    This article is implying that a humanities major ultimately lands you a job that is based on society’s wants, not its needs. For instance, when times get tough economically, people are less apt to pay for concerts/recitals, to donate to museums, to go to movies, etc. However, they’ll still always pay the plumber to fix their pipes, the accountants to keep the books, the doctors to treat them, and the engineers to build things. There’s a certain priority list people spend their money on, and arts and entertainment are at the very bottom of the list.

    Certain jobs will always be in demand and high paying because they require a specialized skill set that is rare, and also because the functions of the jobs are essential. Every modern economy requires accountants to keep track of business finances, engineers to build things, and doctors/nurses for medical care. These are essential. Having a degree in American Studies/Latin/Film/Religion/History/etc are all for relatively inessential occupations. As soon as the economy hits any kind of slump, you will be unemployed. Hospitals are a necessity; the twisted scrap of metal in front of it called “art” is not.

    And to all of the people with useless majors that point out, “Nuh-uh, so-and-so has a philosophy major and he’s a lawyer now making bank,” are missing the point. In my accounting classes, 90% of the people I graduate with will be employed making $35,000+ starting, most closer to $45,000, within a few months of graduating. I graduate in a year and have already been turning down job offers. Of the entire class of philosophy majors, maybe 20% will go on to be lawyers, and the number of them that become successful lawyers will be even smaller at that.

    Majoring in a “hard”, non-humanities major may not be all that fun. But at least we get to eat everyday and don’t have to mooch off of our parents the rest of our lives, and then whine about how bad the economy is, when really we wasted our college years smoking weed and partying because we were allergic to real work. People in the real world don’t pay you to have fun; they pay you to work.

  50. Big Mike says:

    Good God… does this author have any idea how to use quotation marks?

  51. HighSchooler says:

    What Majors out there actually DO get you anywhere?
    I’m thinking about being a photographer, but what to Major in???

  52. Sam says:

    The degree is what you make of it, some kids go to college and treat it like its a club. Drugs and beer and all that shit. What the hell do you expect if you major in any of these? You obviously just take them to breeze through college.
    Honestly if you go to college just to make a buthole of money after four years,,, major in nursing or engineering.
    Put aside any interests that you may have, and don’t work hard at being the best in what you want to major in. Become a robot and do what pays.
    Or do what you love like the guy who wrote this article, while working at starbucks.
    Why the need to bash what some people find interesting to study?

  53. funnyCS says:

    I have a Bachelors in Computer Information Systems and I might has well have shit on charmin! Totally worthless unless you already have years and years experience in the field or your fuckin somebody with a shiny last name. But how the FUCK am I supposed to get experience when the dumbass college I went to wouldn’t hardly even help me with a resume? Forget about interships non existent where I was at that was a joke. Needless to say the degree I got did nothin but close doors for me because i was overqualified for call centers etc. and underqualified for the field. And for God’s sake people don’t make the same mistake I did and take out student loans for this shit cuz it’s a total fuckin waste and it ruins your credit when you graduate and find out you just wasted 4 years of your life. So my string of minimum wage burger flippin jobs are all thats in the wake of my degree.

  54. J. says:

    Wow. If your going to college for any amount of time you should graduate and get a job better than waiting tables. If not then its from economic woes, that have the boss man to choice experience over newbie kids. Sigh.. just a bunch of whiners I’m seeing on this comment trend, so why don’t those of you that are complaining, graduate and make a different. As to the writer of the article, get off of your behind, turn off the computer, take out to world of war craft and actually do some kind of real computer engineer since that all the rage nowadays -_-

  55. Lisa says:

    You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Music Therapy is to help patients like children with autism or elderly patients suffering from Alzheimers. It is a rare, but very rewarding career that requires a heck of a lot more patience and talent than writing a blog about the “To Most Worthless College Majors”. Maybe you should get a life.

    Also, film degrees may not be lucrative for everyone, but my boyfriend is a camera operator, and he has a great career ahead of him.

    I have to agree on some of the other majors, but maybe you should research a little more before you write a condescending blog. The arts DO belong in the “Real World” if the student knows how to apply themselves, work hard, climb the ladder, and have talent.

    Don’t be so judgmental.

  56. Soham says:

    Fool, philosophy majors have among the top LSAT scores. Your post appears be motivated by spite and appears rather disingenuous.

    And the philosophy I’m talking about is not eastern mystical mumbo jumbo, its the rigorous western analytic philosophy of Wittgenstein,Moore, Whitehead and Alfred Tarski. More recently even of Saul Kripke.

    Even in linguistics, as in the way the grammars of language may be constructed using regex, which tie into DFAs, is a PHILOSOPHICAL inquiry.

    In the foundations of set theory, PHILOSOPHICAL notions such as the Axiom of choice, Ordered field axioms, the axiom of the empty set are FUNDAMENTAL to understanding ANY “hard” science and cornerstones of analytic philosophy.

    Your tenor reeks of utilitarianism. So I’m guessing your either an economics major or an engineer. But economists tend to be more articulate. So I’d guess your either a wannabe engineer or in some science.

    Don’t you people see what this engine of pure utilitarianism is doing to people? Universities are churning out robots not human beings.

    There is a difference between being trained at performing a task and being educated. Thinking of your degree as purely training for some job is really sad. I have it from very good sources, that unless you’re going into a HIGHLY research oriented or technical fields like Eng, CS, actsci, quant most of knowledge you gain in university is useless.

    What you gain is HOW to think, not what to think.

    I leave you with an amusing account.

    I was looking over the proof of the banach contractive mapping theorem. An engineer came up to me, looked at it and asked?

    “Soham, how the hell you know this “law” ( is the word he used when he really meant theorem ) holds without SUBSTITUTING IN VALUES. lol. Typical. Just plug and chunk haha for him.

    An no I’m not a philosophy or liberal arts major. I’m studying to be an actuary and take pure math. Possibly A CS minor, never hurts to have one.

    Also, it depends WHERE you do your philosophy degree. A PPE from Oxford for eg can only be rivaled by a top Ivy in the states.

    FYI George Soros, Forbes wealthiest 100 majored in philosophy. Leibniz was a philosopher. I could go on giving you examples of why philosophy does not belong on this list.

  57. Michelle says:

    I am a music therapist! I work in hospice and with the developmentally disabled. Id like to see you try and do what I do! Engage a group of autistic adults with your mix tape, or comfort the dying?

  58. atheistpolitic says:

    I’m thinking about a classics major – and I can tell you that Latin and Greek teachers are in short supply. Really short, as in getting hired as a Latin teacher in a high school will give you some job security.

    So if you’re like me and like kids and classics (and don’t mind teaching a lot of charts) then you can get a job.

    Also those in high school who take Latin do a LOT better on the vocab section of the SAT. I have friends who told me I was stupid for taking Latin in 9th grade, and in 11th grade couldn’t help but want to eat their words when they saw my awesome SAT score. XD

  59. Jake says:

    I got a degree in Art History and Printmaking and now teach at a University with a Tenure track. There are jobs, you just have to apply yourself.

  60. P says:

    i dunno man. At the end of the day an undergrad degree is just a piece of paper and its pretty tough to go into the workforce anywhere with just an undergrad. I’m in my third year of my English lit degree at U of T and I have a 4.5 GPA because there are no right answers in english ;) and I’ve already been accepted to three law schools. The only thing truly practical about any degree is your marks. Med school, law school, almost any post-grad school you can get into if you have good marks and do well on the relevant aptitude test (MCAT, GMAT, LSAT w/e it may be.

  61. Jackie Treehorn says:

    I got a real degree not one of these on this list but I am laid off and got no job!

  62. Al says:

    I have a degree in one of there majors. I know the relative “uselessness” of it compared to more lucrative studies, but there’s something to be said for doing something you love (and jobs do exist for all of them) rather than just doing something to get money.

  63. Leah says:

    Religion majors don’t tell you what to believe. The fact is that Religion does have a tremendous effect on other fields: politics, history, anthropology, literature. Even if these fields don’t pay well, they make a more informed, intelligent, well-rounded person. If we stop valuing these fields, the Humanities, we’ve really degraded the talents of humanity.

  64. Sara says:

    This article, though it does contain a grain of truth, basically says that the only thing one should do is medicine, engineering, law and teaching. Basic careers. There is no point of arts, hmm ?

    People like you make the adult world as boring and unsatisfying as it has for everybody who is doing what they are doing because it is supposedly ‘safer’ than what they actually wanna do.

    I pity your life.
    Imm continue with my Communication/Film and Eng Lit degree, thanks.


  65. L says:

    I love the poor grammar and lack of coherency of most of the commenters who agree with this article. I’m guessing they majored in something useful and are thus that more educated.

  66. carla says:

    It is funny how most major have some sort of artistic or humanistic quality. There are fields of study that are valuable for the experience they provide. The level of culture of an art history or English literature student is far superior than let’s say an economy major, a career which is worth more, if we follow your stupid nonsense. As a young person, it saddens me to see how little value our generation gives to cultivating the mind… at least it is safe to say that there will always be a few people who will pursuit “worthless” careers like the ones you mention. It will be a pathetic world if we all became dull medical assistants.

    oh! FYI my friend is an art curator and he makes 140.000 a year, which is not bad for a worthless art history degree ha?

  67. Duncan says:

    Actually classical Hebrew stems from the Canaanites. Portions of the Bible are written in Aramaic.To say the bible was originally revealed in Aramaic could be difficult to prove. For one the Bible contains information recorded from Job one of the oldest books in the bible to the Second Captivity of Israel by Nebuchadnezzar. Seems difficult to think the Hebrews spoke Aramaic during this time period.

  68. Sarah says:

    What the fuck was the point of being so fucken rude and disrespectful and misleading in the relgion major description about Allah. I hate people who lead others to miconception. I was actually enjoying your article, getting a little laugh here and there but your shitty ass is so disrespectiful I regret even giving u 5 minutes of my life you piece of shit!!! For your kind fucken information, just in case you dont ever watch the fucken news, the fucken terrorists are blowing up other Muslims more than they they blew any other religious group so GO FIGURE! Would Allah tell Muslims to kill other Muslims? I don’t think so!! But thats what they are doing! And what the fuck was your major? Ignore the truth! You fucken bastard or bitch whatever the fuck you are I hope u rot in hell!!!!

  69. Mac C. says:

    I’m a biology major. Anyone have something to say about that?

  70. Three useless degrees to avoid getting a job says:

    Am I the only one who went to school to meet woman and put off getting a job for six years. My degrees are completely useless, but college was a ton of fun. This article is like saying going on a vacation for a week is a waste of money. School is just going on vacation for four or more years. I’m sure most people are still paying off their vacation they put on their credit card two years ago.

  71. Eric S. says:

    I agree most of those do sound useless. I’m going to attend college this year and I still don’t know what I want to do. Never was one of these though.
    I just wanted to say that another job that these could all provide was possibly a job as a teacher. To teach this stuff all over again to other people. Who will then be in the same situation with a useless major. Haha.

  72. RAAJ SUNTHARAM says:

    A degree in RELIGION is the biggest bullshit. Religious Studies Departments in America are the most corrupt, demonic academic departments. All RS departments must be closed down and the funding must be used for feeding the homeless-the latter, a meaningful religious act. A lady professor in Asian Religions at Cornell doesn’t even know the ABC of religion. So does another male professor at Harvard. Another one at UW at Seattle hates applicants with sound academic background. OVERALL ALMOST EVERY RELIGIOUS STUDIES PROFESSOR IN UNIVERSITIES IN THE US IS PARANOID THAT STUDENTS WITH A STRONG ACADEMIC RELIGIOUS BACKGROUNDS ARE THERE TO GRAB THEIR JOB. THAT’S A RESEARCH I’VE DONE FOR THE LAST 10 YEARS IN AMERICA.

  73. Bryan Saxton says:

    Getting a degree and getting a job are hardly related. Getting your degree doesn’t matter; doing something useful with that degree does.

  74. Peklo says:

    You forgot Gender Studies heh

  75. HISTORYMAJOR says:

    I’m a semi-professional violinist, and I am working on my masters in history.

    I’m sure you do make a difference in people’s lives. Music does that. However, you are hard pressed to convince most of us that your job can’t be broken down into simply “creating a mix tape.”

    After all, I have recording skills. I could show up with some fancy ribbon and condenser mics and record your therapy sessions, thereby making mix-tapes of your therapy.

    You haven’t really explained what you do that helps people. All you really said was that you give people “inner peace.”

    Why are you so sure that your profession is going to boom? It sounds like you accomplish a whole lot of nothing. You’re all talk and no real results. Inner peace is not a result. There’s no way to scientifically measure that.

    I would rather spend my money on an acupuncturist, a masseuse, or a chiropractor.

  76. Sammy says:

    My roommate double majored in history and english literature. He was also a dick and a fuckin wierdo. Right now, after graduating with his two worthless majors, he’s a camp counselor at some church based day care center. When the summer ends his plans are to attend seminary school. Religion has a bright future.

  77. cbrad says:

    so.. why the fuck do you have a pic of mormon missionaries? they pay their own way, but not for a degree of any sort

  78. paulie says:

    i was a philosophy major, with a music minor no less, but am now making serious coin as a corporate lawyer. not much causal relationship between major(s) and current income, but there you go.

  79. HISTORYMAJOR says:

    You are completely wrong. For example, UC Berkeley has majors in Latin and Greek in their Classics department. Duke University has a Religion Major, and lots of schools have a major called “Religious Studies.” My own school has the latter major.

    Maybe you should try doing some research before claiming to know everything?

  80. HISTORYMAJOR says:

    You would think that they need art historians for costume and set design, but in reality, they don’t make use of them.

    I guess, since I am a historian, they will need me when they write period pieces for the Television and Cinema? Not really. That would be a distortion of what my degree really is. So, too, are you distorting your art history degree. You aren’t a damn set designer or tailor/seamstress!

    Any fool can research costumes and scene designs.

    Please market your degree in a more efficient manner. Sadly, art historians have very little to go on.

  81. HISTORYMAJOR says:

    You are completely wrong. For example, UC Berkeley has majors in Latin and Greek in their Classics department. Duke University has a Religion Major, and lots of schools have a major called “Relgious Studies.” My own school has the latter major.

    Maybe you should try doing some research before claiming to know everything?

  82. Anonymous says:

    lol did your major fall in the list hahah

  83. Chris says:

    All the hippies posting here make me sick. Love it or hate it, your philosophy degree is practically useless. I know you like to comfort yourselves by saying that it leads into shit like politics, law, blah blah blah; but all this does is lead you into taking even more bullshit classes, which in turn lead you into yet another bullshit degree (how many politicians do you know who have an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree? They have a law degree with some bullshit major like philosophy as well).

    Yes, I know you can make a great living in this country defrauding the public, stealing tax money and the like, but realistically, you know that the majority of people who try to get into this bullshit field end up unemployed, living with Mom and Dad and posting on some guy’s blog about how their philosophy degree isn’t useless, because it leads to careers in politics, law, blah blah blah.

    Go get a life (and take a few grown up classes), you goddamn pussies.

  84. dsfdsfds says:

    Philosophy is really good major for those who pre-law… it helps with the LSAT which law schools consider heavily.

  85. ShadKahn says:

    Unless you go through graduate school, get your doctorate, then philosophy may get you a nice comfy job at a College were you can teach it to fellow individuals that just may aw well not follow in your footsteps and end up serving food at McDonalds wondering what happened – while you smile and sit back and teach a few more courses playing up your famous dissertation on Faulkner.

    That being said, you should also include Criminal Law – majority of those that sign up for the course are simply in it for what they feel they need to get the Mall Security job instead of following through into Law School.

  86. Anonymous says:

    how about african studies thats what alot of athletes go for when they are just going to college for playing sports.

  87. Dominic says:

    This is a dumb list and is wrong!

  88. greg p says:

    The unexamined life is not worth living.

  89. Anonymous says:

    hope you don’t get paid for this shit.

  90. Dr. Cash says:

    Philosophy major here. Still making enough money to not blog. Funny article though – most of these are pre-something majors though. Honestly, who goes through undergrad expecting to do something real after college nowadays?

  91. dude says:

    going to any undergraduate business school, with the sole exception of penn’s wharton, is by far the biggest waste.

  92. M. says:

    “Anorexic Ginger Says:
    I would say Social Work is the most expensive useless degree. $200,000 education so you can make $18,000 and live in the worst neighborhoods in the country. Just go to community college. And the worst are the women who then go back and get their masters in social work. $400,000 education total to make at the most $24,000 your whole life.”

    I’m not sure where you went to school, but I got my BSW and MSW in under $30,000 of loans, and am in a job paying $43k/year. Typical entry level SW jobs around here pay anywhere from $27-40k, so I did luck out a bit… but it’s nowhere near like what you’re saying.

  93. Blasia M says:

    Alright, clever idea to make a list; but you should revise. Anything in the liberal arts field has no job placement but to teach or to work at a museum. Majoring in Music is a dumb idea also, but if that is truly where someone’s passion lies then you can’t really stop them from becoming an owner of a music shop. Philosophy majors? Uh, they do very well because they all wind up getting either into business or law; but either way they HAVE to go to graduate school. Dance is only good if you go to Juilliard, like art it’s subjective nature gives next to no job placement. English lit majors have many applications, and they can not only teach but they usually wind up in some realm of Journalism, not just mere blogs. Communication majors might as well have just changed their major to “Undeclared” because it is such a vague major that job placement is next to nothing, unless you have a solid double major, or a good minor. Anyone majoring in language is useful, but it’s best to double up in something that goes with it. Most profitable being Chinese and Business. Film majors have little to no shot to making it. This is all because of technology enabling everyone to feel like they have talent that they really don’t posess, and unless you’re truly passionate about film–you’ll amount to nothing. The amateur films remain such, and if they make it to Sundance you’re lucky.

    This is not to insult anyone’s aspirations, but you must consider your future along with your interests, and not just impulse. You’ll regret your decision one day when you’re the college graduate with no employment, spending their days at Starbucks in the silly hope that you can find your place in society.

  94. Tyler says:

    Aviation is hot right now, Western Michigan University is the place to be, Dubai has a 1 Mil signing bonus for pilots. Hell Yeah

  95. Jeff says:

    Anyone who buys this garbage is a moron. Every degree is worthless if you’re the kind of person who writes for an inane fuck-off-while-you’re-supposed-to-be-doing-real-work website. Hey I got an idea–how bout we all get degrees in business so we can pretend we know what’s going on, while we get a shitty office job because we can’t pass a GRE–because Latin’s a dead language right?– and get laid off or retire with a shitty pension fund, only to die an ignorant, useless person who should have been euthanized at birth to save him/her the trouble faking their way through life to begin with.

    Oh, and I majored in Philosophy. When you can’t find a job, cry your little eye’s all the way over to Forbes.com and find out how dumb you really are for picking that “useful” degree: http://www.forbes.com/2008/03/27/jobs-workforce-graduates-careers-cx_mk_0327philosophy.html

  96. sarah says:

    I go to Parsons a nd screw you. i love art history. i would love to go into a career dealing with that. so much is based off of art history. all the design you see is ART HISTORY.
    movie moguls need behind the scenes costumers. and do you know what they need as research? ART HISTORY!

    just please tell me you are joking. fuck you.

  97. Everyone says:

    To be honest a lot of companies will hire people who don’t have a specific degree for a couple reasons. First, they can pay you less for the same job and sell it to you under the guise of “giving you a chance eventhough you don’t have the specified degree”. Secondly, a lot of companies just want to see that you had the commitment to stick with something for 4 years (5 years in some cases). Some of the more general degrees will actually allow you some flexibility in what you do compared to a focused degree. The people with the comm degrees should really calm down, I’m actually seeing people who have comm degrees calling others with comm degrees stupid (Journalism, advertising, public relations,etc) are considered comm degrees. I’m not rich, I’m not poor. I’m happy and not in the field of my degree. Find something you like, find a way to get into it, sell yourself effectively in an interview and all will turn out well. I’ll wait quietly for people on here to insult me now. :)

  98. sasrah says:

    p.s. i would so bang a guy who is literate in history.

  99. Ryan says:

    As ‘dude’ said, a business degree from anywhere but Wharton is essentially useless. It’s not only the degree in itself that’s useful, but also the contacts one makes while attending.

    My (biased) advice: study engineering — specifically bioengineering. Unlike other majors that result in BA degrees, with a BSE, you can be essentially assured a well-paying job, right out of college.

    Also, consider nanotechnology. Estimates are that by 2015, nanotech will contribute over $1 trillion to the US economy — much bigger than even the pharmaceutical industry was in the 90s. If you want to be nearly guaranteed a job, focus on nanotech!

  100. Tiger says:

    I major in Philosophy and Law and minor in Political Science. My studies in Philosophy have changed how I think about the world and of my life. It has made me challenge society’s notions of how things are and how they should be. It also makes me consider that things are not as simple as they seem. With a text in philosophy, I have to read it more than once to get the whole meaning – to see the bigger picture, and Law and Political Science require that you zoom out and see the panoramic view.

    No degree can guarantee that you land the best paying job, but it can help. A major is a stepping stone to that degree. And a degree is a stepping stone away from those $7 an hour jobs.

    No matter what, education changes your perspective on life. I have one more year of college left, but I can say with certainty that I am not the same person I was in 2005. Contrary to that cliche of “Ignorance is bliss”, I say it’s B.S. Ignorance can hurt you or others around you. Bliss cannot be found in pain, unless one can see through that ignorance, and thereby see through the pain, to do something good. Any knowledge is good if it improves a person to see mistakes and to want to do something to improve upon life.

  101. I believe you may have candy in thy brain says:

    There is no major known as ‘Latin’ or ‘Religion’
    I’m guessing this was written by a sophomore in high school.
    No, I’m neither a theology nor a classics major. Not even an English lit major, although, yes, I do grasp the nuances of that part of the English language known as ‘use the proper words’

  102. Yasser says:

    Seems like the post was written by a Liberal Arts major that doesn’t know much about life and didn’t even bother doing some research on the truth.

    No offense to all the good LA majors

  103. sirginho216 says:

    My girlfriend majored in religion. Two years out of college she’s getting a think-tank to pay for her international studies master’s and making 30,000 a year doing what she loves. Not bad.

  104. HappyToSeeThisArticle says:

    Hey comm majors… can you say do you want fries with that? The job market is literally filled to the brim with people that work in actual communications.

    I am a software engineer, BS in Computer Science and working on my masters in CS. What really pissed me off in college were the liberal arts and business majors complaining that they had to write papers… They had to do research and then write a little paper on what they found in a book… Are you for real?? A 10 page paper?? I would’ve loved to just write a 10 page paper. No I had to write a 10 page paper and make it do something. Oh and this was in another language… yeah no sympathy for people that bitch about writing papers…

    My reaction to the bitching about writing papers does not include other scientific and engineering perspectives like biology, chemistry, physics etc, because they have to MAKE the experiment and then write a 10+ page lab report on their finding

  105. lazerteef says:

    So basically anyone not majoring in business is out of a job and wasting their time? Wow, what a depressing world if that is the only way to survive.

    Also, I dont see how you can include education majors, bz, unless schools suddenly stopped hiring teachers. You dumbasses

  106. lazerteef says:

    I should say business and science. Apparently according to most people here, thats all you can possibly do to stay afloat.

    But F*** that. Do what you love and nothing less. And I seriously doubt that people major in business and kiss a CEO’s ass because they love it and are passionate about customizing thier cubicle and wearing new and exciting ties to the office. Go ahead make fun of the creatives. At least they’re happy.

    I agree with the fact that the whole college thing is a scam, just another gold star on your report card, that happens to cost $40,000 (and yes, im just as guilty of playing along). Screw your GPA. If you seriously care about what your doing then thats all that counts.

  107. HA HA HA says:

    i must admit that for such “educated” people, I shudder to think you take this seriously, almost amazes me that Americans buy into such bullshit. I love the American machine, which you are all nuts and bolts, fat, rusty, middle-grade nuts and bolts that claim you “work so hard” yet you probably have never done a real day’s work in your lives. I really believe it to be true when I think that you all believe that the little piece of paper with your name on it, given to you like a “souvenir” that looks fancy but alas, loses its luxury after about say, a week. Your degree does not make you, it may make you part of a shitty life where you become part of the system that incorporates you to put work and money first, kids second, spouse third, and you’ll hardly ever see your family again. You’ll miss your mum’s funeral, and you’ll forget cousins, nieces/nephews, and you’ll become a workaholic while hardly doing any real strenuous work. You’ll create/be given bullshit titles to make it seem like what you do is important, when really you’re doing about as much as the guy working in Fast Food, probably he’s getting better wages/insurance than you are!
    Here’s the funniest part though: The illegal immigrant who can hardly speak a word of english, who fixes your A/C is making around the same amount of money as you! And guess what? He doesn’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt to pay back. So despite your so-called degree, and the supposedly nice job you’ve received, in the end, it’s a little bit better work for the same exact amount of pay some half-witted jock makes flipping burgers or fixing heaters

  108. Henry says:

    Best degree ever: Fine Art- you take all of the computer classes. Graduate, then get a high-starting wage job as a Flash Designer, and Laugh at all of your unemployed, economic majoring buddies who are unemployed!

  109. Jebus says:

    Music Therapy has applications with autistic children. It can be used to stimulate lower functioning children into speaking. But of course, that also goes with psychology, behaviour study, and ability to teach. Also, most don’t want to help autistic children

  110. rose says:

    i’m a communications major. i just graduated. i will be working as a pharmaceutical sales rep. oh…and i’ll be making 60k, driving a free car…and not paying for my gas…haha…boo to your list!

  111. The most common question a music therapist will be asked is “What is music therapy anyway?” I have a feeling you didn’t ask anyone because it is apparent that you really have no clue what it is all about. i suggest you do some research and stop by some of these websites like http://www.musictherapy.org, http://www.austmta.org.au/, http://www.musictherapyworld.de/modules/emtc/e_index1.php, or http://www.musictherapy.ca/. These are just four professional orginaizations around the world that would be very helpful in conveying the true ideals of music therapy to you. Let me just make mention of the applications of this type of therapy: Neonatal intensive care, mentally ill, the physically handicapped, those who have been abused, the elderly including those suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia, the terminally ill, the mentally retarded and the developmentally delayed, the traumatically brain injured, those with learning disabilities, stroke victims, Rehabilitation, Autism, the list could be continued. I wish you could talk to the mother of an 8 year old autistic child who has just heard him say “I love you” for the first time during a therapy session. Or perhaps talk with the wife of a Alzheimer’s patient whose residual music memory helped him to reacall who she was and sing her ‘their song’ one last time before he passed away. As far as “Summer Jams 95″ is concerned, I would be willing to help you work through the pain and anger of your underage alcoholism and profound bad taste in music. But please really research this stuff before you pass judgment, one day you very well may fall into one of thoes catagories and need a good dose of music therapy for your mind, body and soul.

  112. MTMagie says:

    The fact that you think music therapy is just setting mood music in the old folks home is absolutely rediculous. Music therapists go through intense training in school, a 6 month internship, and then take an exam to become board certified. Music therapy is one of the growing jobs out there unlike your common sit behind a desk jobs that are fizzling. Music therapists are actually helping people. Music therapy is a scientific, research based practice that is constantly in partnership with other modalities not for our own benefit but to help benefit the individuals that we work with. If you have never helped a child with autism speak, helped a cancer patient ease their pain, worked with a person in a mental health hospital to become more socially acceptable, or found ways to help the alzheimer’s patient remember their families names, who they are, and become less aggressive, then you can not say that music therapy is making a mixed tape. As I said, we are research based and while we use music to help people, it’s the therapeutic function of how we use it that makes us the professionals. Unless you have the credentials of a music therapist DO NOT say that you are one because you can play music. You are commiting a huge wrong to society. Quit writing this kind of trash. The other majors you listed also have more promise than you obviously have any clue about. Once again, Quit writing this trash. Do your research. Observe. Then I’ll talk to you..

  113. mavericksen says:

    Fuck you, stupid retard!

  114. Powers says:

    “After realizing that yoga studios and elderly homes don’t pay people just to come in and set mood music…”

    Yes…. yes they do, actually. I realize this list is just for fun, but you couldn’t be farther off base on Music Therapy.

  115. Shanahanahanahanahan says:

    Yeah…I didn’t bother to read ALL of the posts, but I did see a few remarking on how Latin can be used. Sure, it’s not that useful, but the article commented that there’s nothing new (“hot off the presses”) that needs translating…not true! People can charge HUNDREDS of dollars PER PAGE for translations of company slogans, graduate degrees (yes, several are in Latin), etc.

    My Latin teacher gets a call every time Nike gets a new marketing director, asking for a translation of their slogan (“Just do it.”). Yes, MAJOR COMPANIES TRANSLATE THEIR SLOGANS INTO LATIN! Turns out “Just do it” is “Fac id”, so they never bother to pay him since they never use it…but oh well.

  116. no says:

    boondock saints sucks. and this list is pretty funny. my favorite is the art history picture. hilarity. and yes a psych major is worthless. you can’t even work in a psych ward with a BS/BA in psychology in CA. it requires further community college classes and passing a state-issued test. “gaaaaaaay, bro!”….law school it is.

  117. Tom says:

    I honesty though criminology/criminal justice would be on there. Criminology, for those who don’t know it, is the more intellectual side of a criminal justice type degree. More sociology than actual law and procedures. For those with higher pursuits in mind, you see…. :)

  118. Cerise says:

    I am going to have to add a major in Business in there – No, not any of the specialty ones like Business Accounting, or Business Finance etc – Just plain Business – Talk about getting you no where! What a waste of my time!

  119. just a thought says:

    You can get a graduate degree in landscape architecture with any undergrad degree (thank god) and the pay is exceptionally good. You will however work your ass off, and you can’t get high everyday this time….bro….

  120. boon dock says:

    Boondock Saints was awesome

  121. k says:

    i once met a graduate student who earned a degree in puppetry. she gave a conference paper on issues of race and the muppet show. yet she was dumbfounded when an audience member asked for her thoughts on the show crank yankers – honestly if you’re going to waste your time studying puppets at least keep up speed!

  122. Joan Boost says:

    I disagree with your maligning of Latin and Philosophy. Without the latin (and Greek!) I would never have undertood tghe workings of grammar – and, thus, of the human brain. Philosophy, on the other hand, helped understanding how strangely the mind and reality are sometimes dis-related (must be through lack of philosophy). What you forgot, howeverr, to put into your list is “Women’s Studies”. Although we must adnmit: It nay e totally useless phantasizing about a reality seen through a warped mirror cabinet, but it will help you getting jobs in one of those hundreds of ‘Women’s magazines”, in Harvard (now with a ‘Women’s Studies’ President), and the armed forces (posting in Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib). But otherwise: it’s rubbish.

  123. Katie says:

    There are so many things you can do with an English degree! You can become a teacher, a professor, an editor, you can work for somewhere like spark or cliff notes, you can work for a text book company, you can write manuals…

  124. Jessica says:

    i know the guys in the communications picture! GO TEXAS STATE!

  125. Jeff says:

    All of these degrees are worthless. I spent 2 years in school to get one degree: Computer Networking. I make $90k/year as a Network Systems Admin. Not a bad return on 2 years of work.

  126. Eric D says:

    yeah yeah App State!! That’s where I went…. I didn’t major in music theory, just about everything else though.

  127. Bill W says:

    I have buddy who majored in Community and Regional Development. Spent a whole year trying to get a job, so he decided to go back to school and get his masters…
    in Community and Regional Development. He still gets blank stares when he tells people he has a masters in CRD.

  128. Lola says:

    I don’t know, I think it’s pretty uncreative people who thinks those majors are useless.

  129. Kevin M says:

    I published a response to this post, including career planning links for people in those majors and other such informative content.


  130. You're an idiot says:

    you’re probably just angry because no one accepted you. At least people with these majors went to college and made something of themselves ….

  131. Southern Hick says:

    Michael Perceval has it right. I work in the technology field (my degree being in IT), and the CIO for the company I work for doesn’t even have a degree in our field! I listened to many professors and instructors tell me that many companies don’t care if your degree is in underwater basket weaving, only that you have one. This is mostly to say that their work-force are educated above the high school level. After 4 years of college, I did realize one thing… I could have spent about $35,000 less than I did, buy out all the books from Barnes and Noble, paid for the cert testing, and learned more than I did in the classroom.

  132. bz says:

    you forgot education majors

  133. indira says:

    You forgot Anthropology. That is substantially more useless than Communications.

  134. LOKI says:

    Anyone who posted shit defending their major with

    “im a XXX major and im making XXXXXXX, so the major is not useless”

    youre a retard

    Do what you want, if you like dance, be a dance major, freedom means to right to chose, unaffected by forum flamers.

    …..unless youre communication or american studies, because come on man, you can see how people can be geniunely interested in philosophy or art history, but that shit is like a 4 years of telling you mcdonalds makes burgers


  135. James says:

    Do your research first, you have absolutely no idea what music therapy is about. Its not teaching you how to play background music for the OAPs but is about helping people, particularly with mental conditions through participation in music.

    I’ve seen footage of people who were so shut off from the world that they couldnt even walk actually dancing around a room.

  136. Erica says:

    I’m so sick of everyone who feels the need to assert that college is worthless, because they failed out or because they picked a major which was not in line with their interests. No, a college degree isn’t necessary to make bank in the corporate world, and I know this might be hard for some people to grasp, but there are a hell of a lot of well-paying jobs that DON’T involve working your way up to CEO from a cubicle, and that you’d have a damn hard time teaching yourself. Bio, Engineering, Biochemistry, and LAW to name a few. I would love for someone to show me the statistics of unemployed lawyers vs. people who hold degree’s from this list. Now get back to flipping burgers, and while I’m enjoying a career in epidemiology that I both enjoy and make an avg. starting salary of 70k a year in, I’ll be sure to give you a tip.

  137. SEG says:

    yea i was going to say something of your obvious mistake about communications classes, but many people already have. try taking a comm class

  138. dead head banger says:

    Predictably enough, there was a plethora of drama queens bitching about how awesome their degrees in the aforementioned categories are… I personally don’t think there is such a thing as a worthless degree, I mean they have to be good for *something*. But it’s a funny list, people.

  139. psh says:

    i’m not even in college yet, but come on people. seems like most of you are but you can’t even spell “cue” correctly.

  140. taelmx says:

    Film isn’t all that useless actually, and there are a lot more jobs out there than you think(although if you take film at a University, you’re kinda fucked, you need to go to an art school). Film/Video and Animation are actually pretty big jobs. A lot of them might be tied to advertisements and commercials though…

  141. Dannesjkold says:

    I didn’t see Russian history or recreational studies (what my friends and I call a funologist) on the list…

  142. Meka says:

    This is a pretty cool list. Im glad im not interested in any of the majors on this list.

  143. dude says:

    cant they be like teachers

  144. lala says:

    major that is totally useful: Biology
    im a bio major, going on to pharmacy school…when i get out of there, i get six figures! sounds like a good deal to me :)

  145. Paul says:

    In fairness it all depends on how good at it you are. You do a degree in a shit college and its a waste tbh. Im in UK doing Business Management, in our first lecture are lecturer told us ‘too many people do business, its becoming the next media’, funny as hell to see peoples reactions: ‘What, shit, did he just say that?’.

    Point is if I get a 2-2 im gonna be earning (going on averages) the same as someone without a degree, and im in Cardiff Uni, a business school that outranks both Oxford and Cambridge on graduate earning. Too many people do a degree because thats whats seen as the norm. Point is, you gotta do well at it and know how to use it………………….that said im hoping to be a journalist, where i start out on 10K a year……yey! Oh and i may end up doing a masters in com, stop making me 2nd guess myself!!!!!!!

  146. Mike says:

    That other poster is actually right re: Latin.

    While Latin is a completely worthless major in itself, it will get you immediately hired in some major public school districts that started teaching AP Latin (which for reasons that completely elude me has recently become popular in education again). Since Latin has never been part of the Ed curriculum, no one in most school systems is capable of teaching it so they’ll hire anyone with a pulse that’s mildly competent at Latin.

    Take note future college grads – a liberal arts degree leads to one of three things – teaching, law school, a cubicle, or (worst of all) an equally worthless PhD. I know, I majored in English.

    If I had it to do over, it would have been accounting.

  147. divorce says:

    uh ok i am a corporate communications graduate and i am now working in a media planning/marketing firm, so much for that theory.

  148. Pregnancy says:

    Art History and Philosophy is something that the only job you can get once you obtain your degree is to become an art history or philosophy teacher. Great Options!

  149. all degrees are worthless. none of them prepare you for the real world like having rich parents does. ~sorry engineering guys.

  150. gabe says:

    ha i think they forgot how you can major in beekeeping, or underwater basket weaving

  151. Nikki says:

    Haha! How true! I’m a philosophy major…and so far, no one has paid me for my extensive metaphysical insight! That’s why I’m in law school!

  152. eazyE says:

    My BA in Sociology provided me with the unique ability and insight to be aware of just how much my proletariat ass suffers at their hands on the daily…and yes, I am being sarcastic…just a little bit.

  153. Wes says:

    What about a degree in pharmacy? Six to seven years in college to end up counting pills and working nights and weekends at Walgreens.

  154. Caroline says:

    I don’t understand people who pick a career based on how much money it will make them.
    Art history isn’t a useless degree if that’s what you want to do with your life. I want to work in an art museum. So art history is far from useless in my case. I’m also realistic about the fact that I’ll need to go into graduate studies and museum studies to get the job I really want. But I knew that from the start. I just don’t get people who study random things without a real goal or without knowing what it will take to reach it, then bitch about not having a job and having to work at Starbucks.
    By the way, working in a museum is a great career. It allows you to work in a culturally rich setting and to work somewhere that serves a community. It’s a truly international field and it’s full of possibilities. The job placement rate (in our field of study) for my museum studies program is over 90%. And a museum definitely has more than just “one guy sitting at a desk reading the New Yorker”. Smaller museums may have a dozen or so employees, larger ones can have a few hundred. There are directors, curators, registrars, exhibition planners, conservators, department of education jobs, archivists, the list goes on.
    It may not make you rich, but it’s definitely a great field.
    And, if it’s not for you, your art history degree cand lead to work in art galleries, auction houses, curator for a corporate art collection, teaching, art citic/writing for art publications/books. You can even become a private consultant for the very rich people who want to know what they should buy for their private art collections.
    So, if you love art, go for it, and with some perseverence, you should be able to find a great job.

  155. ayors says:

    you missed one – women’s studies – useless waste of time – allows you to hide @ university to party

  156. Lame James says:

    Man you hit this one on the head. I tell people every day to make every second of college count and they always come back with lame excuses of following your dreams. What aload of cr*p.

    Like the avg undergrad can even follow a syllabus much less follow their dreams or know what there dream is. Ask the local chick at Starbucks majoring in Eng. lit. She doesnt know squat about even eng. lit.

    But you have to make the most of undergraduate studies.

    Additional worthless majors:

    1. African American Studies – haha wow so what can you do with this one besides chronicle years of injustice in America.
    2. Womens Studies – Wow so you hate men? So how will you benefit our comapny if we hire you?
    3. Psychology – Half the workers at Starbucks and Ikea have this one. My roomate had this and she looked as though she was suicidal last time she came home from a special ed assignment.
    4. Classics – No one cares or even has heard of Plutarch or Polybius at work. They are to busy surfing porn and dating co workers. Not once did anyone ask me about anything related to the classics. And no one gives a shit about latin and greek word roots.
    5. Sociology – Heres a good one for you all. I dont know any sociology majors and the University I went to gave them the crappiest building as well. This should tell you something.
    6. ALtin American Studies -
    7. LGBT Studies-
    8. Asian Lit.
    9. Chicano studies
    11. Ethnic studies
    12. Native American Studies
    13.World Studies

    Go ahead. I add a few every college has a slew of these that you jsut know will get you into the unemployment line ASAP. Yay!

  157. asha says:

    “do what motivates you and you will do well”

    I completely agree. While I found this post very funny, I didn’t necessarily find it very true. All of my friends who have graduated, despite their degrees, have had an extremely difficult time finding jobs. And they are all engineering, psychology, photography, and journalism majors. A major is useless unless the person who earns it is willing to work very hard to get what they want.

    What I’ve found is that a lot of majors don’t think outside the box. Philosophy isn’t just about sitting and thinking all day, it can lead to a career in Law. And History/Poli Sci can lead to a career in leadership. And Social Work can lead to opening a children’s home or women’s shelter, like my mom did.

    I’m an English Lit major and plan on working in a library, teaching different subjects of university level education, volunteering and working with environmentalist groups (studying ecocriticism)… I have absolutely no fears at finding a career within my areas of interest and I look forward to leading a fulfilling life on a decent salary doing something I’m passionate about.

    /end speech

    That all being said… still funny article. I definitely know stereotypes from all majors.

  158. marc says:

    i double major in comm and philosopohy

  159. chrissy says:

    I’m a crim major at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada.. and THAT is a major that is worthwhile!

    it’s pretty interesting and there will always be a need for people in the Criminal justice system.. there will always be criminals (as long as we have laws) so that there is a sense of job security. if my dream career doesn’t pan out i can always be a cop.. that’s my fallback :)

  160. James says:

    You have no fears because you havent tried finding a job in your field.

    you havent even graduated yet. Wait until the summer of your senior year comes around and your forced to move back in with your parents. Employers are going to find it funny that you spent 4 yrs of your life studying English Lit. while you are trying to compete with thousands of other Phd English majors who will take your job as a librarian.

