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The 11 Manliest Cocktails In The World

You wouldn’t be caught dead drinking a cosmo, but all your friends will be drinking these at your funeral.
irish car bomb cocktail
11. Irish Car Bomb
Why is it manly?: What’s manlier than going mano-a-beero with a pint of the world’s thickest stout mixed with a shot of whiskey? Knowing that if you don’t chug it fast enough, you’ll be downing chunks of curdled Bailey’s cream.
3/4 pint Guinness stout
1/2 shot Bailey’s Irish cream
1/2 shot Jameson Irish whiskey
kentucky tea cocktail
10. Kentucky Tea
Why is it manly:? You can get shot in the face by an Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms federal agent just for making this cocktail.
1 mason jar halfway full of moonshine
Fill the jar with branch water 
rusty nail cocktail
9. Rusty Nail
Why is it manly?: I can’t put my finger on exactly why, but there’s something oddly macho about asking your girlfriend if she would like to sip on your Rusty Nail. Recipe:
¾ oz. scotch
¼ oz. Drambuie

snake bite cocktail
8. Snake Bite
Why is it manly?: Anytime a drink is compared to a snake sinking its fangs into you and depositing venom in your bloodstream, chances are, it’s probably pretty stiff. Basically it’s straight up Yukon Jack, which has been known to make balls hairy. The only reason there’s a dash of lime juice is so you won’t get scurvy.
2 oz Yukon Jack liqueur
1 dash Lime juice
7. Jagerade
Why is it manly?: To be honest, I don’t know if this is manly or just gross. Either way, a man can never get enough electrolytes.
Recipe: 8 oz chilled Gatorade energy drink
4 oz Jagermeister herbal liqueur 
gine and juice cocktail
6. Gin and Juice
Why is it manly?: Snoop Dogg likes to drink this when there are bitches in his living room gettin’ it on until six o’clock in the morning, so that has to be worth something. Gin and juice was also the morning cocktail of soldiers and officers in WWII. That’s right, this is what you drank right before you killed a bunch of Nazis. You can’t say that about Malibu and pineapple.
Recipe: 2 1/2 ounces Gin.
1 oz. orange juice.
Equal parts mind on your money and money on your mind
nuclear waste keith richards
5. Nuclear Waste
Why is it manly?: This is the only thing Keith Richards drinks now. According to the man himself, ""Whiskey wasn’t agreeing with me anymore. The old body couldn’t take it. Brandy is a killer, and wine is best with food, so somehow I settled on this. Plenty of ice. Lovely." If it’s good enough for Mr. Richards, it’s good enough for this list.
2 oz. premium vodka
1 oz. Sunkist or any orange soda Plenty of ice
tequila sunrise cocktail
4. Tequila Sunrise
Why is it manly?:First off, it’s a breakfast cocktail. And secondly, "2 measures tequila" is short for, "as much tequila as your glass will hold." It may look a little fruity but it’s about as tropical as a back alley in Tijuana.
2 measures Tequila Orange juice
2 dashes Grenadine
original sazarac cocktail
3. The Original Sazerac
What makes it manly?: This cocktail takes the classic New Orleans recipe and adds—what else—a nice, healthy addition of Absinthe. Because if huffing rye whiskey doesn’t make you a man, mixing it with mythical psychadelic liquor that tastes like cough syrup will make sure everyone knows you have a penis.
1 tsp Sugar
1-1/2 oz Rye whiskey
1 Dash Herbsaint, Pernod or Absinthe (to coat the glass)
2 dashes Peychaud bitters
2 dashes Angostura bitters
1 Lemon peel twist
martini cocktail
2. Martini
Why is it manly?: Well, it’s pretty much straight alcohol, with just enough vermouth to remind you that you’re not drinking disinfectant. Plus, James Bond drinks it, and he bangs lots of chicks and beats the crap out of dudes with names that describe a hideous disfigurement they have that also provides them with some sort of physical superiority.
2 1/2 oz Gin
1 1/2 tsp Dry Vermouth
1 Olive
manhattan cocktail
1. Manhattan:
Why is it manly: You may say "it’s got a cherry, nothing with a cherry is manly." Well, nibble on this: It’s notorious for being the favorite drink of the Italian Mafia, who are notorious for killing people. I’m not saying killing somebody makes you a man, but it’s probably not the best idea to call someone who just threw someone off a bridge a "cherry drinking pansy."
*3/4 oz Sweet Vermouth
2 1/2 oz Rye whiskey dash Angostura bitters
1 Maraschino cherry

253 Responses to "The 11 Manliest Cocktails In The World"

  1. weenisface says:

    mobsters are not manly. Sure, they kill people and all, but they wear queer ass clothes and cheesy jewelry

  2. bones says:

    It’s only manly to people who gell their hair into a mohawk, with little bleached ends at the tips. They would be wearing a “retro” smoking jacket and jeans. Sipping their cocktails slow enough so they would be able to Guaqmire all the drunk chicks.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I usually just drink Jack straight but since I got a gift of absinthe recently I might try that number 7

  4. german says:

    where is the white russian . the dude drinks it man come on

  5. Daweer says:

    Snake bite, here in the UK its half cider half beer with a shot of grenadine you pansies.

  6. big nose joe says:

    At first I thought the list was lame. But then I realised that it’s coctails and didn’t really care. Real men drink thier alchohol straight up and fast. The essence of a true power drinker.

  7. dEv says:

    Irish Truck Bomb–a buddy of mine was in NYC, on a pub crawl. He was challenged to finish a Truck Bomb, which is the same as a car bomb, but bigger:

    -1/2 pitcher of Guiness
    -1/2 highball of Jameson
    -1/2 highball of Baileys

    Three Wisemen:

    -1/3 Johnny Walker (red or black)
    -1/3 Jim Beam
    -1/3 Jack Daniels

    rocks or neat (I’d only suggest neat if you’re trying to make your 21 yr. old friend puke)

  8. tallboy7 says:

    Cheers on the Nuclear Waste. Look at his face… fantastic drinkin’ face.

    Manhattan is also good bc it’s got the alkyhol of the martini, with a cherry to ensnare a laydee. That’s how i do it, BITCHES.

  9. BIG DICK says:

    I used to drink Jack Daniels and nothing else. Then I started having a hard time getting out of bed everyday. I didn’t think much of it until my life started becoming much more difficult than it used to be. I couldn’t understand what was going on. Then I had a bright idea and switched to Johnny Walker Black. I thought that if I switched I’d start feeling better. I did for a while, but I think that was just the placebo thing-a-ma-jig. I got to a point where I really didn’t care about much. A friend of my told me about AA. I know, I know. Sounds like a cop-out. But if you think drinking makes you a man, see how much stuff you’ve got- walk into an AA meeting and tell everyone in the room that you’re an Alkie! That takes real guts. I never looked back. I put my life back together and, you wouldn’t believe it- No more hangovers- PRICELESS!

  10. ShotTrain says:

    How about the 4 Horsemen went hunting……Jim, Jack, Jose, Captain with a dash of Wild Turkey. Even when you’re fucked up, it’s hard to keep this one down.

  11. clitwizard says:

    omg this list turned out good, then ended with some poon drinks. this has to be a joke right?????? i dont care if your martini glass is filled with wild turkey, and coke. if your dude and your holding a martini glass thats universal sign language for i like to Hold to COCK.

    1.) AMF(adios mother fucker)

    2.) wild turkey and coke

    3.) 151 anything

    4.) jack on the rocks

    5.) tokyo ice tea

    6.) zombie

    7.) everclear cherry bomb

  12. tormann says:

    A Shot of Jamison 12 year old Irish Whisky–This is the main reason the Irish don’t rule the world

  13. KJ says:

    I am a bartender in Canada.

    Here, a Snake Bite is a shot. It is half Tequila, Half Jack daniels.

  14. Abe Froman says:

    The manlinest drink around is a Bear Fight, without questions.

    Irish Car Bomb immediately followed by a Jagar Bomb. Grizzley Bear v. Panda.

    Whoever wins. You lose.

  15. richard says:

    you left out the pussy express. that drink is good got me hell wasted one friday night

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  17. Tyler Durden says:

    Try this one, its called a mad apache in a double shot glass
    1oz 151 & 1oz hot damn (100 proof)

  18. mark says:


  19. Kit says:

    Still I think nothing hits harder than what my friend and I call a gorilla fart. Usually only drunk at the end of the night to make sure that you get wasted at last call.

    1 oz. diesel (or everclear… anything 190+)
    1 oz. Wild Turkey

    And for the guys who want to chase that with something a little nicer the Pigeon fart

    1 oz. 151
    1 oz bailey’s

    one after the other… guaranty’s a good time

  20. Jimmy Hoffa says:

    There’s a difference between a Snake Bite (above mentioned cocktail) and a Snakebite (the 1/2 pint lager, 1/2 pint cider popular with the Brits). Personally, I like em both.

