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The Most Disgusting School Lunches

A Harrisonburg, VA school system thought it was a good idea to put photos of their school lunches on their website. But what they didn’t realize is that the food they were taking pictures of was a collection of the most unappetizing piles of garbage you wouldn’t feed to a dying hamster.

And for some reason, they decided to give each dish a name (sometimes it would be an “extreme” name like “Chicken Fryz”) and put the dish’s abbreviation in the upper corner of each photo. I guess this is so you can print these out, put them in alphabetical order and reminisce about the time you once ate a CSS and lived.

This might explain the increase in heart attacks among Harrisonburg sixth graders.

It’s no coincedence that the abbreviation for this dish is “BM.”

I’m guessing you might need a little more sauce to choke down those cardboard sticks.

If you cut white bread up into rectangles and give it a European name, it’s still slices of white bread.

That potato needs some more cheese. And we need a science lab to figure out what’s in that cup next to it.

Not only do they us a Z, but they also spell “Fryz” with a Y. Food doesn’t get anymore extreme than this. (Kids love to eat extreme things, FYI.)

As you can see, the corn dog is such a complete nutritional package that it needs no sides.

This sandwich used to be called the “Ebola Chicken Sandwich.

This sandwich’s abbreviation is “MS” because this sandwich is full of Multiple Sclerosis.

If this meat was any grayer, it would be attached to my grandfather’s corpse.

I swear to God, they took a photo of a lunchbox to show you what a packed lunch looks like.

Ahh, the nuanced flavors of French cuisine.

For those of you keeping score at home, the abbreviation for spaghetti is “S.”

I don’t know what this is.

This could also be called the “Totally Burnt To A Tasteless Crisp Pizza.”

This is Thanksgiving dinner just like Mom used to make. (When she was in a coma.)

196 Responses to "The Most Disgusting School Lunches"

  1. b0b says:

    I am actually kinda hungryz now.

  2. Ldiddy says:

    WTF is a taco patty?

  3. b00b says:

    lol at taco patty

    but seriously most of that looks like a big improvement to what we got in high school 10 years ago.

  4. neilish says:

    and the taco patty is just a hamburger cut in half and put into a taco shell. and with a cup what is either cole slaw or a mix of cheese, lettuce and tomato, you’ve got a complete meal.

  5. wiggysan says:

    Compared to the schol meals I got in the mid 90′s here in the UK, some of that good.

    The fact that there is more then 5 items on the menu is a good start.

  6. Wilson says:

    I remember being served “Flying Saucers” in the cafeteria, fried bologna with a scoop of mashed potatoes and cheese on top. It was actually pretty good, but gross to think about eating now.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I think we’ve just found ground zero of obesity.

  8. Buddy Ice says:

    The reason that there is a labeling system was for a 11th grade algebra class. Here is how it was used:

    CF + ORC = HIV

    (BR + ID) / CFPS = AIDS

    ((CSS * RWP) – SS) * (RBC + CD) = SARS

  9. Anon says:

    While some of these are legitimately disgusting (including, one assumes, the taco patty), I think the problem with most of these is actually just the photography. Compare, for example, the cheese stuffed shells and the stuffed shells. These are basically the same food item and yet the former looks disgusting while the latter looks, in my opinion anyway, pretty decent. The four lessons you should take away from these photos should be:

    1) Don’t take pictures of food, or anything else, with a camera you got out of a cereal box.
    2) White balance. It’s, like, important.
    3) The person who takes pictures of the food should probably not be the person who cooked it.
    4) Stay the fuck away from the taco patty.

  10. The Lizard says:


  11. chlepf says:

    taco patty sound kind of respectable when compared to beef tongue tacos…… but do take Anon’s advise #4

    now im off to make some Bologna with mashed taters and cheese. Or maybe with just some tots on the side.

  12. Pratik says:

    Has anything like this ever happened when you were in the school cafeteria?

    Some smartass kid who doesn’t want to eat the rest of his food mixes up everything into one sickening mess… mashed potatoes, jello cubes, mashed carrot sticks, bread crust from his friends sandwich, and topped with chocolate milk as a finishing touch.

    Then the kid would take the tray to the tray drop-off area and then run like hell because the weirdo ladies who washed those trays would get pissed at having to clean up that mountain of filth. But sometimes they’d catch the kid and have a teacher bring him back, and he’d have to eat the whole thing.

    And he’d eventually puke since it was so nasty. Then someone else would puke from seeing him puke, and it led to a chain reaction of a whole group of kids puking and having to go to the office.

  13. kramer says:

    Holy cow the Taco patty had me laughing… since when do dog turds make for a taco filler?

  14. jameswtf says:

    Ah those poor kids… thank god i don’t have to go to high school anymore!