    You need higher level education for your little job as a librarian at a University.

    Listen. People need to major in areas that are in demand. Jsut dont say to yourself that “people need english lit majors and therefore I will find a job.” This type of naivity will get you no where.

    Society needs doctors, engineers, comp. porgrammars, agriculturalists, geologists, soldiers, scientists, linguists and chemists.

    We have way too many Eng., Hist. and other type of majors. What we dont need is 10,000 more psych grads.

    You will see asha when you graduate what the eng. lit will get you besides a one way ticket to teaching.

  161. Brian says:

    I like how everyone gets all offended by this. Its a blog that’s trying to make a satire and getting all pissed off because of it is like some mother catching her son watching South Park and writing an angry letter. POINTLESS. There are going to be slacker dead beats and successful millionaires to come out of just about any sort of major. I don’t care who you are and what you studied but if you can’t sit back and laugh at yourself every once and awhile then I feel sorry for the people that have to be around you.

  162. MR says:

    An Associate in Arts Degree in Automotive Technology – an AA degree for wannabe future grease monkeys! So retarded! What a waste. I got one in 1993, and I wound up working at gas stations for 10 years! They hire bums and homeless people to work at gas stations – the same thing I went to Jr. College for 2 years!

    What a useless degree. Not once did an employer ever even ask me to show it to them – much less put it on the wall anywhere. To think I borrowed $15,000 in student loans for that completely useless degree!

  163. matt zervos says:

    film is only a good degree if your family has enough money to buy you editing programs and a camera which then lands you an internship with espn. because espn still uses linear editing. ha.

    all the well to him..

  164. Nadia says:

    Some majors on this list shouldn’t be on there. You can be sucessful with basically any major. Just because you couldn’t find a job and forked out so much money or didn’t get paid a lot it doesn’t mean that it is worthless. If you thought that you wasted your time studying for your major then maybe you shouldn’t have gone to college period because you made the decision in what you studied. No one forced you into it. No one said it was going to be easy. So even if an employer never asked for your diploma you should just feel proud of yourself for having gone to school because it is something that not everyone can and want to do.

    End lecture :)

  165. mtmajor says:

    Music therapists in texas are being hired in 90% of the public school districts teamed with special education, and has become more accepted in the therapy world because it has helped so many people. do some research on what things actually are before you write smack about them.

    in short, fuck this article.

  166. thesharkguys says:

    Um, Anorexic Ginger, people don’t go into social work for the money…sheesh…

    Great list…

    Honorable mention should go to ‘Sociology: the study of the obvious’

  167. loz says:

    I’m from the UK, and most employers will employ the best students at the best university, regardless of what degree they do.

    I don’t know if the case is the same in the US, but this list sounds like a load of shit to me. It’s especially narrow minded, and seems to suggest that anyone that studies a subject will continue to do so forever.

    In the UK 70% of postgraduate jobs aren’t course specific, so anyone with a good degree gets a job. Is it not the case in America?

  168. Terrible Tore says:

    Gee, I don’t know about religion, since I have a Masters degree and a Doctorate of Religious Studies. I made a living as a pastor in two different denominations and a drug abuse program administrator in another. Unless you’re going specifically into a religious vocation, you’re better to choose something else. However, a fellow I know is pastor over a large liberal church in Canada and he’s making $150,000+ per year. In a pure religious studies program, the only way you can make it is to get a Ph.D. and hope for a job teaching in a college or university setting.

  169. philoserve says:

    Why, you are dead right on philosophy. I quote: “Thanks to your extensive knowledge of philosophy, you’re now self-aware enough to know that most jobs out there will make you totally miserable.” So that leaves the ones which do not. I found one I am happy with, I teach philosophy and let me assure you it is not about the seduction of young males in ancient Hellas or (Boötia) Sparta (come to that even the Athenians would refrain from their practice). It really is quite a good subject to take up if you want to learn which jobs you do not want to do. By the way, Albert Schweitzer did take courses in philosophy but foremost he was a physician.

  170. AlAmin says:

    While what you say is very true in most cases, it is ultimately about a persons ambitions. what makes them happy, and to find some fulfillment in career. Being educated is all about dispersing the knowledge to others . then youll be fulfilled. a little. NOW QUE THE BITCHING!

  171. Floomer 99 says:

    People are going to be successful if they work hard, study and learn no matter what their majors are. The reason people who go to college do well–regardless of major and school–is because they have ambition and determination. They will get up in the morning and take the bus to school and study when other friends are going out. These habits translate into the real world too. You pretty much know right away whether someone wants to work towards their goals or is just along for the ride. I know a lot of A students who I wouldn’t hire to clean my gutters–and I, a solid B student, will probably make more money than each and every one of them within five years or so.

    I have a girlfriend who is going to grad school for an MBA and is barely functionally literate. She graduated with a business degree because she took all of the easiest courses with all lowest, dumbest easy grading teachers. The school we went to, Cal-State San Bernardino, is home to a lot of professors who are easy graders–so after four years of college if a student doesn’t know basic math and can’t read or write, they’ll give out a degree anyway and say their job is done.

    The sad thing is that in order to get a quality education, you have to pay tip-top dollar in order to go to schools like Harvard, Yale, Princeton and the like. Most other Universities are just glorified high schools.

    I think the biggest problem in college is that you are no longer rewarded for hard work, studying and learning. Its like you are buying the degree like you would buy a car or house. We need to pay more attention to learning and hard-work.

  172. Phoenix says:

    I have to agree with most of these except a few. My friend was a film major, with a minor in economics, and now he works as a cameraman at an independent film studio. Granted we both went to UC’s which are the ONLY real way to go into film, if you go to a rubbish university in Alabama and major in film, Hollywood will laugh it you. The other is literature, I am an English major, with a minor in Geography, and I have to agree that a degree in just literature is pretty useless on its own. But, I had to take one semester of English literature (both American and British) With an full degree in English like I have you can find a job anywhere, currently I write articles for newspapers, I could easily become a screenwriter with the major I have.

    The two most useless majors however are, Religion and Political Science. Religion because, unless you are going into work with a church or something is gonna be useless and Political Science is useless because, its unlikely you will go into politics and if you do you will most likely take multiple government/economics/law courses.

  173. Jeri says:

    He should have added Psychology. Every freshman seems to major in psychology. Unless you’re willing to go all the way to PhD, you’ll end up selling cars or being a floor manager at Sears. A BA in Psychology doesn’t get you anything.

  174. Nic says:

    Degrees aren’t always about targeting graduate jobs. A lot of the time it is, but not always. A degree is what you make it and I would be very careful about dismissing them on the basis of classification or subject. In most degrees, you’re going to pick up knowledge or skills that can be applied to a variety of careers. And sometimes, you just want to study what you love and there’s nothing wrong in that.

  175. dildozer says:

    I like this article.

  176. Anonymous says:

    Hotel/Restaurant Management is a waste of time and money- most owners want an old-school, real-life trained monkey, not a monkey with a piece of paper. Showing off that piece of paper shows you’re willing to be Hilton’s or Marriot’s bitch for less than 25k/year, and earns you about as much respect as a roll of Charmin…

  177. DanceBSU says:

    Ball State has a better dance program than most. You’re a prick.

  178. Pat says:

    Film actually goes under the multimedia degree section and while Hollywood is less likely you can still and a job if you know your stuff on TV programs and the like. I still wouldn’t laugh at the film degree. Unless you mean a general film degree, that deals with something like oh “the history of film”, you could probably land a pretty good job. Editors, cinematography, etc all deal with film and are needed in.

  179. Anonymous says:

    B.A in CHinese Studies lol
    im graduating this summer hahahahahhahahah
    im fed up with my four years of college, completely pointlesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  180. Anonymous says:

    Man, none of you can take a joke. It’s fairly obvious that all of the aforementioned majors are worthless. It’s also fairly obvious that this was supposed to be a joke, which none of you took well. Everyone is so sensitive nowadays, especially the ones with stupid ass majors that are totally fucking worthless (much like the one’s mentioned).


    Luckily I am a Human Biology major and going to medical school next year and am actually going to make something of myself.

  181. Most men are homophobic and don’t hide this. Completely agree because gays are also human and we must respect their choice.Men love big guns, wars and different kinds of violence. It is true, I think the main reason of such behavior is the high levels of testosterone in men’s blood but I repeat that violence is the worst way of deciding conflicts. Peace and love!Men are not tactful. Not all of us know the tactful rules of social behavior, but some are very tactful.That is my opinion according men’s drawback. What is yours?

  182. Anonymous says:

    worst fucking list ive ever seen… Philosophy majors are some of the smartest people on the planet not to mention most undergraduates go on to law or medical school, poor analysis dude ur a fuckin retard that most likely attends community college and has never been to a real institution. fuck you and your list bitch
    -check my swag-

  183. Unemployment line says:

    What is really scary is that people get Phds in Femenist studies, psychology and many more of the above majors and then are shocked and think it is some social injustice when they are over educated and dead broke. lol

    If you are new to college AVOID the social sciences and humanities.

    Just MINOR in them if you have to.

    I once had a political scientist TA with a Femenist slant ask me to apply “FEMENIST POLITICAL THEORY TO NATO SECURITY ISSUES.” LOL. Wtf??!?!?

    Useless majors = useless training = useless future

    Get the picture people.

  184. Anonymous says:


  185. Anonymous says:

    I was a communications major. Became a technical writer…..over six figure income…Go figure! If you’re smart, someone may notice and hire you…Many of us, chose easy majors b/c we had to work our arses off and couldn’t afford to take time to study much….I chose communications because it was easy and only 124 units…

  186. Jacob says:

    Someone I knew said it best.


    This isn’t votech. People go to college to get an EDUCATION. What some may think is useless others find a deep intellectual interest.

    What people don’t realize is that going to college doesn’t guarantee a job. Nothing does. You are NOT entitled for a job based on school.

    It simply gives you an edge.

  187. BL says:

    i dont think half the majors up there are useless, if you know how to use them. I think this person is useless though

  188. Nothing Makes Sense says:

    The new Women’s Studies degree is a BA or BS in Sustainability!

    My dad did me a big favor after my first 2 years of college were spent boozing and screwing. He cut me off. And there I was with 2 years spent on getting C’s. I realized I had to finish and started paying my own bills and went to school full time and working 40 hours a week (no loans, state school).

    I graduated with another worthless degree I haven’t seen on this list…Journalism! To give you an idea of the worth of that degree, they were laying off people and not hiring in the 80s when I got this damn degree.

    All I want my son to major in someday is AMBITION,HARD WORK, and ETHICS. Not much else matters.

  189. I on the agenda c trick to set up a guerilla ad for tic tacs for a ready project. It doesn’t on the agenda c trick to be a physically-there ad, simply bring out how the ad would look in public. What i considering to do is affix or someway spot oversized tic tac leaves (their logo) on a leafless tree during the winter times on a elaborate pavement (conceivably somewhere like chicago where all is covered in snow, including the trees). Supposingly it devise grip people’s acclaim since it devise be the solely tree with leaves enclosing during the season.
    yay or nay?

  190. Har Har says:

    Well true only if you don’t have plans for post-graduate education. I received my BA in Film at UCSD and now attend law school at USD. True, my BA wouldn’t have done much for me, but if you plan to go on to let’s say, law school, then it really doesn’t matter at all. All about the LSAT.

  191. HoogySenbeern says:

    Billiards that is, I’ve been playing for a while now and definitely am digging the game.

    A few months ago I got a definitely unerring schmelke cue at get because the guy who owns the merge way I tolerant of to bolt at knows a guy who owns a cue shop. He told me go there and said he sent me, because he didn’t yearn for me to shrink my outmoded with crap cues anymore.

    I’m no Efren Rayes but I am beautiful good.

    But anyways, a batch of cowards with nothing to do but annoyance nearly others are prevailing to to all intents object and say I’m looking for attention….

    But try not to let that choke up you from providing sharp examination on this fascinating sport.

  192. Moe Dixx says:

    Film is useless only if you don’t know what to do with it. Once you realize you aren’t Steven Spielberg, you’ll realize there will never be a decline of editing jobs and video work. You can easily make $40k fresh out of school if you don’t limit yourself to the classroom and get yourself some internships. Most Film students don’t do that, though…

  193. Film school says:

    Star Wars–bitch–Star Wars.

  194. rapture says:

    Communications and English as a whole aren’t as useless as you think they are. A lot of top employers look for persons with the skills you learn from the coursework – provided you’re familiar with the concept of grammar and know what a dictionary is.

    Everything else on the list is pretty fucking worthless, though. Bottom line, get a degree in something that is guaranteed to give you a decent paycheck, and if you’re artistically inclined in some way, take a few classes and build your portfolio. Then you can try to get somewhere doing what you love.

  195. Realist says:

    Que the bitching

  196. Baje_Beauty says:

    You are so totally right. I have just completed a bachelors in literature and i have no fucking idea what i can do with it. Some of the tutors at UWI(Cave Hill) really piss you off. Imagine passing all the hard ass theory courses with flying colours, and for just being a girl in a sexist’s class being given a C or D for your own fucking ideas. PS. The dude taught most of my frigging classes, and always brought a lot of baggage into the classroom.

  197. qwot says:

    I think “Organizational Leadership” should be in the top 15 worthless majors

  198. C says:

    I see a lot of salary amounts here. Just to put in my 2 cents, it’s not about how much money you make, provided you can at least support yourself somehow, but if you wake up in the morning loving or hating your job (no, I wasn’t a psych major). My chosen career path may yield a low salary but at least I love what I do and how many people can say that? I’d rather make 30K a year and love my job than make over 100K and hate it.
    Employers also care a lot more about your experience or your grad degree, depending on your particular field, than your undergrad majors/minors.
    These days it seems like a BA or BS in any major, except for maybe prelaw, premed, engineering, computer science or anything already very specialized is a dime a dozen anyway. And even in those you still need your Masters, law degree, med degree…
    I can take a joke however, and this list made me chuckle.

  199. a happy theatre major says:

    if you measure a major’s worth (or a life’s worth, for that matter) on how much money you make per year, you might want to re-examine your priorities. just saying.

  200. tk says:

    Actually, with an English degree you can get a great job in editing scientific information for investors. You can make quite a bit of money (almost as much as the researchers themselves)dumbing down science so rich guys will drop cash on research, because what good is research if the moneybags don’t understand what the hell you’re doing?

  201. IDIOTS says:

    I know a girl that is double majoring in Dance and Womens Studies, and a minor in French. Yeah. No.

  202. Buy essays says:

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  203. a happy theatre major says:

    if you measure a major’s worth (or a life’s worth, for that matter) on how much money you make per year, you might want to re-examine your priorities. just saying.

  204. ridwanzero says:

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  205. GarykPatton says:

    I think I will try to recommend this post to my friends and family, cuz it’s really helpful.

  206. Real Life says:

    Its too bad you must show a picture of LDS missionaries to get your point across on “Religion Degrees.” LDS missionaries could not be further from this point of study and do not attend any scholastic training during their missions, a temporary time frame of 2 years. After their missions they return to actually attend college or vocational training and do not attend ministry studies for a degree. YOU WOULD MAKE YOUR POINT BETTER IF YOU PUT UP A PICTURE OF JIMMY SWAGGART…now there’s real life looking at failed religion ministries!

  207. Anonymous says:

    Many of these seem correct. However, Communications and English ARE NOT worthless majors. Communications and Journalism majors often go on to be anchorpeople on Good Morning America or the Early Show, or creating and selling ads to multi-billion dollar companies, or writing columns in the New York Times. The Communications majors who actually try hard and act smart usually end up making six figures or more… Did you, creator of this list, major in Communications and later end up reduced to bashing people’s futures on a blog site, or did someone you know go into Communications and do so poorly they couldn’t break into the field?

    And English majors who have ANY TALENT AT ALL are typically able to make at least $40,000 in entry-level positions. Did you fail at that one, too?

    Sorry, but I think you’re a little bit of an idiot. Grow up and GET A REAL JOB WITH A REAL DEGREE. And maybe you should take classes in Communications, because you seem pretty bad at understanding others and connecting people…

  208. R R Ryan says:

    That’s hilarious. To paraphrase one of my favorite writers, Florence King, a masters degree in English equips a person for exactly one thing: doing crossword puzzles in ink. That Latin didn’t hurt. As for the rest of it, if marrying someone with money is a goal, well not bad choices. But that’s about as likely as the dancing career. Good luck.

  209. college experience says:

    I knew Communications was gonna be on here. Truthfully though, throughout my job search I found that a lot of jobs in advertising/marketing/sales specifically mention that’s what they want. Anyway, hilarious article.

  210. Anonymous says:

    Alright genius – music therapists work primarily with children – most childrens hospitals have in-house music therapists, and a lot of them go off into private practice. I just thought you should know this, since you clearly have no idea what a music therapist actually is.

  211. Anonymous says:

    Apparently these are none of YOUR majors…you probably choose the one thing you are specialized in and didn’t include that here. First off I was a film major, left it, was going to be studio art as I’ve always liked but now am doing Religion, Philosophy. Hey! I think I found all of those on your list…not offended I dont care this is an opinion piece (clearly) you’re probably a business major anyway. Now..with that you’ll probably lose the whole meaning of life…but hey? Why enjoy the short period you live…anyway, I’ll explain how religion and philosophy are both useful.
    I’m going for a docterates in psychology and study in mindfulness training, religion and philosophy help there. Theology in psychology of course, theorizing and being able to analyze possible causes, cures, for so far uncureable diseases, bi-polar, where the cause is uncertain along with others. Religion…mindfulness in Buddhism also prevalent in many Eastern religions along with the theologies of many Western thinkers as well is very helpful.

  212. Tom says:

    There’s one big one you all forgot…MUSIC!!!! Music performance, music theory, music production and engineering – the degree is worth less than the paper it’s written on. Please go out there and discourage anyone from making the same mistake I did, and if they want to be a musician, they should…BE A MUSICIAN. There is no point in taking 45,000 dollars a year and throwing it out to pursue a career in which no one will ever ask to see your degree. I took 10 years of music theory, and 90% of people way more successful in the music industry know significantly less about music than i do…
    You can’t imagine the frustration.

  213. AnonymousF6 says:

    English by itself is a less then spectacular degree. However a good amount of aspiring lawyers major in it before moving on to law school.

  214. whattttt says:

    im soooooooo high!

  215. TheMan says:

    Got a degree in Software Engineering, got the Job offer on the day of my graduation @ Charles Schwab

  216. ebonyivory says:

    I definitely disagree some facets of this list. Philosophy and Latin are both popular undergraduate degrees taken in preparation for Law School.

  217. Another old fogey says:

    This list tells me there are way too many people in college these days.

    You want the path to career success for the recent college graduate? Here’s a little-known secret: It has almost nothing to do with your major.

    Plenty of employers will hire you fresh out of college, but rarely based on what you know. Unless you majored in nursing, accounting, certain engineering disciplines, or certain natural sciences such as biology or chemistry, nobody cares what you know. (Graduate & professional degrees are a different story.)

    That isn’t to say that other undergrad majors (e.g., art history, philosophy, Latin, & English Lit) are useless. Major in whatever interests you. Work hard and compile a shiny, polished academic resume, but harbor no illusions that it will ensure that first, big-ticket job offer.

    While you’re in college, learn how to: (1) Think critically and communicate effectively; (2) Do serious research (i.e. Google and Wikipedia do not count); (3) Write something that somebody else might actually want to read; and (4) Speak in front of a group. You can get these skills in a variety of majors. If you graduate without at least two of them, you have wasted your time. (If none sound interesting or fun, what in the world are you doing in college? Quit now!)

    Then, after graduation, go get whatever job you can find. Show up on time every day, and don’t steal from your employer.

    There’s the ticket to career success. I won’t lament the fact that nobody advised me similarly when I was 19. Chances are they did, and I just wasn’t paying attention.

  218. Dear Ignorant, says:

    So, you hear about Music Therapy, look up the definition and – based on your clearly ignorant take of that definition – you decide it is useless. It isn’t playing music for people to entertain them, which is what a mixed tape does. Science proves that music affects the brain in ways that nothing else can (and I’m not talking about drugs and the other crap that you clearly value more than you should). Not anyone can be a music therapist. You need to go through a good program and pass the AMTA test. You learn how to use music professionally to promote a healthy change in an individual. Playing music for the patient is a very very small part of music therapy. And people DO hire music therapist in hospitols and schools and care centers accross the nation and world-wide. Honestly, do some research! You can’t just read a definition, add it to your limited source of knowledge and come to a final conclusion!!!

    You should really do your research before you display what you “know.”

    People with special needs were able to progress further than any professional expected of them because of applied music therapy. Elderly people learned to enjoy the last few years of their lives. Cancer patients found strength in music therapy to get through the hard time (and yes, there was science behind that, too).

  219. Dr. Bambi B. Bambini says:

    I am a college professor and I laughed like a hyena. You’re a heck of a writer! But then again, I can afford to laugh, what with the tenured job and all. Just want to let you know I majored in Latin, and graduated from college with a C average. I wanted to teach. You’d think I’d have been wearing a paper hat and asking if you want fries with that for the past 20 years, but my evil mother made me go to law school, which I thought I’d hate, but I loved it, and then I got a job for more money than I ever heard of, which I thought I’d love but I hated it. It took me fifteen years to get out of the clutches of the married with children and mortgage thing that had taken over my brain, and I went back to grad school. By this time I had my sh*t more together, which most people do by the time they’re 40, and aced it and got this great job at a little college which I’ve had for the past 5 years. I’ll never make millions (though I’ve got a pretty nice consulting thing going) but I am deliriously happy. Moral of the story: do what you love and the money will follow.

  220. Terwilliger says:

    This is one of the most ignorant things I have ever read…

  221. Burd says:

    ha ha HA! Archaeology isn’t on the list *does a little dance*

  222. Burd says:

    ha ha HA! Archeology isn’t on the list! *does a little dance*

  223. sammich says:

    To anerexic ginger i dont give a @$!* if i spelt that wrong social work is not worth less my mother is a social worker (yes im only 14 so im still at home but when you graduated you got off easy the world is more advanced)anyway she was a social worker and now she works at a hospital for phisical rehabe and even before she went to worj at the hospital she made good money and still does would be millionairs if it wernt for the damn tax cutts but yeah your completly wrong about social work. have a happy life. just not near me.
    P.S it doesnt matter where you live its why and who your there for.

  224. Anonymous says:

    Communications is one of the most divers majors you can have. There are all kinds of job that fall under communications. My brother went into communications and now works in public relations for a band and makes plenty of money. The man I nanny for is pretty rich and majored in communications though I have no idea what he does.

  225. Collegestudent says:

    I just want the piece of paper that says I dont have to die in the gutter! Once your homeless; game over!

  226. Hi says:

    First of all English Lit. is used bye teachers,espicially Language Arts,Philosophy is usually taken by people who are getting their PH.D and EVERYONE takes philosophy in college.Dance yes its called got to New York,L.A,San Francisco ,or Boston.

  227. Poor Chemist says:

    Do NOT major in chemistry, biochemistry, or biology (unless you are planning to go to medical school). These degrees are pretty worthless! $12/hr to work in a lab with 5 years fo lab experience! Also no one hires scientist. Scientist just end up being temps at places for years.

  228. Sophon Hang says:

    All you bitch ass niggaz better recognize who I am.

  229. axewarrior20 says:

    Either this was completely comical or you are one of the most ignorant/uninformed people ever.

    Music therapy has been proven through research to help populations of people. It can be applied as physical therapy, education for children and people with mental/learning disabilties, and much more.

    In a city close to me there are over 6 music therapist at work.
    2 music therapist at a major hospital.
    2 at a rehabilition center for physical recovery
    1 at a center for children with multiple disabilties such as austism, cerebral palsy, and mental disabilities.
    1 at a rehabilition center for people with rare neutrological disorders such as dystonia.

    Most music therapists will make a bit more than the average high school teacher, but of course you could always specialize in GMI and go out to California to work with celebrities and such with all that such you were talking about for an easy 6-digit payroll.

  230. yoyo says:

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  231. Doug says:

    I am currently working on Long Island as a Music Therapy Intern in a Psych Hospital and Pediatric Hospital Unit (once I am finished I will be a Board Certified Music Therapist). My supervisor sends me job offers every week from all over the country, working with different populations (pediatrics, special education, adult and child psych). Entry level positions start around $60,000 and the field is growing very fast.

    Whoever wrote the description probably has a business degree and is stuck writing website columns bashing the liberal arts.

  232. sdfs says:

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  233. Ma-we-all have a laugh says:

    So true, i think landscape architect takes the lead there though, just a glorified draftsmen in nice do up boots.


  234. traceymc says:

    I have degrees in philosophy, Latin, and English lit. Philosophy taught me the foundations of knowledge. Latin helped me with my math (my other major)and my knowledge of how languages grow and assimilate words and lose others. My English lit graduate degree means I’m trained to analyze anything and can see contemporary analogies with the writings of Charles Dickens. English lit also taught me about human nature and the human condition.

    Now, I work for myself, keep my own hours, and set my own rates. I play from Tuesday – Thursday and work the other four days of the week.

    Thank you, liberal arts!

  235. Socrates says:

    If you’re useless any degree you’re going to get is going to be useless as well. Make an effort and know what it takes, and you’ll be fine. Bitching about how useless your degree is, or any other degree is, just shows that you’re a useless person who bitches a lot.

  236. DamnCali says:

    I really think Fashion Design – Merchandising should be on this list… If you met the Fashion students at my university you’d get why I think its a bunch of sorority whores who are only in college because daddy made them.

  237. Anonymous says:

    Just do what you want to do and whatever makes you happy. Don’t waste your life.

  238. Anonymous says:

    I just watched a story on 20/20 on how college is “worthless” nowadays because graduates end up owing alot of money and cant get a job. Frankly I disagree that college is worthless and shouldnt be considered at all. The main problem is kids go to college and get degrees that are useless- like the ones in this article. If people actually researched what jobs are hot or “recession proof” then they wont be crying the blues that they owe $80,000 in loans and cant get a job with that sociology degree. I went to school and got a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing. When I graduated I had more job offers than I could follow up on and there is a shortage in the field. I started college at 23 after getting out of the military.

  239. Anonymous says:

    You guys forgot Kinesiology. I have to go back to school and get an associates degree so I can get job. Four yr. degrees are over rated unless you plan on going to med school.

  240. Lily says:

    I am a music therapy major and you got it completely wrong. We have to be great at piano, guitar and voice…not just making “mix tapes”. Not to mention tons of psych classes and hours of clinicals every semester. And we can work with almost any group of ppl: geriatrics, disabilities, wellness, hospitals… im soo sick of ppl not showing respect for something they prob couldnt actually do…

  241. Foolproof says:

    Forget college. A little piece of paper that say “I am teachable but have no experience”?

    I joined the Army, got job training there.

    Now I work in the Physical Security and Antiterrorism field making $80k a year.

    And I don’t even really work! Seriously, I sit on the internet most of the day. My work consists of me opening a manual and finding the answers for other people. They could do that, but I have the experience so they pay me assloads to do it for them!

  242. Nurse says:

    Great commentary on useless degrees.
    I got a nursing degree from a 2 yr. college… I work 3 12hr. shifts a week, make more 80,000/yr… can travel to any state as a “travel nurse” with free housing and great salary… overtime always available.
    Because of Nursing, I can travel the world (and have… there is a shortage and a high demand for nurses.
    Best degree (time/dollar) out there.

  243. krystal says:

    Sorry, but as a Latin major with a teaching job, I think your list is lacking in research. First of all, as new artifacts are being discovered all the time, not every piece of Latin has been translated. Second, it really helps with your critical thinking skills, so many people find uses for the Latin major outside of teaching and archaeology/museum work. Finally, here’s some famous Classics majors — Toni Morrison, Ted Turner, and J.K. Rowling. I guess they’ll be working in Subway next year!

  244. tmcb says:

    actually african american studies is a major. my university has a whole dept dedicated to it which is pretty sad. And as an engineering student i think that accounting and business management should be on the list as well. but i hate all of the listed majors as well. lol

  245. Anonymous says:

    Don’t forget Puerto Rican Studies! Oh, and Womyn’s Studies. In short, anything with the word “Studies” at the tail end tend to be on the worthless side. It’s the “ologies” that students should stick to.

  246. cadnidput says:

    Music therapy should not be on this list, and music therapy majors are not people you can’t be performance majors. All music therapist have extensive psychology training and understand how to make people’s life better through music. I think actually using music to help people is better than playing in front of audience who payed an over priced ticket to see performance majors make them selves feel better. Also, there is a stable and growing job market for music therapist. I make 65,000,and I’m right out of college;my performance major friends make about 15,000.What’s the worthless degree now?

  247. Sean says:

    Wow, the idiot that wrote this must have no concept of success in the real world. Latin, as well as a classics major in general are prime routes to law school. Any mindless college student would know that. Just try reading into that a little more

  248. Anonymous says:

    There are 2 major psych feilds. One is worthless because of the fact that so many people have the Psych Arts major.
    on the other hand Psych Science is probably going to be the degree of the next century. Neuroscience is already booming, and we barely know anythng about the human mind.

  249. ignorant author of ignorant list... says:

    So, what happened to doing something you want to do simply because you love it? Is that laughable now? If you want to major in dance – major in dance – who cares?!! You can always instruct, every major city has multiple professional dance/ballet troops, and so on…

    If you enjoy English literature – fukkin’ major in it. You can get one of thousands of open jobs as an editor (forgot about that didn’t we Mr/Ms Author?), a teacher, a literary agent, a proofreader (which can make MAJOR money)…

    If you love film – MAJOR IN IT. Guess what? There are literally thousands of television stations with thousands and thousands of jobs… guess who has the best chance of landing a position there? Not everyone has to try to work in Hollywood. Yeah – I am beginning to think the author didn’t even go to highschool much less college.

    And I could go on and on…

    This is just an awful, awful article.

  250. Eh says:

    I think it’s funny you put Mormon Missionaries as the #1 for Religion. When really the Mormon missionaries are in no way doing their missionary service for college or for any sort of pay or future jobs. It’s charity work for two years and they put college and everything else in their life on hold while they serve. They come back like normal college students like you and me and few actually study religion in college and go on to get a religion-related job. You should put a picture of a pastor or priest…someone that actually gets paid for their religious service…which goes against everything taught in the bible!

  251. Cassandra says:

    Can I just skip the bitching part and ask what are Draco Malfoy/Tom Felton doing at the Latin part?

  252. kevindagnycu says:

    Are you in the classroom? And what are you sitting on the internet?

  253. Kevin Berry says:

    This guy is one hell of a dumb fucker. I’m glad I only wasted 15 minutes reading this blog; I can now make certain to never visit again.

    1) That one should attend college exclusively to secure a position illustrates your shortcomings as a human being. Are you that oriented towards consumerism? Pathetic.

    2) In any case, one can teach in any one of these fields, if that strikes your fancy.

    3) My wife has a degree in math and has job offers coming out of her ears. Your ignorance is on full display to the world here, sir.

    4) Try to actually do real philosophy–not “sit on your ass and smoke pot and think about the world bullshit” but real, analytic, get in there and tear apart arguments type philosophy while you’re stoned. You can’t, and you’ll look like as big of an idiot as you do in this post if you try. I seriously doubt you’ve taken even one philosophy course. For fuck’s sake, do you even realize that nearly every school requires a robust background in logic before you get your phil degree? No? Huh, how not shocking.

    5) Ok…you’re basically right about communications.

  254. Cassandra says:

    Useless degrees can work if you are charming, good looking, very talented, intelligent, connected, got successful internships before graduating, got your degree in four years or less, or got a good job two years before graduating. The paycheck you earn with your degree will let you know the truth. It’s rather tragic if your four year degree results in a minimum wage or near minimum wage job. If you’re still stubborn about getting a degree, combine getting a two year degree and attending an accredited trade school at the same time. This approach makes more sense, and at least you can look forward to having a life in a short period of time. “Money is not important” – not to mooches, cheapskates, users, and hermits.

  255. Angie, PhD abd says:

    Joe, you hit it on the nail…
    “The way you get a job out of college is not based on your major but rather on what you did with your time as an undergrad. Research, internships, and field experience is what counts. There is no such thing as a useless major – rather a useless undergrad experience.”

    I’ve been wondering lately why we even bother to insist that BA students claim a major. Why not a major in advanced general studies which includes all liberal arts topics and science and focuses on skill evelopment like critical thinking and analytics, etc., the skills that employers want. Graduating BAs also need to be able to write, commincate well verbally, perform basic math, and conduct themselves as professionals, etc. There is a long list of employability skills and few of those skills have any close relationship to a specific major. Specialization should begin at the MA/MS level. No degree is worthless if it teaches the skills that are in demand and most degrees could, but don’t. The focus is warped and the system broken. (BTW – It has been my experience that successful English majors have excellent analytical skills.) Let us focus more on creating usefull undergrad experiences!

  256. Anonymous says:

    I love it when someone gets offended by this list. Insecurity is common among the future unemployment line.

  257. Anonymous says:

    I was a communication major. Out of my class, about half of the comm majors were very bright and got jobs quickly in a very broad range of occupations. That is the benefit of comm, it combines a lot of fields to make one a better produced and receiver of messages.

    There are few majors that can claim to have more than half of their students to be real bright.

  258. Christopher says:

    I am an Aerospace Engineer/ Physicist… and I simply could not just let this article go without comment. My major will always exist, even if the world ends in war (assuming anyone survives, the idea to rebuild and redesign shall always remain), and the physics is generally frowned upon as being “an evil major”. You’d be shocked to see how many “entry” level jobs for either field pay far more than 75,000 a year at respectful companies (Lockheed Martin, Boeing, SpaceX). However, in the course of my studies, and wandering out and about my fine campus, I have come across the most pointless majors:

    1) Business: “CEO ‘wannabes’ who simply think that accounting is enough math for anyone. Generally gets trashed every weekend, never studies.

    2) Communications: Good work, you can type up a news article, though anyone with fingers and a keyboard can do the same without a liberal spin.

    3) Music Majors: Unless you’re a musical artist, nobody truly cares, or will care to pay, about you knowing the Great Composer’s down to their favorite colors.

    4) Psych, English, Art: These liberals are found mostly studying in the grass around campus, or sunning topless. The only thing they do remotely useful is teh last.

    5) Fashion Majors: You people amuse me; math dodging, english course fearing, Kinesiology avoiding liberals who put up ungodly colors on cardboard cut outs to mimic clothes.

    6) Kinesiology Majors: Perfect for Coaches, or sex offenders.

  259. Gunnar says:


    They parade under the mask of legitimate sounding subject names like “Multidisciplinary Studies”, “Engineering Studies”, “Information Systems”, “Journalism”, “Womens Studies” and myriads of other alternate names, when in actuality they are nothing more than different variations on a single theme- SOCIAL STUDIES! Like Political Science, Sociology, Anthropology, Literature Science, International Relations and Ethnic Relations, they are quasi-scientific subjects which could be mastered by a moderate amount of after-work reading and can even be tought online without classroom or practical participation.

    Universities and colleges around the world, even reputable institutions of higher learning are more desperate than ever to keep their own staff employed and attract the unemployed with promises that somehow a university or college education (regardless of subject matter) will lead to a brighter future.

    Nothing could be further from the truth.

    While diploma mill scams have figured prominently in the news and authorities claim to be cracking down on the “scams”, what they fail to mention (or perhaps even themselves realise) is that many legitimate and state-funded colleges and universities are cranking out degrees from bachelor to doctorate level that are of virtually no use on the labour market now and in the future. New “sciences” have been created in myriads since the 1960′s and many of them are barely scienfitic at all. Political activists have long sought to turn their pet issues, ideologies and theories into official research and curriculum sciences, naturally under the guise of university research autonomy. But this is of little benefit to unsuspecting college graduates who today cannot find jobs or even gain entry to the qualified labour market.

    There are a few things cautious parents and careful prospective students can do to avoid the many traps the new university and college degree markets will not warn you about. Here are some of them:

    1 If the subject ends in “studies”, skip it!

    2 If a programme that has a hard science title or name in practise includes large amounts of social sciences, that is a bad sign. Skip it!

    3 If it could be taught completely at a distance or online, it is probably not valuable on the labour market (save very few subjects, like Common Law, Maths or Languages).

    If you are not being forced to DO SOMETHING and gain experience in connection with a programme, for instance in laboratories or practise sessions, then what exactly are you paying for? Non-practical programmes are always something you should scrutinize very carefully before committing to them.

    4 Most “Master’s” programmes (2-year or 1-year for graduates) cannot stand the light of day! Beware of them and check with various professional bodies in advance to see what (if any) qualifications they are considered to provide (depending upon your profession). EVERYBODY is offering MBA’s and other “Masters” programmes these days. If any of these are truly legitimate or valuable they will likely be the ones offered by prestigous and known institutions (that does not have to mean expensive).

    5 Most doctorate level degrees have no practical value for those not interested specifically in university or think-tank research. If you already have a Masters degree it might be better to get a professional bachelors degree which provides a basis for licensure in a profession than to get a doctorate in any subject.

  260. Kevin says:

    I would have to say that criminology and criminal justice should be in the top 5 most worthless majors.
    Even if you plan on going into Law Enforcement, you learn everything you need to know at your training academy. Also, most departments only require 60 college credits if at all to qualify, so a degree in criminology and criminal justice is not even necessary for Law Enforcement. Good luck trying to find a decent entry level position if you change your mind when you graduate and decide to do business. I graduated about three years ago with my degree in CCJS from a good University , and the best jobs I have found are teller/cashier positions making $10-12 an hour.

    If you are planning on getting a degree in Criminology/Criminal Justice and are not sure what you would like to be doing, I would seriously reconsider and go for a degree in Accounting/Finance/Economics/Marketing etc etc….You’ll be much more marketable when you get out

  261. mctruck says:

    I find the real problem is college in general. They sell you on these “fields” that don’t exist. I mean even engineering has this problem. “i’m going to invent new cars!” Yea, when you graduate if your job hasn’t been outsourced you will be doing some bitch work for a wire hidden in the starter of a car. Furthermore, you won’t know anything about how to do that because they don’t teach that in school.

    I think if one is to go to college something general like MATH or ENGLISH has more longevity and is applicable to so much.Here in NYC, all the ad firms hire English majors to check and write copy. We can’t have punctuation or grammar fucked up in an ad pitch to FORD motor vehicles. Granted I didn’t major in any of these things.

  262. Captain Engrish says:

    I have a Creative Writing degree from a decent state school, and it’s worthless. I work for a service management company, and no one gives a shit about literacy, not my employers, especially not my employees. Being vague, unrevealing, and bland is marketability. People would rather deep-fry their literacy in nomenclature that, if you learn it, means far less than it sounds. For example, I’m an account manager. In businessspeak, “account manager” means “eating Satan’s turgid, angry sharts”.

  263. Anonymous says:

    Wow, whoever wrote this is an idiot, like seriously, I don’t even know how this can be taken seriously. Why don’t you hop off your fucking pedestal and actually try thinking. Not to mention, I don’t know how you can even make a list like this, considering that you don’t have degrees in all of these fields and if you did then according to your list you would be a useless person, therefore I know you didn’t. So shut the fuck up and die.

  264. mr big says:

    dude fuck this shit

  265. TR says:

    Yup…glad I picked engineering! Plus I’m a minority & a female…im like every major corporations/grad school dream…but i do study all the time cuz it is hard…i guess it depends on what kind and where u go cuz my school is natl ranked which means my degree will be worth more :) Plus biomedical engineering is a really exciting hybrid field :D

  266. WouldYouLikeFrostWithThat? says:

    Or maybe just the people who have failed in their own lives post their woes along with this sad group of screwups. Sorry your degrees didn’t work out for you.

  267. Kenneth Wills says:

    A degree in philosophy will certainly land you a top job with a “Think Tank.” Philosophy teaching you how to “think critically” unlike say psychology. I know quite a few individuals with philosophy degrees formulating public policy.

    A communication degree on the other hand opens you up to journalism, writing, editing, technical writing (quite lucrative I might add) and yes, one again jobs at “Think Tanks” formulating public policy.

    Art history on the other hand will take you into the world of science, working with archeologists, sociologists and others to gain a firm grasp on a specific period or research project. Understanding the context of how and why some created a piece of art helps to reconstruct a period in history.

    Who do you think is examine all that artwork dug up from archeology sites? Very few Art History majors ever consider work in a museum.

    The person writing this article truly lacks any understanding of education or our current social structures. Perhaps a degree in any of these field might help you gain a more holistic picture of the world you live in.

    English Literature as worthless, that one I find absurd. English is a universal language and opportunities are certainly plentiful, internationally.

  268. Anonymous says:

    I think its funny that the picture for religion is of two Mormon missionaries. They haven’t received, nor are they working towards, a religion degree.

  269. Mr Spanky says:

    I know noone is going to read this…but how come all the people pictured are white? Do only white people fail?

    Oh right, black people don’t go to college…they’ve already failed

  270. HISTORYMAJOR says:

    All the jobs are in applied sciences? When was the last time you looked on Monster??

  271. Chazzy says:

    HAHAHA… this is very funny. Its funny that some people got offended by this- chill out folks. I am surprised that an Art major isn’t on the list. But, that makes me feel better about myself- though i realize its pretty useless too. ha.

