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The Most Important Election…EVER

As we all know, there’s an incredibly important election coming up and I feel as an American I need to chime in. Yes, that’s right, Kettle Chips is having the “Kettle Chips People’s Choice IV: Fire and Spice!” See how they did that, with the Fire and Ice, but instead they changed…forget it.

The flavors in competition are pictured above. They all sound delicious, but personally, I’m endorsing Mango Chili, because they are delicious and I agree with their stance on health care reform.

Really though, this is the flavor I’d most like to see:

Also, if you’re in to indie music, and you’re also into Kettle chips, there’s no better comparison of the two then this article right here. This guy is on to some next level shit.

One Response to "The Most Important Election…EVER"

  1. Aiden Scott says:

    in england they sell mango chilli already, its nice get it