  21. joeyjoejo says:

    Im gonna start this rant by saying I’m a bartender, The amount of alcohol in the drink or the proof of it doesn’t make you a man. People who order Adios M’F'ers and tokyo teas and kryptonites or straight shots of 151 are idiots. Anytime the word fart, piss, pussy or anything that sounds like a frat guy made it up while doing whip its or huffing paint out of a paper bag is not manly, it’s borderline retarded. A simple beer and a shot will do. I’m not 100% if a martini/manhattan are manly drinks but they are classics. Also, for crying out loud if you are a man do not order a lemon drop, chocolate cake, wet pussy, screaming orgasm or nuts and berries. I don’t care how delicious it might be. If you come into my bar and ask for that I will say one of two things, Hand over your man membership or did you make sure to wipe your flowery vagina after you got done peeing while sitting down. And yes snakebites are a mixed drink and a mixture of a lager and a cider.

  22. Peter says:


  23. Jason says:

    This list is for drinks and not shots.

    I drink manhattan’s and gin martini’s almost exclusively, girl’s are always wondering what I’m drinking and then are sorry they asked when I give them a taste. I think that’s the best manly test there is.

  24. I love Ass says:

    I love this list. I get at least 4 of those drinks off the list when i frequent Rage in West Hollywood. But if your drinkin 151 straight, that must make you a man. next time ill say hi ;)


  25. Premo says:

    I ‘m a bartender and I hate all these trendy drinks with “cool” names. When people tell me to make them something good I them a shot of Crown, quickly swipe the money and move to the next person. It’s good enough for me enjoy.

  26. grflchevy says:

    What about the Duckfart???? The manlyist of all!!!!!

  27. Anonymous says:


  28. Senior Hooligan says:

    Sorry folks, you’ve just been Bamboozled!!! ……….
    There’s only one manly drink in the world. #1. Moonshine, a.k.a.Corn Liquor, a.k.a.White Lightnin’, a.k.a. Poison. If you ain’t had some, you ain’t ….. well….had a mna’s drink (Made By Real Men, For Real Men)

  29. Anonymous says:

    haha very true and rasputin is a crazy drink

  30. Rowsdower says:

    Ah… Vodka. A complete waste of alcohol (next to beer and wine). And if you need to chill anything to choke it down, you most certainly do not have testicles.

  31. TG says:

    Findlandia is vodka, last time I checked. Vodka is 60 percent ethanol, so you could be drinking petroleum and not know the difference. Stay in school genius, maybe you’ll replace some of the brain cells you’ve lost.

  32. Nate says:

    Scotch and Bourbon are whiskeys. I agree with you in principle – the classic manly drink is bourbon on the rocks before you make your first million, and scotch on the rocks afterwards. But saying that someone should drink either bourbon, scotch, or whiskey is like saying someone should drive either a BMW, a Mercedez, or a car.

  33. TG says:

    Good God, woman. There’s nothing more irritating than a presumptuous bitch that thinks she’s got 9/10 of anything right. I doubt any man in a club drinking a Jack and Coke needs to learn how to drink whiskey.

  34. Anonymous says:

    AT, a real man needs all of your above drinks mentioned to even contemplate going home with you.

  35. TG says:

    Are you sure you’re not gay? I drink most of my whiskey neat… have been a whiskey drinker for 20 years. So I can safely say my palate for the drink is connosuier. JD is a mid-priced whiskey, but it is an excellent whiskey for it’s price point. This is something that fails to register with you because you’re exactly the type of person to follow some trend rather than your palate.

    Again, another presumptuous jerkoff thinking he/she knows more about alcohol than the next guy. Did it ever occur to you someone drinking a Jack and Coke might like the taste of it?

  36. Matt says:

    of course it takes a woman to tell a man how to act. AT, you sound like a real bore. i feel sorry for your friends. you know what makes a real man, doing what he wants and not caring about anyone else. and p.s…imported beer sucks.

  37. TG says:

    I see you’re a pawn to marketing. Crown Royal is the most disgusting, synthetic-tasting whiskey ever made. No distiller worth a rat’s ass ages it’s whiskey in plastic barrels.

  38. Marc says:

    My 82 year old great-aunt drinks Negronis, and I think that single-handedly eliminates this as a “manly” drink.

  39. Negronis=Yum says:

    Your aunt has good taste! Hey is she seeing anyone right now?

  40. Matt says:

    yeah, i’m back again…Billius, i really wish you didn’t hate yourself so much… if you are an american(which i am) making all these comments, i hate you. if not, i still hate you. time to bring back the pride. i say again, AT sucks. imports suck. as a matter of fact, you suck. shame on anyone reading this who thinks the beer they drink makes them any more special than the pile of shit they really are. be proud of who you are. i like drinking natural light with my friends and just fucking around. to AT and Billius i say this, go waste your money on shit while i enjoy my life drinking what you call “piss water” and having a good time. AT and Billius,make sure your close match before you leave the house…your wouldn’t want to look like faggots now would you.
    love, matt.

  41. Matt says:

    that should say,”make sure your clothes match before you leave the house,” you cunts. i hope you both die.

  42. blueelm says:

    hate to break it to you, but that’s my favorite drink


  43. Cornholio says:

    I think this might be one of the few people that understand the phrase “tounge in cheek”.

    Seriously…. to all you morons who thought this was a serious list, you should go out and try drinking a few Irish Car Bombs then top it off with a Cement Mixer and see how Manly you feel ;) .

    I mean my god, who would honestly use the fact that a few Mafia guys liked a drink to make it “manly”?

    Come on people…. USE YOUR SENSE OF HUMOR!!!

  44. Anonymous says:

    Sure buddy, because everyone likes drinking rubbing alcohol….FAIL

  45. Billius says:

    I’m a dude and I’ve gotta say that AT has got this right. All you guys who are blasting her for what she said are just feeling insecure about themselves now that they’ve gotten called out by a chick.

    All these drinks are pretty girly. Irish car bomb with Bailey’s in it? Please. At least do it some justice and drop a full shot of whiskey into there if you MUST ruin a good Guiness. Also AT is absolutely correct that Guiness is hardly the best stout out there, nor is it the thickest as the writers of this article seem to think. Try a Samuel Smith’s oatmeal stout and tell me that Guiness is the thickest beer you’ve ever had. Hell, there are porters that are thicker than Guiness. Don’t get me wrong, great beer, I really enjoy it on occasion, but come on, at least know your shit before talking about it.

    Also, to whoever said that a guy drinking JD and Coke knows his whiskey? Right, JD is pretty close to the bottom of the barrel as far as mid-shelf whiskeys go. The only reason it gets so much recognition is because it has a good ad campaign. If it was really good you wouldn’t need to mask its taste with a soft drink.

  46. Tommy says:

    Thanks!!! Someone realizes that ordering mojitos in bulk in a packed bar is a sure fire way to piss the bartender off! Take a lesson from this guy.

  47. Anonymous says:

    cocktail means not just straight booze, and beer is manlier than everclear/corn alcohol anyday. can’t rattle the windows with a moonshine burp!

  48. matt says:

    While I’ll agree with you for the most part- nothing beats a great neat scotch or a martini. I have to disagree with you on the stouts. Guinness in it’s own right is a figurehead of a dry stout- I like Murphy’s more though- it’s a better dry stout. Old Rasputin is a great Imperial Stout, and Highlands Mocha is a good example of a American Stout, but I would take Cadillac Mountain Stout over it. But even though they are all stouts comparing these sub-styles are liking comparing apples, oranges, and bananas. Plus most stout these days don’t hold a candle to their ancestors which usually had 7-9% a/v. They were known as stout porters then shortened to stouts.

    So even though I like your examples and your name drops- but lumping them together is like lumping red wine into one style.

  49. melissa says:

    you mom.

  50. Shaun says:

    Great advice from someone who has no idea of what they are talking about.

    Claiming someone should like whiskey, scotch, or bourbon is downright redundant. Scotch and bourbon are types of whiskey, but thanks for showing you have no knowledge of your booze.

  51. obo says:

    “A man should know his beer” ??? WTF – beer is about the LEAST manly drink out there – and I hope to hell you are not referring to AMERICAN beer – comparable to a glass of water. Actually, even American liquor is widely considered tame – unless you make it (or obtain it) illegally.

  52. ElGuapo says:

    I agree, Guinness is hardly the kingliest of stouts….. I suggest Rogue Russian Imperial Stout!

  53. Out of my element says:

    I’m pretty sure that his dudeness could care less whether anyone thinks his drink of choice is manly or not. He just really, really likes half and half.

  54. Otis J. says:

    Dale’s isn’t a brewery (though it’s certainly a great pale ale) – It’s made by Oskar Blues. They have other great varieties including Old Chub and Yella Summer Pils.

    Hook and Ladder is a great craft brew for their somewhat limited variety. They also give back money to local firefighter burns centers. (I ran into one of their sales reps giving out samples at my local distributor)

  55. Billius says:

    “Piss water” sounds about right when talking about Natty Ice. If you’re such an all American why don’t you try some real GOOD American beers that are made by local breweries rather than big conglomerates who mass produce swill and don’t really care about their craft?

