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The Complete Mental Breakdown of a Restaurant Owner

If you don’t watch Kitchen Nightmares you’ve missed out on something remarkable in the last week, something that has boiled over from TV and into social media and, presumably, a mental asylum somewhere in Arizona as the owners of a restaurant featured on the show are literally losing their minds on the internet in a bizarre, mind-altering fight against perceived enemies and haters.  Take a look at part one of the show to get a sense of the kind of people we’re talking about.

If you didn’t watch, you missed a husband and wife who are pretty clearly deluded and suffering from delusions of persecution.  They believe they do no wrong and everyone is against them, it’s very paranoid and creepy.  But maybe they’re just hamming it up for TV, right?  Maybe it’s staged.  Maybe FOX pulled out all the stops to make them seem crazy?  yeah, maybe.  But if that;s the case, I invite you to take a walk with me through the Facebook page run by the restaurant owners and their updates from Monday, May 13th over the course of about 5 hours as an influx of viewers who saw the video of the show on reddit and read the reviews on Yelp went to Facebook.

The following, in chronological order, represent the most pathetic bout of Facebook insanity I have ever seen.

ED. Note:  I have no idea what ressling is.  Is it wrestling? Riesling? Reese’s Pieces?  No idea.

They have forbidden part of the internet!  Let it be told!

Oh shit!  He has a list of names!

They are the children of God.  No, not that God, the foul-mouthed one who lives down the way.

Can’t argue with someone who goes on a reality show because their business is failing who then claims to be a multi-millionaire Scottsdale, Arizona restauranteur.

Go to Arizona and he will show you shit.  At his restaurant.  They should use that on a poster.

So like…a golden bustier and stuff?

I do just have my site.  But my site is Holy Taco, and our logo is a divine taco.  So arguably I have God on my side as well.  And I say these people are batshit insane.  And if this is true of them then I have no doubt everything else on the show is true and that means these people routinely abuse their employees as well as stealing tips from them.  So screw them and their restaurant.  But check out their Facebook page for endless comedy.

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