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The 10 Most ‘WTF?’ Face Tattoos in Mugshots

June 23, 2014 | 12:21 pm

Mugshots are, by nature, not a good look. Unless you’re this effin’ guy or that effin’ girl, the mere fact that you were arrested will probably cause you to take something less than your finest picture.

But there’s a subsection of criminals whose solid-gold mugshots indicate they were accustomed to making piss-poor decisions outside of whatever the hell they did to need a mugshot to begin with. We’re talking, of course, about face tattoos. These images just scream, “Arrest me, I’m a criminal. Keep me away from your children.” They also scream, “Pour a bucket of ammonia over my head because if the dirty needles didn’t poison my bloodstream, the poor choices in sex partners did.”

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