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The 25 Best Synonyms for Ass

Everyone likes ass, right?  From felons to rappers to felonious rappers, you can’t go wrong with some heiny.  But it grows tiresome when you can’t think of a new way to call it to someone’s attention to their superior turd cutter.  Until now!  Next time you see a fine looking rump roast, bust out one of these sexy, complimentary descriptors.

  1. Fanny
  2. Keister
  3. Pooper
  4. Shit Chute
  5. Fundament
  6. Boomtown
  7. Do Do Do Lookin Out My Backdoor
  8. Thong Warmer
  9. The Secret Garden
  10. The Pucker
  11. Pressed Ham
  12. The Turd Hammer
  13. Bohonkus
  14. Meat Pillows
  15. Bung
  16. The Western Porch
  17. Ol’ Flappy
  18. Coin Slot
  19. The Pumpkin Patch
  20. The Love Shack
  21. Bone Zone Gamma
  22. Poundcake
  23. Hot Pocket
  24. The Estuary
  25. Fern Gully
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