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The Fax of Life

We seem to be all about puns these days, just let us get it out of our system. We promise to stop, but this Fatal Farm video is just too punny.
Veiny Grossness (TotalProSports)
The 15 Weirdest Statues In The World (SuperTremendous)
Mega Fox Tries to be Jessica Alba (Coed)
Serial Killer Wins Dating Game (LemonDrop)
The Spawn of Famous People (TheChive)
How To Sound Smarter (MadeMan)
Ah, The Parrot Killing Nascar Fan (AllLeftTurns)
The Best TV Show Beers (ScreenJunkies)
Dont Mess With Mr. Karate (TooShocking)
Katja Sambuca Hotness (TotallyCrap)
The Tiger Woods Beauty Pageant (BroBible)
They’re Remaking Wizard of Oz….(PopCrunch)
Final Fantasy 13 Review (G4TV)
How To Crack a Whip (DoubleViking)
Anna K and her Legs (HollywoodTuna)
Wedding vs Bicyclist (EvilChili)
Was Avatar Robbed? (Smosh)
Demi’s Daughter Pole Dances (DailyFill)
Lohan Lawsuit For Real (CelebSlam)
The All New Computer Hookah (Walyou)

9 Responses to "The Fax of Life"

  1. Ann T Christ says:


  2. cough/cool says:

    ok its time to stop the puns now.

  3. DonkeyXooote says:

    That video was almost as painful as the time I accidentally hit the release button on an umbrella I had halfway up my butt.

  4. DonkeyXote's Dad says:

    What about that time when you were sitting on that glass jar and it broke and you had to fish out the broken pieces with your fingers. That was really painful to watch.

  5. DonkeyXote says:

    Hey DonkeyXooote, did you pull that umbrella out of your butt after you – supposedly by accident – hit the release button, or did you just twist it further up inside you?


  6. DonkeyXote's Sequential Hermaphrodite Sister says:

    No, remember, me and mom forced you to stick it up his ass, then lick all the anal juice off the floor. The you had to go on HT and attempt to “defend you honor” or some shit. Of course we all know you have no honor and would do anything for a Nicolas Cage picture.

  7. Stick says:

    Joe doesn’t like puns!

  8. Stink says:

    and I don’t like fuck-sticks like you either!

  9. Stink says:

    Damn, my name stollen too?