  15. tam says:

    apparently the lunch lady is a sexual deviant. those ain’t shells, them be vaginas, son.

  16. Tickaz says:

    I seriously don’t know what all the fuss is about. I would eat most of that. The Burrito with Rice (BR) actually looks quite tasty.

  17. amirman says:

    this food looks pretty good for the most part except for the few i saw that seem like something a stoned homeless guy would make for himself. who the hell invented taco patties and italian dunkers. that shit is just silly. i’d still probably eat it though.

  18. Ivor Biggun says:

    OMG…would you like some food with your cheese? No wonder america is full of overweight, video game playing, can’t run more than a mile no idea what outside looks like kids.

    I wouldnt feed that crap to the starving in Africa.

  19. DJ Elfslayer says:

    Aight, school lunches aren’t supposed to be good or appetizing ( even tho I bet some of them would actually taste good) they are there for the sake of being food. In my adult life so far, if someone were to make me any of those dishes I would eat the shit of them just cuz I wouldn’t have to make them myself or pay more than 4 dollars for them. I’ll admit Italian Dunkers are bullshit but I would eat any of the other with no complaints.

  20. johnboy says:

    i dont usually comment, but it has to be said, again, that that is the most horrible food i have seen in a long time. i cant believe you feed this stuff to kids!!! the potato is the only slightly appitising thing there, and even it is full of cheese!!

    and who the fuck puts anything but jam or butter inside a croissant!

    and theres no veg! only corn and some very overcooked looking greenbeans…and a small cup of fruit, weeeeee here comes heart disease kids

  21. there isn’t one meal which doesn’t look like puke.

  22. ela says:

    um cheese filled bread sticks = BOSCO STICKS and if someone doesn’t know how good BOSCO STICKS are after a ritual morning wake ‘n’ bake before class- then you are SO MISSING OUT.

  23. Your Geography Sucks says:

    There is a Harrisburg, PA and a Harrisonburg, VA but no Harrisonburg, PA

  24. Waste of time says:

    Whoever wrote this article is an idiot…Harrisburg is the capitol of PA.

    Jump off a bridge.

  25. The Lunchlady says:

    It’s no wonder childhood obesity is becoming such a problem. Look at the smudge we are feeding them.

  26. rawraw says:

    at least they have a large selection, my HS rotated like 3 items. Also, I would go to town on the “MS”

  27. proseeder says:

    why is this labeled Pennsylvania when its from Virginia?

  28. Andy says:

    I think some of this food actually looks somewhat tasty, but 99% of it is really unhealthy. For example, look at the stuffed shells meal. Corn, bread, fruit juice, stuffed shells…on first glance how bad can it be? It sounds healthier than McDonalds or something. But in reality starchy corn, refined carbohydrates, and sugary fruit juice are all extremely bad choices. A smarter meal would be broccoil, whole grain bread ( or if you listen to some nutritionists no bread at all), and fresh or frozen fruit like apples or blueberries.

    The stuffed shells add more refined carbs and who knows what inside. The tomato sauce is probably healthy though!

  29. what??? says:

    Ummm, I work there, and the food the cafeteria serves is really decent, much better than when I was in school. And I’ve never heard of “taco patty”.

  30. Holy Taco Patty says:

    In college, (the first place I found it necessary to eat cafeteria food since I was like 11, ) I had a friend who worked in food service. He told me about boxes of meat marked Grade C (but edible). He said the “but edible” part was actually printed on them. Mmmmm. More horse rectum, anyone? PL for my child, please!!

  31. Jaxxi Hax says:

    I would not even consider eating any of this.

    Forget the obscene amounts of fat being served up, the sodium levels are off the hook, and nothing there looks like it contains any fiber. Kids who ate this 5-days a week would be at risk for constipation (at best), and serious circulatory problems later in life (at worst).

  32. Anonymous says:

    I can’t vouch for what actually is served at Harrisonburg City Schools, or even if those pictures are really from Harrisonburg, but I encourage you all to also read this article: “At City Schools, Lunch Goes Local,” http://www.dnronline.com/news_details.php?CHID=1&AID=17157

  33. Cori says:

    Actually, this looks strangely like the food served at West Greene High School. Some days the food was so bad, that if you asked a lunch lady about it, she’d say that if she were you, she wouldn’t eat it. Thank goodness I’m off to college, to eat Ramen and popcorn for a couple years.

