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The Comedy Expendables

The Expendables has proven that a franchise can ride on the strength of washed up action star, so arguably the same could be true of comedy stars.   But who?  And how?  And in what capacity?  Relax, I got this.


Bill Murray as Franco Del Amitri

Steve Martin as Lorenzo Tate

Dan Aykroyd as Samson Prefontaine

Eddie Murphy as The Gerkin

Chevy Chase as Javier Portenta

Martin Short as Sweet Louis Feeney

Joe Piscopo as Joe Piscopo

Bobcat Goldthwaite as Evan Crabtree

Carlos Mencia as The Unfunny Jackal

Dane Cook as the Cock

Jeff Dunham as Shit Stain Pierre

Joe Flaherty as The Shadow

Plot:  A group of ex-sitcom performers from the 70s and 80s (and one circus clown known only as the Gerkin) are tasked to come together to reform a Central American comedy school that has been producing nothing but douche, unfunny comedians who steal jokes and obtain multi-million dollar contracts and endorsements for being less funny than ball cancer.  Only too late do they discover that the school is actually being run by mediocre comedian/forgotten 80s comedy force Joe Flaherty.  His plan?  Flood the modern comedy scene with insufferable and unfunny shits until no one remembers what actual funny is any more, then stage a massive comeback.

You may be thinking this seemed awfully brief and as it all an excuse to show that terrible photoshop at the top?  Yes.  It made me laugh.

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