  272. Trisha says:

    Higher education isn’t really about TRAINING to BE something after you graduate (if you want to be ready to work at something specific, go to a technical school), so it really doesn’t matter WHAT you get a degree in unless you’re specializing in medicine, engineering, etc.. Education is about producing a well-rounded individual who has proven he/she has the determination to graduate. Most businesses and corporations will train you to do what they want you to do. They just want to see that degree in something, which might show them you’re smart enough to do it :-D

  273. mountainman428 says:

    I think people aren’t understanding that it truly doesn’t matter what degree you have to be successful. Employers look to see if you can stick with challenging tasks in life (college). Having a degree period helps you get great jobs. Yeah, it’d be nice to get a job in what you love and went to school for, but in all reality, it’s the fact that you got a degree and finished that is going to get you ahead in a career. This is just from what I’ve learned and seen in my life.

  274. chad says:

    so what does your major have to be to be a writer for holy taco, im guessing none…

  275. JDR says:

    you guys have missed the point all together. All undergrad degrees are “worthless” in the sense that they’re mostly not going to lead you in any real direction. They’re ubiquitous and a dime-a-dozen nowadays…all of them. Nor is the sole reason for getting a degree to lead one straight to a career. College is far more than working toward a degree…it’s the glue that holds a civilized society together in sharing knowledge, crossing lines, expanding ones world view, learning problem solving, social cooperation and so on.
    Career building happens in graduate studies and further beyond.

  276. Bre says:

    Omg this guy is too funny but true. That’s why I’m majoring in accounting

  277. Deanna Case says:


  278. Justice says:

    I’m within a month from my degree in Physics. Seraphic Wannabe is right. All of the fun shit they make physics look like is just engineering stuff.

    Physics is just a lot of hard fucking math, and it’s only a degree worth having if you actually give a shit about what makes the universe tick. The deeper I’ve delved into it, the less I care. When I started, it was fun, and they don’t give you the bullshit until the last two years, once you’re too damn deep to change majors.

    At least with engineering, I’d understand how pulleys, car engines, and trebuchets work. Instead, I understand why the spectrum of hydrogen only has three lines in the visible range of the spectrum and how entropy derives from n choose N, and that’s not getting me into grad school or getting me a job.

  279. Wilsinia says:

    None of these majors are useless. As a matter of fact, many lawyers major in philosophy before they get a J.D. Besides, your argument is a slippery slope. One can argue from your premise and conclusion that any degree is useless. You say you took philosophy but if you did than you would know philosophy cannot be done by oneself. Rather it is done by dialoge with others (written or spoken) in order to learn. By the way I double majored in college (Philosophy and English Lit). I never smoked pot in college. Please do not place your experiences on all of us.

  280. Anonymous1 says:

    You really have to be ignorant and extremely stupid to think Art History isn’t a reputable degree when the job possibilities are endless. You are a sad bitter person.

  281. mydegree isworthless says:

    i currently teach at a community college with my Master’s degree. I have been told that contrary to what i was told when hired I should never expect to get a full-time job in education. Bottom line, $100,000 in debt for education and my best year’s income is the same as it was working the front desk at a hotel with far less stress and next to no responsabilities.

  282. I have a real job says:

    I actually tend to think psychology is a useless major. It’s one of those overly general majors that can segue into anything. Essentially, you have to learn your job anew. That psych major offers no advantage over anyone else.
    Oh, and add Women and Gender Studies to the list of useless majors. Students taking courses for that major spend them looking at their genitalia with mirrors and taking field trips to strip clubs. What a colossal waste of time, not to mention money.
    And people wonder why the our futures are going down the drain. Just don’t go on welfare and ask me to use my tax dollars to pay for it.

  283. Anonymous says:

    i love how personally everyone took this.

  284. AnonymousFace says:

    i don’t know if it’s a surprise but chemistry is definitely one of the worst
    one year of searching
    begging to do free work

    it is virtually impossible to ever get in the door


    i don’t care because i love it but my mathematics degree isn’t helping me either
    actuarial science is a worthless “degree”
    but only because they really only require you to pass the exams which is cool because anybody can do it
    there’s some smart people who can’t afford college and this is the golden opportunity
    so it’s actually great information to learn

  285. Writer954 says:

    I graduated as an English major now I’m making decent paper (lit joke!) writing technical manuals for IT companies.

    And when I get bored of writing manuals, I have a grant writing side business where I charge 8 – 15% for successful bids.

    Here’s a question for the ‘useful’ math majors:
    I spend a month moonlighting, writing a local government grant for a non-profit, and the grant is valued at $50k. In the same month, I receive two salaried biweekly checks from my normal job (52k/year). How much happier am I that I chose my profession rather than listening to the half-baked advice from an editor of the highly esteemed Holytaco.com?

    Solve for FU. Show all work.

  286. Anonymous says:

    Considering the spelling and punctuation mistakes most people who’ve posted here have made, I suspect a degree in English Literature is not as worthless as this suggests.

  287. JLMorgan says:

    As a former graduate with a double major in Political science & Psychology, I am currently making 65,000 at a law firm as a paralegal. Also, I started at a Community College and transferred to a State University. My Cost for my double major: under $20,000. This is true.

    Community College was around $2,000 a year (two years to attend)
    State University was (for a resident) around 6,000 a year. (another two years)

    I find Criminal Justice and Legal Studies, the most overrated and useless degrees ever created. WTF is peace studies?

  288. Anonymous says:

    None of these are necessarily worthless you all seem to foget many employers are demanding a bachelors degree for jobs that really don’t really demand them. For example for one retail sales job they are prefering people with a degree, even though its not specialty sales that might demand one. Say selling fine art or designer fashions where a degree may have some relevant uses.

    Let me spell this out maybe 20% of people if you include go-getters should even seek a traditional college degree with meaningful standards. The ones that have the overall aptitudes to get the bachelors or higher under a demanding program. The rest should be going to vocational schools, apprenticeship programs, reputatble technical colleges or community colleges OR learn on-the-job. Since it seems most would end up in such jobs. But employers are making demands far over what they were even twenty years ago on employees that many can’t meet.

    I’m not knocking college degrees or students or people in general just if you have a population of 100 and have an average the spread starts in the middle BOTH directions. Some will say be above average or exceptional in any area and others below average or dismal in any area. In mathematics some people just can’t handle math over basic functions, or handle complex use of English skills or are socially gifted or can handle fine motor skills. If th person is not reasonably high level in academics in high school sending that person to college for a bachelors is likely a waste of time, money and puts them in a poor career path.

    But if they must have a bachelors they will go taking light demand majors just to get the diploma so they can stay or be employed at all. I have a two year degree in accounting and had to earn a bachelors so majored in general studies taking the lightest courses I could, to get the bit of paper, because its demanded by employers. Even if that degree is unrelated to my work. Even though I have over twenty years of experience in accounting operations work and have an exceptional work record. That didn’t matter even though the work doesn’t demand a college degree and I know that, my the person hiring me knows that but the company makes the demand anyway. And my GPA in my associates was 3.74 but in my college program I struggled and earned a 2.14 ,at a fairly low demand accredited college, so its clear where my strengths lay. Hands on applied accounting and there is no shame in that I’m just not good at college classes in other areas, but had to get the bachelors as a demand for employment.

  289. mmmmm says:

    Please add General Studies, Anthropology, etc.

  290. Andrew says:

    You’re wrong about every one of these majors. Many of these are fantastic courses and incite intellectualism in any person who takes them. It’s amazingly disappointing to see such ignorance and stupidity towards some of the most respected fields of study (mostly speaking about philosophy). I can’t believe you would insult the highest order of thought and have the gall to put it in this list! Many of these are worthwhile majors or courses and many people should get at least take a course in one of these because it opens your mind to reality and intelligence. Broaden your mind!

  291. mmmmm says:

    Where is my post?

  292. anonymous 1545 says:

    If you actually go to graduate school you can generally make 60k and above….even in art history. I feel bad for the suckers studying Biology….they can get a nice research position starting at 15 dollars an hour when they graduate after the grueling hell of college/bio courses and unless you go to graduate school or med school (particular field specifications, pharmacist, orthodontist, dentist, nursing, dermatology, optometrist) that is all you can aspire for. Any of the degrees you just listed can make you pretty damn good money if you’re not lazy and go to graduate school. The masters is now considered the new bachelors etc. I plan to be a PhD in Art History with a Masters in Museum and Gallery Management (and no I don’t aspire to simply work in a museum i want to be a college professor actually). [Also the job market is pretty shitty as is with any major right now] So yea….you can make good money with just about any major, it just depends on how lazy you are…and if you lack ambition then well you’re pretty screwed not just career wise but in life overall. Whoever wrote this was probably some bitter prick who was never exposed to anything artistic, philosophical or literary.

    Also the biggest misconception of graduate school is that it can cost you a pretty penny…the truth of the matter is most schools will help you fund your education if you promise to be employed by them afterwards and if you get decent GRE scores…so yeah poo on you….anybody with a bachelors will make shit money nowadays…unless you’re an engineer or something around those lines then yea you’re the exception. but yea most b.a’s in general are shitty if you don’t go to graduate school.

  293. lamb chop says:

    I am almost positive whoever wrote this has a degree in psychology or philosophy.

  294. Fuck Off says:

    @elliot –

    You’re a fucking ass. “I’m not even from West Virginia!” real witty, ass hat. I’d like to see you actually come here and say that – see if you survive.

  295. SociologyNick says:

    God there are a lot of cynical jerks on here. Your degree shouldn’t be judged solely by the amount of money it is worth. If that was the case everybody would be a business major. If you love social work or dance you should major in it and expect to get paid almost nothing to do what you love.

    Just don’t be an idiot and get a degree in a job that doesn’t exist or is incredibly competitive. I knew an dumb chick who was 45,000 in debt as a psychology major junior so she could be a psychiatrist. You have to have a degree in premed and then go to med school to be a psychiatrist!

    Also, according to the message boards nobody knows what liberal arts are.It is not a major, it is a general degree that can be very valuable. Ex: economics, biochemistry, and geography.

  296. Scipio says:

    Sociology. You get to go around blaming everything on ‘society.’

  297. lolitapink says:

    I went to medical school, I do not regret It, I can pretty much find any job anywhere in the world. It was either that or nursing school, that can also guarante you a job in any hospital/hospice/home care/free clinic, in the world. But I was always a bit ignorant with other majors, specially majors that were not in the scientific areas. I do not understead what theyre all about. Like I thought a communications major was almost the same thing as journalism. Whats the difference, I really dont get it. Can someone please explain to me the diferrence?. I dissagree with social work and psychology. Theyre very useful in hospitals settings, they really help when it comes to difficult patients, homeless people,children, etc.

  298. S says:

    I’m employed (with a B.A. in English) and my dad has been unemployed for years (with a PhD in Biomedical Engineering). Yeah…nice list.

    It doesn’t matter what your major is. If you’re committed and passionate, you’ll do fine. If your only reason for choosing the degree is because it’s easy or because you can party all night and it doesn’t matter, then you won’t do well in any part of your life.

    Oh, and why is Draco Malfoy the picture for Latin?

  299. moncler says:

    I had fun understanding this post. I want to see more on this subject..

  300. Anonymous says:

    Start off with a decent GPA and a good skill set. Take a course in accounting, learn to program in Java, take a database course (Oracle), biology, technical writing.
    Then you get major in dance or psy. There is always the MBA when you grow up and decide it’s hard out there.

  301. Pamplemouse Rexon says:

    I guess I could write an article like this. That doesn’t seem to require any education.

  302. Binary says:

    I was surprised to see History missing from this list. It’s a major I pursued with passion and fervor, and I loved every moment of it. But it isn’t ‘commercially’ useful. I work as a web designer for a major company but I built those skills on my own. College is a good time to build character, friends, and good habits – earning a degree is only a part of the process.

  303. HISTORYMAJOR says:

    This other post was in response to something else

  304. Boobers says:

    My Son graduated from a big ten Univ with a communications degree

    he works at a hot wings joint and is in a heavy metal band,

    all that tuition fo end up doing this.

    but he will use the degree eventually

    I say…..to all those high schoolers graduating.

    get a job and take some classes when you truly know what you want to do.

  305. Sam says:

    Many people in the film have go to college with a TV/Film degree, it’s not all about making a bullshit student movies, there are many technical sides to moviemaking behind the scenes. Almost every director in hollywood made some shitty movie around their college age, you have to start somewhere. True many people go into the TV/Film major hoping to be sometime bigtime director which usually doesn’t become true but if you work hard in this major, you can definately find a job just don’t expect to be some millionaire. Your summary of why you can’t get a job in the TV/Film industry is inaccurate and I really don’t think you guys did much research especially to put it as number 2.

    By the way why isn’t theatre major on this list? Are you serious??? do some fuckin research you corny bastards. I’m assuming you guys majored in comedy writing since you guys are funny like Jerry Lewis.

  306. TripleP says:

    haha i’m a Fine Arts Major, glad to know i’m not even being considered!

  307. WickedSmahtKid says:

    Thank God there is another human on this planet that realizes how terrible Boondock Saints is.

  308. THEREPER says:

    I was an English major (which I will regret til the day I die) and you hit that one right on the money. Here i sit at an entry level position at some random small company. But, I like it. It Beats a Barnes & Noble’s sweat shop any day.

  309. Rob says:

    I’m confused…don’t lawyers start out as English majors?? This article is pretty ignorant- there are lots of jobs out there for many of these degrees. As an English major myself, I know mostly about those. Writing happens- whoever WROTE this article got paid for it, and the majority of ppl that get paid to write are English or Journalism majors. Editors, copywriters, manuscript readers, and college-level English teachers (who can fetch a decent salary if they stick to one place long enough) were all English majors. And I bet they all like their jobs better than computer and business majors who sit behind a desk and format files all day making a zillion dollars a year.

    Bottom line, it’s far more important to enjoy your profession than make a lot of money doing it. You’ll be happier- isn’t that the point?

  310. Anonymous says:

    You forgot Gender Studies, whatever that is.

  311. Original post by mattusximus

  312. Milander says:

    Ho hum… all my friends and colleagues have degrees of one sort of another, many have post-grads and/doctorates. They all have one thing in common though and that is that not one of them is doing the job for which they studied.

    One qualified as a math major, now heads up an advertising agency, another has a PhD in psychotherapy and works as a senior systems analyst for Nissan. I’ve got a double honours in geography and geology and run my own language tuition company in Hungary. Go figure…

    At the end of the day few people end up doing what they studied to do and those who do tend to be very grey, boring people.

  313. Hater says:

    Wow, this hit my thoughts on the subject dead on.

    I laugh at all the students who I tutor and tell me that they are studying the social sciences when all the jobs are in applied sciences. lol. Thank goodness there are post-bachs!

  314. Jake says:

    I think you’re assessment of the value of a degree is inaccurate. The reason companies hire Philosophy majors is because of their analytical and writing skills. Sodomizing people’s sons” Are you kidding me? Yes it is true that the ancient Greeks were into that sort of thing; however, it was a cultural thing and not merely a philosopher thing. One of the biggest employers of Philosophy majors is the federal government especially the FBI, CIA, and NSA. As a final not, I hope that you do understand that most Philosphy major go on to graduate schools with most attending Law schools.

  315. Anonymous says:

    Getting a degree in film isn’t just trying to get a gig on a network tv show. Tons of large and small companies are using video and multimedia to push marketing initiatives. I have worked at large, endless budgeted companies developing video content for trade shows and online ads posted on cnet.com, etc. And i also have worked at small, very low budget places that use film and audio to pull potential investors in.

    No degree is stupid per se, the only stupid thing is how the person leverages what skill set they possess.

  316. Gregory says:

    Philosophy –> lawyer in many cases, it’s not worthless

  317. Ugh says:

    Try majoring in foreign languages, and then landing a job in the mountains of North Carolina. Shit… worst decision I ever made. Well, maybe second worst.

  318. Valerie says:

    You forgot a Finance Degree in Cleveland, Ohio. That is unless you come out of college with 3-5 yrs of experience in the field, and who does that???

  319. Ted says:

    Can’t you people just friggin LAUGH? (except for you philosophy majors – I know you’re too miserable)

  320. Library science. Got one myself. You’ll spend your days checking out Danielle Steel to old people, rebooting frozen Internet terminals, trying to explain to people that the library has nothing to do with shy they can’t access their Hotmail accounts and you won’t get paid jack. And it’s not like this job is a chick magnet. Trust me on this.

  321. Jess says:

    Music therapists work in places like hospitals and clinics. They don’t make mix tapes. Music therapists can sing, play guitar, piano, percussion, and can use those skills to do things like help people re-learn to speak after having a stroke. They help people regain physical coordination after an injury. They treat people with brain injuries and diseases like Parkinson’s. Music therapists make $25-$50/hr and up. These people study neuroscience.

    Keep making top 10 lists, buddy. Everyone needs a hobby.

  322. HISTORYMAJOR says:

    You should have double majored in English and Math or History and Physics. Quite frankly, your writing skills are poor at best.

    The truth sometimes hurts. Liberal arts degrees really do have value. Your assumption that LA degrees teach common skills is dead wrong, and your inability to construct a paragraph without hideous errors in syntax is proof.

  323. Dad says:

    Heather and Brittany,
    I hope your read this closely.

  324. Anonymous says:

    The best ever Budweiser Real American Hero radio ad, Mr. Coffee House Coffee Pourer: “What do you do with a Masters degree in Art History???… You poor coffee.”

  325. worthless degree says:

    You can add a associates degree/ bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design to the list. Been almost a year and still no job. All
    you can do is freelance and sit around praying some one will
    hire you. In the mean time, you watch your bank account drop while you try to figure how to pay your rent.

  326. ginsocal says:

    You forgot all the “Studies” majors, like African Studies, Women’s Studies, etc. Talk about worthless!

  327. KthGVo says:

    Hi! PkQAaNVN

  328. Anonymous says:

    Philosophy and English are are actually quite useful if you want to practice law.

  329. WhO gIvEs A s**T says:

    I’m majoring in social sciences. With that degree i can do anything tha co9ncentrates in political science, sociology, or ethnic studies. that’s why i decided to apply for grad school and get my masters or doctorate in marriage family therapy, with that i’ll be making like $100 per hour.

  330. Saxo Grammaticus says:

    Who the hell told you college was trade school? It isn’t and never was. You go to blue collar trade schools INSTEAD of college. You go to white collar trade schools (law school, med school, B-school, etc.) AFTER college.

  331. Anonymous says:

    YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING! THEATER DIDN’T MAKE IT? With an unemployment rate of more than 80%? At the very least an English lit person can read and interpret complex symbol systems… the most a theater wonk can do is (arm swish) SING!!!! (If that).

  332. Anonymous says:

    like the list. it is goooood. you forgot about mechanical engineeing. a BSME can get you a job at meijers pushing carts; i know. this is my life and it is not good.

  333. college says:

    All of you all are most definitly correct about college. College is a total waist of time.

  334. lhall says:

    Joe Paterno – head football coach at Penn State forever – majored in English at Brown and and seems to be doing quite well! I certainly makes him a wonderful speaker at events I’ve attended

  335. communication majors suck says:

    anyone defending a communications degree is proving the writers point. Pretty much all the other degrees on here can laugh at themselves and see the bigger picture. They teach them to be zombies with narrow to no perspective and to do as their told hence the blind faithfulness. They erase all common sense and good judgement, all personality, teach them how to shamelessly promote themselves and heres the kicker…they have no communication skills! they have no idea how to interact with people on a basic or professional level! I was an art history and dance major -zing- and this list had me laughing till i cried! did a huge year long project with communication majors and swear to god it was like being in a room with delusional wet paper towels. and by the by if you go to college to dance you will probably not end up dancing…spending the most fruitful years your body has sitting in a desk will get you fat and dealing with egotistcal dance professors with eating disorders will make you hate dance. also if your not a professional by 18 and end up in college…it was never gonna happen anyway so pick a new najor.

  336. momWasiaGal says:

    Women in America quite, dislike and loth , geeks, and anybody who is interested in technology and the like. Whenever I got into a powwow wide technology such as robotics , cloning , etc … people, extraordinarily women go absolutely apeshit and start screaming.

    What is it wide body of knowledge and technology, that tread women, more than most anything else?

  337. Anonymous says:

    LMAO! I hold a religion degree! When I declared my major, my Advisor and a wealthy Trustee both welcomed me to the ’2% Club’ (Joke: 98% of college kids want to buy a job, 2% want to actually learn something).

    I make over $60,000/year in marketing, management and some military deployments. Unless it’s a professional degree like nursing, no employer truly cares what you majored in. It’s just another check-mark on a long list. A lot of accountants don’t have accounting degrees, a lot of programmers don’t have computer science degrees, etc. It’s all about skills, experience and industry contacts. Use them or lose them.

    There are 3 kinds of religion majors: the pre-ministry bible crowd, the pre-media sociology-theology crowd and the pre-’indiana jones’ archeology crowd. They pretty much hate each other. I was the ‘Indiana’ wannabee. I own a gun, I’m multi-lingual, and ‘X never, ever, marks the spot’.

  338. Anonymous1545 says:

    If you actually go to graduate school you can generally make 60k and above….even in art history. I feel bad for the suckers studying Biology….they can get a nice research position starting at 15 dollars an hour when they graduate after the grueling hell of college/bio courses and unless you go to graduate school or med school (particular field specifications, pharmacist, orthodontist, dentist, nursing, dermatology, optometrist) that is all you can aspire for. Any of the degrees you just listed can make you pretty damn good money if you’re not lazy and go to graduate school. The masters is now considered the new bachelors etc. I plan to be a PhD in Art History with a Masters in Museum and Gallery Management (and no I don’t aspire to simply work in a museum i want to be a college professor actually). [Also the job market is pretty shitty as is with any major right now] So yea….you can make good money with just about any major, it just depends on how lazy you are…and if you lack ambition then well you’re pretty screwed not just career wise but in life overall. Whoever wrote this was probably some bitter prick who was never exposed to anything artistic, philosophical or literary.

    Also the biggest misconception of graduate school is that it can cost you a pretty penny…the truth of the matter is most schools will help you fund your education if you promise to be employed by them afterwards and if you get decent GRE scores…so yeah poo on you….anybody with a bachelors will make shit money nowadays…unless you’re an engineer or something around those lines then yea you’re the exception. but yea most b.a’s in general are shitty if you don’t go to graduate school.

  339. Um says:

    Why is everyone assuming people majoring in business, nursing, etc. are not following their dreams? I want to be able to travel when I graduate. I can’t afford to do that by sucking rich yuppie’s dicks (ironically, everything art majors don’t want to be) and trying to sell my “inspirational” pieces of art.
    If you want to do art and learn about philosophy, you can do that in your free time, or take a few courses for your gen. ed classes. Don’t blame me when you graduate and aren’t making the money you want.

  340. anonymousgirl1545 says:

    If you actually go to graduate school you can generally make 60k and above….even in art history. I feel bad for the suckers studying Biology….they can get a nice research position starting at 15 dollars an hour when they graduate after the grueling hell of college/bio courses and unless you go to graduate school or med school (particular field specifications, pharmacist, orthodontist, dentist, nursing, dermatology, optometrist) that is all you can aspire for. Any of the degrees you just listed can make you pretty damn good money if you’re not lazy and go to graduate school. The masters is now considered the new bachelors etc. I plan to be a PhD in Art History with a Masters in Museum and Gallery Management (and no I don’t aspire to simply work in a museum i want to be a college professor actually). [Also the job market is pretty shitty as is with any major right now] So yea….you can make good money with just about any major, it just depends on how lazy you are…and if you lack ambition then well you’re pretty screwed not just career wise but in life overall. Whoever wrote this was probably some bitter prick who was never exposed to anything artistic, philosophical or literary.

    Also the biggest misconception of graduate school is that it can cost you a pretty penny…the truth of the matter is most schools will help you fund your education if you promise to be employed by them afterwards and if you get decent GRE scores…so yeah poo on you….anybody with a bachelors will make shit money nowadays…unless you’re an engineer or something around those lines then yea you’re the exception. but yea most b.a’s in general are shitty if you don’t go to graduate school.

  341. Socrates says:

    I’m the weirdo that’s into philosophy, literature, and ancient languages. It just sucks that those things won’t get me that far financially.

    “Oh wow, you really have a grasp of solipsism! You’d be perfect to run the company!”

    BTW, I know the the heteros on this site are dying to hear this, but I find those guys in the Art History section really hot. Yes, I am a douche.

  342. Kate says:

    Shit… I just got accepted as an American studies major.

  343. Anonymous says:

    And less than 20% of people in America like their jobs. Go figure.

  344. Deanna Case says:

    The person who said that your employer doesn’t care “what you majored in”, only that you “have a Bachelor’s”, quite apparently hasn’t lived in the real world.

    I’m willing to bet you’re majoring in “communications” right? …maybe even history or english?

    When an employer is trying to hire someone that they need to manage people, balance finances, make executive decisions, handle confidential information….which person do you think they are going to hire….?

    Someone with a Business Finance degree….or someone with a degree in Liberal Arts? The correct answer is the first one. If you have a degree in Liberal Arts you really haven’t proved much to the world. There is no discipline required and pretty much anyone can get a degree in it.

    YES- experience DOES matter…but for all the morons who are fooling themselves, saying that it doesn’t matter WHAT your degree is in…LMFAO-think again!

    I know about 100 journalism, communications, literature, elementary , and art majors (who HAVE their degree) and DO NOT have a job.

    On the other hand, everyone that I know who has a medical degree, accounting degree, finance/math/economics degree, engineering degree, biology degree…etc. HAS A JOB! It DOES matter!

    But if you want to continue with our cotton candy fluff major then you go right ahead! Tell me how much it sucks that you wasted 4 years, your parents money, and ended up with what? A STUPID degree. YES-there ARE stupid degrees. Some people say there aren’t to be politically correct…but for the rest of us..we know the truth! ;)

  345. Shazzam says:

    Philosophy shouldn’t be on this list. It’s one of the 3 most common majors taken by those applying to law school w/o a Pre-Law Route because of it’s Logic emphasis as well as Philosophy of Law Branch. Generally, Philosophy BAs tend to go one of 4 routes.

    1. Law School
    2. University Professor (post MA, PhD)
    3. Technical Writing (weird, huh?)
    4. 2nd Major / Unemployment

  346. UKURULE says:

    Go to a British university; even as an overseas student your tuition would be less than at most US colleges. I’ve got a BSc, a Masters and a PhD and I did that in just 7 years. Oh, but my degrees are in Physics, so they’re useful. I’ve got a decent job and I don’t owe $200,000!!

  347. Rose says:

    less than 50% of jobs requiring a degree ask for a specific degree so you can basically do anything if you have a degree, you don’t have to work in the area yu’ve got your degree.

    If were looking at things purely from an employment point of view then I agree with most of this list, apart from Religion. Religion is actually one of the most useful degrees you can study for as you develop a lot of skills employers look for. Uni isn’t supposed to be about getting a job, its about furthering your education and studying something in depth. Its supposed to be about self fulfillment, not future employment.

  348. metal_legend says:

    Queue the bitching.

  349. Dianne M says:

    I completely agree with “joe” out of all these comments his is the most relevent. any undergraduate degree is what you make of it through internships, field research & GPA. in addition, it is necessary in todays world that you get a Graduate degree. (almost) ANY undergraduate degree holds no merit, only entry level careers, im generalizing of course.

    Psychology is NOT useless unless you either go to graduate school for counseling, clinical psychology, behavioral medicine or social work. You can also go to Law OR Medical school with these degrees.

    If some of you were under the impression you didnt need to furthur your education to a higher level, you are sadly mistaken.

  350. PS says:

    The writer of this article acts as if the only purpose to getting a degree should be to get a job, and i say fuck that. you study fields of knowledge that interest you; if that happens to be making money, then you go into a money-making major; if you like literature and are compelled to learn more about it, then study literature. money isn’t everything and most people find a way to provide for themselves and their family no matter what degree they have. in fact, of those i know with only bachelor’s degrees, 90% of them do not work in a field directly related to their major.

    a degree shows one’s ability to apply themselves to reach a specific end point; that is all it is, nothing more and nothing less. having a bachelor’s is not some golden ticket to paradise, it simply means you survived to finish a standard of curriculum – and you will always receive a degree of respect for this.

  351. The Fonging says:

    I got my degree in Journalism. Only because I needed something on my resume to qualify for law school. Journalism as a degree is largely a joke because everyone in the field on the hiring end just started working for a newspaper fresh out of high school. College cannot teach you how to find a story, only what to do with it when you found it. It was fun. It kept my grades high. But I hate to think I would have been relying on it for my career.

    My son is now in college and has probably floated about five of the above as majors he is considering. I’m thinking of just stopping payment on the tuition check and mailing him Coast Guard brochures.

  352. English major <3 says:

    Study Literature, Earn $65,700
    Sure, you will strengthen your reading and writing skills by studying literature. But reading great books can also deepen your ability to understand the human condition. Literature majors often move on to study law or work in communications or marketing as writers and editors.


    salary data is based upon mid-career averages of those with a bachelor’s degree and comes from Payscale’s 2010-2011 College Salary Report

  353. Anonymous says:

    If you want to use your math degree to make money then you should become an Actuary

  354. Dexterrr says:

    Do what you love and a path will open up.
    Some of you obviously have no clue about what you can really do with these “worthless degrees”. Which, ironically, only validates the need for them to exist and for people to major in them.
    You should always do a major/minor/etc. in something that you really love. Regardless of how worthless other people tell you it is. I could never imagine putting all that time and effort into something that I didn’t really want to do just because it *might* allow me to have a six figure salary someday. Just do what you want to do in college.
    I’ve noticed that a lot of the time people who bad mouth college/college degrees don’t actually have one themselves and aren’t very motivated in life. So, they write silly little “Top ten” blah blah blah lists on the internet.

  355. clayward says:


    Come on guys…

  356. Beatissima says:

    Degrees are worthless because every employer asks for one (even when degrees and the brain itself are totally unnecessary for the job). So everybody gets one. People with degrees become a commodity – our value falls.

  357. Aperson says:

    I’m a Cinematic Arts major and an animation major…its not pointless if you get off of your couches and volunteer, intern, and network with as many people as humanly possible. I mean look at the movies you watch in theaters or the television shows that you actually watch…SOMEONE has got to be behind the camera…so there ARE very well paying jobs out there (Motion Picture Editor ~ $150,000yr.) so yes, it is A LOT about WHO you know…so get out there and network and have an AMAZING portfolio!

  358. Smith says:

    The information you have about music therapy is incorrect. A music therapist works with individuals and teaches them how to play musical instruments as a form of therapy. It does not involve playing music for others or creating mixed tapes. Please get all your facts straight.

  359. Anonymous says:

    I work in the American Studies office at a University in Indiana….one of our majors just received an internship for the Wall Street Journal…another is heading to law school….one is associate Athletic Dir at The University of Notre Dame…I have never heard of them having problems at all finding jobs….

  360. john says:

    i went to uni in london and i think i ended up ok :)

  361. Anonymous says:

    Degrees aren’t what they are cracked up to be in a lot of cases.

    Right now, the trades need people. Go to a trade school and get apprenticed.

  362. Ace says:

    Look, whatever degree you have, try to think of a way that it at least tangentially relates to improving interpersonal relations, aids people in working as a team, helps people resolve conflict and “understand” one another, or any such BS as that. Then, have some business cards and nice color brochures printed up about the “seminars” you are offering on the above, and shop them around to various U.S Government offices in your area.

    Trust me, the federal government will pay exorbitant consulting fees for absolutely anything that pretends to promote multiculturalism, workplace efficiency, and other feel good woo-woo.

    Spend an hour at the time in a basement conference room droning on to a group of bored and apathetic civil servants, sit back, and wait for the hefty consultation fees to roll in. It’s a racket just about anyone can get into.

  363. Anonymousff says:

    Omg! I totally agree with Philosophy! Im taking this class right now… I can’t even imagine what this kind of stuff can be used for!

  364. Anonymous1 says:

    ehh, I was going to be nice but I will not sugar coat reality so here is my list:

    (All of the above included)

    1. psychology majors – there I said it, how many women do you know with this worthless major only to find them working at Starbucks or Ikea a few years out.

    2. History majors – Universities should not train more history majors than there are jobs for unless you decide to teach.

    3. Global studies – wtf is global studies?

    4. Political Science – I’m including this one to unless your only goal is law school and even then I would say go engineering or accounting or science as an undergrad because at least you have more than one skill.

    Those are my four additions although many more exist.

    Basically college is a big business and they dont care if they give you a worthless degree because the government or state is footing the bill so why should they care what they teach you?

    Trust me it is a big racket. Go in and get out of college fast so long as you can make money with your degree.

    No one care what Scipio Africanus did 2300 years ago when your on your break slaving 60 hours a week at your job. Just shut the fuck up and take it because a cubicle is natures way of telling you that you should have studied something else in college and now you are going to pay for it at your little job by being the office know it all bitch. Oh btw you can always teach or complain on this website about it to. Not that I know from experience or anything.

  365. Anonymous123 says:

    ACHOOOO!!!sorry guys…..’am alergic to bullshit like this.

  366. Anonymous says:

    bro bros, bros let slight up a dobbie and talk about metallica

  367. Belgrade Glendenning says:

    The biggest rip off is a professional degree {medicine, law, dentistry} for someone unable to use it {lack of interest, can’t pass bar, can’t get into residency, etc.}.
    A history or english or philosophy degree is a life changer for creative people!

  368. FLaaaaaaaaarper says:

    I agree with all of those, except film. Seriously? The film business is one of the biggest, and who cares if it helps you get a job? The only reason you should go to college is to learn how to do something you love.

  369. Anonymous says:

    I got a Music Therapy M.A and I got like three job offers before I graduated. My starting salary was 50,000. Music therapists that work for the state or federal government make about 80,000. I also have friends that make 90,000 by doing it privately. Many people actually value the benefits of music therapy. I have friends who use to laugh at me but now they don’t. I have a job that is fun and unique. Research is supporting the benefits of music as therapy.

  370. I Call Bull says:

    I disagree. Philosophy/English Lit/Communication majors often go on to law school.
    Do your research.

  371. jkruofa says:

    And a psychology degree, even with a PhD, is next to Social Work on the “most expensive- least pay” scale. Plus, you can’t actually work in the field of psychology without a PhD and several years of “internship”. That’s right- working without pay.

  372. just a thought says:

    I do not have a high school diploma or college degree and not having the college degree has caused me to have some setbacks in my chosen career, property management. I doubt it would have mattered what type of degree I had received, it would have been beneficial to me. Most employers realize that a degree is a person showing the commitment to complete 4 years of “higher learning”. IMO higher education is closely akin to vocational school, and real learning does take place there.

    I think a 4 year degree in dream interpretation would have been better than no education.

    I am a regional property manager and I make 80K a year with my full time job and 12K part time. I do wonder if I would make more or have a more rewarding career if I had completed college. On the other hand, not going to school allowed me to gain an additional 4-5 years of experience. I have 16 years experience and I am 38 yars old, putting me in high demand in my chosen field. However some employers will not even consider me, no matter how much experience I have. Without that degree in dream interpretation, I will not even get a call back.

  373. Dr, Anne Chovie says:

    I am the proud owner of a degree in Feminine Hygiene. I currently earn $400k a year as a Mentor at a Private School for Girls in LA. Since I am also a raging over-sexed lesbian, the mere thought of waking up in the morning for work is enough to make me come..Oh yes.

  374. jimbob says:

    Robert Meaners comment was WIN. I’m currently studying a chemistry degree and have just been accepted onto a post grad masters in chemical engineering. i mean philosophy, all the people i know on this course get the highest grades attainable, and ALL concede that it is VERY easy…
    English lit is the worst of all, because the lit students are actually under the impression that their degree is one of the hardest/most useful. Great, you can analyse story books and propose opinions, get back to college and learn something that is useful to the world…

  375. Ben says:

    No mention of Math?

    Who woulda thought real analysis cannot be applied to the real estate business and ring theory doesn’t get you started in the fine art of making jewelry? :)

    Luckily I wised up and went into Computer Science for grad school, where I learned that you could make a simple machine with the same computational power as a Wintel machine, using just a tape recorder, an infinite amount of tape and the patience of Job. With this arcane knowledge I managed to put Intel and Microsoft out of business! :D

  376. Selena says:

    I’m not saying that music therapy is useful. But you don’t have the right definition of music therapy. Music therapy isn’t being a therapist that has people listen to music to make them feel better. Music therapy is about CREATING music, not listening to it. So basically, as a music therapist you’d help your average Joe play music and compose music.

    Which, is still pretty useless because seriously who’s going to go to a therapist to learn how to play music.

  377. Anonymous says:

    What do you guys think of chemistry?

  378. J.L. says:

    You forgot Computer Science. All the programming jobs are in India now.

  379. Jane says:

    I majored in English literature, love philosophy, and the descriptions for both majors fit perfectly. I graduated 8 months ago and I’m still unemployed. My only reply is: OUCH.

  380. Anonymous says:

    Less than 13 percent of people in the United States graduated from a 4 year college. So if you have a degree, you’re not going to be poor, even if you pick one of these majors. I’m plesently surprised to see economics is not on the list. Everyone I talk to makes fun of my backup manjor and probably major.

  381. kopele says:

    what about law school? A juris doctor is the most worthless degree of all, considering how much you pay for it with so little return.

  382. XrOPeYO says:

    Hi! bMGwui

  383. KnowTheTruth says:

    All degrees are worthless. I am a phd in Mathematics and education has cost me my life. Some say it is an experience to live through but I am tempted every day to kill myself. I’m not even good at it, I’m just alright compared to my coeds. This being said, I’ve isolated my myself in my late 20′s and now into my early 30′s. Single, broke, overqualified ( remember I am just ok which means that my skill set is superior to a vast set of american workers but am an underling to a small percentage that actually get the small percentage of jobs out there.), lack of self esteem, lack of self confidence, watching so many people who didn’t have to work the equivalent of a sand grain in comparison to the dunes that I have had to overcome.

    I feel rejected by society, people, economics, a potential career, opportunities, women, passion, eloquence, etc. This is the result of working hard all throughout life.

    My advice to anyone out there thinking about school. Don’t try too hard. Meaning choose an easy degree and get a 4.0. Remember the people who will be looking at your resume to evaluate you for a position will like you because they will not be intimidated by you. You can also go to medical school. Not so sure about law school as I understand the applicant pool significantly increased this year and probably will be over saturated as a field in a short period of time.

  384. Very interesting post. might offend some people but pretty funny =]

  385. Anonymous1 says:

    An English degree can be extremely useful in a number of industries. There are people who get one and just give up because they really wanted to be professors and gave up on that, but many of them go into marketing, advertising, journalism, editing, etc. Even working as a tutor on an hourly basis is pretty lucrative.

  386. Arquebusier says:

    I’m so glad my girlfriend convinced me to switch over from anthro to engineering. What a joke that would have been.

  387. HISTORYMAJOR says:

    I don’t think you do either, because you didn’t bother to set us straight. We will continue to assume that it entails bong hits and beer parties.

  388. engisuck says:

    to ryan who said do bioengineering, let me say this, i have a bs in engineering science and mechanics: biomechanics concentration and it hasnt gotten me dick. its my fault tho for not doing mechanical engineering.

  389. that guy says:

    whoever it was that said physics was useless below… you’re an idiot. considering physics is what has given way to almost all the technological advancements in the last century and is continually doing so, you cannot by any means say physics is useless. a person who majors in physics for the soul purpose of thinking they’re going to invent a time machine or some shit is useless — not the academics involved. almost every person i know who has dropped out of a science major was for reasons rooted in that is was too difficult/time consuming for them. not because it was useless.

    and for the person who said “who REALLY wants to be an engineer?” is also an idiot, for more or less the same reasons per mentioned above. you can be creative and make money. scientists are creative. graphic designers are creative. directors are creative. you just have to not suck at the game of life.

  390. SometimesRight says:

    Ok, I’ve read all of the previous comments. The only major that everyone agrees that belongs on this list is Dance. Either the Dance major really is useless or no angry Dance majors are trolling the internet.


  391. HeadJam says:

    Is it just me or is Draco Malfoy the one doing Latin?

  392. HISTORYMAJOR says:

    I guess. I read somewhere that law schools take theater students in significant numbers. Think about it – these people are prepared to deal with other people and give complex arguments in front of a jury.

    If you think more about it, theater students are qualified for a large amount of jobs that require confidence and a certain ability to “act” a part – to convey something to people.

  393. K says:

    This list could have been a lot better… and I have to disagree with you on the Communications degree. I don’t think the person who wrote this actually knows what studying communications entails.

  394. F_U says:

    At my university all (well, 99%) of the communication students are there because they were too stupid to get into the business school. Nuff said……..

  395. gc says:

    Huh, I majored in Philosophy, minored in Art History and French Lit (or as i call it, “no employable skills”). Makes me one seriously boring person. I would argue that English Lit isn’t nearly as worthless as any foreign language lit degree…

    By the way, my father is a law prof and my mother a communication prof. It’s not called “communications”, it’s called “communication”…

  396. Kevitivity says:

    You forgot Womens Studies and International Peace.

  397. Hey, guess what! I’ve got a film degree with a minor in religion and I was making six figures a year out of college and porking hot wannabe actresses. I slap annoying finance types, doctors, and lawyers around with my huge cock. So suck it, bitch.