  34. IVFOREV says:

    Harmony school district in bonaparte/farmington iowa has italian dunkers, but they aren’t lame ass white bread. I would get high as fuck and eat those shits. y’know go into the locker rooms smoke weed fuck stanmeyer fuck ms fine fuck mrs thurman BA

  35. Lars says:

    Uhm… what the hell!? I live in the northern of Europe and we sure don’t get every meal stuffed with cheese, I mean that’s just idiotic. I bet u drink coca-cola with every meal too. The food we get isnt much better, quality compared, but it’s way more less fat at least, and orangejuice is the most sugarfilled drinks we get. Damn, I really regret complaining about the school cafeteria food we got. And as someone said “I think we just found ground zero of obesity” hahaha, fat american bastards! Go get a terrorist heart attack on 9/11.

  36. anon says:

    So are these pictures from Harrisonburg VA schools or from Harrisburg PA schools? You might want to figure that out first because you seem to have blended the two. I can vouch for the menu’s at Harrisonburg VA schools and only one picture above (the cheese filled breadsticks) are served at the schools. The rest of those pictures are either from another school or very very old. Might want to figure this stuff out before you post.

  37. Chris says:

    I was born and raised in Harrisonburg. The school food there was just as bad 30 years ago.

  38. hal says:

    The same companies that provide these meals for schools also provide them for prisons. The prisons, generally, spend more on a meal for inmates — that is, they get the nicer stuff — than schools do for students.

  39. Mongol says:

    If you like eating crap check out http://www.citizenx.com

  40. masternate says:

    hahaha have you ever seen the cheese inside the cheese sticks? its all brown and doesnt look anything like a cheese ive ever seen before

  41. Dana says:

    I LOVE this post. I just put a sample on my blog (www.shewalkssoftly.worpress.com) and directed my readers here!

  42. makabe says:

    Cheese Cheese Cheese… Fat fucks!

  43. Herbert says:

    agree with Lars

  44. Dee says:

    All this stuff looks like crap to me maybe i need to go cook for the school i can cook better than that my dog eats better than that

  45. brandi says:

    That’s CHICKEN fajitas? Are they sure? It doesn’t look like chicken. Maybe it’s the same type of “chicken” that some NY Chinese Restaurants use.

  46. Ross says:

    Taco Patty… looks like someone needed to take a shit… and what do you need to wipe your ass after taking a dump?

  47. rugger says:

    the meatball sub looks like what the hobo who lives near my house shat the other day

  48. Poop Chute says:

    The ORC actually looks like roasted orc.

  49. tommy says:

    those pizza sticks i had in middle school they were good! every body wanted them

  50. muppet coordinator says:

    um, i’d just like to say that the “taco patties” look like they contain some form of shriveled up penises.

    …ahem. thank you for your time.

  51. jaxx says:

    I agree with the commenter that mentioned the poor photography is to blame for most of the issues here. The problem is, food is expensive, the meals are subsidized by the school budget, have to be prepared in mass quantities every day, and have to have a certain (cryptic) balance of nutrition and calories, and be served up very quickly.

    But no, no excuse for the taco patties. It probably saves them considerable money compared to buying ground beef separately but I get the feeling they just discovered that taco shells are cheaper than hamburger buns. There’s no reason they couldn’t run the patties through one of their food processors and make proper taco filling with them (hell it’d save even more money as it’d stretch the meat.)

    I’m actually surprised by the fried burrito, health regulations have gotten so strict that it’s hard to get away with serving deep fried anything in schools anymore.

    Gran’s a lunch lady…

  52. picsel says:

    guys, i really mean no offending or falling into stereotypes. but, do you guys ever relate this to your people’s average weight? you know what i mean. it starts in the childhood.
    i don’t think this is funny. you are the ones who promote “doing something”.
    makes me wonder, at least.

  53. Anonymous says:

    What a stereotype. I happen to have a friend from France, and he is the most heterosexual guy a person could know. People like this piss me off.

  54. Anonymous says:

    hell yeah it is

  55. Cartman says:

    For real, thats exactly what this shit looks like. And you.. thought it looked edible?

  56. Anonymous says:

    coverup no doubt

  57. Anonymous says:

    …what? Most American schools don’t have the luxury of having a canteen near/on school grounds, and a vast majority of students aren’t permitted to leave school grounds without a parent or guardian checking them out of school.

    You either bring a boxed lunch, buy a lunch from the cafeteria (which are [normally] held to strict nutrition guidelines), or go without. Some schools, however, don’t allow students to bring in outside food, and that includes homemade lunches. Students at those schools are required to purchase their lunches from the school cafeterias.

  58. Anonymous says:

    lol i was crying really good myself on the comments lol, it looked like the made the meal, locked it in a box, and kicked the shit out of it and served it on a plastic plate lol its just horrid

  59. Cartman says:

    I guess you just went to some fucked up school if they didnt let you bring your own lunch. Must have had padding on the walls and made you wear helmets. Either that or they kept your ass locked up.

