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The Atlanta Hawks Are Excited And Yelling

I understood 0% of what he just said, but I enjoyed 100% of it. Game seven!

12 Responses to "The Atlanta Hawks Are Excited And Yelling"

  1. bostonjo says:


    Hawks Suck !!

    great effort yesterday !!

  2. Dave Michael says:

    lol the dream team didn’t lose to crappy Lithuania. and the US is probably going to dominate this time around with kobe, melo, LBJ, j-kidd…

  3. Balls Jr says:

    The U.S. never gets dominated at basketball. The reason being that no body produces the type of black guys the U.S. does

  4. Johan says:

    Before any americans complain about the way he speaks, remember that your basketball players suck nowadays, and have to import good players from non-english speaking countries. The “Dream Team” lost to Lithuania I think?

  5. BOSTONTAT says:

    YEA,,, great game your hawks put on… fucking losers….

  6. brice says:

    ya, very pathetic performance today.

  7. FrogSoda.com says:

    Subtitles – Yo Adrien, We did it, we did it, Game 7.

  8. sean says:

    damn. someone beat me to the sylvester stallone joke.

    can someone who has one of those nerdy editting programs fix up this video? like, when they say nothing is easy show rocky chasing around the chicken

    or something and maybe edit somehow so that the interview is taking place inside the ring in russia anmd the reporter would have to be the russian guy from rocky IV so when zaza pumps his fist in the air, you cut to then end of the fight with the russian and it looks like he knocked him out or soething. that would be so worth the viewing time, especially if you were stoned

  9. sean says:

    so what about that reporter? couldn’t you see her at an Applebee’s if y’all want some sweat tea? then should would get real energetic and start singing happy birthday to a fat kid who’s eating cake, even though it isn’t his birthday. i could totally see that heppening.

    and although this is even more random then what is above, check out ray charles mini-bio on imbd:
    Mini Biography:A tragic fate may have given this visionary* a heightened sensitivity, perception… more

    *i myself would have used a synonmy for visionary and exluded all words with a form of vision in them.

  10. Bosco says:

    What a dumb ass…Is he drunk?

  11. abc says:

    who, sean or the guy in the video?

  12. Bosco says:

    Well, now that you mention it…Sean might be too.