  398. JJ says:

    Defending myself as a Philosophy AND Religion Major, there was a recent article in the Wall St Journal that said that more and more businesses are looking for non-business majors (specifically Philosophy majors) for hiring because they aren’t the same boring business major after business major after business major. Sometimes it’s useful to think differently than every other damn person.

    Usually I love these sorts of lists but this one is just misinformed.

    It is never about your major, it’s about your effort. No college major is worthless, only the majority of college students.

  399. shawn says:

    My boyfriend (B.A., theater) says, “You forgot acting, that’s the most useless.” Haha, the only reason I clicked this was to see if theater was on here. It’s not really useless, just super competitive and over-offered, compared to what the market actually calls for.

  400. Jes says:

    All degrees are Bayesian indicators of value and thus are subject to false positives and false negatives. Degrees are the map rather than the terrain and often maps don’t represent reality well. Much of the time a degree indicates something about your talents, abilities and learning. Sometimes you can have person with a degree and there is absolutely nothing indicated by that degree in that them at all – the false positive. Sometimes you can be more accomplished sans degree than any recent degree holder – the false negative.

    In addition to the actual content and external utility of the content, it’s also the amount of false positives affiliated with the degree.

    My undergrad was engineering. Even an engineering degree is subject to false positives just not very often. This is probably why it’s one of the very best preps for any job or graduate degree. Why? Something like 30% of pre-meds who apply actually get accepted into med school while 95% of engineers who apply to med school get accepted You can rattle off statistics for most other graduate degrees (MBA, etc.) and the statistics are the same. It’s the pain-in-the-ass rigor and empirical ass-whipping that is engineer school that pretty much will set you for any other profession if you chose. Engineering is profoundly useful but most of the US population is either looking for a free ride or isn’t cut-out to hack it. We can’t have everyone being engineers I suppose but it helps to keep the degree “pure”.

    I also have an MBA. (Yes, my engineering degree meant I was “quant” material) This is a degree with an exceptionally high false positive rate. Believe me. Frankly if you ask if its worth it I’ll tell you no. Not for the reason you suspect but it’s related to the false positive aspect. Why? Because if you have to ask that question you are probably are someone who thinks a degree is some kind of ticket – that the map is exactly the same as the terrain. You’re probably not going to get anything out of getting an MBA because it’s a virtual certainty that you think getting the degree means you deserve something just for having it – that you deserve something for nothing. No. An MBA will not be worth it to you. If you get one you’ll probably be a false positive.

  401. Z says:

    In Australia, we have a university course for golf :S

  402. CaySedai says:

    # English Lit Major Says:
    June 4th, 2008 at 11:06 am

    (quote) It should be “whom in the sentence containing “your parents, who you still live with. It only cost me $800 to learn that. (end quote)

    Actually, it should be “your parents, with whom you still live,” in that sentence.

    (I’m a newspaper copy editor with a high school-plus education, a few college classes – none in English – but no degree.)

  403. PinoyC says:

    What isn’t mentioned is that many of these degrees will land you a commission in the military…where you don’t use said degree. (eg. why the hell would you have a comm-electronics officer w/ Biology as a major)


  404. My mom always told me to “do what you love and the money will follow.” I think that was good advice.

    I majored in Spanish and now I work as a programmer, so my college degree did nothing to help my career directly. But I think the fact that I majored in something I truly loved improved my life in myriad ways that ultimately ended up benifiting me much more than if I had chosen to major in something more practical that I didn’t enjoy.

  405. thinkforyourself says:

    My degree was English Lit. During that time I completed the 4-5 science and math courses required for admission to medical school (biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, and for some, calculus). Most pre-med majors are biology, and by the time you have studied 4 years of biology, your gpa has generally suffered considerably. Once you get into medical school, the dropout/failure rate is only around 1-3%. Unlike my fellow physicians, I got to study something creative, had the free time to enjoy life, and wasn’t burned out on scientific pursuits by the time I entered medical school.

    By the way, those with highest admission to medical school are the physical sciences, especially physics. Way higher than typical pre-meds… Philosophy does well too, but you still have to have the prerequisites.

  406. dancertrollingtheinternet says:

    In defense of dance…
    Dance majors can
    perform on broadway.
    teach dance at one of the hundreds of thousands of dance studios across the country.
    own a dance studio.
    be a dancer in one of the thousands of professional dance companies across the country doing ballet, modern, folk, jazz or any combination of the many forms of dance.
    be a choreographer.
    teach dance at a university.
    teach the art of choreography at a university.
    teach dance/fitness at an exercise facility.
    teach dance/fitness to youth or the elderly.

    if the dancer learns to write while in school he/she could also become a dance critic.
    write grants/be a fundraiser for a dance company.
    become an administrator for a professional company.
    run a pre-professional dance school.
    be a marketing/public relations person for a dance company.

    dance is certainly not a dead end career.

  407. Isi says:

    I agree with most, but the last… meh. My father-in-law has a PHD from Duke in Religion. He’s a Reverend Dr. now, and he makes over 100k/year, and about to be moved to a new church with a huge raise. Who knew religion could be so profitable?

  408. Pat says:

    @LOL – Ya the quality of life is so much better in Europe! You guys have more than 2x our unemployment rate, lower wages with higher taxes, race riots (your integration of Muslims really speaks to your superior culture), societies with no social mobility (your last name determines the entire course of your life), very little innovation, decaying social programs, a negative population growth rate and so on and so forth.

    I grew up in Western Europe (16+ years) and I am much happier back in the U.S. The reasons are simple, the U.S. has a much more energetic and dynamic culture. Innovation is encouraged rather than stifled. Americans move with purpose. We focus on the possibilities in the future while you reminisce about your past. These are horribly broad generalizations but damn it I am sick of European condescension as I have had to put up with it for several decades now. Go bask in your self-granted cultural glory while we carry on building the future.

    Far more people from the third world come to our colleges than to yours. In fact far more Europeans come to the U.S. to get a degree than the reverse. Also, guess which country is getting the largest influx of students and young professionals? The U.K. because it is the European country that is the most similar to the U.S.

  409. zoheb says:

    hahaha lol that was the funniset thing ive ever read., yeh religion is fukn buulshit.

    gonna go fuck ma gf anally while she farts on my 10 inch cock, laters

  410. r says:

    Wow, you guys really pay 200k for a degree??!!!??

    In Australia the government subsidises our higher education. I pay about 7k a year (on a student loan) for an engineering degree at Melbourne uni.

  411. Glee Bubbles says:

    You forgot Spanish and French. Right up there with Latin, even though they’re not dead languages. You can teach, or if you also get a useful degree in something else, you can do that something else with Spanish or French as a tacked-on bonus to earn you even more money. Spanish/French alone qualifies you to get a CDL and drive an 18-wheeler for a living. Or get a job at Wal-Mart.

  412. Don says:

    Talent makes people money, not the college course they majored in. I’d also like to point out that not everyone is interested in making large amounts of money. Contrary to popular belief, there are more important things in life.

  413. Emil says:

    Yeap, misj is right – definitely Sociology too. The blurbs from Philosophy and American Studies would fit Sociology almost word for word ;)

  414. HISTORYMAJOR says:

    Yes, that sounds about right. You’re talking about Australian Dollars – which are worth like around 50% of American Dollars? So yes, our schools cost about the same. I am going to California State University, Los Angeles. Tuition is about $1,500 a quarter for grad school. It was about $1,200 per quarter when I did my undergrad. That means that I paid around $3,600 per year when I did my undergrad.

    Don’t you feel sorry for these people who go to non-ivy (the non-elite-elite) private schools and pay 200k for a degree? My friend got a Humanities degree from USC (University of Southern California) and took out like $150,000 in loans!

    Sure, his degree looks better because it’s from a well-known school, but the cost of his degree will negate his profits for years and years to come. By that time, with experience, my resume will look almost as good as his.

    By the by, that friend of mine is currently making $17,000 per year as a part-time music teacher. His degree is “Humanities – Emphasis Music” – because, and I quote, “we didn’t have to take music history!”

    Let this be a lesson to all of you – don’t apply to the best schools if you can’t afford it. State universities are just fine. Do you really want to be in steep debt for 20 or 30 years? The education that you get in college is all about what YOU put into it. You can get a fine, fine education from Podunk State University if you pay attention and work hard.

    Come hiring day, that degree will only help you to get into an interview anyway, unless, of course, the work is somehow related to your degree (and in such a case, you will often be required to have a masters degree anyway).

  415. HISTORYMAJOR says:

    I left a huge comment about dance in the space above this one. It really is a useless major.

    I am a semi-professional violinist. I could have studied violin at State University. Why would I have done that? It would have given me almost 0% marketable skills in the job world. Even great violinists have trouble landing a job in performance.

    I studied history because I enjoy it, and because it is looked on slightly better than “dance” and “violin performance.” Those performing arts majors are almost useless in the real world of jobs.

    Watch, the one person making 6 figures with an undergraduate dance degree will now chime in.

  416. Jeffrey says:

    Everyone needs to get a degree in science or engineering. The best political science teacher I ever had was a civil engineer.

  417. Anonymous says:

    use it. -don’t inform her, abstinence only education Is she still the guy’s wife Is she still the guy’s wife
    Thesis Writing

  418. Anonymous says:

    fuck the military dude, they dont do shit for you.
    if u join the navy, you’ll mostly end up in the ship for a few years with bunch of faggots.

  419. Anonymous says:

    Haha, Yack I think you proved his point.

    “I’ve gone to thousands of interviews in the last three years.”

    Can’t find one that pays decent?

  420. Pub says:

    i think they may of gotten rid of it but trinity college in dublin offered jam making as a proper course that took 3 years to complete.

  421. Anonymous says:

    I love this post!!

  422. Anonymous says:

    I agree, I have a social work degree and a big loan and NO job.

  423. Anonymous says:

    film also lets you do pornography…

  424. Anonymous says:

    Math is a useful degree. If you are averagely good with theoretical math you can get a doctorate, teach college, and easily make make 80k/yr. Or you can go into applied math and work for a telecom company, financial firm, etc.

    You can also pursue grad work in physics and some types of engineering.

    Either way, by earning your degree you have excellent math skills, excellent abstract reasoning skills, and are a solid programmer/logician.

    In any case its far more useful than marketing, human resources, or english.

  425. Anonymous says:

    Agreed. And I’m a woman. Completely necessary. Most worthless degree = Women Studies.

  426. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think this time where students went to college for intellectual curiosity and “learning” ever existed. For the vast majority of students, college has always been about their futures. Think about it…who had access to higher education 200 years ago? Them learning things like Latin and Greek wasn’t for intellectual curiosity, but was a viable field back then that major educational texts were based on. Not to mention that it carried serious social weight…making upward mobility more possible.

  427. Anonymous says:

    rofl pwnt

  428. Anonymous says:

    yea math is completely useless, statistics doesnt help with any of these; medical practice, psychology, marketing, human resources, accounting, computer science, IT, sales, retail…etc

    having 300+ million people in a country really does increase the chances are getting retards now doesn’t it?

  429. strat89 says:

    Agreed. Women’s studies = bunch of hags on their period bitching about men.

  430. strat89 says:

    English isn’t a worthless major at all. There is and will always be a need for good writers. Just type in writing jobs and there are thousands of oppurtunities for ghostwriters, grant writers, bloggers (Yes, people pay for bloggers), etc. because people such as yourself generally watch too much TV and read too few books to be able to express yourself via the written word. Soooo blow yourself?

  431. Anonymous says:

    Yep… a bunch of fags who leave school with a debt free BS/BA, make 50k+ their first year out of college (half of it tax free and with no expenditures), and even if they only serve the minimum commitment, have the best leadership training in the world, and seeing half of it while they’re at it. Yep… must be a lot of unemployed shipmates out there… Maybe you should go back to school, learn some grammar and get that GED.

  432. Anonymous says:

    Huh? “Engineering is fantastic for Indians- they work cheaper. Asians might, but they’re harder to understand.” Are you saying that Engineering is a useless degree? (If you’re not, sorry)

    It’s interesting you would make fun of the one degree in which undergraduates are pretty much guaranteed employment in a specialized position. Indians and asians are hired only because there aren’t enough home-grown engineers graduating. It’s a tough program…except Industrial and Environmental… My point being, Engineering offers the highest starting salaries and growth for individuals with only an undergraduate education.

    If you think engineering is a waste of time, you might want to reconsider TYPING on your keyboard and quit using your computer, car, office, phone, plastics, and so on and so forth. Engineers made all these things, not scientists. There’s no way I’m ever letting a Physicist or, God forbid, a Computer Scientist near a circuit ever again.

  433. Anonymous says:

    No, I’m afraid you can’t put blame of the “self help” books on psycho-analysis. I agree that Freud’s teachings are quite outdated but Humanism is the reason why there’s a crap load of “you can do it” shit books out there.

  434. Anonymous says:

    what a bunch of bullshit…

  435. Anonymous says:

    good thing that most people who major in religion “end up making bank at a big Church somewhere”… is Jesus giving them this money? or is it scrounged from church member donations (thinking that their giving to, yeeeeeaaaaaright, the actual well-being of the church) to allow scumbags who don’t truly practice what they preach to “make bank”?
    way to take a joke… weirdos.

  436. Anonymous says:

    Humanism?! What does that have to do with psychology? Humanism is about defining morals and ethics using a rational basis rather than resorting to the supernatural or religious texts.

  437. Anonymous says:

    The problem with the modern education system is that no one goes to college to learn anymore. Rocketing tuition costs and cost of living are forcing students to pick “profitable” majors, instead of doing what they love. Not to mention that the profitability of majors can change dramatically. Ten years ago, no one thought that finance-soon-to-be-investment-banker majors would be applying at Starbucks in 2008. Things change.
    No major is useless, if anything, you’re bettering yourself as a person. The happiest people, and the ones with the most successful personal lives, are the ones that do what they love, not the ones dreading driving home to their domestic housewife in suburbia after a long day of ass-kissing.

  438. Anonymous says:

    I couldn’t have said it better.

  439. Eggmuffin says:

    “Thousands”… in three years.

    You can’t have been enjoying much spare time.

  440. Anonymous says:

    Colloquilly “asian” most of the time can be read as “oriental”. The meaning was fairly clear, but we are all very greatfull for that amazing geography lesson anyways.

  441. Anonymous says:

    Personally, I think people who study science, engineering or math have knowledge that is more applicable to the real world and better for society as a whole. These are the people who advance technology, discover new medicine and make our lives much easier everyday. On another note, any liberal arts degree such as English or History is just as useful. You learn to think critically, speak your mind and grow as a person. After all isn’t that what college is meant to achieve? It’s sad that tuition costs have forced some people to unwillingly pursue profitable majors.

    That said, I think it is a ridiculous stereotype when people accuse business majors of not being able to communicate. This may have been true in the past but with the growing importance of communication in the corporate world since the time of Jack Welch and GE in the 1980s, business schools have stressed the importance of communication in admissions and in the classroom. Have you ever thought about what it takes to get into a good business school? It is not easy. The top schools only accept the best students from top high schools. Do you think its possible for some of these kids to have 98 averages in high school without being exceptional English students? Not only that, most business applicants have to display leadership skills as well as academic acumen. When was the last time someone was able to become President of their school without being able to communicate? Business students at every college take a liberal arts core that includes English classes and courses DEVOTED to speech and communication. Almost every business class involves a end of semester presentation that is critiqued to the fullest extent. I advise you to sit in on a business class at a decent school before you criticize a business major’s communication ability.

  442. Anonymous says:


  443. Anonymous says:

    gaaaaaaay, bro.

  444. Anonymous says:

    Apparently communications majors are still literate enough to use the internet.

  445. Anonymous says:

    Math majors endup writing software. Since they can think, they end up doing the hard work.

  446. Anonymous says:

    It’s called sarcasm, dingbat.

  447. Anonymous says:

    Your sorry ass can’t decipher the difference between complement and compliment. I’m a fucking chemical engineering major who works in finance and I write better than you do.

  448. Brad says:

    Did anyone mention History? I mean, all that stuff already happened, maaan

  449. swm41 says:

    You forgot Engineering…that is unless your anything but a white male, then its great.

  450. Ted says:

    Hilarious, and true.

  451. Ryan says:

    The Music Therapy thing isn’t true, most Music therapy programs have an almost 100% job placement rate with jobs starting at $60k a year.

  452. joshuawbb says:

    Hah, you should see some of the pointless degrees you can get in the UK. A university near my town offers a degree in DAVID BECKHAM STUDIES.

    Oh great. I see a bright future for those students – the brightness of course only emanating from the football boots they’re polishing for their local sports shop.

  453. Steph says:

    I tend to agree with most of them except for English Lit. English Lit at least provides some transferable skills that employers want. I studied English Lit as my minor and went into Public Relations & Marketing. I think I’d place History (my unfortunate major) above English Lit as a worthless major.

  454. ocat yloh says:


  455. First of all i’m a Social worker and i make a lot more the 24,000 a year and live in a really nice neighborhood(with no helpo from mommy and daddy). Not to sure where your looking for a job if thats all you making. I also went back and got my masters and it cost no where near 400,000. LOL… The field of Social Work has only grown in the last few years, it was NOT the biggest waste….

  456. Cody says:

    Heh, I’d say an AA would be THE most worthless degree ever.
    And by the way, saying a degree in religion is worthless is a little ignorant.
    I don’t know anything about about degrees other that Christian ones, but most people that get these degree end up making bank at a big Church somewhere. I know of plenty examples.

  457. Dude says:

    Two years of jr. college – no degree. Twenty + years in the Navy – still no degree. Didn’t make a buttload of money but I manage to raise four children and keep my marriage and my sanity intact. I have limitless employment opportunities when I retire from the Navy due to years of “Old School” experience, trade schools, OJT, a national security clearance and world travel. And I still have my Montgomery GI Bill that I haven’t even touched for when I do decide to go back to college.

    Most high school grads have no clue what they want to do when they grow up. Join the military, join the Peace Corp, do something for a worthwhile cause, but give yourself some time to consider what you really want to do before you spend your or someone else’s money to get a diploma. Then whatever major you choose, choose wisely.

    If you still believe that four or more years of higher education will land you a good paying job or entitles you to anything then you are saddly mistaken.

  458. Rick says:

    Graphics Design should be at least number 3, who is gonna pay some nancy-boy to put a bunch of fancy flower borders around business letter. And another thing, formatting text should be left up to the people who write it, not some kid who spent 4 1/2 years learning how great a semi-colon is.

  459. Worthless Graduate says:

    Communications and Music degrees and I’m doing quite well!

  460. Irrepressible_TommyG says:

    I went to a small Community College (Vincennes University) in Indiana. They had a major for and I kid you not “Bowling Lanes Management”. Jokes on us though, one of the schools richest alumni owns a string of bowling alleys. You can also get a “Sales Training Certificate” and associate degrees in “Photo Journalism”, “Metalworking Technology” and “Family and Consumer Sciences”. It that a major in shopping?

    By the way, I got a Engineering Degree.

  461. jbop says:

    Graphic Design isn’t bad now- lots of demand for print media (marketing mat’ls, trade show displays, etc).

    Gen Studies is prob worst, and I just tell everyone that my Criminal Justice degree is really a Public and Environmental Affairs degree (since that was the division offering the program).

    Engineering is fantastic for Indians- they work cheaper. Asians might, but they’re harder to understand.

  462. NPR says:

    I have you all beat. Hotel Restaraunt Management. All we did was drink and talk about wine. We all worked in the industry for about a year until we realized we were working when other people had the day off and our days off were Monday and Tuesday. Ohh and 65-70 hour work weeks suck. We all are in sales. And anybody that thinks Communications is a good degree is a friggin idiot. The reason you have a good job is becasue you went to college bc your parents told you to and when you got out they had a shiny new car with keys to an office in it.

  463. kylel says:

    Yeah sorry, but the most useless degree of all time is a business major. Bunch of pretentious a-holes who can barely write their own name, and get top jobs like the “manager” of Wally-Mart. Yeah!

  464. Joe says:

    This is hilarious. What some of you don’t seem to understand is that an undergrad degree in anything that is NOT an applied science holds very little sway in the eyes of employers.

    The way you get a job out of college is not based on your major but rather on what you did with your time as an undergrad. Research, internships, and field experience is what counts. There is no such thing as a useless major – rather a useless undergrad experience.

    If you want employment based SOLELY on your education and/or degree, you need at least a masters in something applied, or a PhD in something that isn’t. Not only this, but it must be from a reputable institution.

    Obviously there are exceptions, but a debate over useless/non-useless undergrad. degrees is essentially pointless.

  465. That is why says:

    you should major in biology or any life science. I mean you won’t really get a good
    job after you graduate, but you can get into teaching, research, or become a doctor. I’m doing to medical school now, and it is hard work, but the pay off is so worth it in the end!

    Future Doctors of America Unite! :)

  466. czechmeout says:

    I’m going to leave a comment to try and show how intelligent I am, while at the same time belittling the author of a blog written for sheer entertainment….I laughed, mission accomplished funny author man

  467. Chris says:

    How does Women’s Studies not make this list? That has to be the most useless degree of them all because you don’t actually learn anything!!! At least with film someone can learn something.

  468. Anonymous says:

    That’s why my brother and a significant majority of his class that graduated BSEE, BSME, BSBM, etc, can’t find jobs. No one is hiring new grads when they have Desperate Laid Off Larry with the degree and loads of experience.

  469. YackThompson says:

    This is BS, I’m have a communications degree and I’ve gone to thousands of interviews in the last 3 years since I started looking for a job.

  470. WorldOfWizards says:

    The only thing an Art History degree is good for is if you run out of toilet paper.

  471. Anonymous says:

    A major in shopping? Seriously? FCS is related to interior design, culinary works and design, and house-keeping related things.

  472. FormerJarhead says:

    I have discovered that my military experience (six years in the Marine Corps/0311 Infantry) has been and is worthless on the job market. My friend has four years experience in the Marine Corps and another eight years experience in the Army and he completed two tours in Iraq and guess what? He has discovered that his military experience is worthless on his resume. He said to me the other day, “I might as well strip my entire resume and put GED on there with no experience and I will have a better chance at getting a job beyond six bucks an hour.”

    My years spent working in Corrections is also next to worthless on the job market. I have gone back to school in order to earn two Master’s degrees! Maybe then I will be able to get at least a telephone call for a job interview. lol :-)
    I know one thing is for certain, if you don’t have a college degree your chances are null as far as getting a job past Taco Bell that is the reality. However, for people that are fantastic at networking more power to ya that is great.

    My advice to someone directly out of High School:

    Go to a trade/vocational school right away. If you can’t find a job with a two year degree from a trade school then go to college. Forgo the military, unless you get accepted into the officer programs. Also, if you’re GOOD at something get certified in it! For instance, if you’re the biggest guy at your local gym at the least get a certification as a Personal Trainer. If you do join the military be sure you DO NOT go into a combat MOS field.

    I think the job market will turn around though, and there will soon be more jobs for people with only an undergraduate degree.
    It’s all good though, because the job market motivates me to work even harder in this competitive world and I enjoy learning.

  473. Crunchy says:

    This list is kind of ridiculous. Granted you probably can’t become a CEO with a major in Film, but what Film major would really want to, that’s kind of the point. I need to watch something of substance. Maybe I’ll make a trip to Digitalfuntown.com and check out the new Nuttcups video that just came out

  474. Anonymous says:

    This is a funny list! Though all of these opinions are based on simply geting a B.A in said major. Most people who take a major in which other people deem as useless, go for their doctorate because thats were the money is at. As for Latin Majors, no one just majors in Latin. If your’re not going into Seminary, then you are learning Latin because your area of study is Classics, the latin is a foundation.

  475. Joshua says:

    Double Major in Creative Writing (lol) and Rhetoric.

    I will be able to write fancy papers and convince people they won’t be shit.


  476. Gort says:

    Lovely stuff. I laughed and laughed, I majored in Theology at Oxford University, England Paddy Power Free Bingo

  477. Dave says:

    you forgot a couple of other worthless ones. Psych.. Mainly worthless due to lack of evidence to back their claims. You could always get into the medical industry but pretty sure you have to be a psychiatrist to do that. Marketing field also works there but most of it wouldn’t really matter considering the market is saturated by wannabe self help healers. Then there is Math and English majors. Yes there are some out there. If you’re not a teacher yet. Chances are you will never be one.

  478. Anonymous says:

    Sorry Religious Studies doesn’t force religion onto you. It’s an examination of religion and humanity. Similarly Archaeology is the study of humanity and often will have a religious aspect. Every civilization on the planet has one thing in common: they all practiced religion. Not a worthless degree but not necessarily applicable to the job market. If you’re just doing a degree to get a job you’re going to likely live a sad life unless its something you enjoy.

  479. Anonymous says:

    what the fuck, man.

    not necessary at all.

  480. JALizzy says:

    well you can’t do a degree in future maaaaan

    fight the power dude!!!!!

  481. Anonymous says:

    Then what’s with the sn, Worthless?? You’re not selling your point with a name like that.

  482. Anonymous says:

    Agreed. Women’s Studies is totally worthless to get a job.
    These people end up doing something else 99% of the time.
    Now, I do know someone who went to Law School after having that degree, so it’s not COMPLETELY worthless, but it’s basically one of those majors that leaves you with:

    OK, I completed college and have a degree.

    Environmental Studies should be added to this list. Environmental Science is a MUCH better major.

  483. Anonymous says:

    clearly the person who wrote this (and I don’t even want to go back and find out) is highly ignorant.

    People have different majors because some people really rock at things while others (this ‘writer’) can’t even comprehend the most basic things about.

  484. wombleme says:

    Im going to go get a degree in alternative medicine, or maybe gotomeeting awareness

  485. Anonymous says:

    Engineering rules! It’s a discipline that attracts problem solvers and that’s always marketable.

  486. Wakeman says:

    Nice list, although I don’t think media deserves to be on the list, and Lost is actually a very good show. I knew someone once who tried to get a fake degree in religion, I really didn’t understand why lol.

  487. Anonymous says:

    In my engineering company we ALWAYS pass our major presentations/papers/correspondence/proposals/etc. through a communications consulting firm (which includes graphic design). They are well worth the money to have someone trained at making something look good or catchy. Or, at the very least, ensuring it is not a crappy layout and 100 typos that will blow our chances at a $1,000,000+ contract.

    Look at those ads over to the right >>>>>>

    All thanks to a graphics designer that possibly makes more than you do.

  488. Anonymous says:

    uh… speaking of pretentious a-holes…

  489. Anonymous says:

    completely necessary…

  490. Anonymous says:

    gaaaaaaay, bro.

  491. Anonymous says:

    The Navy paid for my college. I’m an aerospace engineer, specializing in rockets. Now I’m a pilot in training. Definately less than useless. It was a lot of work, but way more fun than whatever you’re doing. Ha ha :)

  492. Anonymous says:

    More nonsense – You’ve obviously never even looked at a map of the world.

    “Engineering is fantastic for Indians- they work cheaper. Asians might, but they’re harder to understand.”

    Are you suggesting that Indians are not Asian?

    Asia starts in Turkey and works its way east. On the way it includes India, Korea, China and Japan – among many others.

  493. Anonymous says:

    LOL YACK, enough said

  494. Anonymous says:

    I majored in biology, minored in political science and English, and am now in law school. Being an English minor, I have several friends who were English majors, most got jobs straight out of school, and not a single one I know is “fucked”. In fact, English majors have it better now than they ever did before. The market was flooded with business and fiance majors in the 90s and early 2000s. Many companies are now realizing that they would rather hire someone who can communicate well, both verbally and written- with a basic understanding of how the business world works, and teach them how their particular business is run, rather than hiring a cocky business major who can’t even spell his own name. One catch, however. Most English majors I know are very smart and held good GPAs. A handful are working for sizable companies and are making good livings, another one started her own marketing firm, a few became teachers and another few went to grad school. Personally, I’m extremely glad I minored in English. My writing and verbal skills are much better because of it, and that’s invaluable no matter what you do. If you’re majoring in English, compliment it with a decent minor, such as computer science, econ, etc., do well, and you won’t have a problem finding a job in business or elsewhere.

  495. Anonymous says:

    intellectual excitement and can be a pathway to a liberal education. OK, you sold me. So now I get to shell out about a hundred … Social Work is the most expensive useless degree. $200,000 education so you can make $18,000 and live in the worst neighborhoods in the …
    Course Works

  496. Anonymous says:

    First of all, Dave you’re a douche. Many psych majors become case workers, counselors, teachers, or psychiatrists. 3:4 make good money. Some of the wealthiest people on Wall Street that I know were math majors. I also know plenty of marketing majors that went on to either become entrepreneurs, get their mbas and then become entrepreneurs, or climb the corporate ladder. English majors are pretty much fucked, better hope you have an intent to attend law school, get your phd and teach, or start writing something that people want to read enough to buy you a house and pay for your sperm to find an egg and become kids that are fed, clothed, and sent to college to hopefully not avenge your failures.

    ps. did anyone else laugh hysterically when they scrolled down to the latin major?

  497. Anonymous says:

    dude there isn’t many jobs for engineers anymore and i hope that engineers realise this and then maybe they won’t be so stuck up their own holes just because they’re engineers, this list is gaaaaaaaay bro, bet it was written by an engineer.

  498. Ivy says:

    Formatting text should be left to the people who spent 4 years learning how to make it readable and attractive, not some kid who thinks its appropriate to put a bunch of fancy flower borders around a business letter.

    Its people like you who ensure graphic designers will always have work. Good graphic design looks effortless but seldom is.

  499. Pub says:

    gaaaaaaaaay bro its all about having a good time in the pub but i suppose being surrounded by a bunch of faggots on a ship could be seen by some people as a good time.

  500. Anonymous says:

    Interestingly enough, the most cited undergraduate degrees (so law is not one) of CEO and executives are: engineering, finance, film, and economics. Film is apparently the degree that allows you to communicate with people; go figure.

  501. Anonymous says:

    lol I initially thought of being a philosophy major and my dad told me “you better secure some student loans because I am not paying for that” So I chose special education. While I will never be rich at least I have benefits and job security. My friend who graduated with a philosophy degee (after 5 years) is a manager at a Barnes and Noble. Also, where the hell is art history even a major?

  502. AB says:

    You’ve apparently confused the psychology (the study of cognition and behavior, compliant with all tenants of scientific rigor), with the “psychology” section of your local bookstore (populated with inane claims by armchair “psychologists”, who are little more than charlatans).

    You wouldn’t see a book on alchemy or astrology taken seriously, even if they were in the chemistry or astronomy sections, respectively. So why should we think of self-help books as true psychology?

    Psychology is empirically based! It has a factual basis, backed by careful observation of operational constructs! The “Psychology” you’re referring to is historical, Freudian idiocy, which has no part in a modern Psych program. Psychology is a highly applicable science, and I urge you to become more informed before you go about flaming a serious practice.

  503. MarkD says:

    Computer Programmer, USMC – with most of my time spent in Japan. Turned into a good civilian career so far, and I don’t have that much time left until retirement. Like anything else, it depends on what you put into it and some luck.

    My degree is in business, again courtesy of Uncle Sam. There’s some good advice here.

  504. Anonymous says:

    Oriental refers to an object, such as an oriental rug. Referring to a person as “oriental” is offensive to most.

  505. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the laugh. Really. I’ve worked with many out of various branches of the military… most, good for nothing. The military dumbs you down. Teaches you how to do one little part of a job so that it takes like 20 guys to do what one guy in the real world is expected to do.

    So, what did you do in the Navy? I was a calibrator. Yeah…uhm, we need someone who can do a little more than tweak pots all day.

  506. Anonymous says:

    Ok Mr. I’m a fucking retard. Math is not a worthless major, not even close. There are plenty extensions to the field, such as actuarial science, risk management, applied mathematics, statistical mechanics, and the fucking list goes on. All of these fields have the possibility of 100,000+ USD a year salary. Actuarial science happens to be one of the top 5 jobs in the world based off pay/lifestyle/and work related stress. Risk management is used widely through corporations. Please gtfo saying math is worthless jackass.

  507. Linnea says:

    Phew! Theatre wasn’t on there. Maybe I do have a chance now.

  508. Anonymous says:

    okay we know what to put for number 11 now guys

  509. Chad Snaggler says:

    I majored in porn. I fuck and get paid for it!

  510. Justus says:

    Yeah because you know if everyone followed this list we’d live in a society without entertainment or real intelligence of any kind. Everyone would be educated but not creative in the slightest. Yeah philosophy is definitely a subject that we can all live without. And communications, because nobody watches sportscenter right?

    Please. This list is ridiculous. There’s always a position if you’re good at what you do

    Oh yeah. And don’t study English Lit. Because that would, you know, produce better writers and we wouldn’t want THAT would we?

    I can’t wait for the world where people actually believes stupid shit like this.

  511. Anonymous says:


  512. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous Says:

    October 26th, 2008 at 2:02 pm

  513. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous Says:

    October 26th, 2008 at 2:02 pm

    Anonymous Says:

    October 26th, 2008 at 2:02 pm
    Anonymous Says:

    October 26th, 2008 at 2:02 pm

  514. Heather says:

    …the boondock saints is my favorite movie, asshole #2.

  515. jon says:


    Have you seen a pharmacist’s salary?

    I would say that a pharmacist makes out better than a MD when you subtract malpractice insurance, stress, and long hours.

    I would happily count your pills for $100k/year. Straight up!

  516. Jessica Storm says:

    So, fyi.
    Music Therapy is by pyschologists. List would have been better if you would have done some research. Most of these majors are actually very useful.
    Perhaps with the exception of Dance.

  517. Cam says:

    @ Scott, up near the top there,

    Aha! Fuck you man The Boondock saints was badass!

    # Heather Says:
    October 26th, 2008 at 9:27 pm

    the boondock saints is my favorite movie, asshole #2.
    You’re awesome! :D

  518. Anonymous says:

    # Anonymous Says:
    October 26th, 2008 at 2:02 pm

    Anonymous Says:

    October 26th, 2008 at 2:02 pm

    Anonymous Says:

    October 26th, 2008 at 2:02 pm
    Anonymous Says:

    October 26th, 2008 at 2:02 pm

  519. Roger says:

    Being from the school of useful majors (Engineering and Sciences) and now out in the real world, I would probably add Business to this list for good measure. Although business majors might be able to get a job, the engineers consider the business people to be a bunch of douches that ruin our once perfectly good jobs…. I’d say we see them kind of like that Jack In The Box commercial where a couple adult men in suits are pushed around in a carriage and randomly start crying.

  520. TJ says:

    Haha… my major in college was religion. I am not offended at all by it being #1. Basically, it is ‘right on.’

  521. TJ says:

    Lol.. I just got to thinking…. the other big time major there was dance. Oklahoma City University is awesome.

  522. Anonymous says:

    I am a nurse and I will tell you- a Pharmacist does not simply “count pills” (thats what the pharmacy techs do). A Pharmacist is heavily school in science and chemistry and a majority of the time know more about medications than the doctors that prescribe them! It is a great job if you have the aptitude for it but it is no cakewalk to get the degree

  523. Justus says:

    Oh and btw. If you really followed this list then what major SHOULD you take? I mean this list pretty much eliminates all CREATIVE majors. This is definitely a list for the average. The average person goes through high school hoping to get a $25k/year job right out of college. HOPING. So they decide to major in “Engineering” or some medical major. Please. People need to pursue REAL dreams. Who REALLY wants to be an engineer?

  524. hahahahaha says:

    queue LOL

  525. eh says:


  526. tylor says:

    awesome, i’m doing a double major in philosophy and english lit. it’s a lot of work. meanie. ;P.

  527. social work pimp says:

    For the idiot who said getting a social work degree was worthless, I’ve got a little dose of reality for you. Unless you decide to go to Harvard or some other ultra expensive private college, getting your master’s degree in social work is not going to cost you $400,000. You can go to any major state university and get your BSW and MSW for a total of $50,000 max. I got my master’s in SW 10 years ago and paid a total of $33,000 for undergrad and grad school at that time. I now make $95,000 a year (I’ll admit the average social worker in my city makes closer to $60,000, but that’s still a decent wage). So, take your ignorant comments and stick them where the sun doesn’t shine.

  528. DoesItMatter says:

    boondock saints is an awesome movie…i stopped reading the whole article after you made that comment you piece of shit

  529. Hugo says:

    You can major in almost anything and get into a good law school. Especially English Lit, Latin, Philosophy, and Art History.

  530. jjmn says:

    I hear a lot of people bashing people who work in cubicles all day (Which is understandable, its not fun), but i dont hear too many people saying that they “followed there passion” in college and got a job doing something they love that isnt a cube job or teaching.

    I got a useful major and took liberal arts classes i enjoyed liked Philosophy, European Politics, American History, Photography, etc. Thats the beauty of Americas education system.

  531. Getta Lyfe says:

    There isn’t a degree that is, by itself, worth anything. It’s where you got it and who you got to know while you were there. Brownnose your best-known profs. Kiss ass unmercifully. They can often help you get your first job through their contacts. If they haven’t got any contacts, you’ve been sucking up to the wrong dude!

    Network your ass off in dorms, frats, sororities, organizations, the college newspaper, etc. All of this will definitely pay off. The schmucks you’re in school with right now will someday become actual PEOPLE. A few of them will get good jobs and will be able to hire your ass into their companies. Never never never make an enemy in college. Don’t be smarmy about it, but do favors for folks; never bitch about or gossip about anyone, even if they are the worst shitheads you’ve ever met. Leave ‘em liking you.
    This will pay off again and again throughout your life.

  532. axiom says:

    Major in blogging. yeah! I want that! Coast all the way!

  533. ron says:

    I need a degree-any offers? Not kidding for the most part…then again, maybe I am and obfustacating for fun? Whadda’ think and why even bother, brother and sister? You’re OK or maybe so, so…SO?! What’s it about , if not the journey and bathroom fixtures of existence? I Guess, therefore, I must BE…tee hee hee Go team Go-Gee Whiz and that’s what it Is…anyway or thereabouts I think and that makes the difference or provides the ride with accourtments and diversions from tomorrows despair and after that, death…Hey enjoy! It’s a short and savage ride and the upside is used cars are cheaper in the end and from the beginning-what’s true is what is perceived and agreed upon for your own edification and benefit…YoYoMaPa…Doubts are not too good for the ecomomy or your happiness! Deny everything…Don’t Think Twice…bye bye baby bye bye

  534. Brit Bloke says:

    Hello to everyone. Re. music therapy, my band mate got into it and I have never seen a man so fulfilled. He worked with mainly blind and/or deaf disabled adults and I too saw them smile and react. By the way, I found this site very funny. Take care all and bye bye to everyone.

  535. mik says:

    what the hell? no comments about nazis yet?

  536. Mr Etc says:

    @Hugo (a few pages back)
    Good comment, right on the money. Most times the degree itself is buggeringly useless, it’s what classes that came with it that get you into a better degree/school.

    And to those of you touting a degree and a generally unrelated job, keep in mind that even a degree in Animal Husbandry can get you a job in management staff at many places, industrial mainly with a 50K plus a year salary. Only difference is maybe one degree has a single benefit over another that gains the job.

    You got the job, not that damn piece of paper with your name on it and a title.

  537. Caleb says:

    I have to say communications majors may know how to communicate, but they just don’t know what they are communicating about. I know numerous comm majors who are working dead end jobs with a comm degree from a quality private university.

  538. umass student tyler says:

    to the person who spoke about umass turf grass management:

    i’m not in stockbridge [the school that has it], but i knew people who were in it. that school cranks out more millionaires than most ivy leagues. people pay ridiculous sums of money to have their million dollar golf courses cut perfectly. it’s a pretty good deal for a two-year school. one of the people i knew had his own lawn cutting business since he was 15, and the only reason he was in school was that he needed a college degree in order to get the kinds of government loans he wanted.

    sounds like a pretty good deal to me. two years of high school geography and botany classes in exchange for becoming a millionaire?

    also, communication can go both ways. there are people who make it and become CEOs, and then there are the drama club kids in high school who want to work in tv and end up with cats.

  539. Laura says:

    To: Anorexic Ginger

    I don’t know where you get your figures from, but social workers don’t earn 18,000/year. Well, at least not around my neighborhood.

    They earn almost 45,000/year.

  540. Sam says:

    My sister has had the same major of communications for god knows how long and the description fits her so perfectly that I couldn’t believe it! That’s so hilarious!!!!

  541. Matt says:

    So, let me guess. You have an MBA?

    You are a dumbass. It is obvious, you did no research and this is an opinion piece.

    Therefore I will treat it as such and end this comment here.

  542. Sara says:

    Why on earth is Draco Malfoy the Latin picture????

  543. Daniel Monroe says:

    What a worthless, pointless, meaningless article. Just what was your major? Business?

  544. Amelie says:

    Art History major = plenty of jobs: art dealer, art therapist, museum curator, art history professor with a PhD, photojournalist, art director, retail buyer, advertising…seriously the list goes on.

  545. Marc says:

    Have you ever read ‘MUSICOPHILIA’ by Oliver Sacks ['Awakenings', etc. for the uneducated]
    Music Therapy is pretty powerful sh….tuff!!!

  546. Mike says:

    The idiot who wrote this crap will be lucky to get out out 9th grade.

