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The Juggalo Blues

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My baby done me wrong

Took my face make up away

Said my baby done me wrong

She took that make up away

Can’t trust no devil woman and that’s that

She’s a cold hearted Juggalette.


My baby done me wrong

Drank up my Faygo (all gone)

My baby done me wrong

Got no Faygo (just this song)

I said you can’t trust no she-devil lady

Cuz that Juggalette’s too shady


My baby done me wrong

Treatin’ me like a floob

My baby she done me so wrong

Acting like that Buttafoco

That Juggalette gone straight up Juggaloco


Well I’m free now baby, yes I’m free

Ain’t got no Juggalette to worry me

Said I’m free now baby, I’m gonna roll

Don’t need you and your stanky neder hole.

You got no clown love for me, baby

So I’m gone without a maybe.

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