  60. Cartman says:

    no one forces teh little fuckers to eat it, if students not wanting shitty food, bring their own or go without.

  61. Gamplayerx says:

    Is it truly possible that you have not seen the goodness … um … no, no — that’s not the word for it. Lemme just sum up. I present: Ham and Cheese Pita. http://www.elsewhere.org.nyud.net:8080/harrisonburg-lunches/ham-c-pita.jpg

  62. Jack says:

    Dude try boarding school, that stuff looks fucking divine.

  63. Ally says:

    My middle and high schools also served the cheese-filled pizza sticks (we called the max pizza sticks, probably so we could be more XTREEM). They were actually everyone’s favorite item, the thing there’d be a line all the way down the hallway for. We also had spaghetti that looked similar to what’s in the picture above, and while it wasn’t delectable, it wasn’t horrible. The rest of this shit looks absolutely disgusting. Sorry Rest-Of-The-World, not all of us have parents who forced us to eat this shit and become fat, greasy fucks

  64. mo says:

    Good Lord. That is absolutely not typical of American School food. My family was military so we moved around a lot. Colorado, South Carolina, California, Idaho… I don’t remember school meals like this. We had the occasional cheeseburger maybe once a week, and there was a salad bar option in high school. This stuff is nauseating. I’m willing to bet those are pictures from the 70′s.

  65. NixonTech2071 says:

    It’s so surprising how open they are giving us these plucks of chum and misery, than we watch those old fat cows eat on some pizza at my elementary some time ago, fucking wastes.

  66. Estey says:

    Man, I ain’t joking. That stuff looks mighty tasty. Put cheese on anything and suddenly it gets really good.

    Bring it on. That is some down-home good cookin’ there.

    Chow time.


  67. Adrien says:

    happy to be in France …

  68. Lori says:

    Well this looks a lot more appetising that the shite they used to serve us up at my school in the UK during the 1980′s.

  69. joe says:

    someone should sue the school for that crap. serious. and i know some asshole is going to say “you americans sue for everything”…. but seriously! that’s about the only thing that will get the schools to do anything over here because of stupid and stubborn administrators.

  70. Dave says:

    Looking at that lot, I can’t help but think how horribly stuck up some of you are.

    Some of it doesn’t look too great, but I’ve eaten far worse and wouldn’t mind eating most of that. All these “OMG EWW!” comments confuse me. I can agree that many of the dishes look very fatty but compared to some things I subsisted on in school (boarding school – three meals a day..) these things look positively delicious.

    BBQ meatballs look a bit rank as does the turkey dish, but other than that they look fine to me. Ye gods, what a bunch of whiners.

  71. Matthew Fearrington says:

    Dave, it’s not the food as much the presentation. The pictures make the food look absolutely horrible.

  72. Johnnypanda says:

    …This actually looks quite appetizing. Except for the thin crust pizza and the “taco”. What the hell.

    But seriously, these are just examples of terrible photography. I think you may have exaggerated a bit here :/

  73. Chatdude says:

    Watch girls here stuff taco’s where the sun don’t shine… http://www.ucamchat.com webcam chat with a difference.. LOL

  74. Anonymous says:

    Wow. I’m glad my school’s food doesn’t look like that…not that ours is great but at least I don’t want to regurgitate it before I’ve even eaten it…

  75. Anonymous says:

    franc is gay

  76. Toad Holler says:

    I laughed until I had tears in my eyes. Frickin’ hilarious!

  77. dickcheese says:

    actualy some of it looks fuckin good like turkey roast with gravy and italian chicken sandwich

  78. Richie Retch says:

    This is what you’re feeding your kids? No wonder they go on rampages.

    “Garbage in, Garbage out” after all!

  79. soccergurlpr says:

    i think this crap looks like a dogs shit after it had diheria. ewwwww!!!

  80. Katie says:

    Man this reminds me of high school… no wonder I never ate lunch. Now at work I work in a supercenter so I have a store full of meal options. Yogurt and fruit 3 days a week, wings or general tso’s chicken the other 2! Yum!

  81. Kayla says:

    I had that lunch box in grade school!!!!!!!!!

    Those lunches look absolutely repulsive. I hope parents saw that and packed lunches as well.

  82. AussieChick says:

    Hmmmm, seems like in australia, our food is different.

    Usually we make our own lunches, and tke them to school. or get food from the tuckshop (canteen) and tharts only like a burger, or hotdog.

    ABSOLUTLY no meals, just snack things or burgers/meat pies/hotdogs

    Man you americans are lazy that you can’t even make your own lunch!!

  83. Anonymous says:


  84. wtf says:

    dude i freakin live like 5 minutes away from harrisonburg…haha i wanna know which school did this (wasnt mine)

  85. datznasteh says:

    wow half of the things on here i’ve seen either my elementary, middle, or high school serve me. lol thats sad.