  547. Meghan says:

    As for the dance degree, I majored in dance, and have a job teaching dance at a middle school as an alternative for PE. So not being able to find a job is not true, plus, now with the popularity of cruise lines that set sail year round, there are hundreds of jobs dancing on cruise lines, not to mention the theme parks and local dance studios. Dance is also becoming recognized in physical therapy and ballet is used in all professional sports especially football, so sit there and say there are no jobs, thats just being too ignorant to actually think about what you are writing and doing research.

  548. Alicia says:

    so, all i have to say is that whoever wrote this should have atleast done a small amount of research first. I have a degree in Art History. There is far more you can do with that degree than just work at an art gallery or museum. First of all, as for the job of curator; all museums have a cheif curator and a staff below them for each department. Some museums have a curatorial staff of 10 or more for just one area of art (such as Egyptian art). There are also multiple other jobs available in museums such as exhibit director/designer, exhibit instulation, colletions manager, archives, conservationist, preservation, administration, educational programs offered in the museum. Outside of teh realm of museums and galleries, if you open your mind a little past the obvious job courses. An art History degree can land a person other types of jobs such as at auction houses, professor at a university, write for a multitude of art magazines and catalogues, artist representative, antique dealer, publishing, art & estate appraiser, art investment, art law, if a student considers a second degree in law. The FBI maintains a 12-person Art Crime Team which investigates art thefts and fraud; so a job in law enforcement is an option. As well as governmental agency jobs such as the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies. Just to name a few. So Please, if some is considering art history as a career path, don’t be swayed by an uneducated opinion by someone who clearly has no knowledge on the subject. You have job options.

  549. Brian says:

    You obviously won’t work in the movie business if you think Boondock Saints sucked. I suppose Tarantino and Aronovsky suck too.

  550. chico greenberg says:

    so true

  551. JOhn says:

    What about African American studies… at a black college!

  552. Duderood says:

    I didn’t do any of the majors you talk about but you are sadly misguided my friend. It shows a real lack of knowledge about some of these areas and more than a pinch of well……being stuck up your own a$$. I work for a communications company, we employ people with communications degrees all the time. Its not about deciphering human language its about understanding emerging technologies and employing them. technologuies such as MMS,SMS,3G, Voice broadcasting and many more.
    I also looked into music therapy which -by the way- elicits the best responses in children with autism and downs syndrome.
    you’re just sore because you probably feel your degree should be ‘worth’ more

  553. Juliet says:

    wow, you don’t even know what communications majors end up doing, how valued philosophy degrees have been over the past few years by all sorts of companies across the board, what options literature majors have, etc.

    maybe you should try getting one of the aforementioned degrees sometime, maybe you’d learn something.

  554. Sage says:

    Though this is an amusing list, I have to say, the thing about philosophy, not actually true. I’ll admit that it can be hard to find the right niche right away out of college, but many companies actually do employ philosophers under other titles: consultant, advisor, etc. THey need people who have learned how to think, and many ppl who get degrees in business or the like are taught methods but not to think. To prove the point more so, philosophy majors score higher on the LSATs than any other major, and many law school attendees are previous philosophy majors, because of the ability to synthesize info and arrive at new conclusions.

    Also, many in the film world will not take you seriously if you HAVEN’T attended film school. They want to know you’re serious, and don’t need tons of extra training.

    Just sayin.

  555. Dave-o says:

    Let me just start by saying that I love stumbleupon. I also love reading all the responses from the toolbags that feel their opinion is worth something. If it was worth anything, I’d have to pay to read it. I don’t. Shut up.

    The sheer number of responses about how “untrue” this is is directly proportional to how close to the mark the article was, hence why you immediately scrolled to the bottom to add your carefully worded retort. If your job actually meant anything to the company for which you work, you’d be doing it right now instead of surfing the internet. But, alas, you don’t mean much and a robot will most likely replace you in the next decade. Congrats on your major!

  556. me says:

    In response to Dave-O, these are comments from people who are passionate about their jobs and enjoy doing what they do. If you have time to stumbleupon all day long, odds are that you are some 30 something that still lives with your parents who has never taken the time to consider higher education. If you had then mabey you would have something to stand up for too.

  557. Anonymous says:

    you cannot tell me that music therapy is a worthless major. do you know how many people its helped? do your research before you bash something.

  558. Dave-o says:

    @Me: No, I just have a schedule that allows me time off during the week, but thanks for playing. This isn’t about standing up or sitting down for anything. It’s a joke article, meant to poke fun at some of the more ridiculous fields of study. More importantly, it’s someone’s opinion. Your problem is that you’re so tightly wound, you cannot even see humor in a joke. The sad part about the internet is that it affords people like you the opportunity to ruin a good time by injecting a matter-of-fact statement right behind a punchline. You’re the human equivalent of an accidental pregnancy of a girl you met at a party. Thanks for your “input”.

  559. Ok, I understand the misconceptions about obtaining a major in Philosophy, but whoever wrote this should really study up on their shit…Philosophy majors are one of the most popular majors for law school students who transfer from a four year…so eat it. By the way, I’m an English major, now there’s something you can’t do shit with, and I smoke a crapload of weed.

  560. starbuck says:

    Re. most worthless college majors:
    It has been about 8 years since I earned a Masters Degree in Transformative Art from John F. Kennedy University in California and I am currently a Transit Bus Driver with a big fat student loan. Of course I should have known better but the guy in charge of that department really had a great sales pitch and seemed to really know what my hopes and dreams were back when I was 9 years into a printing plant job and broke two fingers and had some time off to re-think my life, etc.. When I asked him about the jobs I’d be qualified for with that degree he told me that I’d be qualified to teach and be a college professor and that it was a fine and substantial Masters Degree, etc. When I was finally finished, and about $38,000 later, he told me, literally, that I could go sell used cars. He had an entirely different story then about my needing to go out and get the equivalent of an entire other program along with teaching experience to be really qualified to teach at a college and that only MFAs, not MAs, taught Art, etc., etc.
    Yeah, yeah I know I was a dope, but I’ve always been a trusting sort and I really felt like I was doing something that would change my life and career and lead to success, money, and a great retirement, etc., etc.
    Buyer beware should be written across the doors of these alternative degree program offices I think. And of course people should really check around and get things in writing and really do their homework.

  561. Steve the Geologist says:

    The only degrees worth doing are Natural Science (Psychology is a social science) and Engineering degrees.

    The list above nails just about everything, except Sociology and them wanna-be-scientists: the geographers (half of them interview lesbian black sheep).

    Latin is kinda useful… To a Palaeontologist!

  562. GR8 2 b a FL G8R says:

    to Anoxeric Ginger and Justine:
    You two must be the most moronic people on the face of the planet. Do you even know any social workers or spent time talking to them about what they do? My mom has a Masters Degree in Social Work and now works for the military helping soldiers in Iraq! Can you honestly tell me that isn’t important work? It takes intelligent, selfless and courageous people to do what she does. You guys need to get your head or from under a rock and think about things before you display your stupidity for the entire world to read. But obviously you are to ignorant to care!

  563. smarterthanyou007 says:

    I just graduated a week ago with a philosophy degree, and in a few months I’ll be starting a job paying $115k/yr.

    It might just be because I’m smarter than you, but I like to think that my grappling with Kant and Habermas has given me the sharpened analytical mind which cannot be replaced by a computer or a Chinaman.

  564. Anonymous says:

    You’re aren’t that smart, or you wouldn’t all an Asian a Chinaman you racist shithole.

  565. wisefool says:

    @ SS and Brian – LOL is actually right on the money as most of the commenters here have proven. Most Americans are either too brain-washed to put up with such a system or aren’t self-aware enough to realize what’s truly important in life. As someone who’s fully lived in various foreign countries for 15 years (I retired at age 29), the only people who don’t realize that the USA is a just-barely-above-mediocre country are Americans.

    “…and if you have nothing better to do than bash people for something that we can’t control, then you’re no better than the “vapid americans you accuse us of being. go back to your filthy rat’s nest and read mein kampf until you choke on some spotted dick, asshole.”

    SS, thanks for directly proving LOL’s point! You *do* have control over your life and the “system” if you wish it. The facts that you feel you don’t have control and your ad hominem attacks on LOL, have proven that you are indeed brain-washed, delusional and vapid.

  566. Katie says:

    Criminal Justice FTW.

  567. Scott says:

    Even though I’m a film major, I’m not in the least bit offended by #2… Because it’s true! Most student films suck more than Boondock Saints. Now cue the bitching.

  568. Anorexic Ginger says:

    I would say Social Work is the most expensive useless degree. $200,000 education so you can make $18,000 and live in the worst neighborhoods in the country. Just go to community college. And the worst are the women who then go back and get their masters in social work. $400,000 education total to make at the most $24,000 your whole life.

  569. eris says:

    Apparently that expensive education did not result in a sngle credible spelling class.

  570. John says:

    I am a LICSW (licensed clinical social worker) working in Massachusetts. I went to Bridgewater State College to obtain my BSW and MSW, which in total cost me roughly $60,000. I currently make $60,000 a year working at Mass General Hospital as a LICSW. So no, the degree is not useless and you do make decent money. I hope to obtain my Ph.D and eventually become a college proffesor in social work. A friend of mine is a proffesor of social working making $100,000 a year.

  571. Brandon says:

    Actually, 60,000 for your Bachelor’s degree and a masters degree is an extreamly affordable education. My BA at George Washington University Cost me 200,000.

  572. Jackie says:

    Wow, i never knew you could make so much money in social work. Doesn’t sound like a bad major to me

  573. Kristian says:

    I have been a social worker for the past 5 years. I earned my Bachelors from NYU and then my Masters in social work from Boston University. Luckily i was able to acquire a lot of financial aid as well as scholarships so i am not to badly backed up in debt, but something i have come to realize is that social work is probably one of the worst paying fields in the work force. My first job in New York City, right out of grad school, had a starting salary of 36K. After 5 years of working in the same agency I know make in the low 40 Thousands. The work is treacherous and very difficult. The only consolation is knowing you are actually doing some good in the world, and that not just anyone can call themselves a social worker, you have to hold a bachelors and often a masters in social work before you can be licensed. I love the work i do, but there is no way i am in it for the money, cause you hardly make any.

  574. hooligan says:

    Gaaaaay bro

    That had me cracking up!

    My brother got a minor in latin and he makes me want to kill him

  575. Pratik says:

    You forgot the dark horse in this set of degrees… the MRS degree. This is when attractive chicks go to college with the sole intention of finding a smart guy majoring in a lucrative field and marrying him. She lures him in saying that she is undecided at the moment and wants to “get to know you better.” If a college chick says this without any alcohol in her, run for the hills.

    She only does this because she realizes that she’s too much of a dumbass to make it on her own and has too much dignity to blowjob her way to the top (but just enough dignity to ride some dude’s coattails), so she finds the nearest soon-to-be-successful guy out there and leeches onto him for all it’s worth. A few kids and car payments later, here comes a divorce (cue the mentally distressed and emotionally abused card) and she is instantly loaded with half of the poor guy’s estate.

    Add a vanity license plate that says “WAS HIS” for added effect and cruelty.

  576. holycow says:

    hey!! first you trash my school, now my major. i have 4 words for you guys, “zero-byte-size reply”

  577. Maverick says:

    Best BO (build-order) ever:
    Double Major in Japanese and Psychology
    Minor in Film.

    That way you can trick people into giving you free beer in tokyo and get it on camera.

  578. elliot says:

    the whole university game is a nasty little scheme designed to defraud the uninitiated. work bunnies! set goals and achieve on your own, your degree only contributes to the death of a tree. …. “read ths text, write about it… read this text, write about it… read this text….” you’re tell me you can’t do that on your own? seriously?.. some of the most successful people i know are high school dropouts and “I’m not even from west virginia.”

  579. SDZ says:

    What you say is true to a certain degree. Unfortunately, unless you plan on working for yourself your whole life you will likely run into a wall eventually where a degree will help get past recruiters that won’t give you the time of day without a degree.

  580. Young Jeezy says:

    I went to college and studied Business in Entertainment.
    Im now the CEO of Corporate Thugz Entertainment and the voice box of the South, bitch.

    United Street Dope Dealerz of America 4 lyfe… ayyy

  581. Conor says:

    Queue… the bitching.

  582. Jason says:

    “Go bask in your self-granted cultural glory while we carry on building the future.”


    we gave the world the internet. Now they can blog about how mutch they hate us.

    we pushed the world into outerspace. now they can see the universe in first person!

    we invented cars, now they can drive.

    Imagine if we never shared our technologies. America would be space age compared to the world. We would be a giant in a world of hobbits.

  583. Jason says:

    Young jeezy you should have gone to prison for college. learned to not be such a D bag.

  584. Jason says:

    Sounds like dance school is self perpetuating. It sounds like you go to dance school so you can teach dance when you get older. So your students can learn dance and then become dance teachers some day so they can teach dance studente to become …….

  585. hannah says:

    Haha, I LOVE this. I am actually a media and communication student which is sort of like the ‘communication’ degree. Luckily, I have three work placements which would give me a lot of ammo when I graduate.

  586. sydney says:

    Great. I have two undergraduate degrees, both of which are listed here.

  587. Sevo says:

    What about “Kinestetics?” That’s what almost every college football player is majoring in…and it’s just a fancy word for “Phys. Ed.”

    Both of my undergrad degrees are listed. I feel worthless.

  588. i’d like to nominate the major of “2d animation”. worthless degree. this medium is considered “out of fashion” and whenever 2d cartoons do get made, they get made in india or china.

    thank you outsourcing!

  589. Lyla says:

    Personally I believe that the goal of college (and life for that matter) should not be to get a “useful” degree and go into the corporate world like everyone else. College is about having fun and finding something you are interested in. I would say only about 1% of film students think that they are going to become the next Spielberg. You’re right, no one cares about that shitty film they made, but for them, it was fun and interesting and a good experience.

    What’s more useless than any of these degrees is sitting and bitching (yes…I’m talking about YOUR bitching, not the bitching of the responses…I think you are quite whiny) about useless degrees. Not everything has to be about money, getting money, getting a job, or anything like that. there are plenty of people who do just fine just doing what they love. PLUS, you seem to forget about the thousands and thousands of job opportunities there are out there other than jobs in the corporate world, and jobs like that are always thriving.

  590. DW says:

    In all fairness I forgot to mention I did not agree with #1 being funny, I must have skipped that one and didn’t read it……. sorry

  591. Elihu says:

    I love how Yale doesn’t offer a degree in education because 90 years ago someone deemed it entirely too “vocational”. However, they have a fucking Institute of Sacred Music. Seriously, I bet that not even the ISM would hire you with a ISM degree.

  592. Anonymous says:

    # Billy Jean Says:
    June 4th, 2008 at 6:52 am

    #9. Philosophy, always gets me. I have a few friends that dropped out of the business college to persue this degree. I’d rather pay for my kid to go to bartending school

    Billy Jean, you might know how to spell better had you had studied a little philosophy instead of mixology.

  593. Rik says:

    # Billy Jean Says:
    June 4th, 2008 at 6:52 am

    #9. Philosophy, always gets me. I have a few friends that dropped out of the business college to persue this degree. I’d rather pay for my kid to go to bartending school

    Billy Jean, you might know how to spell better had you had studied a little philosophy instead of mixology.

  594. Cal says:

    English isn’t that bad a major, it’s actually recommended for people going into law school over criminal studies. Still I suppose if you don’t do anything besides the English degree alone it is rather useless. Though you can still get a job as a technical writer or a journalist, though you’ll be second choice to those who took the right majors.

  595. Kala says:

    The majority of college majors are largely useless, just like Trig or PE in High School. It’s just part of the game. I’d rather have read the “10 Most Worthwhile Majors”. Which majors have the highest satisfaction and financially secure ratings for people 10 or 20 years out of school? That would be a good article, if not as entertaining.

    I’m happy to see mine major not on the list, but I find my debate and statistics classes the most useful in everyday life–neither of which were part of my major.
    Also, the Bible wasn’t written in Latin.

  596. Siggy says:

    Wow, my major wasn’t on here for once (theatre). At least my university is a little smarter and demands that if you’re going to major in something useless (theatre, comm, music, etc) you have to major/minor in something else so you have something to fall back on when your dreams inevitably fail.

  597. panthermodern says:

    Does school always have to lead to a job? I didn’t go to college to get into a career. I went to learn something about a field I was interested in. If all you want is a job that pays, go to a tech school. I went to college to discover new things and enjoy myself. So what if a major is “useless” for getting a job. Wouldn’t the time spent in college improving one’s mind and self be of some value? Or is knowledge only valuable when there is a dollar amount attached to it?

  598. skeener says:

    i have a photography degree. very much pointless.

  599. MSW says:

    I agree with most of the list. I have a degree in History and have never used it. I do have a masters in social work and Ms. Anorexic Ginger I make 85,000 a year so maybe you should do some more reseach

  600. Sr. Lopez says:

    Queueueueueueue…the bitching.

  601. Max says:

    Wow. Your life is probably boring. Too bad for you.

  602. Matt says:

    I have a degree in Science & Science Fiction. Now THAT’S useless!!!

  603. Alex Toronto ON CANADA says:

    There are no useless degrees from schools that are authorize to award them. There are only people who don’t learn to think with what they have earned. Any degree teaches you to think in a particular way about the world and that is useful knowledge. A degree also teaches you that the assumptions you make about the world and its people are to be questioned always.

  604. Happy College Student says:

    What ever happened to going to college to learn?

  605. Elizabeth says:

    #3 should definitely be a “classics” degree rather than just “Latin” as that degree encompasses both Greek and Latin – the languages, the literature, the history, etc.

    But because I definitely don’t want to end up as a Latin teacher, I’m double-majoring in Classics and Kinesiology. The Classics degree will just be something to brag about.

    Hook ‘em!

  606. AJ says:

    So me getting a BA in International relations makes the grade. Sweet.

  607. SoLinkable says:

    Wow, you can major in religion? What is that about? Do you have to know about all religions or do you specialize?

  608. Mohjho says:

    I’m with you HCS. I knew my smarts would get me through life, but going to college gave me a deep and wonderful experience to carry me through life. I am 50 now and I have not regretted getting my Philosophy degree one minute.

  609. MehImTired says:

    I’m a English Major with a focus in Creative Writing, minoring in history. I do this for two reasons: 1) I love writing (can’t imagine doing anything else, really.) 2) I’ve always been fascinated by history. I am aware that you can’t do much with these majors outside of teaching. But, to be honest, I do want to be a writer. If I have to work a 30K job out of college to support my lifestyle which may or may not consist of an apartment with a potential spouse or plain and simple roommate in a job that’s not exactly what I pictured for myself, then so be it. All you really need to get a job out of college is good interviewing skills and the degree. Most employers don’t care what’s written on the degree. They just care that you have it. I don’t mind going into business or advertising, management for a super market or just being a teacher.

    Another thing… lighten up, people. So what if a few people think your major is worthless? If you know what you are going to do with it and are confident that you will succeed, then what’s the problem?

  610. Runar says:

    There are no wasted degrees if the people learning are smart(asses).

  611. Kasie says:

    Haha, this list has made a lot of people from these majors angry!

    It is called HUMOR!

    But don’t waste your time arguing with me because I cannot properly argue, being I have a BS in Geology instead of Philosophy…oops!

  612. Boner says:

    My philosophy degree has parlayed itself into a $150K a year salary. Say what you want about it, but having a solid foundation in logic, paired with the ability read and write coherently, and you end up with a skill set desperately missing in the marketplace.

  613. notthe600 says:

    The comedy writers doing lame top ten lists for Mr. Letterman do pretty well. Of course there aren’t many of them… Also @Boner just above, bet you would have done well regardless of degree; philosophy was because you could, and taught you nothing important you did not know innately; it gave you no skills you did not already have. Ooh a double double negative.

  614. Al says:

    While I do agree that Religion is a pretty useless degree unless you plan to be a preacher, or a religion professor in college, your picture is misleading. The picture shows Mormon missionaries. Mormon missionaries are not religion majors, they are young men and women who voluntarily give up 2 years of their lives, usually on their own dime, to proselyte.

    In my experience, religion majors usually start those churches that you find in shopping centers or failed retail stores. Most fail in a few years, where they will go back and get a masters degree in religion and try again.

  615. Dan says:

    Oh yeah! For once in my life I am number 1! I’m a Religious Studies major, or was before I went and got a Masters in Education, and now slave away teaching history in a public high school. What most people don’t realize about Religious Studies programs is that its less like a single field of study and more like a survey of anthropology, sociology, history, comparative literature, and philosophy. Its basically interdisciplinary studies with a focus on religion.

    Anyways, I learned a lot from it, but if I could go back, yeah, I’d get a degree in bus-econ or something lucrative, because let’s face it, teaching high school is punishment not a career. =)

  616. Anonymous says:

    Nobody translates the Bible from the Vulgate anymore…

  617. Emma says:

    I don’t know, it seems to me crazy specific degrees are the only ones that will get you anywhere. My mom majored in English and History and has never worked a job relating to either. Never. So, imo those are a little useless unless you want to be a teacher–but even then you have to also get your teaching degree.

    Anyways, I thought the article was funny. Everyone who’s freaking out over it needs to relax. It’s just a piece of humor writing, not a guide to being successful.

  618. johnnyzito says:

    I have degrees in 1 and 2…

    Alls I can say is I’m glad I went to state school.

  619. Curtis says:

    I wouldn’t disagree that these majors don’t normally entail easy paths into lucrative, bland, uninteresting corporate positions; but did anyone stop to consider that someone might like to major in art history, philosophy, or dance because they happen to be good at those things and really enjoy them? I guess what I’m saying is that, if happiness for you means lots of money and a nondescript job pretty much like everyone else’s, then none of these majors are for you. But I’m guessing that kind of life wouldn’t really make the author of this post happy . . . hence the crass cynicism.

  620. Joe says:

    American Studies makes you more miserable than Philosophy. At least you find truths and shit in Philosophy. In American Studies, you basically reject all existing knowledge :(

  621. ?WHAT? says:

    OMG! Let’s study computer science and law and bean counting, be a part of the non-thinking world. then we can all be a part of corporate america and be lead to believe we are ‘contributing’ and making money. Weeeeeeeee

  622. Anonymous says:

    Way too many comments to bother here, but I just have to say…AMEN, preach it, my brothers! This is not only the funniest thing I’ve read in awhile, its spot on. And may I say, I’m proud to be #1 – yoo-hoo, I rock!

    In all seriousness, if more families with college-bound kids had universal access to some sort of ‘Estimated Rate of Return of Typical Degree Programs’, a lot of time and money would not be wasted. I’m sorry, but paying down college debt for 10-20 years for a degree that didn’t do much towards a career is stupid. Plain and simple.

  623. James says:

    You’re an idiot!

  624. Janet says:

    A communications major teaches you about media, marketing, journalism, advertising, public relations…etc. Grades don’t really matter. Internships do. You have to be talented, creative, and persistent. No professor can teach you to be either one of those things. And you need to have some damn people skills so I hope you’re going out on the weekends and not hiding in the library.

    A communications major is not in any way, shape, or form a waste of money so long as you realize it takes practical experience to land a job. So.

  625. Nick says:

    You forgot Psychology…

  626. Fred Brown says:

    As the father of the student in the lead picture, the one happily swinging on a rope at what appears to be graduation, I can only say I’m glad most of his education was paid by scholarships.

    It does appear that what he learned in kindergarten about swinging on a rope stayed with him through college.

  627. live it up says:

    …speaking from a place with lots of years behind me. It’s not ‘what you study’ that dictates ‘what you become’ it’s what you do with the experience that counts. you get to create yourself…and recreate over and over again, that’s the fun part. don’t be so goal oriented, after the climax is over whatcha gonna do? Money is nice, but you need time and interests to spend it.

  628. Primemover says:

    Hey… if I’d smoked too much dope, which lead to my flunking out of college, which lead to a career writing for the mighty Holy Taco, I’d be bashing degrees too… HAR!

  629. Shawn says:

    This was hilarious and oh-so-true. I got double smacked. First was my film degree (everything you said was 100% correct). Then I got an Elementary Education degree in a state (FL) that has massive education budget cuts and teachers losing their jobs left and right. A first year teacher like me doesn’t stand a chance. Now I’ve got 2 degrees and I’m working in the kitchen of a wine bar with a massive student loan to pay off. And I frigging hate wine. Thanks higher education!

  630. J says:

    I think religious studies is okay as long as he becomes like a pastor to help other people. We should give those people more respect. Well, it’s a fun list anyway =D

  631. Grad says:

    Hang on, Philosophy majors earn some of the highest LSAT scores in the nation. But high-five to any college kid, really. I think Chris (June 4th, 2008 at 12:21 pm) makes some good points in his comment.

  632. VB says:

    here’s is your AMERICAN STUDIES degree now make me cheesburger!

  633. Dan says:

    The Bible… was written in Latin, apparently.

    And this claim made by someone who supposedly knows something about college majors.

    Funny stuff, … but not intentionally so.

  634. Rex says:

    Yo, this was just a fucking joke list. Everyone takes themselves so seriously. English major, doing fine, whatever, like anyone reading this gives a shit. Thanks for the laughs!!!

  635. HISTORYMAJOR says:

    Women’s Studies is not extremely useful. What skills does it teach you? If you want to learn to coexist with females, why don’t you just buy some feminine magazines at the grocery store or something? Better yet, why don’t you watch The View or Oprah. Those endeavors will help you to coexist with women just as well as some bogus course. Why would you waste valuable college units and money on an intellectual pursuit that can be accomplished by watching Oprah?

    “Studies” degrees are a waste of time in general. American Studies… Medieval Studies… etc. etc. So you comprehended the Medieval world through Chaucer… so what? If you want to learn about history, then study history. You will gain the real tools needed to examine issues like “Women’s Studies.”

    My major is history, and I have taken plenty of classes in gender. Even the non-gender classes have taught me plenty about the roles of women over the ages. You don’t need to study a subject lile “Women’s Studies” to be exposed to these viewpoints. In fact, a lot of liberal arts degrees expose you to this stuff – history, sociology, etc.

    Your last comment proves two things: 1) You have not learned how to coexist with females, and 2) you are probably a loser that went into a Women’s Studies class in order to meet chicks.

    Good job.

  636. RevDrDark says:

    What about the Drama major? seriously, you seem to demonize some pretty common and useful degrees here, or seem ignorant of what they are in fact used for in life. English (even if they concentrate in lit) majors can be teachers, editors, technical writers, etc. Most religious studies majors do that with an eye towards pastoring or youth ministry, which most of them move right into, while in school. And Communications majors usually work in broadcasting and for magazines and newspapers…but how many drama graduates have waited on your table? And yes women’s studies should top the list, imho.

  637. The Foozler says:

    After laboriously acquiring a BA in psychoIogy, I spent more than 40 years working in the field of national intelligence with other people who possessed degrees in fields they never pursued after college. Intelligence agencies expect to spend years training new would-be intelligence officers who come on board knowing less than nothing about intelligence (given most of what they think they know ain’t so). Even outside the intel business, most of the people I have known over the years ended up in jobs in fields other than those they had prepared for in college. Thus, the benefits of college for most of them came from learning how to think clearly, make sound judgments, cooperate well with others, and communicate effectively while helping their employer achieve its goals. Many companies value the potential synergy arising from a mixture of employees from widely different backgrounds. I think almost any major will do if you excel at it, always presuming you have a reasonable grasp of the basic canon (English, math, economics, history, civics, etc.) as well.

  638. DJ says:

    The head of Interactive Marketing for Paramount is in her low-30′s and was an Art History major. Screw you, marketing majors.

  639. Kristen says:

    One word…Geology

  640. Paul says:

    This stupidity just perpetuates the myths about art. There are 300,000 working artists in California and quite a few more in art history. The point is in my experience, the arts were the one place in college where I was actually forced to think and conjecture rather than parrot back meaningless and random factoids.

    The truth is almost no college preparation adequately prepares you for a career. that really isn’t the purpose. So yes, maybe business will get you a job selling insurance or doing marketing but then you have to actually work there the rest of your life. I have an MFA and t has gotten me plenty of jobs dude. There are 600 or so theaters in USA with two or more MFAs working there and a thousand colleges and upteen high schools.

    Oh, what major prepares you for a career as an ignorant blogger?

  641. Nobody says:

    All degrees are useless.

  642. Jacki says:

    You say “worthless” when you mean to say “useless in getting a job,” but you know what’s really worthless? Going to college when, instead of knowledge, experience, networking, and personal growth, all you care about is turning a profit. That is simply not the point. And even if what you want is wealth, there is a lot of learning and connecting that goes on outside of assignments, as the person vouching for the Comm major stated.

  643. Y’all are nuts.

    The writer of the article has some serious frustration to work out.

    It DOES NOT MATTER what degree you get. All that matters is your personal work ethic.

    There are many of us with (in some cases multiple) degrees that you mention, who make veeeeery comfortable livings doing something that has nothing to do with said degrees.

    So, do whatever you like for a degree, but learn to work hard.

    Good Luck!

  644. J says:

    Women’s Studies is extremely useful in cultivating citizens who are not patriarchal, mentally stagnated assholes. Majoring in it is a stretch, but I definitely recommend taking a course or two, especially if you want to learn how to coexist with and respect women outside the confines of what society has taught you. It’s not a big deal, I know; they’re only, like, say… HALF of the population.

    BTW, go for the clitoris, not the vag.

  645. eeblack says:

    the prolific number of responses clearly indicate what a mistake this country has made by subsidizing higher education. college is not trade school. if you want money, get a job. the list is long for rich people with minimal education, the best example being Edison with none. graduate school is for specialty training for the serious. the major is merely a device to demonstrate one is able to glean some information in depth. I asked that my children go one year to see if they liked it. their major had to be in a “real” subject eg history, math, English and not some of the trumped up majors eg communication,sociology etc. they all have ivy league degrees: the history major is an executive at a major corporation, the English major has a masters and works in a NGO, the music major has a DM and teaches, the econ major runs a business. maturity seems to be far delayed from the time one was a man at 13 years of age. eeb

  646. ppulationlquidation says:

    lol @ people who say “learning this is stupid.” Especially at the one who made comments about realizing how worthless understanding in physics and math is (if and only if you’re really, really bad at it.)

    Learning and understanding anything is worthwhile if you enjoy it. The important thing is the verification that you can in fact learn and understand. Most people just need the college for the deadlines; without investing themselves as far as tuition they wouldn’t read all those books and write all those papers and do all those problem assignments.

    If you think you have the willpower to do it on your own, go ahead and try…I personally wouldn’t not have stayed up all night spending 10 consecutive hours looking for quantum solutions if deadlines and credit were not enforced.

  647. Markus says:

    lmao good job on the comment

  648. Um says:

    Why do you assume people majoring in business, nursing, etc are not following their dreams? I want to be able to travel when I graduate. I can’t afford to do that by sucking rich yuppie’s dicks (ironically, everything art majors don’t want to be) and trying to sell my “inspirational” pieces of art.
    If you want to do art and learn about philosophy, you can do that in your free time…

  649. I have to agree with Perry and disagree with Anorexic Ginger. I just graduated with my Master’s Degree in Social Work. I have a job with the County starting in two weeks. I have no student loans because the government paid for my graduate education. I will not be making $24,000 a year, more like starting off around $55,000 and within five years easily working up to around $80-90,000. But what I think most of you are missing is that it is NOT about the money. The money is fine, but it’s about the people. If any of you grew up in a home where there was abuse, or you grew up in foster care, or one of your parents struggled with a drug addiction, you might begin to understand what it is we do. Social Work is such a broad field, you will NEVER have trouble finding a job. Social Workers are trained so extensively that they are able to work in hospitals, schools, mental health clinics, private practices, county agencies, non-profit companies, international businesses, in private homes, and many other locations. I loved the the blog on the most worthless college degrees, but have to say that I believe your degree is what you make of it. And unfortunately, many of the comments made above are made out of ignorance. If you don’t know what a particular career entails, don’t bash it. Do what makes your soul sing, for what you have compassion and passion, and you won’t be disappointed.

  650. alex says:

    i’m a dance major. you can make a living teaching dance and performing in small companies. by small companies i don’t mean strip clubs. way to be stereotypical with the stripper thing.

  651. DeepcreekXC says:

    I read an economist’s piece about average salaries for different majors without graduate school(which changes everything). Political Science majors actually make a bit more than business majors, which are exactly average. Economics majors make craploads. Psychology majors and English majors are at the bottom. Engineers and Computer Science majors do make the most. Surprisingly, Science majors outside engineering don’t make much at all, without a master’s. Even if your in a ‘useful’ degree, being well-rounded is still important. That’s why its a shame people blow off their core requirements. Revamped Core curriculum is needed, so people can do anything, as well as something specific.

  652. You left off Gender Studies for a fulltime career in being a bitter lesbian or post-gay bore.

  653. Jennifer says:

    I don’t know where you get your information, but communications studies is far from worthless, and it is one of the majors employers look for in marketing, PR, broadcasting, journalism and much more. Oh, and the jobs they look for a Ph.D. in are mostly in the education field.

  654. John says:

    You’ve got to send me a link to more of your writing. It has been a LONG LONG time since I laughed as hard as I did after reading this. I was bent over my desk belly laughing. My god this is funny stuff. Great job, and please keep up the great work.

  655. DW says:

    Funny blog……..can you do a top ten of the 10 most valuable college degrees????

  656. Dominique says:

    There is an Africana Studies at Pitt… Not sure if it’s a major or just a concentration.

  657. mike s. says:

    You missed the ultimate biggie altho it was very seventies…BLACK STUDIES…sounded really cool then but I bet these grads are just making it to manager at Burger Chef as we speak….a minute of silence for Bo Diddley pls, a legend.

  658. Anonymous says:

    Overrated as hell,,,stupid too

  659. Ryan says:

    For Shepards we will be.. For thee my lord for theee….spirit asante…. Boondocks Saints is an amazing movie…if you dont like ….go f**k yourself

  660. post-UVM says:

    Double major in History and Political Science
    Minor in Economics
    Qualified for: Beating you at jeopardy… that’s about it.

    Law school it is.

  661. Sue Donim says:

    Hey A.B.

    You are a blowhard ASU “grad” *cough*cough* whose last sentence reveals you for what you truly are. A douche.

    Grats on your degree in douchebaggery!

  662. Jeff says:

    Bully for the list. My aunt teaches lit, and I couldn’t wait to tell her I had chosen lit as my major freshman year…at which point she cried and asked me if I wanted to spend the rest of my life unemployed.

    However, there is a fundamental flaw in the thinking behind the list. The lower you are on the list, you can always trump those below you. For example, I have a lit degree….and I make decent money helping others get their Religious Studies degrees…haven’t been raped by masked men yet. Although if I was, I could both write a poem about it and critique that poem out of existence.

  663. Blake says:

    All mental hospitals and many outpatient treatment centers employ art therapist fyi

  664. Anonymous says:

    That kind of statement can only come from someone with a liberal arts education. Let me guess: Reed College? Antioch? maybe Bard?

  665. mike says:

    seriously, the truth of it is this – capitalism has destroyed our cultural emphasis on importance of jobs by defining a trade through its “worth to society”. A businessman, CEO or Chairman is absolutely fucking worthless to society, but gets paid 6, 7 or even 8 figures because he’s valuable to capitalism – he’s going to use his cunning trickery to cut corners, make money, and please the stockholder.

    However, the person who got him there – the teacher – will make jack shit, because in an American societal model, the teacher is a babysitter for some other poor fuck’s unruly child. Nobody teaches a kid respect because the parents are busy working two jobs to line corporate Joe’s pockets. Thus, the teacher, an absolutely essential component of society, is paid jack squat.

    In other societies, the teacher is the most revered job – as it should be. Most teachers are amazing in how they put up with the shit that parents don’t deal with, and try to instruct a class of 30 when only 10 really care to show them respect. Its a societal construct in response to the desire of CEOs and other bigshots to make huge heaps of money – and to squeeze every ounce of cash out of people who don’t have it. In my eyes, the CEO of a corporation is the most heinous, cruel job one can aspire to have. Can anyone really get satisfaction and joy out of cutting 9,000 people out of a job at Chase bank or hiking the prices of Nike shoes that get made for cents on the dollar, and sold for hundreds? How do you get joy out of screwing your fellow countrymen in the name of the almighty dollar? What is your value to society if all you do is increase the class gap?

    I won’t even go into lawyers – they make their livings on settling matters of semantics or by ensuring that criminals continue to walk the streets. Law is so common nowadays that people look to sue for everything. Sue if you get struck by a motorist, not if you spilled your obviously hot coffee on yourself and there wasn’t a warning label. The commonality of the law profession and the ensured outcome of a trial has led to an increase in divorce – marry a rich guy and leave 4 years later with half his shit. Its destroyed the institution of marriage.

    Before you go around criticizing the art majors and English majors, think about their roles in society, because I can damn well assure you that they’re more essential to society than the Political Science majors, the Finance majors and the millions of people that choose lucrative majors for the money and not for love of what they do.

  666. HISTORYMAJOR says:

    You don’t need a degree in music composition to be a successful composer. 50% of the stuff that they teach in composition courses will not be used in the real world.

    I am a semi-professional violinist, and have been composing since I was 8 years old. I have studied music a lot longer than most college graduates have.

    I can tell you with great certainty that the act of composition does not require a degree. It might get you a job – because of the piece of paper thing – but it doesn’t make you an artist. You have to become an artist. It’s a process one accomplishes within the self over great amounts of time.

    The truth is, music degrees are somewhat worthless. Only degrees from great institutions like Juilliard are worth something on an artistic level. The violinists at my state university are pathetic. I was better than many of them when I was 15 years old.

    Don’t take my word for it. Try getting an audition with a top symphony if you have a degree from Podunk State University. It’s not easy. It screams “hey, I stink, give me a chance – I couldn’t get into a real music school.”

    It’s better to have a liberal arts degree from Podunk U if you are a musician. That is why I studied history. It doesn’t say anything about my playing ability. I can still get auditions (and have gotten pretty far in a couple) with known ensembles.

    The bottom line is that music isn’t an important college major. It just tells people that you didn’t learn any marketable skills in college aside from the general education (first 2 years of college).

  667. jarreau says:

    why study science? it gets you a job designing suntan lotion or microchips. no thanks, i’ll let india and taiwan handle that.

  668. Timothy says:

    English lit is a good BA to pursue a nice slew of graduate studies. But if you’re only getting a bachelors you’re not goign to be making much money anyway.

  669. editec says:

    What degree leads one to writing blogs that don’t make any money, but give one the opportunity to expose one’s sheer lack of understanding about the point of education?

    Apparently the most recent generation of college grads majored in that like crazy.

  670. LOL this is a great list. I’m an art history grad and am working for a web advertising agency. RIGHT NOW.

    Funny how things turn out.

  671. Montana Student says:

    Lol! This list cracked me up. For all of you that are debating: Please take this list with a grain of salt. It was intended to be funny. Obviously, people have done great things with all these degrees. On the other hand, I’ve seen people with law degrees do nothing special.

    To conclude: When inspiration meets opportunity, a motivated person will succeed no matter what they do. Who are any of you to judge what success and happiness are? If you feel no self-worth, you have failed. If you feel confident and accomplished, you have succeeded.

  672. Myk says:

    I have a B.S. in Sociology my focus was International Relations/Com and my minor was Poli Sci. Hate to break it to you guys but I got a great job! I work in P.R. for U.S. companies in Asia and the Pacific. Unless they spill somethings in the ocean, my job is cake and I make SIX figures! Think about ragging on Poli Sci. and Comm degrees.

  673. jason says:

    wow. who would have thought this many people would care

  674. evpstud says:

    I think the MAJORITY of college majors don’t actually prepare you for a job. These were good ones, and people who study religion only end up trying to sell books that talk trash about religion or they use it to talk down to anybody who isn’t part of THEIR religion.

  675. gp23 says:

    I know people with a business undergrad degrees who can’t find jobs. In fact, at my school, 40 percent of undergrad business majors can’t find jobs after they graduate. What do you think about that?

  676. Sandor Krasna says:

    This is too easy to dispel (tons of communication majors – and others – have done already), so I won’t spend too much time on it.

    Firstly, none of these “what job you’ll end up with” envision anything within the educational system. Rather, this doesn’t just mean a doctorate is required for success in a “worthless field” (not all universities are unilaterally geared at pedagogy, some admire research, management, and other business-oriented elements that actually are more favorably awarded to those who specialized, rather than took a ubiquitous macroeconomics class by a high-flying libertarian hot-shot.) Contrary to the unashamedly philistine tone of this entry, a lot of liberal arts majors actually are employed for reason of persisting the subject. In regards to art history, not everybody smothers themselves in the perfunctory bullshit tasks of children museum curator – though being a curator at the Louvre, or most any museum, is hardly anything like you describe it. Many are involved in the persistence of these programs, in the continuance of historical appreciation of art. Educational institutes are perfect for this, but many choose to invest themselves within the private sector, to which they find suitable (re: well-paying) jobs.

    But a lot of this Michael Douglas-type bickering seems particularly dismissive of everything as “pipe dreams”. Tons of religious majors working in the fields of hermeneutics actually ENJOY doing what they are doing…because there’s a level of agency that isn’t really present in many of the bureaucratic, negligible jobs that a lot of “worthwhile majors do”. There’s little sense of leeway; you’re eyed by some sort of hegemon, even in entrepreneurial work – where a philosophy (mostly conjoined with a political science degree) or communications major working within a research field is able to commentate. Unfortunately, many have been geared not to think for themselves, but rather, to blindly propel some sort of “thinking” that was passed onto you by some education major you would have berated 20 years ago. Tough shit.

