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The Name-That-Clark-Duke Game

clark duke

Clark Duke is comedy’s most diverse actor since Michael Cera.  Fun fact, Duke and Cera are close friends.  They come from a place where everything is the same all the time.  We assume.  In the spirit of that, here’s 8 pictures of Duke doing his thing.  Can you identify each role he’s playing based on his unique appearance?  First person to name all 8 wins…ya know…something.  A shirt?  We could send you a shirt.  Will our captions help or hinder you?  Will you just Google him and try to match the images?  Who knows?  Fun!

1. Mr. Duke just woke up.  Everything looks rectangular today.

2. Mr. Duke (still waking) is thrilled to see you.

3. We had to green screen Mr. Duke here.  In the movie he’ll be piloting a big pair of hipster glasses.

4. Mr. Duke says no to haircuts.

5. Mr. Duke is growing tired of this contest, all the pictures look the same!

6. Don’t make Mr. Duke angry.  You wouldn’t like Mr. Duke when he’s angry.

7. Wait, what’s this?  Mr. Duke is distracted!

8. This has made Mr. Duke sleepy again.  On go the dark glasses.  Silly ass contest.

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