    Here’s a good starter list of solid American breweries for you if you wanna be a real American beer drinker:

    Dogfish Head
    Anchor Brewing
    North Coast Brewing Company (AT actually mentioned one of their brews in her post, so much for her only being a fan of imports)

    For more info you can peruse http://beeradvocate.com/ at your leisure. You might learn something and could start to work on that anger problem of yours. I know I’d be angry if I were drinking Natty Ice all the time…

  56. hardcore says:

    how about a jersey turnpike.. its pretty much the left over liquor that gets collected in those rubber mats on top of the bar where the bartender mixes the drinks (but u can only get it as the last shot of the night so u get a decent combo). thatll put some hair on ur sack.

  57. my penis is bigger than yours says:

    I personally like Prairie Fires. A shot of Tequilla with Tabasco on top.

  58. barketybark says:

    Anyone here dissing manhattans has not had one. They will kick your ass harder than anything you can imagine – don’t let the cherry fool you, kids.


  59. Jake Money says:

    Interesting, how many of you who have never had a Crown Royal Manhattan straight-up had something to say about it not being a “Man’s Drink”? Amazing, drink a few of them you little girls and let’s see you stagger out of your pussy little club where you’ve been drinking vodka and Red Bull……….basically a Screwdriver for the new millenium. Pussies.

    It’s a man’s cocktail- pure jet fuel- and great whiskey. Whiskey being a euphemism for “He of huge cock who drinks the water”.

    And the Rusty Nail ain’t bad either (with Johnny Black, of course…..)

  60. Anonymous says:

    “# Andy Says: April 23rd, 2008 at 2:22 am : These drinks are about as manly as male cosmetics.” – = You win at Internet.

    Yeah, and no Cognac, what a shame.

    Real man knows that canadian whisky must be included in every drinks.
    one shot of caribou (french canadian whisky liquor recipe) can ressurect a frozen dead man. If you don’t agree, you are wrong.
    We’ve traded this shit to the indians for furs long time ago and look at the results: They we’re dead drunks all day long.

  61. Julian the Apostate says:

    “Vodka is for sorority girls.”
    Excuse *me* Palooka, but I drink shots of Finlandia, straight outta the freezer.

    Fie on ya!

  62. StevieWundr says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever had a single drink on this list – my old man (when he drank a cocktail) drank whiskey cocktails in a rocks glass. I remember the first time I went to the bar with the old guy, he ordered two of the usual, and I’ve been drinking the same thing at the same bar ever since.

    Bourbon, bitters, and a twist of lime – seem to recall it was an awfully popular cocktail among the war vets who all worked up at the refinery on 12 hour shifts while the wives stayed home and took care of the house.

    Manly? I dunno, but some of those guys are in their 70s and 80s now, and still nobody fucks with them in their bar.

  63. chadd says:

    some of the list is suspect, but i totally agree with the top 2 drinks.

    and anyone who rips on a manhattan needs to go back and sit at the kiddie table and play ‘go fish’ and finish their zima.

  64. BIG DICK says:

    “Anonymous Says:

    April 23rd, 2008 at 1:22 am

    …Baby couldn’t handle his drinkies So sad. Maybe if you invested in a pair of testicles instead of opting for the cock enhancement surgery, you wouldn’t have had such a pathetic life…

    I’d like to see you in about 10 years, “anonymous”. The kind of drinking you do will rot your brain in no time flat… But then I’m sure you’ve already had those moments where you promised God that you’d never drink again if he’d just make it all go away.

    See you at the meetings.

  65. Jack B. Nimble says:

    Hey, I found a site with people who drink the manly cocktails in the world.
    Just go here and check it out. They’re the real professionals: http://www.tutztutz.com/2008/05/remarkable-drunk-people-collection/

  66. Syn w/ Sapphire says:

    The #1 manly drink is brought to you by Krayzie Bone from Bone Thugs’N'Harmony.


    Equal parts Gin & Hennessey.

    And I quote: “Gimme some Gin; gimme some Hen. Nah, just gimme’m both and I’ll mix’m on in. Who wanna take a lil’ sip of this Syn? Let me get’cha twisted man.”

  67. Mossie Burke says:

    “irish car bomb” – that’s not a cocktail. maybe in america it is but in ireland( at least in dublin) a carbomb is just dropping a shot of anything into your pint( of guinness) and downing it.

  68. Andrew says:

    Hey bartenders, I have a deal for you: Stop making my martini’s dirty (unless I ask), and I promise not to order 4 Mojitos at 11pm on Saturday night!

  69. Chris says:

    manhattans are great. I’ve never met a girl who would dare touch one, even with that cherry tempting them. I wish they weren’t served in that fruity glass though– it definitely does tarnish its manability.

  70. L.Gayle. says:

    I have a vagina and love manhattans.
    That Jagerade shit sounds disgusting.
    The master hunter is best straight up…and that’s real.

  71. Carl says:

    This list is weak, I will only agree with the car bomb, the rusty nail, moonshine and the gin and juice, the rest of that crap sucks. When I was bartending, real men drank things with 2 ingridients, scotch and X, rum and X, whiskey and X, if ur not drinking that then have a beer and a shot and shut it.

  72. Oscar says:

    This list is missing the shot we invented one night when we were short on time to drink

    behold THE ABSITRON

    filled a shot glass with half absynthe and half gray goose

  73. Podge says:

    Ok so the dude drinks white russians and it really should be on the list just for that. He’s The Dude for fucks sake.
    After that whatever happened to a good old fashioned Whiskey Sour. It’s whiskey, it’s sour, it comes in a real glass not some poncey cocktail glass and 99.9% of women won’t touch it. And it’s still a classic.

  74. Alex says:

    My choice would be the Negroni, basically a Martini, but with added Campari and a slice of orange.

    Original Negroni Recipe
    - 1 oz gin
    - 1 oz Campari
    - 3/4 oz Sweet Vermouth

    Combine all ingredients in an ice filled shaker. Shake until well chilled and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a burnt orange. To make a burnt orange, cut about a 1 1/2 inch by 1 inch peel off a ripe navel orange. Be sure to get just the skin and as little of the pith as possible. Holding the orange peel between thumb and index fingers with skin facing out, hold a lit match over the glass and with the orange peel about an inch away from the flame squeeze the peel quickly and firmly between your fingers. When done correctly, a burst of flame will come from the oils being released from the peel leaving an aroma and adding a note of orange to the cocktail. Simply drop the twist in the drink.

  75. Just another drunk says:

    So, what do you people do for fun?

  76. Jack says:


    1 or 2 shots 151 (depending on time of night)
    6 shakes tabasco

    I’ve gotten many free drinks from bartenders who
    wanted to see me shoot it again

  77. AT says:

    Lord, I’m a woman and those aren’t the most manly drinks. Maybe manly if you’re wearing Dockers and a Corona visor. In which fact, you’re a boring, prefabbed shell of a “man”, a term I use loosely. You’re only drinking these stupid shots and drinks to impress your equally douchey, fraternizing friends. You’re the kinda “man” we make fun of in our bars as soon as you darken the doorway. You, and the other 10 dudes you’re hanging out with, all wearing different pastel colored Polo’s. You look like an Easter basket, and you’re drunk. Great.

    A man should know his beer, know a bit about wine and enjoy one or more of the following: whiskey, scotch, bourbon. The brown liquors. He musn’t drink these with mixers, if anything- on the rocks. Vodka and gin are lovely but please drink them in proper martinis or on the rocks, maybe with a splash and a dash of bitters. Non flavored vodkas unless we’re speaking of the essence of citrus or juniper berries.

    And hear hear to the Guinness comments. It may be a lovely beer, but it’s by no means the figurehead of stouts. Mmm, Highlands Black Mocha Stout. Mmm, North Coast Old Rasputin.

  78. Acai Smith says:

    haha hat’s great!

  79. Wade says:

    I thought that was called a “prairie fire”. But anyways That is a pretty tough shot. haha

  80. Tommy says:

    Yeah, I totally agree with you on every point you made! I bartend in a college town and the amount of frats boys in pastel polos that ordered sex on the beach last night made me sick! I mean, it’s frickin’ friday night, we have a half off scotch special, learn how to drink.

  81. Anonymous says:

    I agree with u all the way but I insist Guinness stout is sitll the king of stouts. I’d suggest u try it with Campari…

  82. Anonymous says:

    Well, that’s all women. They all know everything and god help you for pointing out when they are wrong…

  83. Brad says:

    Fuckin Blue Moon and Schlafly FTW!!!!Also, i do tend to get down on some Red Stripe if i’m feeling beerish. Hooray Beer!

  84. Alpha Sixty says:

    Where’s the tequila???