  677. PhilJohnson says:

    I think a lot of the out and out anger at this post is coming from quite a few young folk who haven’t even graduated yet. I think an apt comparison to this post is something akin to telling kids that there is no Santa Clause.

    At the end of the day real skills are what most employers are going to care about. If all one cares about is expanding their knowledge then by all means take a degree that has pretty much zero real life job prospects.

    I think the current mind set that just believe in your self and you can do anything you want is a bunch of BS. Combine the just believe part with social status and the amount of money supporting the just believe attitude and then maybe you’ll have success. Most people who get jobs with their “worthless” degrees have parents with a high social standing and come from pretty well off families. They never credit this and more often than not say it was their hard work that landed them where they are today. I can guarantee that for 95 percent of people who are lower middle class/working class that get a degree in say the Arts probably just wasted 4 years of their life and a heck of a lot of money. I know a few people personally that graduated with those worthless degrees, all from working class families. Guess what, they have tons of debt and they are working at crummy dead end jobs.

    In the kind of hyper competitive economy that most new grads will face the last thing they should be doing is investing in something that probably has very little chance at getting them anywhere. After someone is well established or wins the lottery, then that would be the appropriate time to expand their knowledge beyond practical skills.

    Using a Philosophy major as a stepping stone to say getting in a law school may not be a bad idea, how ever if one thinks that Philosophy is the cats ass and they don’t have other goals in mind then indeed it is a waste. The same could be said of the other “stepping stone” degrees on the list.

    The only thing I really think that may have some practical value on the list is a Communications major. However with that said I do think it pretty much is a load of BS and it basically boils down to having a degree in being a salesperson. The better you can BS the better you will be in the field of marketing/spin. It always helps to have a suave salesperson aura about you. If your ugly and don’t have a good voice then yeah this degree is a waste of time too.

    I think as todays twenty somethings grow older they’ll be disappointed to find out that it takes much more than “just believe” to make things work in the real world.

  678. Alan says:

    Frank Zappa once said, “if you want an education, go to a library. If you want to get laid, go to college.”

  679. ZappaRules says:

    Another useless degree…music composition. My kid began playing guitar and piano at 9. All his high school counselors told him, “get a degree in music at Berklee in Boston.” To that, he said “kiss my ass, thank you.” He is now 20, makes 100K a year teaching guitar.

    Drawback: convincing kids that Yngwie Malmsteen is not a genius.

  680. John says:

    Music Composition is not a useless major. There are countless successful composers on Broadway who majored in composition. Just because your kid doesn’t need a music degree does not make it worthless. It maybe worthless to him but to others. And I highly doubt your kid makes 6 figures teaching guitar (I think you just said that to make your point of a worthless music degree).

  681. k says:

    This is soo hilarious…and soo true. Although you definitely missed other useless majors like music performance. My sister and brother-in-law both got a bachelors degree in this, as well as my sister got a masters degree too- and have they used it? No- they went into my brother-in-law’s brother’s business, and they’re still paying off the student loans.
    The illiad and the odyssey were greek, the aeneid was latin which was basically a rip-off of the illiad and the odyssey combined together and with a roman hero. Such a shocker that a roman would steal an idea from the greeks, nah, that never happened.
    (This is the extent of what I learned from 3 years of latin in high school, other than amo, amare, amavi, amatus- love- and manere- to remain. Oh yeah and I now randomly write and talk in the passive tense and say things like “I wish that hadn’t been true”. Its scary sometimes).

  682. Sandor Krasna says:

    I find it funny that in this late age we’ve abandoned any sort of fulfillment; moreover, we’ve relinquished any optimistic existentialist thoughts that dominated the nineteenth century because we’ve got to propel capital or some other form of dogmatic bullshit. In this sense we’ve brought back almost the esoteric wet dreams of some of the Veblenesque class systems that the Lost Generation used to chastise, perhaps we’re in for some sort of incessant return (and withdrawal) of modernism that will play out the rest of our lives. And then some.

    This isn’t just babble. Look at Phil’s post, where (once again) somebody forgoes any mention of putting the effort BACK into education. Sure, there’s worthlessness in trying to cross-over, but couldn’t we say the same about a business major trying to pass it as a literary theorist? Yes, lots of wealthy families allow for their offspring to be the Hepburns…because they have the money for it, but why not imagine a scenario where a not-so-well-to-do family churns out a son who does theoretical work for the Population Reference Bureau. We’ve come to such a point where we want to satiate the “arts” and the “pragmatics” because we just don’t want to imagine any intersection of the two. I laugh when a friend of mine had to read Foucault for an economics class. He didn’t know where to start.

    All of these majors have practicality in the real world. They might not have the flexibility of another degree (though, the case can be made that for some jobs that a degree is a degree, interchangeable and simply a socioeconomic trophy. In this sense the practicality of being a quicker, smarter worker is more worthwhile than having read – or skimmed – The Wealth of Nations)

    A degree in the arts also presupposes the idea that those who choose such a path have payed close attention how to envision the application of their major. That’s being worthwhile. There’s no such thing as a worthless major, just a worthless student.

  683. darby says:

    ..comm or film degree yeeeah, useless. u have join this and that union, society and every other bullshit gang. its like who you down with bloods or crips. and is really useless if you go to the local state or small privite university. advice to future communication, film whatever you want to call it, students. go to a real film school usc, nyu, ucla

  684. Mike says:

    Comm should not be on there. It’s not about how to communicate. There are a lot of aspects of a communication major: Public Relations, media production, journalism, and more. Film is often grouped in the comm major in many schools. Plus there are many aspects of film-making, not just Director, Writer, and Actor (the only three that most people know about). AND there are tv stations all over the US that someone with these degrees could work for.

    Yes, they are easy majors, yes, that’s part of the reason I’m a communication student, and yes those are mainly the types of people that are in them, but not everyone. I’m not in it because I want to be drunk 24/7 and stay in school. I actually do enjoy it.

  685. Kaj Kjellesvig says:

    Bullcrap. Film is awesome. How many of you get to write feature length spec scripts in your classes? What? I didn’t think so. It is laughable though. Many films students are bums. Not this one!

  686. senior satan says:

    i am the devil. i am comment #666 and i say if u study religion you will be seeing me veeery soon!!!!!12/21/2012 listen to the mayans!!

  687. Marcelo says:

    youre an idiot. you dont have a clue what philosophy is about. you ignorant shit.

  688. Majors do not always determine a career; what determines a career is a person’s drive and focus. As someone with a degree in English and Theatre, I first went the teaching route and now I am a full-time writer. I would never trade in my background as a writer for any other so-called money-making major.

    Same goes for foreign language majors–French might not seem like the safest bet, but see how far being fluent in a foreign language will get you in business, politics, marketing, etc.

  689. David says:

    Ok, so I read a ton of these responses and found this whole thing really interesting. I’m a senior at a large university in the midwest majoring in political science, and I gotta say I knew when I picked the major that it was not necessarily going to get me anywhere in and of iteself. I felt like I had to get the BA just to keep up with all the other assholes getting bachelors degrees nowadays. Plus in the time I’ve been in college I’ve done some networking, taken some “free” computer classes, improved my spanish, and generally learned more about how society functions through a wide array of classes. My point? Major in what you want to major in, but at the same time try and aquire skills along the way which could help you land at least an ok job, because noone is going to hire you if you have a major and no practical skills. peace

  690. Heather says:

    I work in recruiting and am still pursuing my “useless” degree in English…and I can tell you all in complete certainty that once you get into the “real” world, no employer is going to give a shit what your major was, as long as you have a Bachelor’s degree. I have even seen people get jobs as Engineers who don’t have engineering degrees (I know, I was terrified by this too). Of course I plan to pursue an academic career and be of absolutely no use to anyone in the corporate world :)

  691. Desireeack says:

    Who the hell cares if you studied film, history, or knitting for gods sake… The degree doesnt sell you, you sell yourself and just have that piece of paper to prove to an employer you can set a goal and complete it as well as learn some basic writing, communication, and analytical skills along the way. You and a highschool dropout could have nothing seperating you except a piece of paper, thats all it is, a piece of paper that cost you thousands of dollars, but you still have it. I was a Comm major-loved it, learned a lot and got out of college as fast as I could to spare my pockets. Im working for Microsoft now and lovin it.

  692. Sheik Jabouti says:

    Holy Shit there are a lot of comments up above. Sensitive topic.

    I’ll take pre-med (scratch that), psychology (scratch that), anthropology (scratch that), management FTW!

  693. michaela says:

    You have no idea what the hell you’re talking about. And what did you major? Dumbass?

  694. tripp says:

    Someone doesn’t know anything about music therapy. You don’t mix tapes, moron. It’s a widely growing field and its application has been proven useful many times.

  695. K says:

    Um I make $80 bucks an hour with my Social work degree, and live in a nice house in a nice area. whoever put that lame comment on there def needs to go back to college. social workers are in demand!

  696. bill reilly says:

    what’s the deal with these retards arguing that philosophy opens doors into law school. that’s COMPLETELY irrelevant. he’s saying that if you major in philosophy then ‘this’ will happen. what you people are arguing is that getting a law degree gets you a job. a philosphy degree may or may not help you get your law degree (which is the one that actually might do something).

  697. Deanna Case says:

    I’m surprised that the following aren’t on this list:
    -child delevopment*
    -political science

    *could be useful with Masters or PhD

    The above, are a few that many of my smarter peers and I see as cotton candy degrees. While I personally would love to major in about two of them, I refrained because I know they are way too easy to obtain and will not get me anywhere in the real world. I guess some of us who have been on our own or had to pay the bills have never been drawn to degrees like this since we are already more than aware of the harsh reality of the real world. lol :)

  698. Deanna case says:

    K, congrats on doing so well in the social worker industry. However, in most towns a social worker can expect to make $10-12/hr ..or $15-20/hr (max, in bigger cities) for the rest of their lives. You must be doing something pretty awesome to be getting paid more than starting engineers and nurses. In fact, you’re getting paid about 3x what a nurse or engineer starts off at…and everyone knows their degree is usually about twice as hard. So forgive us for having a hard time believing you. However, I would still love to know what you specialize in. Maybe it’s time I cross over from the medical field and do social work. Heck, if I can make that kind of money! Count me in!!

  699. I would disagree on some points. Latin is very useful if one is planning on attending law school in the future, and English is also good if you plan on getting a law degree. As for Communications, well if you plan on geting into broadcasting is is useful, but more often then not you end up at the phone company.
    You forgot African American Studies and Women’s Studies. What sort of a job can you possibly get with one of those degree?

  700. We are better than this. says:

    If college students stuck to majoring in areas that idiotic bloggers who misspell simple words deemed legit or not, then there would be no diversity or innovation in this world. Come on people, major in whatever the fuck you want to, whatever you are truly interested in / passionate about, and you will be successful. Just have your shit together, do your research, and know what you can do with your degree- you can go in whatever direction you want to. It’s all about your ambition, ability to be an effective communicator, the connections you acquire and the resume you build, and ultimately doing good in an interview and establishing that your not an incompetent idiot, but the exact opposite rather. So many fields of business and degrees intertwine with others these days… companies want diversity- graduates from different disciplines who can bring fresh ideas and aspects to the table.

    I think the majority of the people who have left comments on this stupid blog have degrees or are working on obtaining them; the blogger is probably just an internet nerd who has some sort of angst about his own inability to succeed. But he’s the one getting the last laugh because of all our bickering. blah– Cyber Idiot=1 point, College Graduates=0

  701. arentwealone says:

    Wow. I’m mostly surprised at the number of people that can’t take a joke. Anyone with a bit of intelligence knows that it’s not the degree that gets the job and succeeds (or fails); it’s you, the person. Anywy, how is money the measure of who you are as a person?

  702. jlprizm says:

    Haha you hit the nail on the head with the Com. major. every douche at my school really believes that communications is the shit. it is the easiest and laziest way to “graduate” from college without doing shit and still somehow getting a degree. if i have to hear someone bitch about how their presentation was hard and they’re having a tough time with their com class i will shoot myself.

  703. noname says:

    Iliad and Odyssey are greek, not latin.

  704. Micah says:

    College is an odd bargain. I feel I have learned so much from my political science classes, but what I have learned is that high energy prices are going to devastate our economy so badly that most college grads will become insolvent and never be able to pay off their college debts. So as I sit there and get my education, I am learning that I probably can’t pay to be sitting there to learn.

    College degree’s may become useless for the corporate moneymaking world, but valuable in enriching citizens so we can more easily form a cohesive society once oil prices take us down. The economy will dictate that we start to relocalize everything, so maybe a Dance major will be good for helping kids become healthy or entertained, perhaps film will be good for documenting social work, perhaps philosophy will be handy in a serious town hall discussion. College in the US requires only a third of our classes to be our major. Simply being well educated will make us better citizens and let us get through this next era of our history.

    I still can’t figure out what good Latin could be..

  705. Bartus Wabacus says:

    Famous Philosophy majors:

    - Carl C. Icahn, corporate raider
    - George Soros, financier and philanthropist
    - Rudi Giuliani, former Mayor of New York City
    - Richard Riorden, Former Mayor of Los Angeles
    - Robert McNamara, former Secretary of Defense
    - John Stoltzmann, winner of the World Poker Open
    - Albert Schweitzer, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize
    - Phil Jackson, NBA coach
    - David Souter, Supreme Court Justice
    - Thomas Jefferson, U. S. President
    - Stephen Breyer, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court


    - Bruce Lee, martial artist and actor

    Philosophy prepares you for a life in which you’ll need to know how to think, write, and present rational arguments. That can be used in countless fields.

    Basically, if you’re smart enough to complete this course of study you’re smart enough to figure out how to get a good job and make money. The list speaks for itself.

    Keep the faith!!!

  706. Boston says:

    Andrew D. Tran Says:
    June 4th, 2008 at 9:57 am
    “you completely ig’nant sons of bitches, philosophy is what many pre-law undergrads pursue”

    Exactly my thought. I know two Philosophy majors (from the Seventies) each who went to law school. One became the Managing Partner of a 300 member law firm for the last thirty years and the other is a prominent trial lawyer at seven figures per annum. A major in Philosophy indicates a very keen and disciplined mind that applies to many other less esoteric professional pursuits and serves the educated man well.

  707. Anonymous says:

    It would if wasn’t such a niche major (relative to the ones rated on this website)… but I feel ya homie. Unless you get a PhD you’ll prolly end up working at the Omaha Zoo Aquarium for regular employment. The PhD’s will spend their live begging for Government Cheese

  708. ell says:

    excuse me, but what about sociology? i think that deserves to be number 11. if you want to look at statistics, major in economics.

  709. Kerry says:

    As the old guy in the room (46), let me add a couple:

    1) Computer Science. I have boxes of old fucking punch cards (1983) I still don’t want to throw away for they may save the world some day.

    2) Womens Studies. Hopefully all you hetro males did this during your free time at college.

    3) Black History Major. Now there is a major that will cancel your 2nd interview with most companies before your first.

    Lastly: 4) Broadcasting (communications?): If your not a hot looking blond bimbo, your not going to work at Fox News!

    GET A DEGREE IN SALES. My B.S. in Business pays more than most family doctors (and I don’t have to touch people I don’t want to)

  710. john says:

    most of these are batchaler of art which show you can complete a degree but give no specific job skils. say art history it means you can analysis things, meat deadlines do critical thinking, but dosnt actual give you a degree. communication studies shows you understand how people think and can ideas and mesages acros in the right way but that dosnt lead to specific job.
    then theres engineering and science law degrees . they show some of the same aspects but lead to a job in the end. pitty science jobs tend to realitivly low paying research jobs. but they do it because they love it

  711. cunty cuntall says:

    I’ve got a degree in Masturbation that’s more helpful than this list of 10.

  712. Kloche says:

    Interesting thing is that if you have two candidates for a job in the Advertising industry – one with a Business degree (makor Marketing) and the other Communications the employer are more than likely than not to hire the one with the Communications dregree. And all of them take a back seat to someone who did programme with practical experience at a junior college.

    It’s a farce and you end up with a lot of numbskulls working in Advertising and have no either what Marketing/Promotion or Strategy development

  713. Quit school…now. Learn how to weld. Make jewelry and shit. Learn how to blow glass. Whatever “real” world job you eventually take will very quickly dissolve your brain, crush your soul and leave you pissed off. Don’t believe me? Get a gig at Lowe’s or Starbucks or some other shitty place (where the will insist on calling you and “associate”) and after six months ask your friends if you’ve changed. After a few beers, they’ll finally fess up and say, “ya know, dude…sometimes you are kind of an asshole lately.”

    It doesn’t MATTER what kind of degree you get…if you have to live 1/3 of your life being someone else’s puppet…you will learn to hate yourself.

    Learn how to do something small, unique and cool. Then sell the friggin’ thing.

  714. OR………marry someone who’s rich.

    You’ll still end up hating yourself…but you can do it in Tuscany.

  715. Larry says:

    That’s funny. I actually do have a Religion degree. But then again I’m a minister, so it doesn’t make sense any other way.

  716. Jayhawk says:

    Someone stumbled this page to me, and I have to say I’m pretty surprised by the volume of response it’s generating.

    To all those who are posting in opposition of the idea that the degrees listed above are anything more than glorified testaments to you ability to follow directions for 4+ years (especially in the eyes of employers) – you’re sadly deluded.

    Undergraduate degrees are the new high school. I’m a member of the “be cool – stay in school” generation who was brought up from early childhood hearing from parents, teachers, and other authority figures that if I stayed in school and went to college I’d land my dream job, pull a fantastic salary and basically be a rock-star/astronaut/ninja/movie star.

    I believed what they said.

    I went to school and studied what I wanted, double-majoring in Anthropology and Japanese. I studied abroad for a year and did my best in school, absorbing all that I could and enjoyed the experience. I’m now four years out of school, and the best job I could get with my two degrees and 3.72 GPA is a crappy sales job that has neither a thing to do with what I studied in school nor holds any personal meaning or value.

    What they should have said was “stay in school and study engineering, pre-med, or business – that will be your ticket to success.” Anything else and you may as well have spent your money and your time learning some sort of technical skill.

    Its inexpressibly discouraging to realize that in spite of everything you were told and took to heart that really your best chance of becoming that rockstar-ninja-whatever is to be born into it. Otherwise, chances are you’re just another cog in a machine generating more money than you’re ever likely to see in your life for someone else.

  717. Sparky says:

    Paul, these ignorant bloggers happen to be making a living doing what they enjoy. Go figure and chill out.

  718. Successful in spite of it? says:

    Well, maybe I’m an exception, but I have a religion degree and I’m now pulling down $140K base plus commissions. I don’t work in a church, but then again, that was never the requirement. I also have plenty of people on my staff with communication degrees earning well over $60K/yr. Some in 6 figures.

  719. Evans Evans says:

    Most of you clowns should just forget about degrees and do stand up comedy. LMAO!!

  720. KT says:

    Actually Joel, knowing Latin is not required to become a lawyer. I know. My father has been a lawyer since he passed the bar exam when I was 4, and he does not know Latin, and I’m pretty sure if he did he would rub it in every one’s face, because he has to flaunt his intelligence. Knowing Latin is not necessary, because everything you need to study to become a lawyer: the land-mark trials, the terminology, the various law documents (i.e. state constitutions, the US constitution, the Declaration of Independence, etc.) are recorded in English, or have been translated into English (thereby negating the necessity of knowing Latin)

    Point two: only if you are a good lawyer, with your own firm, will you make good money. If you work for the state will you not make the ‘stereotypical’ lawyer six-figure salary.

    I’m not arguing that knowing Latin isn’t a good idea, I’m just saying that knowing Latin is required to be an attorney is wrong.

  721. Thom says:

    Haha, made melaugh – though I don’t entirely agree.
    I could give a care about career prospects based on a degree, in my opinion I’d much rather master in something I enjoy and be poor, than do something I despise and be rich!

    Besides… college is all about the experience anyhow!

    Great post though.

  722. KT says:

    *isn’t required. whoops

  723. Kara says:

    “Exercise Science”…for jerks who want to take gym class for four more years…I agree that it’s not the degree but the person who makes the difference.

  724. Erik says:

    Ha good one, i’m a comm. major and its rather true, i’ve gone to school hungover quite a bit. But you forgot being an American studying Engineering or Medicine…it seems most of those jobs are going to foreigners.

  725. Good point, however learning doesn’t always take place within the classroom.

  726. You’ll be surprised to know that I don’t make mixed tapes for a living and that I and the 9 music therapists in my agency serve 450+ people each week. For many of the clients we work with, music therapy is the highlight of their week. Music interventions in the hands of a trained, qualified music therapist decrease challenging behaviors and truly brings out better communication, positive changes in affect, better performance in academic tasks and increases self esteem. I suggest that you research this field a little closer before declaring it ‘worthless’. Music therapists are making a huge difference in the lives of all sorts of people in this country. I hope that your flippant approach to this major does not turn off someone who could truly make a difference in the lives of others.

  727. eric says:

    I’m surprised marine biologist didn’t make the list.

  728. Joel says:

    Actually Latin can prove useful! It is REQUIRED to know Latin for law school, and lawyers make some damn good money.

  729. MattL says:

    I love how half the people that are posting angry responses to their degree being bashed are making six figures….

  730. MarshallBanana says:

    College was not conceived to prepare for people for jobs. It was created to educate the aristocracy further if they so chose about the arts (“the direction of the body”) and sciences (“the direction of the mind”). Science came later during the Enlightenment.

    The whole “prepare you for a job” thing is just a relatively recent trend. Since bosses prefer college graduates, thinking that they are more educated and worthwhile people to have around, universities change their images in such a way that they make you think “well hey this school will help me get a job” rather than “hey this school will educate me so that i might live a better, more fulfilling life”. But hey, at least it gets them more money from all the people who enroll only to drop out. The former is what this article pokes fun at >:G

    QED this article is a bad joke written for impressionable children.

  731. UCLAcrewDude says:

    Oh so you my masta now? I can count too. 1, 2, 4, 5 so what?

    You tha smarty Art nigga, you tha smart Art nigga — lemme axe you dis, lemme axe you dis: can you kick MY ass??

  732. Aimee says:

    You forgot classics. That’s history, Latin, and art all rolled into one!

  733. um, Achmed says:

    Regarding the religion degree…

    At least it would help you learn how many people were a tribute to the Lord

    (The loots were)
    36,000 cattle, of which the tribute for the LORD was 72;
    30,500 donkeys, of which the tribute for the LORD was 61;
    16,000 people, of which the tribute for the LORD was 32.

    Numbers 31:38-40

    Or how happy should he who repays the daughter of babel

    O Daughter of Babylon, doomed to destruction,
    happy is he who repays you
    for what you have done to us-

    he who seizes your infants
    and dashes them against the rocks.

    Psalms 137:8-9

    Or from which direction should the women of Samaria be ripped open

    The people of Samaria must bear their guilt,
    because they have rebelled against their God.
    They will fall by the sword;
    their little ones will be dashed to the ground,
    their pregnant women ripped open.”

    Hosea 13:16

    But you’d definitely be more excited to KEEP THE VIRGINS!

    Now therefore, kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman who has known man intimately. But all the girls who have not known man intimately, spare for yourselves.
    -Numbers 31:17-18

    Thank you for not stereotyping

  734. business/economics emphasis with accounting $8000 a year for 4 years
    1st year salary 47K plus overtime
    do Accting!

  735. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps things are different in America, but in the UK, a classics degree is highly sought after by employers. Ok, so no one care that you know Latin and Greek, but the fact that you can learn from scratch, read and compose in multiple languages and have studied linguistics, history, politics, philosophy, art and archaeology and not died, had a nervous breakdown or failed tends to suggest to employers that you’re capable and intelligent.

    Plus, Classics students get actively recruited by M15 (the organization James Bond works for in the films) and law firms.

  736. Just Me says:

    Hey, there’s nothing wrong with a communications degree! I’ve got one. And as soon as I find a job, I’ll prove it.

  737. Professor says:

    Philistines, the lot of you! Your capital-bound values will get the better of you in the end. You’ll feel vaguely deprived of life, because you’ll have shunned the arts, literature, and high culture for so long, but you will understand the cause of your discontent, so you’ll turn to antidepressants, the only thing to keep you going back to the office.

    Solution? Read some philosophy and literature. Gain some perspective, learn how to appreciate life’s more subtle, multifarious qualities. Maybe it’s not too late for some of you. Most I suspect are irrevocably lost.

    “The truth is “that the bird soars despite rather than because of the law of gravity’ and that “society soars to stages embodying ever loftier ideas despite rather than because of material interests.’

  738. Drew says:

    When I was visiting Boston University, I was told a guy actually got a degree in Vampirology – the study of Vampires.

  739. mike says:

    i’m okay with being a philosophy major if it means i don’t have to write for “holy taco.”

  740. Mike says:

    I’m now in my late 30′s and I now believe that your major in college doesn’t mean shit. In non-engineering/science fields, all that matters is who you know and how hard you work. I have a friend with a philosophy degree who is an extremely successful ad exec. Another with a communications degree who is an extremely successful VP of sales at a mid-sized company. An on and on and on…

  741. justine says:

    @ Anorexic Ginger
    I was wondering if Social Work would make the list. A friend of mine just withdrew her life savings to take this damn course. Couldn’t she put it to better use and DONATE it to a good cause? I doubt you need anything more than common sense (which I think she’s sorely lacking) to do social work. And you certainly don’t need to uproot, fly to another country and sell your soul for a fricking degree to do it.

  742. e says:

    i am a film major who now has a great job working @ google

    do what motivates you and you will do well

  743. asdf says:

    Why is there a picture of a vibraphone for Music Therapy? Mallet percussion like that, the marimba, and xylophone is kick-ass and can get you lots of money for being good at it.

  744. fiosfiend says:

    Lets me honest…..most of these degrees are Liberal Arts degrees. Emphasis on the word Liberal. This why most liberals want wealth redistribution and cradle to grave entitlements. Because they CANT GET A JOB and they’re too lazy or stoned to try and actually work for a living. And, lets face it…there aren’t that many Starbucks out there to work at.

  745. Edd says:

    Shit i hope my major lands me writing top ten lists.

  746. Angela says:

    You’re dead wrong on the Latin degree. Anybody with a Latin degree can be hired to teach high school Latin even if they have no certificate – the school will pay you to get the teaching certificate. Growth in demand for Latin courses is enormous, and so they are now hiring.

  747. Bryan says:

    I agree with Phil a “Bachelors in Interdisciplinary Studies” is the most bullshit degree it means that any two minors equal a major… which translates to you aren’t actually good at anything but have been in school long enough to take enough credits to graduate…again without actually learning or being good at anything…

    I disagree with Ginger though although a social work degree is expensive, the government will pay for your masters if you want it and have the grades to qualify for it though.. unlike most the degrees on here someone does have to do it, it does help people and does provide an actual job… although it pays like crap and seems like it would lead someone to be very depressed.

  748. Just some guy says:

    The Iliad and The Odyssesy were written in Greek, genius.

  749. Shawn650 says:

    Blah. Philosophy is not for pavlovian (public school) animals. It is for the ruling class(employers). It teaches you to think. But what can I say, public school is not really about education. It is a psychology conditioning laboratory (trainning). A real education would rob this nation of its breathless efficiency because smart people are very difficult — they ask too many questions, they quit their jobs, etc. Good Manageable people cannot sustain thinking for long or really think at all. They are usually childish people who need attending to by adults(upper management). Their lives are mechanical (scripts). Their thoughts well controlled like the thoughts of machinery. Have you noticed that machines don’t ever surprise you after you know their habits? We need dependent human beings, needy people (see how everyone here talks being useful to someone else? aka having a job. That keeps my costs down as a businessman) unable to fill their own hours, unable to initiate lines of meaning to give substance and pleasure to their existence. A large fraction of our total economy has grown up around providing service and counseling to inadequate people – and inadequate people are the main product of government compulsion schools. Think Pavlov here with the intent that ‘Public education must limit itself to training working class students to carry out whatever task they are given to do and to accept the commands of their superiors.

    That is what primary and secondary education is all about. i.e. dumbing down the masses to produce a more docile workforce trained to keep the economic engine going while remaining good servile citizens.

  750. nick says:

    I like how people still think it matters what kind of undergraduate degree you get.

    Guess what guys: you’re all morons.

  751. English Lit Major says:

    It should be ‘whom in the sentence containing “your parents, who you still live with.” It only cost me $800 to learn that.

  752. Daisy says:

    English Lit can get you a lot of jobs, actually. I’m an English Lit Major – and I’ve already been published, gotten job offers and I haven’t even graduated yet. :P
    This degree makes it possible for me to get a lot of different interesting and well-paid jobs — a number of them in private business, or government as well as the old standard of teaching (not going to teach, myself – no patience for it), and L.I.S.

    And as someone has already pointed out, The Iliad and the Odyssey were written in GREEK!!! Obviously, you failed lit, and that’s why you can’t appreciate it.

  753. peaches says:

    I don’t know about needing a major in it, but Latin seems fairly important for anyone in pre-med or going into sciences where…let’s see…EVERYTHING has a Latin term. As long as you can keep your mouth shut at parties, Latin is a great tool for life, and if you teach it, you have an excuse to wear a toga to work.

  754. an engineer says:

    Why is #1 listed? Pastors can make pretty good money, according to http://swz.salary.com/salarywizard/layouthtmls/swzl_compresult_national_CS21000010.html.
    According to http://www.my-pastor.com/pastor-qualifications.html, a degree is generally required.

    And why the picture of mormon missionaries? They are unpaid volunteers. Indeed, they pay their own expenses. And how does this relate to a college degree? Most of them interrupt their college for two years to do this.

  755. Perry says:

    Well well well, I have an undergraduate degree in philosophy and a Masters in social work. Two useless degrees according to the article and comments on this sight – right? I live virtually debt free in a brand new 3265 sq. ft. home on two acres in the Texas Hill Country and I am retired at the age of 50. How did I do it? Not in the stock market, not in business, but by using my ability to think clearly (philosophy) and applying that to a career path and to manage my money – and then using the knowledge gained from my Masters degree to be effective in my field. It isn’t so much the major as it is what you do with what you are taught.

  756. The Velour Fog says:

    I find it amusing that someone writing a shitty blog site has the audacity to belittle someone’s chosen degree. Not that these degrees are all that useful, but neither is your site…or existence.

  757. Don says:

    I taught music for 12 years and worked closely with some music therapists during that time. I saw some fantastic results getting Autistic children to connect with the real world through the work of the music therapist.

    Maybe yoga studios and elderly homes don’t pay, but school districts do! At least as much as a regular classroom teacher makes, which is a pitifully small amount!

  758. Stalin says:

    Electrical Engineering!! chicka chicka yeah! i have enough money to send my great children to any ivy college!

  759. misj says:

    Sociology too.

    But hey, if you continue in school after getting your Bachelors in Sociology to get some credentials,

    you could get a really great job in a halfway house or an old folks home flipping old people for $8 an hour.

    eventually you may make it to manager, at $9 an hour.

  760. Art Richards says:

    Tip: Wait to declare your major before you can find some low paying internship job in a field you think you’d like. Then use the cash you earn during school and summers to cover for your barely full time or 3/4 time education schedule. (Which makes it easier to hold your job) Pay your way through college, finish in like 5-6 years, but you’re debt free and chock full of real-life work experience! Plus you probably have a job or two waiting for you! (I did it :D )

    P.S. Computer Science has so many openings right now if you have no idea what to go into…

  761. Tom Anderson says:

    Funny, not very well thought through though.

    The philosophy majors (at my university at least) make more money than any other major 5 years after graduation.

    Philosophy majors go to law school, and teach philosophy.

  762. Russ says:

    I’d say something like 60% of undergrad degrees are worthless. Social work, nursing and a few others can lead directly into a field related to your major, but most high paying jobs require more than a BA – unless you’re really lucky.

  763. thevarrior says:

    “Physics is turning out to be a pretty lame degree, too. Engineering would have been half the work and twice the money.”

    Uh, what are you smoking?

    Also Physics majors tend to apply for graduate school and medical school, in fact per capita physics majors usually do better on the MCATs when applying.

  764. thevarrior says:

    “I like how people still think it matters what kind of undergraduate degree you get.

    Guess what guys: you’re all morons.”

    Yes, because any jackass can apply for dental school with a philosophy or history degree. Psh.

  765. TheTruth says:

    How about you all stop bitching and stop trying to defend your majors and accept that its crap. Yes, you can always find someone successful in whatever area you have, but come on, comm is widely accepted as the most pud major there is. I’m economics but I’ll admit it’s bullshit and I’m just doing it because I don’t know what else to do. God you all need to get over yourselves and learn how to laugh.

  766. Nathalie says:

    I think that just the concept of music therapy is just hilarious. From my experience, the music therapy majors are the ones who weren’t good enough to get into performance but weren’t decent at anything else, so they end up doing this “therapy” thing, the therapeutic benefit of which seems to be the patient’s relief at when the “performer” stops playing!

    I also think this list is hugely accurate – and hey, I’m a music performance major at a conservatory.

  767. Barry says:

    (Pretentious Stewie Griffin Voice)I majored in Blah De Blah Blah Blah.Im sooooo cooooool..

  768. CommMajor08 says:

    I just graduated from Rutgers University as a Comm major with no minor and landed a 62K/yr job working for Microsoft. This article would have been so much better if the writer actually understood what he was talking about. After all, if he has decided to write articles for a living then he/she may know that journalism isn’t the best major either.

  769. Anonymous says:

    I can’t believe that people are defending a Communication degree. The whole football team has one of those. Congratulations on coming up with five examples of successful people with one of those. With the millions out there, that’s a huge percentage (which you could figure out if you had a useful degree).

  770. I can’t believe that people are defending a Communication degree. The whole football team has one of those. Congratulations on coming up with five examples of successful people with one of those. With the millions out there, that’s a huge percentage (which you could figure out if you had a useful degree).

  771. AW says:

    As a Student who majored in Communications, the particular aspect you focus on could be the difference between getting a job or not. If you want to go into Film your screwed basically but if you do social science research involving what people watch or how they interpret things you could clean up big time working for advertising firms and other agencies.

  772. itsalljustaride says:

    I think what this list and the comments should tell people is that pretty much ANY degree at a university is useless in and of itself. You really do have to know how to sell yourself, no matter what degree you are going for, and combine it with real-world skills, real marketable skills. If just getting a job is your goal then you can’t simply assume that getting your degree = job. No matter what you’re majoring in. There are few undergrad degrees that have a direct career path. Even the hard science degrees often require a masters or better to get to “shoe-in” level. Computer Science might be one, but again, that is something that you can do as a hobby while majoring in something much more interesting.

    Ultimately, just remember this: If what you really want is a job, college isn’t for you. Go to a trade school, there’s no shame in it, just be honest with yourself. If knowledge and fun experiences and meeting a combination of great new people and pretentious assholes, and paying out the ass for it is for you then hoo-ah, college-bound baby.

  773. itsalljustaride says:

    Also, regarding the Comm major, yes, it is widely regarded as on par with “Liberal Arts” major as equally useless. A General Comm degree is shite. As one commenter said above me, the key is in picking a particular emphasis, general comm will get you squat.

  774. Bill Vincent says:


    Boondock Saints is the best movie ever. Even better than Baby.

  775. Correction says:

    Social Work isn’t a worthless degree… I got my degree for about $75,000 total… undergrad and grad together. I went to a state school. Thank you, SUNY. Yeah, I will never make as much as a doctor, but I’m okay with that. I make just over $36,000 a year. I live in a nice apartment, in a pretty nice town. And with this degree I can do so many different things, it’s amazing. It’s actually a pretty good investment, if you don’t mind working hard.

  776. If I had only known 50 years ago that a Literature and Writing major with a Psychology minor was a huge mistake. Well, I didn’t know any better, so I took the degree. As a result, I got jobs as a newspaper reporter, columnist, editor and, finally, publisher. This enabled me to buy a home, educate my kids and stay off of welfare. Now, retired, I have fun publishing books which don’t have to make money. IMO, it’s all what you make it. Good luck, grads and humanities majors!

  777. tatatatyra says:

    I think it depends on what classes you tandem with your major courses. Also with a degree you must see the inter workings of all the careers associated with your degree. Most behind the scene jobs are numerous and pay well. I think you have to keep your options open. Learn all the different things you can, so you can bring a unique prospective to a job. Like communications, I think it is best to take psychology and sociology classes to know how people think and how things work. So basically all those core classes you are forced to take in liberal arts colleges may be valuable. Unless you go to trade school, you are not being prepared for a specific job. College is there to give skills so you can apply to different fields. Ultimately, there will be jobs available when you graduate that were not there before. It depends what the economy and the problems that are needed to be addressed.

  778. john says:

    The Bible was written in Aramaic (an Arabic language) and Kyonic Greek (sort of the street Greek and not the academic language) so no Latin major will ever be asked to translate the Bible for the two specific reasons that a) there was only ONE word ever written in Latin in the Bible [the sign above Jesus' cross] and b) it’s already been translated into every world language known.

    I don’t know this because I’m a Religion major either, I just paid attention in Sunday school.

  779. Rodney says:

    A friend of mine is a music therapist. She makes $160,000 a year. Not caviar money, but not baloney sandwich money either. I think she’s getting by.

    I guess there are two big potential caveats* for this article depending on whether you think, as many simple-minded Americans do, that:
    1) the primary purpose of a college education is to get a job; and that
    2) some keyboard-bound dork who makes $35-lousy-K a year writing a pop culture column for sports magazine on the Internet is qualified to assess the job market for different majors.

    *”caveat” is a Latin word.

  780. bill says:

    My favorite are the people who have graduation day regrets after suddenly realizing that there was no job outlook for their major. They then confide in you wishing they had taken the major that you were in, with complete confidence that it was that single decision and the subsequent course work would have been comparable.

    “man i really wish i would have majored in Chemical Engineering instead of Communications”

  781. Cletus Goldstein says:

    “# Tickaz Says: June 4th, 2008 at 7:18 am
    I studied 2 years of a 3 years Physics degree before realising it was useless and shit. I now work in “management at a fast food restaurant”

    See dude… this is why you’re a loser. You can’t even count. Physics degrees are 4 years long and mine got me a starting salary of 80K$. What a fuckin loser…. physics is worthless. I’m taking that to mean you’re too stupid to do math.

  782. Brian K says:

    The last 3 seasons of lost were awesome

  783. Rocker says:

    Mr. Goldstrom (I assume you are a Mr. if not I apologize for my gross ignorance),

    I respect what you wrote. It is all that you make of it. Most employers are not looking for the specific major, but for the proofs and indicators of a person that can finish something difficult. They are looking for people that learned to learn. The material taught in universities is generally useless, but the lessons learned are those of the stout heart and iron backbone. I don’t have a degree. I am working on it. I have a family of my own now. Working full time, going to school full time and being a husband and parent full time will tell the tale. Thank you for your honest living and uplifting comments. That is my dream. Thank You. God Bless.

  784. Mag Writer says:

    Anyone who says English Lit is worthless probably has never met anyone who’s majored in it: nearly everyone I’ve met who’s majored it, has a sweet magazine job.

    Then again, I’m in NYC, and not Anytown, USA.

  785. Ohio John says:

    The American culture has never been more cynical than it is today. Everything and everybody is a fraud on some scale.

  786. Ian says:

    Huh, I loved the Boondock Saints.

  787. Anonymous says:

    What did you major in? and who are you to tell people their major is worthless, they dont run a pathetic website that lists stupid shit…

  788. The truth about film school says:

    I am a film major and I agree that it’s a useless major. Through two years in classes, I’ve learned in only one class, cinematography. However, I’ve learned a whole lot outside of class by helping out on shoots, and by going to film school I’ve already made several useful connections. The degree itself may be useless, but the experience is enough to get a good job if you know your shit and put some effort into it.

    I remember seeing a stat that somewhere around 80-90 percent of film students are out of the business within five years of graduation. However, I’ve also noticed that about 80-90 percent of the students at my school don’t work on a lot of shoots even though there are more than enough opportunities for them to do so, and consequently they know nothing and nobody. It’s an easy major if you don’t mind being unemployed, but if you really want to work in the industry, it becomes pretty much the hardest undergrad program there is, and the actual classes have almost nothing to do with it.

  789. Spencer says:

    You guys went politically correct. How about African Studies?

  790. Chuck says:

    Babes and Beer.Enough Said !!!!

  791. Jimbo says:

    A surface analysis at best. There are many jobs in any of these “top ten” majors, and people are looking for top performers. Doing well in your chosen major still counts–big. The trouble seems to be that mediocrity is having its day and rules opinion-making, including the person who wrote this lame article, who likely used his beer-guzzling curmudgeon buddies with C- averages as sources.

  792. Framo says:

    Kind of both agree and disagree about philosophy. It’s one of those degrees that ca take you great places, or can take you to Starbucks in time for the morning shift every day at 6:30am. One friend of mine I met in philosophy class now pulls down a few hundred thousand quid a year in London at Barclays Capital (his law degree probably helps). Another set himself up nicely in an IT consulatancy during the dot com years. Another got a scholarship to Harvard to study it and is now some sort of uber-actuary. [There weren't that many of us taking it, either. Maybe a dozen took it as a major.] Best taken in conjunction with something else, though, and only worth doing well.