  86. Anonymous says:

    Surely you were on some sort of hallucinogenic substance at the time of writing this.

  87. Anonymous says:

    I agree with you there.

  88. Anonymous says:

    I once trading my lunch for a mates “mystery box”. Turned out his mum prepared his on like a Monday or Tuesday, the trade actually took place on a Friday.

  89. Anonymous says:

    you are a stupid bitch

  90. Anonymous says:

    No one exaggerated anything. You just favor food of extremely poor quality.

  91. crazy insane randomness says:

    wtf is wrong wit this even tho we get some of that shit to………haha i want chick fil a bitches :P ///////////////;;;;;;;;::::::::””’”"”"”",,,,,< <<<....>>>>????? Do you feel blame? Are you mad? Uh, do you feel like wolf kabob Roth vantage? Gefrannis booj pooch boo jujube; bear-ramage. Jigiji geeji geeja geeble Google. Begep flagaggle vaggle veditch-waggle bagga?

  92. Anonymous says:

    Holy fudge!
    Most of these look delicious!

  93. you could really use this on fear factor. yuck!

  94. Anonymous says:

    Looks OK to me. At least it’s a good variety. I would rather have this menu, than the same meal everyday of a higher quality. The really shitty items – like BBQ Meatballs – would just help you to appreciate the less shitty items even more.

  95. captain_pessimism says:

    Heh, guess being homeschooled wasn’t ALL bad. Though come to think of it, I traded a social life for good food…lol.


  96. Duncan says:

    There is not a single thing i would eat, so much grease, cheese and extruded soy/maize starch.

    Where are the vegetables!?1!

  97. Anonymous says:

    Oh yeah, and the Roast Beef Croissant looks like about the best thing in the world, if you were drunk.

  98. Anonymous says:

    I lol’d the whole way through that

  99. Anonymous says:

    This food looks damn good. I’ve definitely had much worse!

  100. Scheide says:

    I think that roast beef sandwich looks delicious. The turkey meal and the pizza look pretty decent too. We also had those pizza sticks, never any sauce, though. That was our breakfast a lot of the time. Us New Mexicans get mostly, you guessed it, mexican food. Even if it was horrid you get jalapenos or salsa to mask the awful flavor. Or shell out an extra dollar to get Pizza Hut or a sald.

  101. ryan says:

    if i had to eat that shit i would commit suicide first. i thought my school lunches were bad but that stuff up there looks like it came out of a animals asshole. but im licky this year i go to a school were you can get pizza hut or mcy d’s somedays and the food isreal food not that alien food up there

  102. Anonymous says:

    Yea so I accidentally the first three is that bad?? Should I be checked out by a doctor?

  103. Anonymous says:

    Kinda makes you hungry for prison food…

  104. Willy S. says:

    I would chow on all that shit.

  105. Anonymous says:

    lol Half that stuff does not look as bad as my old schools food, hell no one would even eat anything that came out of there unless they forgot the food the packed

  106. colleen says:

    Every school that I ever went to served Italian Dunkers. Anyone who hasn’t had them: you’re not missing much. And it pretty much looks exactly the same in real life as it does in the picture.

  107. Anonymous says:

    if youre smart you eat pack lunch

  108. Anonymous says:

    taco patty for the win

  109. Tyrone Biggums says:

    I want some crack!

  110. cool kid says:

    you guys are all retarded. that food is fucking good. especially for elementary school kids. fucking stupid ass post with lame ass jokes about the food.

    fuck your jokes about the food are so lame that im mad i read through all of them right now.

    fuckin stupid ass post

  111. Anonymous says:

    Why would they put a picture of a LUNCHBOX up there?
    Plus it’s a stupid lunchbox, too! (No offense to anyone who has/had that lunchbox.)

  112. laughing til I puke says:

    I have to say, the responses to this post have made me laugh out loud. Yes, the food looks disgusting. Yes, the taco patty is probably the worst. But the cracks about fat Americans from drunken, Kangaroo-fucking Aussies are priceless.

  113. Anonymous says:

    I hate to ruin the tone, but the spaghetti looks better than what I get at home.

  114. Anonymous says:

    You people are idiots. The only thing horrible about these is the horrible photography. Do you really think a school district is going to hire a Madison Avenue ad agency to create gorgeous high resolution photos of their food?

    These crappy photos were probably taken with a cell phone, of course they look like shit. God, how stupid can you be?

    “ZOMG the pictures are ugly! That MUST mean the food tastes bad and has no nutrition!”

    I’d like to see how your mom’s delicious home cooking fared with the same photographer.