  85. brad says:


  86. Senior Hooligan says:

    Sorry folks, you’ve just been Bamboozled!!! ……….
    There’s only one manly drink in the world. #1. Moonshine, a.k.a.Corn Liquor, a.k.a.White Lightnin’, a.k.a. Poison. If you ain’t had some, you ain’t ….. well….had a mna’s drink (Made By Real Men)

  87. Toad says:

    Great beer! To bad I cant get it in Texas

  88. Anonymous says:

    I’m kinda surprised bloody mary isn’t on the manly list. Hell, it’s gotta be one of the best drinks out there if made right.

  89. realbachelor says:

    real men do not have 99% of any ingredient so far listed here. we have beer, our fav., whatever it is, 1-3 bottles of HARD alcohol whatever we or our friends most like. and that is it. if we think females might come over, we will fill 2 trays(cause that is all we have) and hope the freezer will freeze them in time. no fancy brandy, martini, etc., glasses, certainly not fruit, or grenadine, or the like, (who does?). and over time, we discover that to get the pretty girl, we do not get drunk.

  90. Toad says:

    Screaming Viking recipe

    2 oz vodka
    1 oz dry vermouth
    1 oz lime juice
    1 celery stalk
    1 spear cucumber

    Stir liquids with ice then strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with celery and cucumber. Serve immediately

  91. Chris says:

    While not being a cocktail, I believe that the most manly of beverages is beer. I discovered that most commercial beers are not up to snuff. So I now brew my own, something which I believe ups my own manly factor. Its easy to do and very rewarding.

  92. ASDF says:

    Welfare Check:
    3/4 pint Of the cheapest beer.
    1 shot of top shelf alcohol

  93. MJ Boo says:

    Here’s a little ditty I came up with out of boredom.

    Two shots Jim Beam
    One Shot Southern Comofrt
    One Shot Kaluah

    You’d think it would be all sweet and sugary, but no! It’s great. Drink two of those and wait for the bus! You’ll be under it by the time you realize it’s there.

  94. Helke says:

    Real men drink at the bar like this: #1 “Gimme a beer” (has been going to the SAME BAR for so long, every shift knows his brand). Or like this: “Whiskey..” No matter how you fancy it up or dress it down, its still an alcohol delivery system and gets the job done. Isnt that the point?

  95. Devin Kelly says:

    What about a Zombie?

  96. MJ Boo says:

    Here’s a little ditty I came up with out of boredom.

    Two shots Jim Beam
    One Shot Southern Comfort
    One Shot Kaluah

    You’d think it would be all sweet and sugary, but no! It’s great. Drink two of those and wait for the bus! You’ll be under it by the time you realize it’s there.

  97. MJ Boo says:

    Something I came up with out of boredom

    Two shots Jim Beam
    One shot Southern Comfort
    One shot Kaluah

    You’ll be under the bus before you knew it arrived!

  98. Anonymous says:

    go the the UK and Snake Bite is 50/50 drought beer and cider and yep it gets u hammered cuz aparently they mix together to form some brain hurtin’ liquid

  99. Toilet says:

    It’s obviously been covered but this list was really stupid.

    You have a very loose grasp on alcoholic beverages.

    Also Guinness is a VERY light beer. The nitrogen gives it the apperance of being a heavy stout but it is actually lighter in calories than just about any American micro-brewed pale ales.

    If you are going to take the time to put something like this together PLEASE at least know what you are talking about. I gave this a thumbs-down on stumble to help prevent anyone else from seeing this garbage.

  100. Big Rob says:

    Here’s one a little manlier for you:

    1 shot Bacardi 151
    1 shot Bombay Sapphire
    1/2 shot Malibu Coconut rum
    a splash of sour, or margarita mix in a pinch

    Over crushed ice.

    I call this the Unspeakable Horror, as in,
    “What happened to you, Man?”
    “Unspeakable Horrors”

  101. Paul says:

    Nice list, but everyone knows real men measure in metric.

    Don’t give us those flouncy ounces.

  102. Anonymous says:

    To drink a drink just because it’s “Manly” shows that you’re just a boy. It also amuses me to hear people comment how soft Guinness is, compared to other stouts. I drink what I drink because I enjoy it, not so I can lecture others how their cocktail isn’t stout enough, or strong enough, or it’s a low grade drink, etc.If you’re buyin’, I’m tryin’. If I’m buying, it Guinness, or Black & water, you arrogant little twats. Put that in your shotglass, ya fruity bastards!

  103. Anonymous says:

    What’s manlier than going mano-a-beero with a pint of the world’s thickest stout mixed with a shot of whiskey?

    umm Guinness is probably the worldest thinnest stout. Mix it with Dogfish Head Worldwide Stout and then we’ll talk

  104. greg says:

    you guys sure are recycling a lot of stuff lately. what gives?

  105. Anonymous says:

    I’m glad that for once someone recognizes the manliness of a martini, but im sad to see whiskey water and vodka water left off.

  106. VyZwtKKQ says:

    Hi! fKxqRNfz

  107. Vagabondie says:

    well in my book, if your a man, you drink anything to get drunk. so if its alcoholic, its manly.

  108. ithurtswhenipee says:

    “My drink is the strongest; My drink is the grossest; my drink has X in it; My drink doesn’t have X in it” Bunch of pussy bullshit! A real man will not drink just anything so long as it is something that nobody else would drink. A real man doesn’t drink something because it has X% of alcohol. (those are drinks that are dared to be drunk by fratboys, notice that there is no such word as fratmen) A real man drinks what he wants to drink because the taste is pure and satisfying. Not because it will impress anybody or get him drunk. In fact, real men don’t get drunk.

  109. Graeko says:

    There’s only one manly drink: bourbon, neat. Everything else is for women.

  110. flamingjesus says:

    ive had plenty of prarie fires and they’re gross dude. They aren’t manly, just nasty. Same with dirty panties, which are essentially the same thing just with more nasty sauces put in. The manhattan is defiently the manliest drink. You also don’t look like a teenage bum who finally got into the bar when drinking it- like the kids in the corner of the bar giggling over the prarie fire or dirty panties name. Manhattan for the winner. And if you don’t think it’ll get you drunk you’re surely mistaken.

  111. conflykt says:

    The biggest prob with this post is that you have the words…. manly and cocktail in the same sentence! its straight up or nothing. once you staright mixin shit you just got gay! Just do a shot of whiskey, tequila, any alcohal straight up room temp….thats manly, and even more so if you just grab the bottle and start chuggin.

  112. AT is A MORON says:

    “AT” who claims to be a chick- that is YOUR opinion. By the sound of it you probably like the burly asshole wife beater wearing treat you like shit and you suck their dicks for it types. I can assure you I am much more feminine than you (and I am married to a man from Dublin) and I can tell you that some women (who aren’t dykes) appreciate a man who doesn’t just order scotch or beer ALL the time. For one thing, ordering beer all the time is BORING, doesn’t show you have a whole lot of depth and that you are def not too creative.
    It’s nice to see a man order a glass of wine or a mixed drink once in awhile instead of the same old shitty beer!

  113. Hilendar says:

    As usual, non-Bond fans get it WRONG. he drank a VODKA martini, shaken, not stirred. Replace the gin with vodka.

  114. Anonymous says:

    God, I ordered a Manhattan once for the hell of it. It’s revolting.

    I think Gin and Tonic should be on the list. And the Screwdriver. The only guy who ever looked cool having a martini was 007 himself. Everyone else looks like a poser.

    Tequila Sunrise though, that gets my vote though. I remember drinking a ton of these while listening to an awesome live band and…oh never mind, long story.

  115. Anonymous says:

    A real man drinks whatever he wants and doesn’t give a shite what anybody thinks.

  116. Cpt.S says:

    These are listed as the manliest cocktails, not the manliest drinks; learn your lingo people.

  117. Vagabondie says:

    So, if your a man, your main goal should be getting drunk. so drinking anything alcoholic is manly.

    anyways, heres a shot for a man…

    “the Dirty Pussy”

    1 shot premium vodka
    Squirt of lemon,
    Tuna oil to taste


  118. Stubby says:

    It’s not manly but it fucks your shit right up!

    Half pint of strong lager 8%
    Half Pint of strong cider 6%
    Double Advocat
    Double Vodka

    Looks and tastes like strawberry milkshake and I call it the epidural, because you lose the feeling and the use of your appendages before your head even knows you are drunk.

  119. Anonymous says:

    A real man orders a 7&7.

  120. Anonymous says:

    people in this country are much more judgmental about drinks than other places i’ve been.

    why is it considered a bad thing to be able to forget that you’re drinking a solvent?

  121. boredwithretards says:

    wow! what a bunch of buffoons! who gives a crap what you drink, what you think is manly, or what you think at all. Drink what you want when you want to strictly for what tastes good and gets the job done. If you are trying to get tossed or just trying to find the right drink for the right meal. “If you dont drink what i drink you are a loser!” what a bunch of pretentious assholes

  122. Anonymous says:

    In the UK, Snakebite is half a pint of lager mixed with half a pint of strong cider. Many pubs do not serve it as the stuff as it causes peoples heads to go west.