  793. KG says:

    While the guy who said he’s an Aerospace Engineering major is cool, I’d have to say mine would be the #1 most useful major if you were to do an inverse of this list: Computer Science.

    And whoever said Social Work is a useless major is very incorrect. My girlfriend has an MSW in Social Work from Boston College and is now a clinician working with abused and neglected children. She gives these children some form of stability and care in their lives when their parents / siblings have gave them none. If that’s not useful I don’t know what is.

    I agree on most of these, Philosophy and English Lit in general. My girlfriend’s best friend has a masters degree in English and now she’s a paralegal assistant that proofreads and files legal documents all day. Whoop dee doo. I have a friend that “majored” in Philosophy (i say “majored” because the “major” only consisted of 10 required courses, while to put it in context, Computer Science had 23 required courses) and now he’s a construction worker.

  794. Tamar says:

    Hmm I’m a Philosophy major and I don’t find it useless. But then again I’m not planning to actually WORK with my philosophy degree. I’m going to Med School so yea I took philosophy because I actually LIKE it. I find no point in wasting away money to be miserable for 4 years in a major I don’t like just to make money. 18-22 (depending on how old you are when you graduate) is the time to actually enjoy life.

  795. Pete says:

    Well, I minored in Latin instead of majoring in it. So yeah, there I am.

    I laughed when I read the description, because you’re right. There is no new Latin needing to be translated. Just the same ol’ same ol’ being worked on again and again.

    While I never have worked for Subway, I did do a stint at a copy shop. I can totally relate to that part of the description, but now I’ve got a job where I actually get to use Latin. So I’ll think of this post and really laugh when I deposit my paycheck.

  796. mark says:

    I’m a guy with a minor in Women’s Studies. I won’t even put it on a resume.

  797. PS says:

    dudes, rape is not funny.

    Rape is never funny.

  798. LegoRemix says:

    Chill out guys. Seriously, just look at the name of the website, HOLYTACO, Doesn’t sound like a serious research insitituion to me. The writer is just trying to poke some fun at some “useless” majors. Honestly, If your so stuck up the butt you can’t even laugh at your self, then you have a problem. Just Chill out people, why are people BAWWWing and RAGGING over an article that was just meant in jest. Im an engineering student, and regularly take jokes about my major. I don’t fly into a rage and defend it. Just calm down. Stop being so hard up, its not like the guy cursed your mother , sheesh.

    And they say engineer students have no lives.

  799. Tobi S. says:

    Half the people commenting can’t take a joke. This why I hate some people, they can’t just enjoy some stupid comedy, and just enjoy base entertainment. Why do people always have to act smug, offended, or take it to philosophical/political level, when they don’t find something funny. A simple “Dude, that wasn’t cool” would suffice. Honestly, People GROW UP, and I don’t mean learn big words, and go to college but just learn how to take a joke in stride. You westerners are so hyper-sensitive and politcally correct, just laugh it off. There were no death threats, nothing serious, Jesus, You don’t have to take so much offense to everything or go “internet psycologist/anaylzer” or the post.

    This is why I have trouble, integrating here in the US, people are so freaking hard up about everything. Jimmany. Learn2 to find humor in your own situation, Just because some guy , you’ll never meet, made post, that called your major useless IN JEST, doesn’t mean he’s some “vapid american”, or he’s someone launching personal attacks.

    This post wasn’t thought out or researched ON PURPOSE. IT WAS FOR FUN. Its people like you who ruin the internet by TAKING EVERYTHING WAY TOO SERIOUSLY.

  800. LegoRemix says:

    @ UCLAcrewDude

    Is that sum Chris Rock?

    Nice to see that someone out all these people has a sense of humor, lighten up. The writer probaly knows that you can be successfully with any degree, and was just joshing around or even trolling for your reactions. Just laugh at your self for once. You guys are so stressed out about what this one guy sees, you must have raised your blood pressure a few points.

    From what I see with you people, I’d rather be stupid and ignorant and know how to have fun, make a semi-decent living, but still enjoy my life and take a joke, and be a cog in some giant machine, then be smart, enlightened, wealthy, in all the best social circles, with the best accreditions, and be so stressed out and high strung I can’t take a joke.

    Seriously, life is too short to get so worked up.

  801. Amanda says:

    I have a BS in Geology and working on my MS. I have companies trying to bribe me out of grad school so I can work for them. The world is desperate for geologists.

    Be a geologist!

  802. GeradaIDSOF says:

    Man, I read almost all the comments on this page, now I am fucking depressed. I’m finally a senior, just one year of college left to go… now I gotta look for a job to pay off student loans. Thankfully I studied business management, so maybe I can get a job where I can sleep under my desk when the boss isn’t looking.

    Overall, I don’t think your major matters as long as you are really studying something you really enjoy. Money doesn’t matter either. Anyone can make money… pimps, drug dealers, strippers, etc. make money… so if you really want money, you have no excuses, education or not, just get out there and hustle.

    And let’s face it, yeah, college is kind of a scam nowadays. If you’re a white middle class kid it’s just what everybody else “does” and what you’re supposed to do too. It has its uses… it exposes you to new people and new ideas in a safe environment. It’s an ideal place to find a marriage partner. It helps you start a career, if you’re into that.

    But it does cost a lot of money. Damn.

  803. rs says:

    Leisure Studies….that says it all.

  804. Hooblew the Emu says:

    The Idiot and The Oddity were written in Geek, as someone may have mentioned.

  805. Amaya says:

    General Studies. My exboyfriend had this as his degree. Pretty much you go to college for four years and take whatever classes you want. It’s for the those that aren’t smart enough for college, but want to put it on their resumes, or for those that don’t want to study and just want to have fun in college, or lastly, those who “don’t know what they want to do in their life” and end up floating from low-paying job to low-paying job for their entire lives.

  806. Dana says:

    :) I have a lit degree and as someone mentioned above, a TAFE (Aussie version of Community College) degree in Music Buisiness. The statistic in Australia is any of the Arts have a 4% placement in related careers.

    So… I worked in Music Business for 7 years before getting my lit degree and now work as a paid writer. I guess I am a statistical anomoly – but – I totally agree that they are both completely useless areas of study because if I hadn’t told the employers that I had them, they wouldn’t have asked, and I still would have had the same jobs :) Luckily, the music biz one was free and the lit one cost a whole 13,000 dollars (paid off $1410 so far).

  807. weezy says:

    COmmunications/Film degree. Most folks will indeed become Production Assistants
    until they move up and join a crafts guild (carpenter. set painter , property,wardrobe, art department,camera ) earn between 60 – 70K per year
    working their asses off with weird hours (6am call!) but hey -didja think you would
    be hanging with Steven Spielburg or Joel and Ethan Coen? Then some guild will strike for 100 days (Writer’s Guild ) thus costing you between 6-8K per month- then they accept the almost identical contract offered by Motion Picture Producers back in nov 07. Now Screen Actors Guild may strike . Welcome to the Circus!
    I don’t think anyone give a shit about your degree in the film business-unless you went to USC and made valuable contacts for use later! The Film business is really a crap shoot but hey almost 20 years later it’s still fun!

  808. djazzie says:

    hmmm…I have an english degree and a communications degree…and I’m making a pretty decent living in public relations. so….pppppbbbbtttt! Granted, I owe about enough in student loans that won’t be paid off until I’m about 60.

  809. Rae. says:

    Ouch. Well, that is not the major I chosen for college, but at least I know now which major and/or minor to avoid.

  810. Anonymous says:

    The thing you forgot is that with almost any subject, if you go far enough with your degree you can probably end up teaching it.

  811. BIG DICK says:


  812. BIG DICK says:


  813. BIG DICK says:


  814. BIG DICK says:


  815. BIG DICK says:


  816. MARIA says:


  817. kate says:

    Ok, so now, go ahead with TEN MOST USEFUL MAJORS!

  818. kim says:

    kegan: my cousin got a musical theatre degree and is now on broadway. definitely not useless.

  819. CJ is a waste says:

    Criminal Justice degrees and Paralegal degrees are also a waste. I have an Associates in Paralegal Studies from a technical college and a Bachelors in Criminal Justice from a 4 year University. If you want to be a security guard fine, make under 10.00 an hour, and live on the system for food stamps.

    There are limited positions for this degree, im serious, oh and I already had the Private Investigator license prior to college, which I received through work experience. Private Investigations is very dangerous, litigious and can be down right criminal if you are not careful.

    Hmm, maybe I will go back to school for another 4 years and spend another 35,000.00.

  820. CWii says:

    Bitching was qued. Set sail to “wtf this is bullshit” island.

  821. boomshacalaka says:

    these guys get paid for everyone of us that reads this page

    give writing to them…they get money for every click

    congrats to the authors..i would love to learns how to make a list that pisses people off enough that you can make money for everytime they need to rant at you

  822. Elizabeth says:

    I am a communications major – graduated four years ago. I frantically chose that degree after being an art major for 2 1/2 years, then freaking that I might not make it as an artist. I thought I was at risk for sleeping beneath an interstate overpass. Well, as I sit here in my gray-walled cubicle with no natural light in sight, I can thank my so-called ‘exciting’ communications degree for delivering me to my secretarial position, which is a waste of my knowledge and creativity. Based on my experience, I believe communications should only be pursued by those specifically interested in either journalism or public relations. Any time I’ve had the opportunity to share my experiences with those thinking about going to college, I make sure to give them a truthful account of those experiences in relation to where I am today.

    I am now going back to school for registered nursing, with the belief that I can make a difference in someone’s life, and also make enough money that I can start a side business as an artist and support my husband’s carpentry business, too. And pay off my enormous student loan debt, of course…

  823. KON says:

    I believe this list is mostly accurate. Its not so much that these majors are useless, its just that they are so easy to pass that everyone chooses it for lack of creativity, drive, or vision.

    To the above ppl that believe otherwise and claim that they have the most lucrative jobs in the world, think of it this way…had you not gone to college for your useless degree, could you possibly do your job still? I think more times than not, the answer would be yes. You few are the exceptions to the rule. You are lucky or perhaps genius, but make no mistake your major in comm, phil, poli, etc did nothing to advance your career. You really know nothing more than a half way decent High school student. All the ppl that end up in “administrative assistants” (your a secretary, much like the sanitation engineer is a janitor).

    Lets not talk about the few that made it but the majority of these majors floundering in dead end jobs. I am extremely biased and somewhat of a numbers man. Its all about probability. I chose engineering and just out of college i live well and debt free (much like the rest of my engineering bretherin).

  824. Vicki says:

    Music anything is pretty much a worthless degree. You work your ASS off for four to five years (six if you go to a small school and if you like the bar a little too much….) and then get into the real world and see people like britney spears and gwen stefani making the big bucks in the money field. Even if you get an education certificate, so many schools are cutting and/or completely dropping their music education departments that you’ll probably not find a decent job in any place worth living. Only if you’re very lucky, good at your craft, and probably highly attractive will you be able to move on in the performance area. But other wise, have fun moving up the ladder at Arby’s.

  825. Jen says:

    Alright so I am a Lit. Major and although this has basicly already been said I must say that anyone who thinks that any of these degrees are easy and a free pass is out of their mind. The problem with this country is that we only measure intelegence and worth by money, math, and science. If it wasnt for literature and philosophy your fortune 500 companties would cease to exist. I’m not saying I have the most useful major by itself but lit and philosophy are some of the most basic pre. to go on to higher degrees and control your companies. Further more most other countries veiw majors like music, dance, and languages as some of the most useful degrees. Who do you trust… a person who can read, or a person who actually understands what they are reading. All majors are useful and this list is truly biased and had no thought put into it beyond the initial “wow haha I’m to lazy to use my own brain so these are dumb!”

  826. kate says:

    Wow. Music therapy is a very well respected major. There’s is actually a lot of research to prove it. You obviously don’t go to college because then maybe you’d learn a thing or two about other people’s major.

  827. Dr. says:

    Not everyone is able to get into a prestigious and prosperous career such as blogging. Not to mention how impressive it is to women…
    Some of us can only be blog commenters as we strive for the excellence achieved only by someone who was able to develop a following of readers, who after 2 weeks at their local community college, realized that higher education was not necessary anyway.

  828. Chris says:

    This is just some idiot ranting.

  829. Carolina de Witte says:

    Hmm…I graduated with an art history degree, and have lived all over the world cos of it. I worked for many years at Christies of London for starters, then was able to pick and choose jobs from a huge list of offerings after that. My daughter was a communications major and has worked for many large companies since her graduation. To say that she is ‘upwardly mobile’ is an understatement. My ex husband was an English lit major for his undergrad degree, he has since gone on to get his PHD and teaches at a very prestigious university. Please, there are only worthless people, not worthless degrees. Exactly what degrees do YOU feel are worth having, if I may be so bold as to ask?

  830. anonymous says:

    “Also, many in the film world will not take you seriously if you HAVEN’T attended film school. They want to know you’re serious, and don’t need tons of extra training.

    Just sayin.”

    LOL. On the contrary I’ve met people who say they specifically throw away resumes from film school grads. Reason being- they are afraid that the person will think they know everything because they went to film school and are now some egotistical etc. etc. and already calls themselves a director just for doing one short. They’d actually just rather hire someone who didn’t go to film school and is willing to admit what they know and don’t know. Also, they’re likely to work HARDER to compensate for not going to film school. I’ve also heard many a story about being laughed at after disclosing they either just got out of film school or are still in it. Disclaimer: Film school is for a certain type of person. If it works for you, then great. However, I’ve never heard of anyone holding the fact that you didn’t go to film school against you.

    Just for fun, here is one of my favorite quotes regarding film school:
    (Peter Hyams talking to Syracuse film students)
    -”Ok, let me ask you something. When you guys get out into the film industry, what do you think your first job will be?
    -”I’ll tell you. You’re going to work on a film set and you’re probably going to be doing something stupid and menial, like making sandwiches. And once you’ve worked on that set for two or three months, you’re going to learn everything about film that everyone else has learned in school.
    -”So what you have to ask yourselves is this: can you make sandwiches as well as those kids from USC and UCLA?

  831. Sasha says:

    first comment.

  832. Paula says:

    I think it’s so sad that many of the commentors profess to be college graduates, yet don’t know the difference between the plural and possessive forms of so many words.

  833. This is so amusing. Realisic people, being beseiged by idealists who love the rewards of their music therapy part/time job, and must spend 13 paragraphs trying to sell me on it. Then the communications or business majors, who, despite what they may claim, are not getting a Bachelor’s Degree in Comm. and getting a job that they aren’t juiced into. Business majors:you are the sheep tha follow sheep. You will not find work.

    Advertising, marketing,,you people are pure evil, and care about nothing. Marketing is definitely the dirtiest, most repulsive major. Just tattoo ‘Biggot’ on your forehead.

    The trick is this: The drones who want to make a decent living, so they can afford a ‘nice house’ and ‘two nice cars’, will do well in Accounting. But you have to be willing to be a total slave in a cubicle.

    Those who study religion (unless they study geo-politics and are not out to push more of these ridiculous books written by their ‘God and Saviour’ on the youth of this country, but rather study the religions in an attempt to free people from religion) are utter lunatics. There is no truth to you religion. Wake up. You’ve been played by the oldest division method ever.

    I, personally, realized that in order to do what I wanted to do, I would have to find a very non-traditional school. Then, still recognizing it was going to be a bureaucratic nightmare, a lot of bullsh8t I didnt need tacked on at the last minute, and I would have to deal with them trying to deny transfrs from a school that offered the same 100 and 200 level corses they require, before you move into your area of expertise.

    I joined the A.C.L.U. because I was told I had ADD at 15. That allowed me to acquire an attorney, and let her deal with the administraion in charge of ‘learning disabilities.
    I’m bi-sexual, so that was another fear anchor, that was hardly embarassing at a liberal arts school geared towards the Arts, modern and classic, and Multi-media technology.

    I immediately established myself with the Anti-defamation league, alhough I am not Jewish.
    After a year of attempts, I recieved a letter from Rev. Louis Farakhan, verifying my rare capacity to establish loyalty, through understanding truth through empathy and personal experience.

    None of those things are lies. In fact, they are what I’m in school for. I needed a vehicle, to show square society (i.e., a B.A.), so they would assess credibility to the career I already had a mass of knowledge and personal experience in, before going to college.

    It has been very much tailored to my interests and I ‘ll have a job with my choice of companies that deal in what I do. This is because I started networking with people in the city (a big city), who were establshed, as soon as I moved here.

    You can make your bullsh7t college experience more than it could ever be, but you have to know what you want and you have to dodge red tape at all costs.

  834. Jacquie says:

    Are you someone with one of these degrees? If you took the time and effort to publish this, you must not have much of a productive lifestyle.

  835. Ian says:

    Is it true John Popper majored in the harmonica ?

  836. Jeremy says:

    Wow i wish i was as naive and arrogant as the asshole who came up with this list! It’s sad that we assign value to a degree based upon what kind of job you can get with it! Some people go to college to expand there mind and grow wiser or to just do something they enjoyI really don’t see how you can call that worthless!!

  837. Colin says:

    well, you forgot teaching these things to other people who want to teach these things…and it just goes on and on in a pointless but entertaining cycle

  838. Kevin says:

    i think i know the guy in the first picture – the smoking one.
    his name is chris meyers and is slightly gothic (pierced his nipples for fuck’s sake) and he teaches art in a bloody CHRISTIAN school.
    how fucking ironic is that.
    if thats not him well it sure looks ike him hahaa

  839. Cunt says:

















  840. Alex says:

    Ha. Has the blogger been to college? does he/she know that the main thing college teaches someone is responsibility, how to live outside your parent’s basement (where they probably blog from) and to follow your passion? You know what, go ahead, major in Business. Enjoy being a corperate slave in a cubicle under the watchful hum of flourescent lights. I’ll be “playing pretend” as one commenter said on stage, eking out a meager existance and doing what I love every day. Work to live? Nope, if you do what you love, you Live to Work. (byt the way, a philisophy major is a great way to get into law, like a lawyer) So, please, don’t let this guy/gal discourage you when you’re picking a focus for school. Follow your passion, work your ass off, and you’ll make it. As long as you don’t type in all caps…

  841. Anonymous says:

    whoever came up with this list is completely FULL OF SHIT and a TOTAL FUCKING TARD !!!

  842. HISTORYMAJOR says:

    Every major you can think of has research that proves its respectability. Does that mean that you should run out and get a degree in Dance or Surfboarding?

    Get with the program. Music therapy is a vocational program, not a pursuit of higher learning.

  843. Yooblew The Emu says:

    The Idiot and The Oddity were written it PIG Latin, Moron!!

  844. HISTORYMAJOR says:

    “production skills, cameras, editing, those are actual abilities that are needed some place”

    You mean a film studio. Those skills are needed in a film studio, not “some place.”

    I am guessing that you probably got your degree in film… and I am also guessing that you smoke too much green ganja.

    The other degrees that you listed teach real skills. The skills that you listed are skills used at very, very, very few jobs. Editing film? Are you serious? Maybe if you are making home movies… not at a job!

  845. HISTORYMAJOR says:

    But a major in Klingon teaches real skills… like.. uh.. err… damn. WINNER!!! EPIC WIN!

  846. BBA-CIS says:

    I had a friend once, that had a degree in CS. He married a woman that had dropped out of college, and wanted to return. She went back to college, got a BA in Medieval Literature, while he worked, (from home, long distance, supporting our customers). But wait there’s MORE. She went on and got a masters in Medieval Romance Literature (while he contined supporting them both). But WAIT theres more! She continued on and got a PHD in Italian Medieval Romance Literature, while my friend worked to make a living for both of them. After she got her PHD, she divorced him, and was hired on at a University, far away, CONTINUING THE CYCLE of teaching stupid classes to MORE stupid students. So the moral is get a CIS degree, so you can emulate John, and support your ex-wife-to-be.

  847. brad says:

    16 Century Dutch Art… that was my major.

  848. Instead of being pessimistic and telling everyone why theyre majors are pointless and how they wont accomplish anything why dont you provide students with productive ideas- majors that are needed or “you” think one will be able to succeed in. College students fret enough over what to do with theyre future and an article like this isnt going to help someone who is unsure of what to do with theyre lives, it will probably just scare them off the path they are on. The truth is that 70% of people out there in the corporate world or job force arent even affiliated with a career that is in line with their degrees. Employers dont look at your degree and say oh, hes an art history major hes worthless to us, what they look for is how that art history major presents himself in the interview, how well they communicate to the interviewer, what that person could bring to the table that someone that might have a degree in that field cant. Theyre are plenty of jackasses out there with buisness degrees that go to apply for a job they are well qualified for and dont get it because of theyre lack of personality, communication, tenacity, intelligence, and so on so forth. It is true that BA degrees dont carry as much weight as they used to, this is mostly in part to the trend of getting a college degree, 20 years ago half the amount of people were graduating with college degrees, this made them more valuable, now that everyone in our generation seems to be getting a degree in something or another a masters degree is much more valued. The point is though that it is the person, the individual that is going to make a difference to the employer, and to their own future, not a piece of paper that says congratulations for sitting in classrooms for four or more years. If you believe in yourself and push yourself and strive to be a successful person then that piece of paper really means exactly what it is, nothing.

  849. Howard says:

    College itself is worthless.

    Does anyone here actually have a job where their college classes taught them what they needed to know?

  850. Bill says:

    This article was poorly researched. I for one am a Philosophy major, and it leads into business, law, politics, and several other career paths.

  851. sgt says:

    Bible was written in Hebrew (Old Testament) and in Greek (New Testament).

    Try again.

  852. Bart says:

    @ Lauren

    Why does everyone always say that? “Money doesn’t buy happiness.”

    Bullshit… money may not buy happiness, but owing everyone tons of money because your job sucks buys sadness and despair pretty fucking fast.

    Pick something that makes you happy… AND scores you cash.

    I major in Information Technology (IT) because I can use a computer and understand how they work etc.

    It’s something I’m good at, something I enjoy, and something that will yield a large paycheck.

  853. Bob says:

    Actually you can get a major in Klingon, which is about the most worthless thing you can do ever, plus it completely crushes your social status.

  854. College says:

    Spot on mate!
    Fantastic pic selection.
    Maybe you will soon have to add to your list the “LESBIAN & GAY STUDIES” from University of Chicago Center for Gender Studies

  855. Freshman Han Solo says:

    No degree for me, just need my wits and my Wook pal! LooL361


    LOL at Latin picture! You’re evil!

  857. Bryan says:

    Howard- I was a construction management major so a few of my classes have come in handy, but most everything was learned while I was an intern (which was required in order to graduate) and then on into my first couple years as a full time employee…. but could I have been just as good at my job now without ever going to college? YES… but would I have ever gotten my foot in the door and been trusted to manage multi-million dollar jobs without a college degree… Not a chance in hell..

    A college degree will get your foot in the doors and just shows a company you have the ability to learn and enjoy whatever your area of concentration was…. If you majored in art history it showed you are really into art and enjoy it..That doesn’t mean anyone else will care about it or you enough to give you a job though.
    Also if you pick a B/S major like Music Therapy is shows employers that you wanted the easy way through college and are going to continue doing as little as possible to get by, good luck ever getting a real job or even a serious interview when anyone who reads your resume thinks your are a slacker who majored in taking the easiest classes possible….

  858. ilogic23 says:

    Wow.. Wow are you serious? ARe they simply useless majors because they don’t make you money?
    wow.. this is the end of knowledge as once was known…i hope you are being sarcastic.. and not realistic.. since in reality… most “useful” majors.. are pointless majors.. that go and come.. such as accounting, finance.. whereas if you study philosophy you can see where notions of systems came from, and how things came about to exist. but of course.. if you neglected to study philosophy the right way.. and focused on the “supposed” life style of someone studying philosophy you are totally … well that’s your ignorance not mine.. good luck to you.. stay here .. and waste your useless words on a blog… good luck..

  859. Greg says:

    A film degree is MUCH for useful than a ton of shit on this list, because it at least teaches you a certain skill set… production skills, cameras, editing, those are actual abilities that are needed some place. Degrees like religion, lit, philosophy, don’t actually teach you to DO anything

  860. sgtrask says:

    Yeah, well the people who take these degrees usually have rich parents and end up working for them.

  861. Anonomous says:

    No further education is entirely useless. It’s what you take from it that will help you after college, combined with the people you have met who will also, hopefully, be moving on to bigger things.

  862. D-Rox says:

    I am not a Comm. graduate… but I would not put it in this league… add some management stuffs… comm. major is useful… I second this list 100%…

    … man am still laughing about it.. philo is the worst major ever.. I tried taking 3 phil gen ed. in 3 diff terms… I somehow end up dropin it in less than 1 week.

    My Top 10 worthless list

    Any Religious Studies (kesh moi aass)
    Philosophy crap
    Any History
    Music/Radiation Therapy
    Language/Literature (pure English major is imp!)
    Theatre/Drama (seats should be limited to 10 per school)
    Gender Studies shit
    Country Studies [American/Asian/European]

  863. Ummm... says:

    Communications is not the study of how people communicate. It’s marketing and journalism and advertising. It’s the nightly news. I realize that public relations takes into account how people perceive things, but it’s nothing like what this “article” makes it sound like. I’m not a communications major, but I just thought I’d point out that apparently the writer of this list majored in religion and is now dumb.

    Also, there are a ton of avenues for an art history degree as well. Not just museums. Restoration, design, business owner, art dealer–all very well-paying if you’re in the right place.

    Dance, philosophy and American Studies are all useless, I agree. As well as women’s studies. I mean, WTF? And why isn’t it included on the list?

    And film is useful if you can actually get a job in it. Plus, it teaches you a lot of skills that come in handy in other careers so it’s not useless.

    But still, any degree will get you a better job than no degree. And English Lit could POSSIBLY get you an editing job, but not likely since you studied reading rather than the English language.

  864. Social Authentication says:

    FYI: MOST jobs can be done MOST people, unless it is very specialized e.g. medical sciences or Aerospace science. However, you are missing the main point of education: It is SOCIAL AUTHENTICATION. Once you have received a degree from a authentic university. Its an assurance to society, economy and industry that you have successfully completed a structured system. As such, you can be entrusted with carrying out a responsible job in a responsible organization. DO NOT FOOL YOURSELF BY COMPARING EDUCATION WITH YOUR STARBUCKS STINT! With a degree you will be socially accepted without it you have to seek opportunities in a strip club or gas station or nearest startbucks.

  865. krishna says:

    this assumes that the point of getting a university-level education is to get a job. i know that’s not why i’m a philosophy major. sure, i know that there is limited work in my field – basically academia, writing [if you're really good, and it'll probably go hand-in-hand with academia], and some research [i'm working as an intern with a company doing natural language processing research right now] – but i don’t study because it’ll get me a job, i study because i want to learn. and, while i could go to the library and read myself, it isn’t the same as studying under a brilliant professor and having discussions in a group atmosphere.

    plus there are always lots of chicks at universities.

  866. Digg Reader says:

    Dispite that this is for the most part 100% true, you missed the #1 job to fulfill these majors…TEACHING THEM, lol. Other than that, not much else to do unless you just want to take a class or 2 just to know.

  867. Rob says:

    Even those Mormon missionaries pictured for Religion are smart enough not to pursue religion as a degree. They only do that for 2 years.

  868. Scott says:

    My balls bleed at regular intervals and it’s starting to scare me…

  869. DC says:

    I have two communication degrees – Bachelor’s and Master’s.

    2 Degrees = 0 Transferable Skills and 2 Insanely High GPA’s.

    One of my friends is Art History and Communication, but she actually works for an auction house where her skills both come into play, who knew?

    Great list :)

  870. ashley l says:

    @ amanda
    I know! now what the hell are we supposed to do? what with all these people bashing every degree that sounds slightly intresting. I’m so lost!!

  871. SS says:

    you act as though we had a choice in what country we were born in. you can say what you like about americans, the truth is that most of us agree with you. and if you have nothing better to do than bash people for something that we can’t control, then you’re no better than the “vapid americans” you accuse us of being. go back to your filthy rat’s nest and read mein kampf until you choke on some spotted dick, asshole.

  872. Ja says:


  873. Brian says:

    So, not sure I agree about communications. That was my degree and in the past 8 years since graduating I now earn six-figures (and that’s in a small rural state). Helps not to be stupid and honestly, most employers hire the person and train them. Degree doesn’t matter as long as it’s from a real university and you’re not a creep.

    Others were funny. Though the religion majors I know work for the government in various foreign occupations and as far as philosophy, i’ll have to think about that.

  874. Bob Manis says:

    All your degree shows is how trainable you are, most of the degrees on this list show that you are not very trainable and for the most part to lazy to get a real degree that dose something useful for society. And yes, I to can do a google search for “famous majors and come up with a hand full of name of people that got that degree and made it, wow your degree still sucks and you are still lazy!

  875. joe says:

    kinesiology baba, PE

  876. thevarrior says:

    “There are two types of students. The “smart ones that spend all of their time studying, wasting hours of their lives reading every page and memorizing every fact and then the “intelligent ones who drink/smoke/party more than just about any other group on campus and still take home the scholarships, top grades etc. – the difference is the second group has the system figured out. They know how it works, and make it work for them. ”

    … You’re kidding me, right? If you want any kind of success in grad school beyond your half-assed barely-passing degree from Ass Science University (ASU) – and grad school is the one which actually matters since that’s where professional education comes in – then drinking/smoking/partying all the time is not going to get you the fuck anywhere. It’ll get you to fail graduate school, medical school, or any other type of higher education worth a damn.

    Yes, any schmuck with some loans and an average SAT score can go to college. The difference is, once in college, unless you take your education further and actually get somewhere, it means absolute jack.

  877. mcsuede says:

    This article is ridiculous. Any major is the same as the next, it’s what you do with it. Many of the majors listed here are in fields that are always looking for young hotshots and have huge opportunities for wealth or easy living if leveraged correctly. Cultural jobs in particular are of much higher demand then people realize, and many of them cannot be outsourced!

    A major is only worthless if you do nothing with it, the world isn’t going to hand you the perfect job after you graduate you have to earn it–no matter what acronyms your diploma has.

    It’s pretty obvious that you didn’t actually research any of the job fields related to these majors and instead just spouted your cliched opinions. Classy. Another win for the blogosphere.

  878. Luke says:

    Uh, the last three seasons of Lost were bad ass.

  879. Fudge Bucket says:

    So glad I dropped out of high school and learned how to hustle and make my own money. I’m not independently wealthy and have a few college grads taking shit from me. Life is sweet.

    Have fun with those useless degrees, suckers!

  880. RamblingDad says:

    Double major…. (theology, communication with minors in photography and journalism) ….earned from six different colleges or universities in two countries over the course of a 16-year military career.

    Now I am director of marketing and IT for a small company in the small town I grew up in…thank God the Army paid for most of it.

    Interestingly, I can earn more playing poker and selling books I’ve written than my day job creating advertisements, websites or fixing computers.

  881. Political Science / IR major says:

    Yeah, you’re right. political science is useless, even though it is the most popular major for people that go to law school, and philosophy comes in handy if you ever want to debate anyone about anything. Yep, sounds pretty worthless.

    It is especially useless if you ever want to become an elected official, score some awesome contacts, study military science, understand contracts, etc.

    The largest group of employees in the world receive their paycheck from the government. And if you’ve never worked for a political campaign, you probably don’t know how much money you get to play with.

    But i’m majoring in International Relations as well, so i plan to go to ride the wave of globalization that leaves single language com and business majors working for Target distribution.

  882. JL says:


    Seems the system is working out nicely for you, since you obviously have a great deal of free time on your hands at 10am on a Wednesday, when most people with jobs would be at work. I am still in school, which is why I was able to waste 15 minutes of my life reading this, but you are apparently working at the “#3 Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Firm in the nation”, which makes me question why, if you have such a lucrative job, you aren’t actually doing any work.

  883. bryan says:

    @mcsued: my god your right, the guy that gave me my food and Taco Bell had a degree from the above list, wow how could we have all been so closed minded enough to think that these people cant get jobs, you know it just hit me the guy that picks up my trash as a Philosophy degree. lets face it college is not what it used to be, for most students its a party on the parents/governments dime.

  884. curtis says:

    i like what rambling dad said. i have an MBA and a BS in Decision Sciences from a TOP business school. i have two boys. 11 and 8. i owned my own multi million dollar company.

    i am STRONGLY encouraging my kids to study whatever they want, as long as they enjoy it and learn lots of cool stuff. any of the majors would be fine with me.

    business degrees are essentially pointless. they cant teach you anything in business school EXCEPT accounting, finance and econ (which isnt really a biz school major) that is at all usefule in the real world

    normally, i find you on point and funny. however, you clearly are showing your age with this one. especially dance. i took some dance and dated all the hot chicks. including my teacher.

    any of those majors sound great. you can always push pencils in some corporate CUBICLE job. doesnt take much to goto powerpoint meetings and look at excel spreadsheets.

  885. Funny says:

    I was a Communications grad in 04′ from a Liberal Arts school and just hit six figures working in advertising. Good thing I wasted my time pursuing that degree.

  886. Neon says:

    I checked this list because I thought the degree I’m going for would be on here. My current goal is a B.A. in Japanese with a minor in business. To the people who dis political science and philosophy majors, they are moderately useful. A four year degree is useful regardless of what it’s in but yes, some are worse than others. Philosophy majors can, theoretically, get jobs working in federal law enforcement. Film is something you shouldn’t have to go to school for, either you’re good at creating films or you’re not.

  887. Duece says:

    You forgot Hospitality Majors. They get credits for drinking and partying and their only hope for a job is hotel manager which are held onto tooth and nail.

  888. amanda says:

    now i dunno what to do for collage D:

    ok how about majoring in chemisrty i like making things blow up :o

    i wanna do sumthan with animals like a vet…what would a major in then??

    im so confused now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  889. Hasan says:

    I know for certain that religion majors are in great demand through out the world. Especially majors in Islam.

  890. ICTrocks says:

    come on Im going to study ICT in NL. Theres going to be 12000 too few. Now, i get an awesome salary, a hot car, and I am even allowed to get a game and if the job sucks I can threated with quitting XD

    what else do u want? a flirting class? good chance the boss would provide it by then :P

  891. LOL says:

    This is why people in Europe actually enjoy their lives, have lots of time off to travel the world, enjoy better sex lives, eat great food and drink wine with friends until late into the night, etc.

    Americans are duped every step of the way from cradle to grave. From kindergarten onwards, it’s all about pledging your allegiance to the flag, taking tests, obeying authority and becoming an unthinking cog in the chariot wheel of the well-connected elites who rule over you in business and government.

    Keep sucking it for pocket change with little time off to relax or get to know your own kids and then think about how good you got ass-raped from your vapid American culture while you waste away with cancer on your death beds.

    Also, I lol’d hard at all the butt hurt comments on this page written by people who were too overeducated to know when they were getting trolled by a blogger with a sense of humor.

    Be proud of yourselves, losers!

  892. gmh says:

    Computer Science is the way to go right now. I just graduated in April, and I’m making 80K/year, as are nearly all of my friends, who were hired either before they graduated, or directly thereafter.

  893. me! says:

    lol… lmao… LMFAO!!!
    That was funniest thing I’ve read in YEARS!

  894. Youareallstupid says:

    My man Bartus Wabacus list 12 succesful philosophy majors and says that philosophy is a good major. Someone must not realize how many people graduate with that degree. Those 12 people probably make up .00001% of the number of people with a philosophy degree.

    Electrical Engineering all the way.

    P.S. Who ever say they are a civil engineering major so they dont have to worry is wack too.

  895. Slave to the corporation says:

    I don’t care who you are, Best majors for practicallity are Business, Accouting, nursing, and Teaching. everything else is a crap shoot!!! I have 2 degrees One in Music production and one in Radio Production and I work as a receptionist and I’m more educated than most radio people…. figure that out. For easy money work for the post office 18 an hour to start!!!! or find a trade job

  896. Chris says:

    “# Tickaz Says:
    June 4th, 2008 at 7:18 am

    I studied 2 years of a 3 years Physics degree before realising it was useless and shit. I now work in “management at a fast food restaurant”

    errrrrmm… I know 2 people who did Physics (straight Physics – in Britain we tend not to do minors but can choose classes from a set list). One is being paid £25,000 ($50,000) to conduct a study WHILE she is doing her Phd. She isn’t even working yet. The other is earning £55,000 ($110,000). He is 26.

    Useless and shit?

    And to be honest I would advise anyone to go to university, for any degree. Attending it seems to make people a whole lot more mature. They think differently about the world and more independently, they are less prepared to follow the status quo, and it is those people who change the world for the better. I suspect that if there were 280 million graduates in the US, you would not have blindly followed Bush when he said “duhhh yeah there are WMDs in Iraq”. And then voted him in again.

    Who can guess whether this guy is a graduate or not?:

    “hooligan Says:
    June 3rd, 2008 at 6:01 pm

    Gaaaaay bro

    That had me cracking up!

    My brother got a minor in latin and he makes me want to kill him”

  897. this world sucks says:

    Wow. My only aspiration in life of becoming a producer have been demolished

  898. James says:

    Marketing is the lamest of them all! Just a bunch of Rolex wearing no talents that are riding someone else’s coattails, then comes communication degree; please tell me you have a vagina if you go for that one. Liberal arts are for pole smokers as well.

  899. Lauren says:

    Try this one:

    Vocational Agriculture…otherwise known as Voc. AG.

    Kids go to four years of university to learn how to be a farmer like their folks.

  900. Lauren says:

    I’m probably just repeating what everyone else has already said but, who cares if your major doesn’t land you a six figure job? If that’s what you’re worried about, then put aside being happy and do everything you can to become a doctor, or a lawyer, etc. However, if happiness matters to you, then do what you like and things will turn out fine as long as you stay motivated.

    LOST rocks, the last three seasons rocked my socks off!

  901. Marilynlov says:

    The pic of the art history majors is hilarious!!!
    I think the most fall back jobs for all these people is actuall call centers or banks. I have met people with everyone of these degrees.

  902. c helms says:

    Props for the Dance major at Ball State University. Also equally worthless is the Music Performance major at Ball State… I only made it to a minor…

  903. Mr. Director says:


    Ok, to start with, most liberal art degrees don’t amount to much. Heck, most degrees don’t amount to anything if you don’t have initiative. What counts is who you are as an individual and what you do with your degree. I resemble degree #1….Art History. But heck, thats just my undergraduate. My masters in in Museum Studies. I have worked in various art and history museums. I currently serve as the Director for a Historical Museum. Sure, there aren’t plenty of jobs out there, but with dedication and a good work ethic you can make it in the field. And you know what? I feel much better educating the public and preserving history than I would crunching numbers, being a plastic surgeon enlarging womens breasts, or countless other bullshit jobs that result in just being another worker bee. So before you feel all high and mighty, get off your high horse and do something that makes society better.

    p.s. Money isn’t everything either. A McMansion and fancy cars won’t make you a happy person. Love, dedication, family, and helping others will.

  904. Eli says:

    The Bible is not in Latin- it’s written in Hebrew, Aramaic, and in Greek.

    Try International Agriculture Development

  905. bahstonGuy says:

    thats strange….i just graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston last year with a Major in Music Therapy….and my starting salary with the music company i work for is 78K

    Maybe you should differentiate people who get the degree and have no fuckin clue what to do with it, and those who have a little vision and drive.

    My friend just graduated from Notre Dame with a degree in accounting, and you know what hes doing? Delivering pizzas in Buffalo, NY.

    Use your heads, people.

  906. American Failures says:

    Sounds like your parents did a fine job of preparing you for the real world outside.

    Oh, that’s right, they were too busy ignoring you and anesthetizing themselves with crappy television to forgot how shitty their own work lives are.

    To all the kiddies reading this: IT’S ALL ABOUT MONEY. Nothing else matters. Study poetry on your free time after you’ve been paid for doing something the world actually wants. Anything related to biotech, nanotech, IT, engineering and the like are good fields to consider.

    If you want to ‘be your own boss’ then see if you can google enough knowledge to start your own small business while you are still at home, mooching off your parents. If you haven’t made your first million by the age of 20, it’s time to pack it in, give up on your entrepreneurial dreams and resign yourself to sucking dick for the rest of your life. So, if you have to suck corporate dick, make sure you are getting paid top dollar to do it (refer to last sentence of paragraph 3)

  907. nonsense says:

    Got my BA is American Cultural Studies
    and Masters in Social Work and I am doing quite fine, thank you very much

  908. matt says:

    i last heard that you could do a degree in golf. don’t think every bachelor in golf could end up as tiger woods. they’ll probably end up as golf ball polishers.

  909. HISTORYMAJOR says:

    I took classes in art history, but didn’t major in it. The scary thing is that art history majors really do look like the people in that picture.

    Yeah yeah yeah, I am totally stereotyping. The truth is, if you haven’t taken courses in art history, then you just don’t know yet, now do you?

    Also, this was in Los Angeles – where people tend to look like that anyway. But – more so in an art history class =)

  910. Tourism Administration/Event Planning major says:

    I’m actually not too concerned about job openings upon graduation. You can work with theme parks, travel agencies, hotels, museums, airlines, cruiselines, chambers of commerce, tourism bureaus, parks, be a corporate event planner, etc. You won’t be making six-figures, but definitiely enough to sustain yourself and then some.

  911. JJ Jenkins says:

    Yeah, but his success has nothing to do with his bullshit degree. :)

  912. Tom Woolf says:

    Post-UVM called it… My dual major of Economics (as close as my school got to “business” or “accounting”) and Political Science prepared me well for the world.

