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The 2011 Douchebag Tournament: Championship Round

It all comes down to this. We tallied over 70,000 votes. The 2011 Douchebag Tournament has tested douchebags the world over and now we have refined it down to two douchebags. One will be crowned victorious, the other will still be a douchebag but just not the champion. LOOK AT THEM! LOOK INTO THEIR EYES! THEIR BRINY, DOUCHEY EYES!

Check out the updated brackets here!

douchebag tournament

An amazing match up for you kids between two epic douchers that are unloved by everyone. Well, in fairness, Glenn Beck has Victoria Jackson and a rally’s worth of people who probably never read anything that isn’t accompanied by pictures, but still, the point is, there’s a whole lot of intolerant suck coming your way, readers. Vote with your heart.

Glenn Beck: For the second year in a row, Glenn Beck makes it to the finals. What could it mean? Glenn beck has been voted in over Muammar Gaddafi, a mass murdering psychotic and all because he’s an ultra right wing toady. He took out Ben Roethlisberger, a jackass sex offender (allegedly) and he did it all without breaking a fat, pudding sweat. Will his self-serving wanker behavior carry him to victory?

The Westboro Baptist Church: Vote for them and bring them attention, ignore them and admit these aren’t the most despicable piles of human effluence to ever ooze their ignorant, confused and deficient asses out from under a discarded douche box. No one has ever dominated like Westboro and for good reason, they’re liked by literally no one. Round after round they’ve not just defeated the competition, they humiliated them. Can Beck hold a candle? Vote and return on Monday to see the champ take home the trophy.

23 Responses to "The 2011 Douchebag Tournament: Championship Round"

  1. TinyDickman says:

    Holy shit fags, Glenn Beck again? You voters are such tools, we get it he’s a douche, it’s time for someone else’ time to shine though. I know Westboro will win but fuckin come on, you know why EVERYONE hates repeat winners/finalists?

    Variety people, fucking read a book motherfuckers! SUCK MY TINY DICK!

    • Rahm Emmanuel says:

      I called this shit in the first round. Fuckin’ Beck, I know he’s an asshole and dumb as FUCK but seriously people there were people in this tourney that outdouche him before lunch. If Westboro doesn’t win this then fuck it, you all have little or no concept of douchedom. Tip to Taco, don’t put Beck in next year’s tourney (unless he like shoots somebody xD) give somebody more douchey a chance to win.

  2. TinyDickman says:

    Oh yeah, not to mention you guys voted for a TV nut over a FUCKING MASS MURDERER

    HT READERS=bitchfags, composite IQ score of “we suck dick”

    • DonkeyXote says:

      Stop acting like it’s the end of the fucking world, you spastic whiney little bitch!

      • TinyDickman says:

        Bitch I AINT ACTING, THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT SHIT IN THE WORLD! Don’t you ever fuck with HT’s douchebag tourny you motherfucker

  3. hatebrand says:

    Sounds like TinyDickman might be a right wing sympathizer. If you don’t like the website (or its fans) stay the fuck off of it. Pussy!

    • TinyDickman says:

      Too bad you can’t fucking read coherently you dipshit as I clearly stated YES he is a douche you fuckin moron, Why would me not liking it’s fans make me not want to come on here? If you are the average voter for this then holy shit this makes perfect sense, cause you’re beyond simple.

      Nibble on my pea size nuts faggot

  4. JohnnyBrillcream says:

    While Glenn Beck is starting to get somewhat repetitive in his shows, boring at times, at this point the guy really hasn’t been wrong. You may not like him but he’s pretty much been spot on. Everyone that moans about him is acting like an 18 year old hating their parents, after a while you start to agree with your parents them to some extent (wow, they were right) and actually like them. For those of you that still hate your parents your probably 30, living in the same bedroom you did at 18, work at Jiffy lube and have no life so sit around on HT complaining. By the way, I own a company so I actually get PAID to screw around at times during the day!!!!

    • trechills says:

      the koch brothers still have there trolls i see.

    • Dennis Nedry says:

      I don’t understand why Beck gets a vote of confidence. He strings together lazily constructed conspiracy theories, exploits his viewers by fueling the gold bubble using stupid economic reasoning and his paid sponsorship at Gold Line, and fires off stupid comments regularly to keep himself in the media spotlight. He’s not that good at entertaining folks. That’s why Fox News is considering doing without him. Plus, I’m sure he’s a real pain in the ass to work with. All pundits, including Beck, do a horrible job of getting it right in terms of their predictions. They scored lower in testing than if the predictions were chosen randomly. Just because Beck makes you feel good doesn’t mean he’s right. Have you ever wondered why audiences are drawn to people that merely reinforce their opinions? It’s because politics, like religious faith, is on shaky ground psychologically speaking. If you need and enjoy hearing your own opinions and beliefs repeated back to you daily, it means you aren’t that sure about them to begin with. I’m not suggesting you are yearning to become a liberal. Becoming a full-fledged liberal means you are still faced with the same uncertainty but from a different perspective.

  5. warvette says:

    geez i googled glenn beck being wrong and it said “have you ever heard him?”.

  6. hatebrand says:

    Haha. So TinyDickman throws around a few insults and thinks he is better because I’m a idiot. Such a short temper. Hey TinyDickman! Go fuck yourself! You call me a faggot so that puts you in the same line as Glenn Beck. Reply again I dare you.

    • TinyDickman says:

      U MAD BRO?! LOLZ bitch, why don’t you respond to my specific response like a man so I can actually see this post? Of course you didn’t in hoping I wouldn’t respond.

      And yes I am better than you, glad you realize it, and gladly, I fuck myself nonstop, I have removed about 6 ribs in order to suck on my own cock. And me calling you a faggot puts me on the same level as Beck? Well then about 98% of humanity should be in the douche finals then you dumbshit.

      Fuck off with you’re talentless commentary you dumb cunt, repsond again, I DOUBLE DOG DARE YA

  7. bad acid trip says:

    I can’t vote, they’re just too horrible to choose from!

  8. Lance Bass says:

    Any of you faggots vote for Beck get me up your a$$.

  9. Frank Reynolds says:

    lol, i would hate myself if i were punked out that bad by a guy named TinyDickman. xD

  10. DonkeyXote says:

    I’m voting for Glenn Beck just to get that spastic whiney little bitch to have an epileptic seizure, and hope that his caretaker gives him an overdose of bupropion for an anticonvulsant to fuck him up good.

    • TinyDickman says:

      ROFL BROTHEL Troll fail, Westboro won donkeydicksucker, TinyDickman is victories once again

      LOLZ I’ve been skullfucking my caretaker for years now, last time she ever tries to ground me again

  11. bad acid trip says:

    whoever wins, I’m emailing the results to them