  123. whatusayinfool says:

    Zombie should definalty be on there, the old donn beach reciepe:

    1 shot lime,
    1 1/2 grapefruit fresh
    sugar syrup (adjust according to sweetness),
    2 barspoons Velvet falernum,
    3/4 shot of Marachino liquer,
    1 3/4 shot blend of gold rums,
    shaken, capped,

    half of lime juiced kept turned to contain Wray an nephews with a sugar cube on fire!

    that’ll keep you warm ; )

  124. ... says:

    ja, here in Germany those are girl drinks, men’s drinks, Jägermeister with Vodka, half and half, if you think ist too much, add some coke or red bull…

  125. John Smith says:

    What the hell is wrong with you people (people referring to whoever created this list). What about a boiler maker (a shot of whiskey in a beer). A Manhattan as number one, for Christ sake.

  126. Adam says:

    Drinking a Manhattan with a cocktail onion is manly. Sipping it down with a cherry makes you a pussy.

  127. Anonymous says:

    What’s wrong with a good old boilermaker?

  128. avid drinker says:

    Ok, where the hell is the “Three Wisemen”?

    Fill a shot glass with:
    1/3 Johnnie Walker
    1/3 Jim Beam
    1/3 Jack Daniels

    This is a pretty basic shot that is not for the faint of heart. Definitely a man’s shot.

  129. Vagabondie says:

    oh by the way,

    my own little contraption.

    “the Dirty Pussy”

    1 shot premium vodka, squirt of lemon, add tuna oil to taste.


  130. Kev says:

    I feel like scotch and soda as well as highball should be on the list.

    For those of you that don’t know, “highball” originally didn’t refer to an entire class of drinks (highballs), but just to one cocktail, which was:

    -1 Part Whiskey
    -1 Part Ginger Ale
    -Lemon Twist

    It was called a highball because of the old system that the railroads used to use to display traffic on the lines (nowadays they use red, yellow, and green lights). The old system had a ball which was positioned at low, middle, or high. Low meant the most traffic, high meant the least.

    If the ball was high, it meant that the trains could go fast, and that the train workers would have time to stop for a drink when the train came into a station.

    Well, that’s how the legend goes, anyway.

    Railroad workers plus whiskey equals manly. End of story.

  131. Not-So-Innocent-bystander says:

    I love that brewery. The World Wide Stout is fantastic (as is most of what they release). Try Avery Mephistopheles.. about the same, a little different overtones and finish. About the same price and ABV. I’ll pick up a bottle or 2 a month if I can’t find Dogfishhead WWS.

  132. 7Thirty says:

    whiskey chickenfuckers

  133. Moose says:

    Moonshine is most certainly the manliest drink. Anyone who has had real Moonshine would put it at the top of this list.

  134. Anonymous says:

    Ahh…your all full of sh*t…

    The Solace:

    take 20 years of marriage to a crazy woman, mix with 25 years of senseless work and mind numbing boredom and mix well. Add to that a large dash of financial insecurity and a bad economy then stir in a large quantity of cut hours at work. Combine the two mixtures together and add whatever kind of alcohol that you can afford that is at or above 80 proof, add ice and drink without mixing…

    THAT my friends…is a mans drink and if you haven’t lived long enough to taste THAT GLASSFULL OF CRAP…then…well…you just haven’t lived long enough…come back and see me when you have.

    Once you have lived long enough anything that makes you shudder when you drink it just ain’t enough.

  135. Anonymous says:

    i agree with billius on the whiskey thing jd is good but man johnny walker blue beats the hell outta it smells like gas goes down like water

  136. TexasBeachBum says:

    Sorry, but here in Texas we drink Tequila and beer. Some whiskeys are good too. Can’t stand scotch or gin. But the truth is I drink what I want, not what somebody else thinks I should drink. Don’t need a list or anyone else’s opinion on what is ‘manly’. Get over yourselves…..

  137. BobbyD says:

    I don’t agree with all the picks. But the Irish Car Bomb is a great choice and should have been #10 at least. We just got back from Steamboat and pounded a couple of these prior to the start of a ski day. The Irish Car Bomb will get you going fast. And the curded Irish Cream is “shrapnel” and a part of the drink. Cheers from Tennessee…

  138. Anonymous says:

    shut the fuck up and just enjoy your beer

  139. Anonymous says:

    Iam a woman who started out in college trying Apple Hill wine and blackberry brandy, all the shitty sweet beginner stuff. Then I fell in love with Tangeray and tonic. I could blind taste Bombay, Tangeray, and Boodles and tell the difference. I had a whole lot of fun, but now I’m on a waiting list for a liver transplant, no lie! I haven’t had a drink since 1986 and
    if I ever do, guess what it will be?

  140. Anonymous says:

    That is not what a snakebite is.

    If it isn’t Booker’s neat it isn’t manly. Christ.

  141. Paul says:

    You guys forgot the Black Tooth Grin named by the late grate DimeBag Darrell Abbot of Pantera and later of DamagePlan…….Black Tooth Grin is an alcoholic beverage made with a double shot or more of Crown Royal Whiskey, or Seagram’s 7,or canadian club (better than 7) and a “splash” of Coca-Cola, just enough to very slightly darken the mixture. The beverage became popular as it was a favorite of band members from Pantera, and was said to have been created by Dimebag Darrell Abbott, ..He would walk up to a girl with one set it down and stir it with his d### J/K

  142. supermanlymangunowner says:

    Jack with a splash of water.
    Sinatra’s drink.

  143. dave says:

    I think its great that people are so passionate about there drinks. And to each your own as for me I like yeungling beer if you have never tried it and can get it I highly recomend it they have several brews; and for the I only drink american beer crowed they are the oldest brewery in usa they only sell in a few markets wich keeps there quality high. I have to have family from back east bring me a few cases when they come to visit

  144. Tony says:

    MATT ! Hey MATT!
    Chill the hell out! We all can see that you are:
    #1 probably a young punk ass who isnt old enough to drink beer.
    #2 If you are, and if you do drink Natural light, you, in your own words, suck. This is shit beer. They call it natural because it is as close to the natural urine from your bladder. Is that why you like it?
    #3 You are a typical jerkwad keyboard warrior. You are more likely a pimple faced, little dicked, ugly little mommies boy who has no friends. You wouldnt be brave enough to say anything to anyone like you spew from your shithole mouth.
    #4 Get a life little boy. You will grow up, maybe,.. if someone doesnt beat you to death.
    #5 I have found that when someone constantly uses the word suck and faggot and fag and that kind of talk, they have a deep rooted inner battle over homosexuality.
    Are you gay? Maybe you need to find out. I think you may be. While your at it. Why dont you just go get drunk on your Natural piss and drive into a tree, that is if you are old enough to drive. Otherwise eat shit and die.
    #6 See what it’s like to get screwed with punk?

  145. Dino says:

    Just to twist the knife a lil’ more I like to drink a Long Island Iced Tea just coz it has loads of alcohol in it, plus I’m adding this coz I want to see people’s reactions and see if I get some abuse!! ^_^

  146. scorers bar kavos corfu says:

    bets are on…. what is in a snakebite and what is in a diesel? we know it as snakebite ,half cider and half lager and a diesel is the same with blackcurrant. please let me know…

  147. Fuuma Rhys says:

    One thing I like that alot of my buddies like is called Heaven & Hell.

    1 shot of Goldschlager
    1 shot of Black Haus or Rumplemintz which ever u can afford.

  148. Anonymous says:

    A rob roy (a manhatan made with scotch) is infinitely more macho than a frilly manhatan.

  149. Anonymous says:


    One shot of Tequila
    One shot of Kahlua
    Two shots of 7-UP
    Splash of lime juice

    Place paper towel over top and slam the glass three times on the table then drink the grey foam. First one tastes like the north side of a south bound jack-ass. Second one you wont give a crap.

  150. Ted the bassett says:

    OK. Jagermeister is the bomb. Not a mean drunk at all. If you want to get tanked and forget about how your job sucks… this is the way to go. I included the … for everyone out there. Really. Get get bombed on Jager. No need to mix. Lots of water and Jager shots.

  151. Anonymous says:

    the only thing on this list that wasn’t for homeowners and women was the martini

  152. real man says:

    Always Good

    Dash of cherry juice (depending on time of month)

    Drip vodka and gin between a lady’s tits into a shotglass. Have her squeeze a cherry between her thighs for flavour. Drink while getting some.

    Now, that’s my signature drink.

  153. John Jelks says:

    One word: Vodka (the drink of alcoholics!!)

  154. the good doctor says:

    They need to add the JAMESON ALCATRAZ to this list.

    If you like fine Scotch, you’ll love
    light, imported Jameson Irish.

    Try a glass of Jameson Irish the way
    it was meant to be. The way drinking
    professionals enjoy a professional drink.
    A Jameson Alcatraz. With one ice cube.
    On the rock.

