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The Best Of The Tourette’s Guy

Best of The Tourettes Guy – Watch more free videos

You know, tourette’s is a very sad and debilitating disease. It’s not something that should be laughed at or mocked. As you can see from this video (which you may have seen before, but it’s definitely worth another viewing), more research is needed to help treat this terrible condition. Forget the starving children, Darfur and the baby seals. With lines such as “You’re grounded because you don’t think the garbage disposal sounds like Chewbacca taking a s***,” and “Don’t talk s*** about Total!” you can see that tourettes is clearly the world’s most pressing problem.

If you’re at work, be careful. There’s just a little bit of naughty language in this video. (And for the record, yes, I know this is fake. But the fact that someone made all this stuff up, makes me like it even more.)

12 Responses to "The Best Of The Tourette’s Guy"

  1. Rick says:

    I can’t believe you guys are literally, actually, shitting in your pants. That’s a problem.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Haha the last part was FUCKING funny holy shit i literly shit my self.

  3. KG says:

    Why does this guy have the same shirt on in all of the clips? Seems a little fake to me

  4. Joe says:

    Is it really safe to let this guy drink beer and drive a car?

  5. diamond star motors says:

    defenitely does look fake, i agree with KG nigga

  6. Knifenuts says:

    Fake, same shirt

  7. Cory says:

    Yeah, this is clearly fake (as I point out in the text.) But it’s still really funny.

  8. I would like to tit fuck Holy Taco’s ass for posting such a fucking awesome video.

  9. Superpooper says:

    This is certainly fake – which actually makes it even more hilarious!

  10. Luke says:

    HOLY PURPLE FUCK MUPPETS BATMAN!!! I don’t even care that this MIGHT be fake…I laughed so “F’n” hard, I literally CRAPPED my-self! I love being a guy…

  11. zead says: