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The 7 Best Fake Presidents of All Time

Washington? Lincoln? JFK? Pretenders to the throne . The best Presidents have always been fictional because reality lacks panache. These are the best Presidents film has to offer. Behold!

Escape from New York

When the President stands on a wall and guns a man down whilst mocking him, that’s how you run a country. Admittedly he’s an asshole for the rest of the movie and seems to have let New York turn into a giant, shitty prison but whatever.

FDR: American Badass

FDR gets polio from a werewolf and then kicks their asses. How can this movie not be awesome in every way? Here’s a tip, it can’t not be awesome. Double negative, bitches!

Abe Lincoln (fighting vampires)

Gonna be honest, this movie was a total let down. However, the concept of a President killing the undead with a silver axe is head and shoulders (that’s a bit of a pun there) above most Presidential doings.

Abe Lincoln (fighting zombies)

I tried to watch this movie once and it was so awful I had to stop it about 30 minutes in. But again, it’s the President we’re concerned with here and this is Honest Abe again, still killing the undead, just a slightly different variety. I will vote for any man who fights the forces of Darkness to preserve mankind.

President Camacho

Idiocracy was a fine film and President Camacho was a fine President. Sure he was dumb, but everyone was dumb. But he was also the smartest and most forward thinking of the dummies, enough to know he needed someone else’s help to turn things around. Plus he was Terry Crews. Plus he wore sleeveless shirts and shot a gun for no reason. There’s nothing much else you need to know.

Canadian Bacon

Alan Alda plays a President who no one likes and, in order to gain support, sells America on a war with Canada. Any President that can make you invade Canada is pretty awesome. Look at them, with their beer and their beavers. Ha ha. Ahh.

President Merkin Muffley

The President in Dr. Strangelove is arguably one of the best Presidents of all time because he’s kind of like your grandpa. Look how he talks on the phone. This is seriously a great conversation and one of the best scenes ever filmed. “I’m capable of being just as sorry as you are.” Ha ha..shit. Oh man.

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