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The Corona Summer Caption Contest

It’s summer time and that means you should probably hit some water slides with me.  Before we arrange that though, the good people at Corona asked me if I wanted to run a contest for you lot to help kick off their Corona Summer promotion because this is Holy Taco and we support summery, beer-filled goodness around here.  For serious, I’m drinking beer in a kiddie pool as I type this.  I can do that because I am an adult.

Corona has a whole whack of prizes to offer so you better make me proud with this one.  What I need you to do is look at that picture right up there and write me your most hilarious caption.  Don’t those cats look like they’re having fun?  What’s that dude in the yellow shirt laughing about?  Why is skirt girl pushing her butt out like that?  I have no idea, you write it.

What’s that?  Why should you?  Dammit man, I’ll tell you why!  Because we have prizes!  4 t-shirts!  2 beach blankets! 2 portable iPod speakers! And a big ol’ sexy Corona Cooler!  Oh my god, let me photoshop it all into a montage!

Oh man can I photoshop stuff!

So what’s the deal here, you ask?  Corona wants us all having a jolly, Mexican-beer filled summer.  So when you’re done here you can head over to CoronaSummer and upload your own pics or just snoop around at other people’s, I’m not going to judge.  Added bonus to using your own party pics is that Corona might use them in an ad, so that’s cool.

Anyway, that’s the gist – check out CoronaSummer and then caption that there photo for me – do it in the comments, on Twitter or our FB page.  Because I have so many prizes, feel free to try more than once, make me proud.  I’m not saying I accept bribes but feel free to bribe me, too.  Maybe it’ll work.


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