    You’ll notice how much it tastes like
    fine Scotch — only lighter and more

    The dedicated Scotch Drinker will
    instantly appreciate this flavor difference.

    It will take no time to get used to saying,
    “Jameson Alctraz, please..”
    And when they ask, “What’s that?”
    You can confidently say, “One ice cube,
    on the rock.”

    Jameson:World’s largest-selling Irish Whiskey.

  155. all that is man! says:

    Sounds like some of these people are metro sexual or closet gays! Jager and car bombs get old once you graduate college. It doesnt matter in the end what you drink as long as you get drunk. For instance dont take your fancy ass high dollar beer on a boat to go fishing. Theres a purpose for the cheap stuff, when you have friends that dont care what they drink or you just plan on boiling some bratwurst. But it is a gay thing to do and order some cheezy ass chick drinks when your at the bar. And the whole club scene is gay too! Just call it a freakin bar. Guys that spend too much time dressing up for the bar is gay, and so are his friends, cause chances are they talk about their clothes. Chicks should be the only ones spending more than 20-30 minutes getting ready. Thats all women really have going for them is looks anyways. And a man bag is gay too! Besides all that I have a few beers I like. Mac&Jacks, Smithwicks, and Whidmer. Cheap stuff does serve a purpose though. I really only drink Gin & Tonics mainly for liquor. All the rest is useless to me but then again they might work for you.

  156. deadpandaraffleparty says:

    fuqqn beer snobs, wheres my natty lite?

  157. Chiggs says:

    How the fuck are Rocky Mountain Bear Fuckers NOT on this list let alone at the top.
    1/3 oz Tequila Herradura or José Cuervo
    1/3 oz Jack Daniel’s or Crown Royal Special Reserve(perfered)
    1/3 oz 151 Rum

    Pour into shot glass starting with tequila, followed by J.D./C.R.S.R and finally the Rum and have at er. Some might say to substitute the Rum for Southern Comfort but fuck that…Manliest drink EvA!!!!

  158. Not-So-Innocent-bystander says:

    80+ proof, double, neat (and no ‘back’) and sipped=manly drink… my preference is 1800 Reposado. Sweet, peppery and smooth. My opinion is that this trumps the triple-priced alternatives and shows jose cuervo what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is. If 1800 isn’t available, it’s their best scotch—double, neat and sipped. This was obviously a humorous post

  159. GGhMvC says:

    Hi! mRzlvGzh

  160. Larissa says:

    A snake bite is supposed to be:

    1/2 pint lager
    1/2 pint cider
    and sometimes black current syrup


  161. mattard says:

    Manly? Nope, only the infamous “Dead Nazi” is manly enough to be called a manly drink…it is a shot of 50/50 Jaeger to Rumplemintz and if you are standing after a nightful, you are only thinking about one thing…killin’ nazi’s!

  162. Buddy Ice says:

    Boooo, terrible list.

    Yo quiero holy taco, but I no like-o this listo.

  163. The Joel says:

    I like the list. It’s my personal goal to drink rusty nails exclusively.

  164. Your mom-o says:

    # “The Joel Says:
    April 15th, 2008 at 11:41 am

    I like the list. It’s my personal goal to drink rusty nails exclusively.”

    And prolly give your boyfriend rusty trombones after! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  165. Meat Master says:

    TERRIBLE list!, Manhattan!?! Tequila sunrise!?!?! WTF This list should be called what to drink to impress your girlfriends friends. Or How to score front row seats at the pride parade.

  166. Bidyzgh says:

    I thought a Snake Bite was just a pint of Harp ale & hard cider? Thats what i’m served whenever I order one at least…

  167. There is a shot that my bartender and I developed that is pretty good. It’s called a mad cow.

    It’s a shot of 151, with a half a shot of kaluha and a half a shot of creme(half and half). what do you call a half a shot of half and half? just call it a shot of half i guess.

    The creme keeps the 151 from burning through your larynx and the shots are strong.

  168. Bats says:

    In england, snakebite is 1/2 lager, 1/2 cider, usually with a shot of blackcurrant
    Apart from that, awesome list!

  169. Italiman says:

    what about the zombie? 3 oz 151 rum,2 oz dark rum,2 oz light rum,8 oz cherry brandy

  170. AvidBourbonDrinker says:

    Christ on a crutch! How about just plain whiskey neat or on the rocks?

  171. ZARDOZ says:

    A drunk is a drunk is a drunk. It doesn’t matter what brand of alcohol they drink. If they don’t end up stinking with their head in a toilet bowl today, they may end up in the drunk ward in the not-to-distant future. And the funny thing about it is that most of the people in the drinking establishments won’t even remember their names. You can take THAT to the bank.

  172. BigDude says:

    What ever happened to keeping it simple a handle of Captain, Ice, a splash of coke for color. The list has a few good one’s, the rest is well only if you hang with the village people. Vodka help’s your eyesight too pick out a lady at 10 then look at her again at 2 Damn she’s fine.

  173. Fiend says:

    that list is so wrong…
    as a bartender my list would be..

    1) long island ice tea (it should be a pint glass filled with spirits with a dash of coke and lemon juice, i realise its incorrectly made but thats how i make em, and thats a mans drink)

    2) gibson dry tequilatini (if its salt rimmed its even better, although its in a martini glass it should be drank in 2 to 3 sips so no one sees you walking around like a w@nker holding a martini glass)

    3) Blitzer (beer and vodka, nuff said. blitzers can also use whiskey instead of vodka)

    4) Rusty nail

    5) battery acid (black sambuca, tequila and tabasco, try one and you will know why)

    6)la’ gre’n orang’e (absinthe and orange juice, anyone gives you $hit that you are drinking a womans drink tell them to go frack themselfs, its french (well not really))

    7) Jager bomb (yagermeister and redbull, its a nicer jageraide)

    8) mai tai (there is lots of alcohol in it, it does not have a stupid name, and most bartenders know it)

  174. Zack says:

    A Yager bomb will fuyoup fast
    Vodka strait-up martini’s…has no hang over!
    try it see for your self

    But a nice have people over drink

    1 part Southern Comfort
    1 part Vodka
    1 can frozen lime aide mix, it’s like lemon aide
    1 part water
    Use lime aide can for the “one part thing
    1 can 7up
    Put in blinder tell all most full to top
    Punch a button


    and yes I’m gay and have been running Bar’s for over20 years

  175. Weener says:

    How about the old classic called Lousiana Lemonade
    1 oz. Southern Comfort
    1. oz bottom shelf Vodka
    4 oz. Warm cat urine.
    Serve over ice with a sprig of Mint.

  176. MrT says:

    My drink’s the Rob Roy… Manhattan with scotch instead of rye, cause I like scotch better. Tastes good and classy as fuck.

  177. RustyDude says:

    I live on a street named Rusty Nail, that’s bad @$$. I’ll drink to that!

  178. Tom says:

    I have no idea where your idea of “manly” lies, but most men I know wouldn’t know those drinks you posted…

    A Long Island Ice Tea might be the extent of a complex mixed drink. Followed by a Margarita or a Skip and Go Naked (pushing the extremes here)

    The rest would be something pretty simple like a Bloody Mary, Gin and Tonic, Jack and Coke, or a Seven and Seven….

    Otherwise you could expect orders of straight shots of whatever was on hand followed by the local beer of the area we were frequenting.

    Wine was for wannabe pussies or officers.

    However being from enlisted stock that’s done a bit of traveling throughout the world as an Army paratrooper and Ranger, you shouldn’t take my word for it…..

    After all, a manly experience in most peoples eyes now days has nothing to do with what men from my generation thought manly at the time.

    Maybe you meant “manly” by todays standards?

    If so, I do apologize.

  179. TIM says:

    the canadien freight train. (originally just ‘freight train’, adjusted when i brought it back from canada, and kudos to the bartender)

    1/2oz jack daniels
    1/2oz grand marnier

    they didn’t have something we wanted, and after roughly 10 of these, i forgot what i wanted anyways.

  180. heinousjay says:


    1 part Brawndo: The Thirst Mutilator, 1 part vicious vodka, add one whole squeezed key-lime.


  181. Yeah right says:

    Anyone who thinks Guinness Draught is ‘the world’s thickest stout’ should never try to give advice on anything else alcohol related. I want to like this article but that wildly inaccurate phrase spoils it for me. Guinness = the Bud Lite of stout.

  182. matt says:

    What? no Boilermaker?

  183. ? says:

    How about the manliest is a guy who drinks whatever the fuck he wants and doesn’t give a shit if someone sees him holding a martini glass?

  184. AFM says:

    Drunk Russian vampire:
    Find a drunk Russian who drank so much vodka he’s borderline dead- Rip off his head and drink his vodka flavored blood.

  185. J Jr says:

    What, no Southern Comfort? That’s my shit! Straight outta the tap, just like Janis…

  186. Gray says:

    Chances are, if the bartender says “what the fuck is that?” when you place your order, you’re not getting a manly drink. That goes for 8 of the drinks on this list. Man drinks don’t have names.