  115. Anonymous says:

    this stuff may look gross but they probably don’t run out of food like my school. and i’m an eighth grader! the oldest in the school and we get crappy cold food or they run out.

  116. Angel Amazing says:

    here’s the sad part.
    most of the stuff up there? I’ve eaten for the past 4 years

  117. !@N says:

    stuffed shells stuffed with wat dog diharea

  118. clairexmonster says:

    WTF?!? the cheese filled pizza sticks (called pizza dippers at my school) ARE AWESOME!!! They taste really good. :P

  119. clairexmonster says:

    lol, we have the cheese filled pizza sticks, called pizza dippers at my school. they are really goooooood. not kidding, theirr yumlillyumcious <– lol wtf? xD

  120. Dr.D says:

    These pics sorta made me hungry =(

  121. sick of spoiled kids! says:

    Wow. That food looks great to me, grainy pictures aside!

    Is this written by a 6yo?! If this looks disgusting to you, you are a SPOILED BRAT! Spend some time at a soup kitchen, and find out what it’s like to not have food. It’s healthy food, served hot. I’d love to have someone cook healthy meals for me. Coming up with healthy and yummy meals every day is hard.

    One thing travel has taught me, is that most rich people are constantly complaining, while the poorest people always find a way to rejoice in what they have.

  122. Steve says:

    I can’t believe children are actually expected to eat this shit. Wonder what the teachers ate…

  123. Rainie says:

    LOL This crap still looks better than the pathetic shit at my school. I mean “Turkey Roast with Gravy” kicks “Thanksgiving Turkey from Two Months Ago”‘s ass and I would totally trade our “Waffles With Mystery Meat!” for that “Roast Beef Croissant”. I would also take their “Round Wedge Pizza” over any sort of pizza that has been dropped onto that dirty-ass floor anyday… And people wonder why I bring snacks to school all the time.

    P.S. To the Healthy Team: FYI, putting water into a juice box does not change the fact that it is colorless and bland and hell no, I am not purchasing that shit for $1.25 when I can get the same shit from the water fountain in the courtyard.

  124. zack says:

    i would eat that fucking lunchbox before i ate any of the other shit.

  125. The Doctor says:

    Oh, Ceiling Cat, why hast thou forsaken me?!?

  126. wench says:

    I am so lucky i live in Australia.

  127. t1tsup says:

    if my wife would make food like that I would eat like a king… but in the school that I went to in Kodiak AK it was a lot like hitting a drive thru in some small third world cuntry.

  128. xylpho says:


    For your information, roast beef croissant ha nothing to do with french cuisine, thank God !

    Disgusting ^^

  129. Finnish guy says:

    Don’t they eat any vegetables and fruits?

  130. Jake says:

    There wont be no question about it, why most of americans are fat.
    where are the god damn vegetables!
    i wouldnt eat that crap…. whats with the cheese.

  131. doggydog says:

    Those are NOT barbeque meatballs!! Plus the taco patty looks like a fuckin turd in a taco shell! And look at the cheeseburger macaroni. That shit looks like it could kill you instantly. This is the same food they feed prisoners!

  132. Dave says:

    We, in Canadien army Forces, have more good quality then that. Its verry stupid that they feed our kids with those shits.

  133. Chris says:

    The ORC actually looks like Orc meat. Absolutely disgusting. Could I get a side of owlbear wings? lol

  134. duck says:

    thats gross but some of that stuff it better then the stuff we get all we get is greasy pizza, bag of chips filled with meat(travaling tacos) and chicken nuggets

  135. Michiel says:

    I believe that if I throw up after a night of drinking, it would look more tasty than this cr*p!

  136. S says:

    When I was in elementary school, almost all of our lunch ladies were Dunkards. They made everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, from scratch. It was awesome. After elementary school, I never ate school lunch. That stuff above looks like the background of a Garbage Pail Kid card.

  137. Nicho says:

    No wonder that the world is going to a epidemic of fat ass people look what u are feeding the children!

  138. Anonymous says:

    Good God no wonder Childhood obesity is so rampant in the school system these days. I cant believe the state approved that to be a healthy diet for kids.

  139. Jake says:

    That biscut with the “Chicken Fryz” looks raw. delectable.lol

  140. Emie says:

    I am from Northern Europe and although our school meals were not always very tasty and the menu often included meals (there was no choice) we did not like at all, it was at least 100x healthier than this.

    Everything in those photos looks so fatty – and no veg around. On top of that all the fat seems saturated and not one of those meals contains any fibre. The worst form of calories here. In comparison to this I am rather happy they fed us with cabbage soup and ground liver sauce with potatoes among more tasty meals. (I hated both).

  141. Fred Fred Buger says:

    that stuff looks tasty

  142. Rob says:

    Call HazMat!!! Especially for the taco patties.