    My options after graduation were:
    – Grad school for Economics – was tired after 16 years of school, and didn’t want to drag that on for another 4-8 years;
    – Grad school for Political Science – ditto (besides, both fall into the “you better have that DR title, or you’re just a better educated lump);
    – Broker – basically, being given a phone book and told to make cold calls to rich folks, trying to convince these people who have spent 20 years in the business world that a greenhorn can teach *them* how to invest;
    – Teacher – C’mon – I just spent 16 years in school… I don’t want to spend the next 40 there, too;
    – Business or Law school – 90% of my fellow Econ/Poli-sci grads went there

    Me – I’m a geek, so I program all day. My degree? Stored in a box somewhere. It did come in handy once, though… I worked for a conglomerate that required you have a degree to rise through the ranks. That degree could be in ANYTHING. A woman who worked with State Taxes got a promotion when she was within reach of her degree, but was threatened with a demotion if she did not finish. Her major? History.

  913. Jim White says:

    Can’t believe Black History wouldn’t have been near the top of the list.

  914. kevin says:


    cue the bitching is right dude!!
    boondock staints rocks

  915. Adolf says:

    That is not a Major, that is a 1/2 credit short course

  916. The Robot Devil says:

    How about Minority or Women’s Studies?

    Spend 4 years of yur life learniing why everything everything bad that ever happened to non-whites and women is your fault.

  917. Religion says:

    Shane Battier majored in religion at Duke. Seems to be doing pretty well…

  918. Packaging Science.

    Why would anyone want to take a class to learn how to make packages?

    I mean I guess this has some applications in the real world, but the packaging science majors definitely got busted on at my college. Most of them were kind of embarrassed when asked what their major was.

  919. JohnnyBGood says:

    how about leisure studies.. wtf????? studying the fine art of leisure

  920. Robert Meaney says:

    Im an engineer, and I realized at my graduation ceremony that even though all the guys in my degree were single and hag a bad case of alcoholism, no matter our GPA we make 55k+ plus a year. The worst part is, I partied with the communications and other majors just as much and saw all the people that worked so hard in their degrees like Art History, and my 2.5 GPA landed me a 60k a year job. Beat your kids if they want to do something like that. I was going to be Political Science, but my dad threatened to cut me off forever. Best decision I ever made going to engineering. See you guys at the reunion. Bitching?

  921. KC says:

    I have a degree in Accounting and yes, you can get a job with it. However, unless your dream job is staring at a computer all-day around menopausal women who graduated from online universities with the same degree as you, then don’t pursue it.

  922. Justin says:

    Ironic that the last useless major listed, Religion, depicts 2 “mormon” missionaries. As it turns out, missionaries of the the “mormons”, or members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints as they prefer to be called, do no have any formal training. I served as a mormon missionary, one year after high school I spend 2 years of my life in Brazil–I learned the language there and had no formal training–just like every other missionary. But I fully agree–a major in religion is a waste of time. I am off to law school after and engineering degree.

  923. other KC says:

    I loved this. I only wish I would have seen this before I got a BS in “Psych”, which is worhtless with out a Dr. in front of your name. Now I am back in school getting a nursing degree.

  924. Michael says:

    You forgot Business Management. I majored in Business Management at Northen Illinois Uninversity and what a mistake. They train you to make CEO type decisions, but don’t tell you that 1 in a 1000 gets to make CEO type managerial decisions and that in order to get ahead, you have to be able to communicate with all types of people. I am now in law school. In order to do excellent in law school, you have to know how to write. Something my Business Management degree never taught me to do.

  925. Peter says:

    higher education a means of keeping all those warm bodies
    out of the job market for four years

  926. Bluto says:

    Who needs a job? I’m a 12th year senior at a major university, working on my fourth major, and I say they’re all worthwhile! Life is sweet when you are living the high life man!

  927. Realistic says:

    Maybe I missed the mark but I didn’t find this funny at all really. Maybe it’s because I’m in college and hear this shit all the time and this really wasn’t original. Maybe it’s because everyone knows you’re not paying for education in college. Sure, you learn stuff, but you go to college to say you went to college and haven’t just been supporting yourself off your blog for the last few years. For the most part, employers don’t care what your degree is.

  928. silentwanderer.. says:

    Does it mean anything? Everyone looks so busy.. I’m not sure if they’re actually doing much of anything though, spinning in hamster wheels everywhere? Slowly inching forward? Snails in the rain. What are they trying to accomplish? How can people stand doing the same thing every single day, over and over and over for years on end? Years of learning all kind diverse subjects and now you’re supposed to just fixate on one single thing and that’s supposed to define one’s life and identity? That’s the sticker you’re supposed to slap on your shell. I still can’t figure out what my thing is. It’s maddening insanity and very expensive. Why not just go to the library if you’re curious about something? Or figure it out yourself? Why does everyone think they have to go to college? I wish I hadn’t. They brainwashed me so hard in school like that was the only option. I was very serious and they praised me for that. I should have played more and chased cute girls. After six years I just couldn’t stand it anymore, so so boring. I could go through the motions but I felt like I had to scream. Can I get my money back? Pretty crazy. Maybe it’s just me that’s crazy, everyone else seems happy doing this stuff.

  929. Emily says:

    Count your blessings. You spared your creativity. Instutitions serve to well, institutionalize. And you don’t have student debt which means you are richER than doctors and lawyers. Sales is a big deal you know, because it drives our economy.

  930. God I hate you people says:

    Ok, people who give outliers to these rules: that is what they are, ouliers. The majority of the people with these degrees end up being jokes. Yes, there are successful people with these degrees, but even these slim few generally have continued on to graduate school of some sort. So to the people who list successful people, why don’t you add “MBA” or what ever else they recieved after their ‘achievement’ of a philosophy degree, because that is the only one that truly matters. And to the asshat who talked about his success with a communications degree from ASU, my guess is mommy and daddy gave you the connections to achieve success, not your ‘true genius’ in knowing the system. In conclusion, this list is pretty accurate, because unless you are an outlier, enjoy your double-wide.

  931. tim says:

    what about physical education

  932. George says:

    I study Latin and have been for four years. It is an exceptional study that allows you to not only understand an ancient civilization’s language but also their culture.

    Also, I can assure you that several prestigious Ivy League universities now require a Latin background to enter their Mathematics courses. Why? Because even if Math and Latin are seemingly unrelated, Latin helps enormously in problem-solving and logic skills crucial to advanced Math studies.

    Latin may be dead, but it certainly dominated the world for 2 500 years…

  933. Justin says:

    You missed Social Work, any ethnic or minority studies and the grandmaster of all parent-pleasers; general studies. That the certificate of attendance of college. You changed your major 14 times and before your parents cut you off, you can say “I graduate this spring.”

    The other two should have a pre-screening process before you can start in these programs for other sources of income after graduation such as trust-funds, lottery winnings or big boobs (women only) so you can actually pay you bills after graduation.

    Defaulting on a student-loan goes hand-in-hand with useless majors.

  934. Garrett says:

    Ebonics. I win

  935. Bob says:

    very very stupid, it doesnt matter what you study it matters what you have to offer from the beginning, very dumb…

  936. MN says:

    I’d say that just about any major not related to the sciences, law, and engineering qualify for this list. As for my BA in AMST, it’s surprising taken me around the world from Asia to Hawaii and now to Europe. I’ve since become a teacher and just got offered a position with the Ministry of Ed in Spain to assist with ESL curriculum development. With an AMST degree, the lucrative next step would be to go to Law School which most of my former colleagues did. Otherwise, look into teaching, community activism, professorships, journalism, and/or editing. There are many paths to take upon acquiring this multidisclipinary concentration. So, while it does appear to be “useless,” on the contrary it does, in fact, have some value.

  937. Mark says:

    I’m not a philosophy major but I think statistics show that they are the most successful at advancing in their careers..I guess probably because they can actually think about how. There is a famous former hedge fund manager, stock trader Tim Sykes who was a phil major…

  938. Didn't have the money anyway says:

    A degree is nice, but I’ve known too many educated idiots to be impressed by that alone. In as much as Americans are expected to change CAREERS four to five times in their lives, it seems that the broadest education is the best choice (philosophy, communication, business, education). As a high school drop-out, my only option was to use my street smarts and my love for reading and research to establish a career in commission-based sales. I earn more than most attorneys, doctors, engineers, and fill-in-the-blanks and, as an independent contractor, I have TONS of freedom. I can even fire my clients if I don’t like them — I’ll just go out and find others. I can also hold my own with the degreed in conversations about politics, the economy, religion and human response. That noted, I regret not having the opportunity to go to university. The idea of the whole experience is to LEARN HOW TO LEARN. As Tofler wrote: “The illiterates of the 21st century won’t be those who can’t read or write, they’ll be the ones who don’t know how to learn, unlearn, and then relearn.”

  939. Dan says:

    Religion is not that useless if you become a priest. Should be replaced with women’s studies.

  940. Stuthehistoryguy says:

    Have to disagree on Philosophy and Religion, mostly because they are such useful majors in preparation for postgraduate work. Philosophy is excellent training for law school, as it’s all about building arguments. Religion is, of course, probably the superlative major in preparing for seminary. Hey, I wouldn’t go into the ministry, but most pastors I know seem quite happy with their choice. Those two don’t belong on here–the others are dead on.

  941. Stuthehistoryguy says:

    Also, in response to many of the posters here, I’d have to agree on General Studies/Liberal Arts. I’ve taught at four colleges, none of which were low class enough to offer these as majors. Shouldn’t be allowed, in my opinion.

  942. silentwanderer.. says:

    Sorry, scratch what I said above.. I had a rough night & was super cranky. Every degree has worth somehow if you can figure out how to apply it.

    I wish they’d had more courses on the big picture. I became lost in the fine details till I lost all inspiration. My major was one of the more practical ones. They just kept taking my money driving me further into debt. They really should be more careful what they allow people to go into. No one ever mentored me or asked about my career choices. What sort of jobs I could get with the degree, what the market is like, what a work day is like, male-female ratio of coworkers, if I’d fit in with the culture, etc. I was only 17 when I started college. Hadn’t a clue what I was doing. It’s frustrating. My own fault though.

  943. drumass666 says:

    @Tara from June 4th:

    Sweetheart, I don’t know how you became one of the lucky ones with your communications degree. You just validated this article with your comment about your Latin degree. You got it on the SIDE and it simply aided you in your career main career path.

    I also think you shoulda left some time to pick up a stats minor because you obviously know nothing of the law of averages. Most of your COMM majors are on oil rigs or fast food joints. All the ones in your office were most likely the cream of the crop (survival of the fittest…get your bio degree) who have a business background in their life–either by major, minor, or internshipo.

    Somewhere down the line–during a hamburger and Chinese take-out night when you’re trying so desprately hard to come up with a pamphlet blurb for that pair of Himalayan hiking boots wearing out in your closet–the thought to procreate with a nuclear engineer to increase the success of your potential offspring and make your womanhood complete will cross your mind. In that case, I have left my website as contact information. Don’t be shy.

  944. Joel Sherlock says:

    What’s up with the Mormon missionaries under the religion degree? I don’t know one Mormon missionary with a religion degree. They’re still too young to have had a chance to finish any post-secondary education and most won’t pursue a religion degree. In fact, I don’t think BYU, a Mormon university, even offers religion as a degree. Might want to rethink your picture, they may know their stuff, but most won’t have their degrees yet.

  945. Quinn says:

    My mother has a masters in communications and she works in the PR department at a college. My boyfriend got his degree in communications and he works for Google.

  946. Inspired One says:

    I graduated w/ a BA in Government and BBA in International Business (w/ minors in English, Asian Studies, History, Philosophy, and Humanities) from The University of Texas at Austin. My guiding light in college was to take whatever class that interested me, to pursue its questions and answered vigorously, and let the chips fall where they may. At UT, there is an inscription on the Tower, “The Truth Shall Set You Free.” I felt then as I do now that it is critical to be true to yourself; we all only have one life to live. Most of us do not want to be old wondering if we lived the life that we were meant to live.

    After college, I worked for one year at a retail store (Dillard’s) making $10 / hour, which is what I wanted to do. All my friends thought that I was crazy, and that I was a loser. Many had taken offers at consulting, accounting, and investment banking firms. It was a struggle, and I often had a hard time making rent and / or buying food. But I pursued my intellectual curiosities w/ a passion. Past great leaders from history inspired me to push myself to the limit, because if I did not succeed in bettering myself, I will have less to contribute to a world that has so many problems and risks. Figures such as Martin Luther King Jr., Ghandi, Jesus, George Washington, Buddha, Joseph Campbell, Abraham Lincoln, General Douglas MacArthur, all provided clues as to trusting your instincts and moral principles as the guiding way to one’s actions.

    I stuck to my guns. I wanted to work at a place that gave me free time to read while at work, and I read all that I could on History, Management, Shakespeare, Philosophy, while getting paid for it (so long as I completed my work tasks). My co-workers wondered what I was doing working there.

    I eventually received my Master’s in Accounting, also from UT Austin. I did this while working part-time and full-time (or doing internships) as a writer / editor, and auditor / consultant for two Fortune 500s.

  947. Inspired One says:

    While this road was full of difficulty — after all I could have taken a stable paycheck somewhere with or without regard to the job’s compatibility w/ my preferences and nature — I now feel that I overcame, and that you elevate yourself best when you do something rigorously, that is right for you. And that people should also be measured by their goals in life. A janitor who works hard everyday to support his children should be admired. A stock broker who does the grind to feed his cocaine habit should be talked to, and convinced out of his addiction. Man has ultimate intrinsic value, each of us are special, and we become more divine when we let the unique magic within come to full fruition when we do things uniquely and with good intention. The world can possess and diversity of divinities, because we can be special in different ways. We can be blessed and grateful for a paycheck doing the things we love. Society will pay us to be happy; will pay us to pursue our passions; but that the only requirement is steadfast dedication, hard work, and the courage to deliver to the world valued deliverables from our honest efforts.

    For many years in my 20′s I did not have a car. But cars, or official degrees, or watches, do not determine your success. Who you are inside, why you do what you do, what you are doing it for, whether or not you have the courage to actualize what you love, these are some of the makings of success.

  948. Inspired One says:

    As I have often told people around me, I would rather have taken a bullet in the head, or in my heart, than to quit my intellectual (and work) pursuits than pursue a steady, stable road that was not right for me. Many people are affected by our actions, whether we like it or not. Our future spouses, our future children and grandchildren, our friends, and all the people we touch, are affected by our choices and actions. What we do, especially when confronted w/ adversity, IS the example. Not words. Our actions are either a warning, or an inspiration to others, in the present or in the future.

    At 30, I am currently a Managing Director at an established Investment Bank. This does not define me. All the extreme struggles I went through, overcoming the odds, attempting to help others, trying to be an example to others, are more of the qualities that do. Funny, as a senior in High School I had very bad grades, but these were due to family problems. In high school, I was always getting into trouble. But my mentors, teachers, coaches, friends, random people from all walks of life, and historical figures whom I read about, all molded me and helped me to become a better person. Teachers and coaches, can be very valuable professionals, if they are effective in helping other human beings discover their own magical journey. I owe some of my fortunate turns to them all.

    When we learn to rely on the things that really matter — such as what is inside, worthy goals, principles, etc. — then we can begin to make positive, sunny moves. I hope that my current role as an Investment Banker will provide plenty of security for my future family (I’m still single), allow me to help charities, etc. But this is just a temporary step, as I will wear the non-profit, volunteer, public servant, and entrepreneur hats along the way in life.

    Trust your instincts. Have faith. Be encouraged. Inspire others. YOU are the example. Courage always. Service to others. The best discovery there is, is your own. Manifest all that is good inside you, out into this world. And that is perhaps the best way that you can improve the world, for all of us.

  949. Inspired One says:

    “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; because there is not effort without error and shortcomings; but who does actually strive to do the deed; who knows the great enthusiasm, the great devotion, who spends himself in a worthy cause, who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement and who at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly. So that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat. — Theodore Roosevelt

  950. philosophymajor says:

    a mormon would say that ^^

  951. Dr. Nathan Hatch says:

    We, the staff of Wake Forest University, sincerely hope this information is not taken seriously by the good parents of children in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticutt. While we freely admit we have more than our share of alumni in the coffee service industry, we feel strongly that $150,000 for four years of pandering to their snotty little brats is still a bargain in this day and age. Plus, every hundred years or so we actually win a sporting event. Fun is had by all.

    We also have a big church.

    Fiat Lux,
    Dr. Hatch and the Granola Batch

  952. Original reponse :I would say Social Work is the most expensive useless degree. $200,000 education so you can make $18,000 and live in the worst neighborhoods in the country. Just go to community college. And the worst are the women who then go back and get their masters in social work. $400,000 education total to make at the most $24,000 your whole life.

    Reply from daniel b. lehrman, MSW .. Regarding the Masters degree; as is true in any profession, there is a wide range of people that “go to the top”, “stayin the middle” and are at the “lower ends” of the socioeconomic spectrum. So, in essence, the potential to make in excess of 100,000 per year is there, as is the reality that some will only nake 24, 000 per year. I would concur that this is not a bell curve, (income)but there are some similarities. One of the most important considerations in going into any “helping” profession, is to know if this is what one really wants to do. Healthcare providers of all degrewes, (MD’s and the like) have left in droves in the last 10 years, secondary to the maddness of mismanaged managed care, combined with many other unfortunate variables. I will say, that social work as a profession is one of the most misunderstood professions in the USA, secondary to the extremely wide variation of roles and tasks that those in this work place environment play, including, but not limited to becoming members of Congress, and so on. My final words are these; the chances of not earning a solid income to meet the current demands of our economy, where the rich are getting richer, and the poor are getting poorer, in the field of social work, are very, very genuine. This is because, as is well known, the assaults (financially and otherwise) that are being committed to our dwindling middle class, are severe. On the other hand, Licensed socialworkers, say in the state of California, who work in prisons, can and do earn 100,000 per year. Work for the Red Cross, and you are at the bottom. Nothing is easy . Daniel :)

  953. James Gibelli says:

    Huh. I find this information misleading, I live in New York City, have worked in Paris (2 years} and in Italy for 2 as well. I make 90K a year. Oh, guess what was my major both in Graduate and Undergraduate school? Art History with multiple minors in French, Italian and German. Bottom line is that you have to be willing to do the work required to be successful. Never settle for less when you feel you can have more. Also remember, no pain, no gain. Who would have ever imagined that Mr Gibelli, now 35yo would be living in an ample apartment on the Upper West Side and regularly travel the world and look and study beautiful things? I owe it all to one of the most “worthless” careers: Art History. Oh, and by the way, I’m not lucky, or had good contacts, I am simply dedicated, love what I do and make it my business to see that my goals follow through.

  954. TM says:

    I expected to see Fashion Merchandising on this list.

  955. Bev says:

    dude!, i luvz the bong ur hitting out of! make me one!
    & another bad major… tv/radio broadcasting…
    dont need to know all that crap they “teach” you…
    u just need to know how to kill time, tell time & make up
    a bunch of sh*t along the way!!! :)

  956. HypedZJ says:

    Don’t underestimate philosophy – it teaches critical thinking which is the most powerful tool you can have in any employment situation. I’ve worked as a management consultant and I am headed into private equity earning $200K+ as a 24 year old – philosophy is the most important thing you can study. Famous philosophers include George Soros, Carl Icahn, etc. etc.

  957. Deb says:

    Add Bachelors in Nutrition to that list. Unless you are lucky enough to get and complete and intern, it’s completely useless. I even asked my professor what I jobs Im qualified for with this degree…nothing was her response.

  958. Joe says:

    With English Lit you can get a game development degree where you learn computer programming, modeling and the business side of games which is currently a great career. Not that many people have the degree due to it being expensive for the college to run, most allow a maximum of fifteen students to do the course and only three colleges in the whole of Britain offer the degree.

  959. pi says:

    KC Says:
    June 6th, 2008 at 9:59 pm
    I have a degree in Accounting and yes, you can get a job with it. However, unless your dream job is staring at a computer all-day around menopausal women who graduated from online universities with the same degree as you, then don’t pursue it.

    KC that is where sitting for and passing the CPA exam takes you from being an amateur to a professional. I am surprised you forgot to mention if you have taken the CPA exam, every accounting major and finance major knows that you need to take the CPA exam after getting your accounting degree. It would be like going to law school and then plan not to take the Bar exam. For you engineering majors it would be like receiving an engineering degree and not taking your PE exam, which some engineers do and still get hired as soon as the graduate. It sounds like you have a book entry job rather then an accounting job.

  960. Amanda Mandragola says:

    First of all… it’s “CUE” the bitching… not “que,” or “queue,” or “queueueueueueue,” or anything else.

    I’m an acting major. Where is acting? I thought for sure it would be on here.

    “International Relations,” “International Business,” or “International Affairs,” is probably an up-and-coming most useless major. It just screams, “I WANT TO SAVE THE WORLD!”

    Criminal Justice should have been on here as well. Anything that they can teach you in 2 years at ITT Tech or DeVry is not exactly what I would call a “good major.”

    Very much enjoyed the visual for Latin majors. Perhaps as a useless acting major I will get to meet Tom one of these days.

    And for those of you who were complaining, this is a joke. Y’all are gaaaaaaaay, bro.

  961. anon says:

    dang john sounds like you are trying to convince someone of your worth. are you trying to convince mom? dad? or trying to convince yourself? yeah i think thats it. you can really see who the insecure ones are when they post in defense of their majors. really? thats lame.

  962. aharfo56 says:

    Ha! I really enjoyed the article, and you apparently have offended quite a few people/students! Since I finished a master’s in rehab counseling and figured out that I loved school so much I wanted to work at a university (now THAT is the ideal job for people who never want to leave school!), I have come to see some of the ironies about education. It’s not all that it used to be people, so wake up! Degrees don’t pay what you and I were told…it’s really rare the people graduate and have nice jobs waiting for them after a bachelor’s degree, and that is the truth. Why do you think we have “career centers” at universities now? Because everyone is finding jobs? No! Because in order to keep the revenue coming in and keeping my paycheck above inflation we need to make sure people graduate and at least SOME of them get jobs outside of the fastfood industry. Education is one of those things that is both mandatory and sometimes worthless…I really despise the business model that most educational institutions are adopting now…nice article about a real issue in America today….

  963. Chipppleeee says:

    “Pat Says:

    June 5th, 2008 at 2:45 am
    @LOL – Ya the quality of life is so much better in Europe! You guys have more than 2x our unemployment rate, lower wages with higher taxes, race riots (your integration of Muslims really speaks to your superior culture), societies with no social mobility (your last name determines the entire course of your life), very little innovation, decaying social programs, a negative population growth rate and so on and so forth.”

    The UK has lower unemployment than the US. And im pretty sure Western Europe does not have twice the unemployment rate of the US. Lower wages is not true either. According to the tax calculators i found, someone earning $100k/year in the UK only pays $2k per year more in tax and a further $6k National Insurance. That insurance will cover their entire family. Can an American cover their entire family for less than $600/month (and pay nothing for their childrens presciptions)..

    There were no “race riots”. Young French people rioted and a number of them were Muslim since the rioters lived in a poor area and were angry at the conditions they were surrounded with. Nothing to do with race. The other “riot” were Muslims angry with the cartoon drawings. Again, nothing to do with race or Europeans. If anything you should be complaining about Muslims.

    Social mobility? Are you serious. Europeans can live and work anywhere in Europe, tomorrow if they wanted. No troubles at all. Some Americans dont even leave the town they were born in and are forced to join the army to “see the world”. The thing about your last name controlling your destiny is BS too. LOL. What century are you living in??

    Very little innovation? Britain has twice as many Nobel Prize winners as the US does per capita and Sweden has three times as many. The European Organisation for Nuclear Research is currently building the world’s largest particle physics laboratory in Switzerland. The European Space Agency has been active since 1975. Oh and lets not forget the fact the most technologically advanced sport on the planet, Formula One, is European focused with the majority of technicians being British.

    Decaying social programs? You mean like Italy and France taking the top two positions on the World Health Organisation healthcare rankings.

    Declining populations? What the hell does that have to do with anything?

  964. Kate says:

    Ohhhhhhhhh :’( I do Philosophy and English (English lang and lit) Joint honors for a degree – that’s a bit poo that you’ve rubbished both of them!!

    I personally don’t think English is that pointless – and also – you’ve missed off Critical Thinking Studies – why the helllll do you need that??

  965. Kiki says:

    You missed Fashion Merchandising. Seriously? Must be awesome being a gopher as an intern at any magazine. Carrying that extra hot skinny latte with extra foam without spilling it must make the $64,000 degree seem worth it. I am certain Tom Ford will appreciate how not a single grain was left in the cup and hire you instantaneously…Then again, what do I know? I have an acting degree and have been working ever since I convocated by ‘pretending’ and making out with men who are not my husband as it’s a part of my job. We all gotta work somehow…I would simply rather be using my degree than being a peon.

  966. Nate says:

    I love how everyone is defending their so called “worst degree ever” to the death. It was a joke, not real, made up, supposed to be funny. No need to get personal and brag about how much money you supposedly make, “Quick throw up some big numbers and then that will show them how successful I’ve been with that degree.” I thought it was hilarious and if my major was on the list I would’ve laughed about it, not done research to prove a joke wrong.

  967. lv_terorists says:

    I had literature and culture history back in highschool and art history, communication, philosophy, and Film are the few parts of my Computer Design degree :)
    In the end i can be anything :P from a businessman to a school art teacher, or even the CGI guy at some film/game studio.
    And i only pay 1991USD a year :D

  968. Gene says:

    Far too long after I did College the hard way — I realized that my first mistake was thinking i was ther to learn something. I now counsel my college age nieces and nephews to consider that college is all about giving people what they want. If you get good at giving people what they want you will get good grades – which show people you can deliver whatever “goods” they want.

    You might learn something, but it isn’t the point. The most interesting stuff will not only never be used again but no one will ever be interested.

    Oh – but the real secret to college explains a lot. It is something that everyone knows but dismiss. It explains why top schools are worthwhile. It is the people you meet. Every notice how many top manager were in fraternities? In Japan they realize this even more. Japanese university student who visit American colleges are shocked to find that students are expected to study. China and India overtake the West (and Japan) because they have ancient traditions that favor tests that actually require knowledge.

  969. offskooring says:

    I have a degree in classical greek (no latin)

  970. P Smith says:

    There’s worthless in the sense of no use to employers and worthless in the sense of no use to you. I studied business only to find out after I finished how much people IN business suck. Jobs where money is the focus *every* *single* *day* are the worst and most soul sucking and I would have studied something else had I known that beforehand.

    Luckily, I landed work teaching in elementary schools and love it. Much of what I learned in business (math, concise writing, computer science, interpersonal skills, etc.) applies directly to teaching in a school, so I have managed to make use of it but BusAdmin is NOT what it’s cracked up to be. The studies are fun, but if you’re not someone who will whore yourself shamelessly for every dollar you can, you’ll hate the jobs you will get with it.

  971. Catherine says:

    I think everyone is missing the point. Which is: ALL MAJORS ARE USELESS (except the ones with applied skills, like comp sci), unless you, as a person are not worthless.

    It doesn’t matter what you major in, seriously… it’s how you’re able to apply what you have learned. A degree serves one purpose – to show your future employers how driven you are.

  972. D Stub'd says:

    @Catherine “… to show how driven you are…”

    Exactly the non-exact indirect msg of this article. Any of those majors = un-driven candidate. Heck, no fuel to drive…er no wheels to push that car any further along.

    You know, my university had this bachelor’s degree in Recreation & Leisure Services. I know one of the dudettes in that major. She had a class to teach how to fish, and prepare a boat for sailing, and tie a knot/sail etc. Oh, and the most important, how to put together a tent (that they bought from Wal-Mart. so it already had the instructions. hmmm)

  973. Steve says:

    About the art history major: just because you only see one person sitting in the front of the museum (they’re called receptionists) doesn’t mean that there is only one job at an art museum. Curators normally work in the office in the back. It doesn’t work like retail or food service.

    About the film major, it’s actually not that useless. I got a film degree from RISD and now I work an awesome job in the games industry making a good salary.

  974. Pete says:

    Those who can’t act become teachers….

    those who can’t teach become critics…..

    kinda like the guy who wrote this list.

  975. DC says:

    I laughed myself stupid at this. I have degrees in Art History AND Religion :-D And what do ya know, I don’t have a job remotely related to either one of them, haha.

  976. graphicartist2k5 says:

    that just goes to show you that college isn’t as important as it’s made out to be. it’s my opinion that if you’re really gifted and talented to do something, you don’t have to go to college to do it. college can help someone to get out and see new things, but then again, so can going into the u.s. navy. of course, going to college may not get a person killed like going into the military, but then again, maybe it will……

  977. Somebuck says:

    I doubled in History and Political Science, and while the degrees definitely aren’t lucrative by any means, they give you some balance. Now, to actually make money, I got into a good law school to eventually practice law. I say do whatever the hell you want in undergrad, it doesn’t matter one bit unless you are a teacher, nurse, pharmacist, or other professional degree that only requires a Bachelor degree. Eff it, have fun, and do what you want. College was badass

  978. Aria says:

    For Latin (as it IS a useless major) you ‘could’ also find a job as a teacher -’tus getting overrun by your students I swear I have yet to find a teacher latin who can hold order in a lesson (at least down here in Europe)

  979. Cinnibarr says:

    While I will concur that having a bachelor’s in philosophy is fairly useless per se, bear in mind that philosophy is one of the best pre-law majors. This is according to the majority of law schools who admit more philosophy students than just about any other major. Last time I checked, a law degree is pretty much the antithesis of useless, so if you have the brains, motivation, and resources to get through law school, a philosophy major is one of the most useFUL things you could major in.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that most undergrad degrees are relatively useless by themselves anyway. What matters is that you get either (a) a graduate degree in the field you want to pursue, or (b), appropriate preparation for a career while you’re in college. I have friends who have majored in some of your “useless” subjects simply because they wanted to, and then went on to get JDs or PhDs in completely different areas. I also know people who were smart about getting internships throughout college and landed good, high-paying jobs right out of undergrad with majors in things like film and art. A bachelor’s degree is a stepping stone–what it’s in only matters so much. It’s also only as good as the person who holds it.

    Also, a person with ANY bachelor’s degree in ANYTHING makes more, on average, than someone with only a high school diploma. In fact, the average increase in earnings from high school to college degree is $900,000 (almost a million) over a lifetime, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. I think that more than covers the cost of college, don’t you? While that jump may be less drastic for some majors than others, a person with a degree in Religion will still tend to earn more than someone with no degree at all.

  980. Kirian says:

    Thankyou Chippleee

    And I just wanted to add, JASON, that Henry Ford would not have been able to invent the Model T if it had not been for the developments of both Nikolaus Otto (German, inventor of the internal combustion engine) and Karl Benz (German, first inventor to introduce the engine in a vehicle).

    And that Wernher von Braun (German, rocket and astronautics engineer) is considered the father of the United States Space Program.

    etc. etc.

    Jason says: “Imagine if we never shared our technologies. America would be space age compared to the world. We would be a giant in a world of hobbits.”

    How about, Imagine if they never shared their technologies…

  981. Bob'sYrUncle says:

    These responses are quite revealing. The worthless degrees are clearly being defended by those still in denial and those few exceptions whose parents are secretly or overtly pulling strings for them (the exceptional fags nothwithstanding.) Perhaps a degree in self sufficiency would be usefull, but no college student would have an interest. College itself demands an inordinate amount of sponge-like behavior. A degree is necissary if one is to make money and be self-sufficient (not living with mommy and daddy,) yet the primary prerequisite for entry is being able to sucker other people into supporting you while you do nothing but spend money. How hard can it be to kiss a little ass (lie to mommy and daddy or whoever it is that writes the checks,) and spend 4 to 6 years pretending to “learn” something? Heres a question; define learn. I am a returning student who is going throught the motions just to get a piece of paper that says I know what I allready know. Work experience no longer counts in the American economy; it is too subjective to defend in court when the idiot who didn’t get hired gets pissed and sues. Its a piece of paper that requires employers by law to trump your more capable yet less documented competitors i.e the guy with a masters in keg stands gets hired over the guy who’s been doing the work untill a ‘legal’ (one with a degree) replacement can be found. Human Resources is another useless degree. They specialize in keeping the company from getting sued by hiring only douchbags, productivity be damned.
    Yes I am bitter about busting my ass for free while watching people who should be out on the street skate. And to all the snooty fucks itching to respond. I’m getting good grades and saying WTF this is an f ing joke the whole way. I still cant figure out what college grads have to be so cocky about (my film major roomate thinks he can walk on water but cant figure out how to fill his Zippo lighter.) 8 to 16 hrs of aircraft maintainance a day is a real job. Getting twice as much to do half as much is the way things work. Because appearantly you have to have a degree to count beans and behave like a pompous ass (I still dont know why.)

  982. bobsyrunlc again says:

    Dr. Robert Goddard(American) is the father of Rocketry. The Germans used his work as a starting point for devolopement of the V-1 and V-2 rocket programs. And to call Verner von Braun and Astronautics engineer before that degree even existed is a bit presumptious. The title Engineer would suffice for a man who was helping to invent “astronautics.” The Wright brothers never went to college and were everybit as much engineers as Von Braun. Its not a piece of paper that makes anyone anything. Its what they can do not what they think they can do. I’ve even heard some nonsense about television being invented in Scotland. The scotts appearantly never caught wind of Philo T. Farnsworth inventing the idea of an electronically scanned television set while still in highschool. He did it on his English teacher’s chalkboard while bored by detention. The point is that trying to hard sell an F ing piece of paper is assinine. Some get something out of the experience others dont learn a damn thing. To treat the piece of paper like a get out of jail free card or like some entitlement to a six figure income is the very definition of insanity. Pompous ass clowns be damned. Quit trying to ‘Be’ something, get off your worthless asses and ‘DO SOMETHING’.

  983. Brainsludge says:

    Hey everyone,

    I have a degree in communication studies and I, contrary to most on this forum, am painfully aware of how crappy the degree really is. I did not realize the horrible reputation that this degree had with really the whole working world. Quite frankly, it pisses me off that I worked so hard in college to have such a crappy title to my name. I am currently pursuing a Masters in Accounting and will soon shed myself of this embarrassment. I, unlike many of my comm peers, do not fit into the category of “dumb jock” “stuck up slutty cheerleader” or “uninspired brainless twit.” For those of you defending comm, don’t get me wrong you CAN get a job with the degree, but your credentials will never be taken very serious. I only recommend this degree if you are serious about being a salesperson or a PR person. If you want a decent salaried and respectable job, change your major. Shed your denial and embrace reality, Communication Studies is a really crappy major!

  984. Vince says:

    Oh, I forgot to mention. For those of you who would deny that I worked hard for a Comm. degree, F… You! I had to write a 50 page research paper for my capstone course and I had to do a major research binder on court cases relating to obscenity law, just to name a couple of things.

    I will say that the upper level accounting courses I am currently taking are definitely challenging though!

  985. Tres says:

    What I can’t stand are those who think the purpose of college is to get a better job. College is supposed to be about enriching and deepening one’s understanding of and interaction with the world. There’s a big movement to make all education , even college , some sort of job-training course; george w’s standardized tests and “no child left behind’ are the symptoms of this misuse of education.

    They would propose that we we should be institutionalized as if we were automatons to be wound-up and set upon a course. I think Ben Franklin would think the modern perversion of education into a technical institute is a travesty. The ideal of education that men like Franklin and Emerson believed in has been eviscerated from education , except for these “worthless college majors.

    “Worthless is a matter of perspective. I’ll call your pragmatic, career-driven degree worthless, simply because you lived through the “days of rife with only a mind to make money.

    And yeah, I got a Comp Sci BS along with my Philosophy BA.

  986. Pedant says:

    If you’re deciding on an undergraduate course of study (and don’t want to “follow your heart but instead want to be told what degree will make you “successful), please don’t pay attention to the comments on this page (paradox!). Give me one anecdote about a Communications major making “six figures doing advertising at Dunder Mifflin, and I’ll give you another story about a Com major making flapjacks at Perkins. That kind of argumentation is just masturbatory. Undecided undergrads should seek out authoritative sources on the prospects available to degree-holders from various fields (e.g., statistical evidence about earning potential, career satisfaction, etc.), and everyone should appreciate this “article for its humor.

  987. jimbo says:

    Some of the most laziest people I have ever met are college grads. The University teaches all of you to study out of a book, memorize it and then make your profesor happy by filling out the proper blank spots on the test with the answer. College prepares you to fail and to please a boss, to basicaly become part of a machine. The best thing to remember is that the guy plowing snow in his dump truck is making more money than 80% of college grads and only took out a auto loan to do it.. HAHAHA

  988. Anonymous says:

    excuse me, but that is all bull shit, you ignorant fuck!! college DOES matter (although, i agree that not all majors are practical) and having a simple bachelor’s degree will help you earn more money than if you had never attended college. when you are rather young, and looking for a job (an actual job of course, not one at BK or McDonald’s) most employers are interested in hiring someone with at least a bachelor’s degree in something practical (anything more would be even better, of course.) and the higher the degree, the more one gets paid, dumb ass!! if you did any reading or paying attention ever, you would have found out by now that people with a college education make at least 1 million dollars MORE in their lifetime than someone who only graduated highschool!! ….and btw, college does not prepare you to fail, it teaches you how to educate yourself if anything! so stop talking so much crap and get an education because you sound like an idiot!!

  989. miranda says:

    I minored in Mass Communcations and I have to say that I think it depends on where you study as to how effective that field of study is going to be. At my university, the COMM dept. was very hands-on and practical. It still gave the “theory” but students could take production classes, learn how to write press releases and ratings reports, planned and participated in PR campaigns, etc. AND, the department was very good about getting anyone who wanted an internship hooked up. Without all that actual training, however, it IS useless. Students often want to earn their degree and expect a job offer to be waiting for them when they graduate but it doesn’t work like that. You have to prove the you can do the work by showing that you HAVE ALREADY DONE THE WORK. Internships, tapes, tangible projects, etc. TAKE ADVANTAGE!

    That being said, my best friend and I were Psychology majors and Comm minors (I also did a Spanish minor in addition), and we would sit in class and laugh at some of the REALLY STUPID Comm majors. Naive, airheaded, couldn’t spell, inflated senses of self-entitlement….and the list goes on. hahaha Good times.

    I also see the humor in this article and have thoroughly enjoyed reading the responses from those without a sense of humor….

  990. Andrea says:

    I majored in Religious studious ,but backed it up by getting certified in special education. It was not a worthless degree at all. It was a springboard for me into the rest of my life. My college was a liberal arts college, not by any means religiously oriented which means that religious studies was broadly based, not an indoctrination into any one religion. The degree broadened my thinking and opened my mind to possibilities.

  991. me again says:

    oh, and if you want to be an artist, AT LEAST get an English minor or hell even a major so that you can write all those NEA grants that will allow you to eat more than saltine crackers and tuna from a can

  992. Classics grad student says:

    -There *is* a Latin major, but only for the B.A. level
    -I used to make a ton of money tutoring Latin for rich kids
    -now I get paid to go to school
    -as for new texts being discovered? Google the “villa dei papyri”

  993. Jason says:

    I had a triple major in Philosophy, Psychology, and Political Science….interesting material, but worthless.

    Followed it up with an MBA…..fairly worthless since I didn’t get it from an Ivy School.

    Now I’m in Medical School learning a marketable skill.

    Moral of the Story…..to get ahead and make money you either need a marketable skill/talent….or you know someone. Good luck all you high school graduates.

  994. Philip says:

    Drinking/smoking/sex in college is pointless and stupid. You are there to learn, not to party. You are wasting your parents money, and your own time by doing that. Its a waste of human potential…read a book

  995. CP says:

    Womens studies for sure

  996. Grace says:

    I have to argue about the latin thing. We do NOT have all the latin that exists in the world. There are plenty of works not yet found by archaeologists.

  997. Josh says:

    I wonder what major landed you writing for some throwaway website that on diggers know/even remotely care about.

  998. Katie says:

    Great list! As an English major, I totally agree with the English Literature major being useless. The only job you can get is teaching English at a college. And if you are sitting in an English Literature class with 20 people and 1 teacher… well, do the math. It’s HARD to get a job that doesn’t even pay very well. Sometimes I think I might be the only English major who actually wanted to go out and get a job as a technical writer/freelancer, instead of having to “settle” for it while I “write my novel that no one will appreciate because most people don’t appreciate good literature.” Right.

    Also, side note, I find it amusing that you have a picture of Mormon missionaries under the religion degree, yet Mormonism has an entirely lay clergy. I.E. There is no such thing as a religion major for Mormons.

  999. jim says:

    im pretty sure this list is reffering to the value of just the listed degree and not considering graduate degrees. we all know philosophy degrees most liberal arts degrees are worthless by themselves. for all the people who become lawyers or whatever their valuble degree is their law degree not whatever bullshit they got for a bachelors.

  1000. jim says:

    im pretty sure this list is reffering to the value of just the listed degree and not considering graduate degrees. we all know most liberal arts degrees are worthless by themselves. for all the people who become lawyers or whatever their valuble degree is their law degree not whatever bullshit they got for a bachelors.

  1001. Ryan says:

    I am a Religious Studies major and yes it is the most pointless degree ever. I thought