    Oh, and your #1, was created for a woman – Winston Churchill’s mother.

  187. J Jr says:

    Wher’d they research to get this list, lesbian bars?
    Where’s the Southern Comfort and ice?

  188. You forgot the BURLY CANADIAN



  189. joe dirt says:


  190. Great Dane says:

    You Redneck Vaginas,

    The only real man’s drink is the Vikings drink and that is Danish aquavit. Or straight French Cognac or Russian Vodka (when you’re on vacation and penetrating those respective countries’ whores).

  191. LT says:

    What the hell is wrong with an officer drinking wine, trooper?

    I happen to prefer a well aged fucking Margaux when I eat my flank steak.

    No way you made it through SERE with an attitude like that. Now drop and give me 20, cumdumpster

  192. Andrew Norris says:


    Fill a small, wide glass !/2 full with ANY blue liquer (doesn’t matter, drink tastes like ass anyways), then fill a shot glass with any clear liquor and set it in the middle of the glass. set the shot of clear liquor on fire. it looks like a viking burial.

    The drink sucks, but who cares, nothing mroe manly than a drink based after vikings and death.

  193. Andrew Norris says:

    good call great dane, i did try the viking burial once with Aquavit. and it actually got that taste of disgusting blue liqeur out of my mouth. Brutal.

  194. Andrew Norris says:

    Oh, here’s another real man drink:

    take one glass, bottle, or can of beer (beer can be substituted for liquor) and then use some sort of tobacco.

    Thats what I do, it goes well with my beard and chest hair.

    Does anyone else drink their soco wth diet instead of regular coke? i just don’ like normal coke because sugary drinks are for little girls, and soco is borderline too sweet anyways.

    I just like talking about alcohol.

  195. Anonymous says:

    BIGDICK “I used to drink Jack Daniels and nothing else. Then I started having a hard time getting out of bed everyday. I didn’t think much of it until my life started becoming much more difficult than it used to be. I couldn’t understand what was going on. Then I had a bright idea and switched to Johnny Walker Black. I thought that if I switched I’d start feeling better. I did for a while, but I think that was just the placebo thing-a-ma-jig. I got to a point where I really didn’t care about much. A friend of my told me about AA. I know, I know. Sounds like a cop-out. But if you think drinking makes you a man, see how much stuff you’ve got- walk into an AA meeting and tell everyone in the room that you’re an Alkie! That takes real guts. I never looked back. I put my life back together and, you wouldn’t believe it- No more hangovers- PRICELESS!”

    Baby couldn’t handle his drinkies… So sad. Maybe if you invested in a pair of testicles instead of opting for the cock enhancement surgery, you wouldn’t have had such a pathetic life.

    The list is meh at best.

    Want a fun drink?

    1oz of Southern Comfort
    1oz of Jagermeister
    1oz of Gin

    Mix with some soda water and add ice to a highball glass. If you’ve not gone through a second puberty, you’ve done it wrong.

  196. King Keepo says:

    For those wanting the UK version of snakebite with a little more bite, try 1 bottle Carlsberg Elephant Beer plus 1 bottle Diamond White with your shot of blackcurrant.

    Alternatively, depth charge a vodka and blackcurrant into your pint of snakebite, or combine the whole lot for a night you’ll instantly forget.

  197. Andy says:

    These drinks are about as manly as male cosmetics.

  198. LIIT Brigade says:

    Poofter list.

    Long Island Iced Tea not even there

  199. Grow some hair says:

    Any manly coktail should be salty

    Bull shot:
    Beef bouillon or beef consomme
    (Salt, Pepper, Tabasco, Lea & Perrin’sWorcestershire sauce, Lemon all optional)

    Sherry Mary:
    Tomato juice
    Pale Dry Sherry
    (Salt, Pepper, Celery, Tabasco, Lea & Perrin’sWorcestershire sauce, Lemon all optional)

    Dirty Martini:
    Juice from a can of olives

  200. Bryce says:

    i’m pretty sure that picture of “gin and juice” is actually a sad attempt at a mojito; lime, crumpled mint leaf.

    great choice for #1! not that i’m biased. nice to see someone point out that a manhattan is supposed to be made with rye, not bourbon.

  201. HAWKEYE says:


  202. hazhaz says:

    a proper martini should be at least 4 parts gin (preferably 6) to 1 part vermouth, with an olive.
    btw the jakies round here drink buckfast and white lightning cider cocktails – not sure its a “man’s” drink as such, but lord, its effective.
    the real gone alkies drink gloss paint filterd through a white loaf – not recommended.

  203. kb says:

    good list. here’s one that’s probably not well known (for good reason). very good for shutting up anyone who claims they will drink anything.

    Urine Sample

    2 shots everclear
    add to 1/2 pint good ‘ol American swill lager
    served warm (not lukewarm, more like just-left-the-human-body warm). best way is to microwave the drink for a short time. definetely not something to make for yourself!

    if you can guzzle this with a straight face, you’re far more manly then i am.

  204. KevinB says:

    FAIL!!!! on both sides of the pond

    A Snake bit is Yukon Jack with Tabasco dripping into it.
    Grenadine is for Shirley Temples Ya pu$$ies!!

  205. PhineusQButterfat says:

    I always drink a Tom Collins: Gin and Sour Mix.

    It’s a balls-to-the-wall drink. Pure sour, pure gin.

  206. Tommy says:

    Really, definitely missing the white russian!
    Also, I was under the impression that the snake bite was harp & cider as well!

    Groovy list, however!

  207. Paul says:

    Ok, a PROPER Martini is all about technique….

    Fill your shaker with ice, add a 1/2 jigger of vermouth…. shake well… dump the vermouth out, a tiny amount adheres to the sides and the ice, thats just enough.

    Pour the gin into the shaker, and STIR to combine. Sorry guys, Bond had this one wrong, a shaken Martini gets too cold too fast and comes out a bit off. Strain into a Martini glass and enjoy.

    I am overjoyed to see that Martini’s on this list are all made with Gin, not Vodka… a vodka vermouth may be a nice drink, but a Martini it is not.

  208. Jon says:

    Kentucky Bourbon served neat appears to be missing from your “list”, so is Gin and Tonic. Too many of these “cocktails” seem to be mixed drinks.

    My Martini:
    3 1/2 oz Gin
    1/2 tsp Dry Vermouth (not quite Churchill style)
    Lime Twist (preferably a real twist and not a wedge, lime juice in the martini ruins it, just he essential oils are all I want, you should see them on the surface of the drink)

    It is quite refreshing on a summer day.

  209. Alex says:

    you forgot liquid cocaine, mongolian motherf*****, and this drink at rum jungle at mandalay bay called the volcano which is bacardi 151, bacardo 151(dif from bacardi), and red juice…..those are hardcore man drinks

  210. Jonathan says:

    The “manliest” beverage I’ve ever heard of is half-and-half Everclear and Tabasco. If that doesn’t light your fire, nothing will…

  211. Jason says:

    You are all a bunch of girlie-men. The only thing a real man mixes with liquor is ice.

  212. Trevor says:

    Stopped reading after you called Guinness the ‘World’s Thickest Stout’.

  213. mixmaster mike says:

    Here’s a really manly shot, it’s called Jet Fuel. It consists of equal parts 151, Jager, and Ice 101. A bar I used to frequent would give them out free at closing time. It will put hair on your chest.

  214. cori says:

    What about the Three Wisemen? Three of my favorite men….taken consecutively and it will knock you on your butt. I’ve also had this shot at bars that put all three shots in a small glass and you chug…

    A shot of Jack, a shot of Jim, and a shot of Jose all taken one right after another.

  215. Andy says:

    Guinness is the world’s thickest stout? Lol. Wow. The final gravity of guinness is lower than that of many mainstream lagers, even, let alone any real stout. There are stouts out there that are in an actual physical sense 13%+ thicker.

  216. Phalaeo says:

    As much as I’m a fan of neat whiskey and water, it ain’t really a cocktail, issit?

  217. Tman says:

    Herradura Anejo, rocks with a little salt and a squeeze of lime. Plain and simple… Not much more manly than that. Used to be a JD man but Tequila is my drink of choice now.

  218. Waka Jawaka says:

    Sweet Jesusmeister

    Fire&Ice and Jeigermeister. Also, kudos to three wisemen previously posted. You’ll hear voices. My buddy and I that came up with the sweet jesusmeister drink all three wisemen separately then slam a tall sweet jesusmeister. We sometimes act out the nativity when imbibing. This is not something you end the night with. Good tip: ask the bartender for a made-up shot. When they don’t know what you’re talking about and you educate them, they sometimes don’t know what to charge you. This can backfire and you get charged more than you wanted to spend. “Hey landlord, set me up a nativity.”

  219. D says:

    I can’t believe the Cement Mixer was left off of this list.

    1 shot Bailey’s® Irish cream, 1/2 shot lime juice, 1/2 shot 151 proof rum.