  143. just me says:

    too bad for them, my lunches are awesome

  144. C.X. says:

    Oh man. It’s sad that I can look at that and tell that my old high school probably gets food from the same place. I can actually pick things out like “My school had this, that, and an even more disgusting version of that.” Those taco patties can’t even compare to our school’s tacos.

    Man, I’m glad I go to a college with a decent food court now. :D

  145. brandon says:

    actually my high schools has some of this stuff
    and the CFPS i LOVE those things
    i think they’re delicious

  146. jon says:

    when i was in middle school we used to get Green sponge pizza ( the green part was mold) Stale bread an A few insects in our meals, one kid got a big spider in his sandwich

  147. Kyle. B says:

    I’m glad i’m from England looking at the food you guys are being served. I’m in secondry school (I don’t know what you would call it =p) and we get much better food. We have about the same amount of options and a lot tastier, healthier food. It is also cheap!

  148. Old Balls says:

    The only way that meatball sub could get any worse is if you microwaved a used condom and delicately tucked it inside.

  149. Punky says:

    All the horrible memories of school lunches are coming back to me now.

    We had “creole spaghetti” made with macaroni noodles; “pizza boats” made with boat-shaped French bread (?); some kind of tamales – complete with corn husk; salisbury steak (never again); meatloaf with ketchup squiggles on top; and everyone’s favorite – Frito pie. Talk about gastrointestinal distress.

    The only reasons I went to lunch were Little Debbies and Blue Bell ice cream bars.

  150. mattnnz says:

    Well….Parents don’t want to pay more than 1.50 for their kids lunch. Your kids get what you pay for. That much said, most kids really don’t have much of a sense of taste. They eat what what is familiar. I remember being totally stoked about what would be to me now nasty awful pizza.

  151. gomogo says:

    Wow, those look delicious compared to the school lunches I’m used to. Except the meatball sub, of course. This one looks terrible.

  152. N/A says:

    They all look lovely. Apart from the chicken and taco patty.

  153. mallory says:

    once i had chicken fryz at my school and i puked everywhere until i couldnt puke anymore
    it was pretty extreme

  154. Guy man says:

    That isn’t spaghetti. It’s french fries with meat.

  155. AJP says:

    The sad thing is, this might be the best food some kids get all day.

  156. oh noes says:

    Quit blaming cheese for Americans being fat. Americans are fat because they eat huge quantities of red meat, enriched white bread, corn-oil everything, sodium, sugary sodas, and saturated fat. Have you seen portion sizes in our restaurants? And they act like it’s a contest to see who can eat more. Disgusting.

    I’ve been eating cheese several times a day since childhood, as did my whole family. Not a fattie in the lot.

    I have not, however, ever had a “taco patty”. Public school lunches traumatized me because the cheese was mostly made of salt and vegetable oil and I refused to eat it. Greasy fried things made of salt and oil, not actual dairy cheese, because public school systems can’t afford REAL CHEESE. :)

  157. Anderson says:

    Actually, we had the pizza sticks when I were in highschool, and they weren’t to terrible. I mean, they weren’t great, but compared to the rest the images they look quite inviting, to me.

  158. Liam says:

    It’d be more nutritious to throw away the kid’s food and eat the kids instead

  159. Ash says:

    That all looks way better than what any of my schools has served in the past. Including the salads. And people still wonder why I bring my lunch…

  160. Judo says:

    I think something that needs to get a little more attention in this discussion is the fact that they took a picture of a lunchbox and labeled it ‘pl’.

  161. sf says:

    i am so glad there are a ton of rich people in my school district….if my school served stuff like that i would die. we have food that actually looks like food….although the italian dunkers i think theyre called cheese filled pizza sticks here are pretty amazing…. ;) …but yeah….if i had any of the rest of that bullshit i wouldnt eat…..

  162. alex says:

    omg thats awfull i almost blew my brains out when i saw the bbq meat balls usaly during luck i dont eat anything anyway tho becase they serve nasty shit :)

  163. Shane says:

    Wow. I remember my school lunches being bad (usually just really bland, institutionalized crap), but it was never that horrible looking. That stuff is just bad.

    I work as a dietary-tech as my current job. I follow the menus to a t for the most part. The guys I cook for have no idea how good they have it. After seeing this, I actually feel really good about myself right now.

    I made them baked pork chops, au gratin potatoes (with real cheddar cheese, not cheese food product), and broccoli with parmesan cheese for dinner tonight. They seemed to like it. Maybe I should makes some “Italian Dunkers” some night and see how well that goes over. They would probably mutiny.

  164. jackson says:

    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) ………

    truly nasty shit i agree with alex or the bbq meat balls
    also thier right .If you cut white bread up into rectangles and give it a European name, it’s still slices of white bread. …..truly fucking hilarios
    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) ………

  165. aaron says:

    hahahahah sucks for u we get chick fillet hahahahahahaha

  166. Chase Alexanser says:

    i lol’d so hard @ Italian Dunkers xD are those luch ladies crackheads??

  167. julia says:

    I am soooooooooooooooooooooooo glad they dont serve this crap @ my school

  168. hailey says:

    I WOULD HATE TO BE THOSE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  169. TACO FUCKING PATTY!!?? says:

    Taco Patty recipe

    1 patty
    2 taco shells

    rip patty in two pieces and place one piece in each shell. serve.

  170. Ashley says:

    My school serves the cheese filled pizza sticks and they’re actually really good.

    But chya everything else looks gross.

  171. Kat says:

    Ha. I had to go to college before I got nasty caf food.

    But then again pretty much everything on that list looks good to me.

    And the stuff in the bowl next to the potato is a shredded meat of some kind, chicken is my guess.

  172. Brandon says:

    I think I felt my stomach turning at half the stuff on that page. The taco patty looks like someone dropped a deuce onto a taco shell. Now I remember why students at my high school (myself included) ran across the street to the Burger King or Wendy’s. If I ever ate anything in school, it was either the fries or the big chocolate chip cookies.
    It was even greater when they added Little Caesar’s to the lunch lines. And I didn’t become obese either! :-)

  173. Eli says:

    That’s just… Disturbing.

  174. Timmy the Tumor says:

    And people wonder why (albeit a miniscule percentage) some kids grow up to be cannibals.

  175. taylor says:

    that actually looks really good, some of it, compared to what my high school served

  176. SarcasticOB says:

    I’m pretty sure my dog wouldn’t eat most of this crap.

  177. Dom says:

    We had the CFPS at my high school. They were horrible. It actually was like eating cardboard. The sauce made them worse.

  178. JMom says:

    oh yuck! no wonder my girls won’t eat cafeteria food.

  179. Sean says:

    Does anyone else think those fries next to the chicken fajita look frozen (and far from extreme)? I took me two looks to even notice the fries there because I was so fixated on what I swore was Alpo on a tortilla. At least the Chicken Fajita has one thing going for it: it has a unique abbreviation….except for that it shares ‘CF’ with Chicken Fryz (which are really extreme). I guess going all ‘periodic table’ on us and adding lowercase letters to distinguish between items in their seemingly needless labeling system would have made to much sense for the people who also think it’s good to advertise that they serve this shit.

  180. crackdeeznutz says:

    I think I could eat my weight in RBCs.

  181. tatom says:

    fires with a fajita? what the hell? everyone knows you need tots if you’re gonna choke down some fajitas!!!

  182. Eli says:

    @Waste of time –

    It clearly says “Harrisonburg, VA”. Which, for you un-edumacated folk (or those too lazy to google it), is Virginia. Go back to school.

    About the food, like I said, it’s fucking disturbing. My highschool actually had OK food. Of course it had all the disgusting shit like turdballs on a bun. Or, the always puke-inducing “spaghetti”. But, my school’s food NEVER looked as bad as the above pictures.

  183. Yell says:

    That’s awful.

    My school lunch was WAY better. I actually MISS our school lunch pizza.

  184. Alex says:

    and they wonder why americans are the fattest people on the planet?

  185. Robert Patrick, Actor says:

    I think the obvious choice would have been making the Slices of White Bread a side for “S”.

  186. I can haz obese life? says:

    I can be a volunteer to shot your children in the face with shotgun, instead of letting your children eat that kind of toxic waste. Result is the same.

    You would never see anything like that in our schools. You don’t have to deep fry everything or cover all with cheese to make it taste good.

    The one responsible for planning those school meals should be jailed.

  187. surfchef says:

    Ok, I work for a company that provides food service for schools. If my kitchen put out these meals I would be fired. This is about as unacceptable as it gets. These photos actually make me want to throw up.

  188. mamma mia says:

    Never got breakfast all through my school years, so anything at lunch was appreciated. Actually would have died for most of what’s pictured (or possibly died because of).

    BTW, most of your posts are impossible to read because you geniuses can’t be bothered to use proper spelling and grammar. These aren’t big words. Go back to school.

  189. Seth says:

    what the hell? you guys dont like cheesburgers and tacos and mac and cheese and meatballs and pizza and spaghetti and chicken and corndogs and burritos?

  190. spatch says:

    Your captions are hilarious! I’m glad I have a private office because otherwise I’d get stared at. And what’s with those gray meatballs in a pool of sludge?

    Mmmmmmmmm. Sludge.

  191. sir jorge says:

    i’d eat it all