    Fill one shot glass with Bailey’s. Fill second shot glass with Lime and 151. Pour Bailey’s into mouth, do not swallow. Pour Lime and 151 into mouth. Shake head back and fourth, the shot will turn solid.

  220. waka jawaka says:

    I see a lot of “what no soco?!” on here. Soco is what girls in high school drink when they want someone to take advantage of them. Not very manly.

  221. Dutch says:

    My late Great Uncle John drank Manhattans and he could kick anyone’s ass at 84.

  222. The Drinker says:

    This list is alright but I can think of a ton of other drinks that are more manly. This list is probably the list of drinks you can have a few times without throwing up and passing out. However I know there are better, more manly drinks out there like “Liquid Cocaine” and the “Adios Mother F*cker” that are more manly than these.

    Technically those are shots though.

  223. Jason says:

    Half of these posters come across as 18 year olds trying to sound more ‘manly’ than the last.

    “YOU GUYS SUCK!! I drink straight ethenol… and light my FACE on FIRE with it too! Yeah! That’s a real mans drink!1!!”

    Let me assure you, you’re not impressing anyone.

    The list is decent, if not perfect. These are drinks that an actual sane man would drink. Guiness may not be the Thickest Stout ever, but compared to the fizzy yellow piss-water that most American’s call beer, it’s pretty damn close.

  224. Palooka says:


    Bond doesn’t drink martinis. He drinks vodka, straight.

    Why a man of such refine would fall short in his choice of drink is beyond me.

    Vodka is for sorority girls.

  225. teddy says:

    You might want to try a bloody bull: 2 oz tequilla, 1/2 tomato juice, 1/2 beef bouillon, then garnished or spiced with whatever you want. Nobody would question your manhood, even in your tight matador outfit.

    Also, the pictures are wrong. The snakebite photo looks like some cream drink and the Gin and Juice has mint and cucumber in it, which seems like it’s probably a fancy Gin and Tonic or a sorry-ass Mojito.

  226. Anonymous says:

    The Red Witch is the mother and father of all cocktails.

    mix 1/2 pt dry cider with 1/2 pt stella artois lager, then drink a couple of mouthfuls so you have room to add:
    double vodka
    double pernod
    blackcurrant cordial

    it tastes like blackjack sweets, and I’ve never finished more than 2.

  227. Alex says:

    If you don’t have a flaming sambuca directly on the mouth, this can be a manly list of drinks.


  228. Parris says:

    If drinking mixed drinks with fancy names makes you a man….then there really is something wrong with people today. Last time I checked if your the guy at the bar ordering frat boy themed shots, your a douchebag. BTW Harp and Cider is a Golden.

  229. Anonymous says:

    Stunning how many do not understand that a cocktail is a mixed drink…not straight alcohol on the rocks, neat or in shots.

  230. tended bar says:

    Yuppies are the only people who order those drinks.

  231. IvanMarsh says:

    If you’re going to make a list of the manliest drinks in the world you should probably list drinks that actually exist in the WORLD… order an Irish Car Bomb in Ireland and you WILL get your ass kicked.

    Rusty Nails rock!

  232. nyer. says:

    Dude, SERIOUSLY. Where IS the White Russian?!!!

  233. Anonymous says:

    we created a shooter called a Brain – 1/2 shot of Raspberry Schnaps on top of a 1/2 shot of Baileys Irish Cream. Yummy

  234. Iggy says:

    Where’s the Prairie Fire? i.e. a shot (or more) of tequila, plus Tabasco sauce for heat

    Gets you hammered, makes your lips burn, and the only place I’ve had one was in a strip club. ’nuff said.

  235. Anonymous says:

    Flaming Blue Steel FTW!

  236. The Tranimal says:

    The Homeless Bostonian

    1 oz. Listerine Mouthwash
    1 oz. Paint Thinner
    2 oz. Thunderbird brand wine

  237. aerospike says:

    Number one isn’t on this list. its called a Sourtoe. It’s served in Dawson City, Yukon, Canada.


    1 part cocktail of your choice
    1 severed human toe (for real)

    -You can drink it fast, or drink it slow, but the lips have gotta touch the toe

    They keep a whole jar full of them (acquired from frostbitten donors).

  238. Anonymous says:

    Guiness is the thickest stout in the world? Bullshit, Guiness is the *weakest* stout in the world. Except for maybe Beamish. Maybe.

    And the original Sazerac recipe did call for absinthe, and used cognac instead of rye, people starting substituting rye because of the difficulty obtaining cognac during prohibition.

    Jesus fucking christ, do your research.

  239. Rod Zombie says:

    I believe the list was written by an 18 year old. No professional drinker would come within a mile of most of them. Irish Cream is NEVER manly, no matter how much whiskey or Guinness you mix it with, nor is anything made with “Sunkist”. And Yukon Jack is a teenager’s idea of whiskey. ‘Nuff said.

    My liver laughs at this list and its author!

  240. drew says:

    Tell an Irish bartender you want an ‘Irish’ car bomb and he’s likely to spit in your glass before serving it up to you. Have some respect and simply call it a Car Bomb.

  241. Obaki says:

    My drink is something I call a Yellow Jacket

    half fill a short glass with crushed ice
    1 shot lemon juice
    1 shot Everclear

    It’s a Yellow Peril if you use wimpy vodka

  242. Old School says:

    When the US was still just colonies, and well before ice was available, one popular drink was the “Rummer”: equal parts dark rum, peach brandy and apricot brandy. Spend a long, hot summer evening drinking those and discussing politics and you’ll get an idea of where the founding fathers found the guts to take on the evil overlords – and win!

  243. Anonymous says:


  244. Max says:

    Not a single manly drink on the list…. And the comment about Guiness??? Whoa. I’ve had Pan Brau that you can cut 50\50 with water and it’s still tougher than Guiness. Not that Guiness is a bad pint mind you….

    Here in Portland we have a drink that is truly manly however. Behold.

    The Sterno Haemorrhage

    1. Get 2 small cans of Sterno fuel. (Used to keep catering trays hot)

    2. Scoop the gel out of both cans, (about 12 oz.) and stuff it down one of the socks you’ve been wearing since whenever.

    3. Squeeze the gel loaded sock over a partially eaten can of Pork and Beans.

    4. Finish the can.

    5. Wake up somewhere else…

  245. Anonymous says:

    Jack warm and straight hoorah

  246. violet says:

    This list is obviously lacking a gin gimlet. They’re all my granddad’s been drinking since the 1930s. And he is a complete badass.

  247. Uncle Butchie says:

    Prairie Oyster

    1 teaspoon Worcestershire Sauce
    1 tablespoon Tomato Juice
    1 whole Egg Yolk
    2 dashes Vinegar
    1 dash Pepper
    Pour in order in a wine glass taking good care of not breaking the yolk.

    Choke that down at 7 am, pulling yourself together for your construction job, then we can start talking about who’s a man.

  248. dan says:

    Bond drinks vodka martinis

  249. Anonymous says:

    doh! Any fool knows that the Juice in a Gin and Juice is Grapefruit Juice and not Orange Juice. fail.

  250. G Money says:

    For all you Phillies fans out there, the most Manly drink ever created is a Burrel Bomb.

    It’s taken just like an Irish Car Bomb but consist of a half glass of Red Bull and a shot of Tequilla. Every time Pat Burrel hits a homer, me and my fellow Phillies fans rush to the nearest bar, if we aren’t already there, and down one for our favorite left fielder in the game. Oh and if he hits multiple homers in a game, each homerun you double the content of the drink.


  251. The Hero of Canton says:

    Keep it simple: Scotch & Soda. Unfortunately I have ordered this and on numerous occasions had a cocktail waitress give me a list of the different types of soda they offer “okay for soda we have mello yellow, Coke, sprite, etc, etc” If I am feeling nice I just say “tell the bartender I want a Scotch & Soda” if I am not feeling nice, I say ” You no the soda gun behind the bar that all the different soda’s come out of? Use the really big button labeled soda”. For Christ’s sake it’s a two-component drink, the name of both drink components are in the name of the drink, and I have still actually been served a scotch and Sprite.

    On another note, even when it does get made with the proper ingredients, before I take a sip, I slide it over to my friend who shall we say “does not appreciate the flavor of peat” and if he doesn’t cringe, I make the bartender remake the drink.

    If your asking why I am drinking with someone who “doesn’t appreciate the taste of peat”, he often buys.

  252. WeaponOfChoice says:

    I think the list could use a little tweaking, there are some manly drinks left off and some pussy drinks put on, but the argument must be made that to drink Bacardi 151 with anything is just gross. Stuff tastes like shit, and if you’re going to drink something that strong, get your hands on some good ol moonshine. I had some that was 180 proof. Almost pure alcohol. That shot put some hair on my chest. Point is, 151 isnt manly, its disgusting. Its for guys who want to look manly by drinking the strongest legal drink.

  253. I would vote for the American Beauty cocktail as the greatest real-man drink. Check it out on my site TenTenTwo.com