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The Reason Why Tila Tequila Is Famous

Do you ever wonder why certain people are famous? Especially when they are four-foot gremlin-faced whores? Well, here’s the story, according to a friend of mine who worked at StuffMagazine.com (the website for the now defunct Stuff Magazine.)

Back in 2005, the editor-in-chief of Stuff magazine wanted to capitalize on the popularity of the Internet. He called down to the online department and said, “Hey, tell me who has a lot of Myspace friends,” because he wanted to put someone on the cover of Stuff who had a “lot of Myspace friends.” The brilliant marketing plan behind this was based on the thinking that if someone on the cover had a million Myspace friends, then all those “friends” would buy that magazine and sales would skyrocket. What it showed, instead, was a complete lack of understanding of how the Internet works. When someone has a million Myspace friends, it just means that he/she spends the majority of his/her day clicking “add as a friend” or “accept.” They aren’t pals who sit around and reminisce about the good times they’ve had.

So, the online guy took 10 seconds (honestly, 10 seconds) and found a girl with an assload of MySpace friends. That, girl, of course, was Tila Tequila, and she appeared on the April 2006 cover of Stuff.

The editor’s big plan failed (the cover sold the same as every other one), but Tila Tequila somehow got famous. A girl whose biggest claim to fame up to that point had been a Playboy cyber girl in 2002 (which is basically the sewage drain of wannabe models) and some other crap you never saw. She even attempted to enter Maxim’s Hometown Hotties in 2005, but was too stupid to mail in the proper forms.

Instead of letting Tila fade off into the world of failed models who end up in hardcore pornography, the Stuff cover put her in the mainstream media. Now we have to hear her singing about sucking cock til she hurls and see her star in yet another reality show. Thanks, Stuff Magazine.


99 Responses to "The Reason Why Tila Tequila Is Famous"

  1. utahcon says:

    Actually Tila was a porn star before Stuff Magazine found her. She had done many softcore sets and a few hardcore before Stuff and MTV

  2. realism says:

    Id love to see photos of the writer of this article….or as Jesus Hilton once said…”may he / she who is truly hot cast the first stone.”

  3. Silenoz says:

    [tila]: i like to f**k sexy boys sexy girls
    i like to f**k like the pants dirty curls
    i like to f**k suck cock untill i hurl
    i like to f**k everybody in the world
    michael jackson
    a shot of tequila gets em real hot
    i blow of the door to showride the hot block
    squirt like the wipers on my hot car
    ama ma se ma ma sa, ma ma coo sa
    suckin on my titties so milky
    i get dirty with it i so filthy
    do it like u wanna make a baby yeah milfy
    if it aint yours u can still come and show me righttttt


    Please kill me.

  4. Bud says:

    I once saw a picture of Tila Tequila standing waist-deep in water, and I’ve been afraid of the ocean ever since…

  5. USAFdude08 says:

    All I hear is a bunch of jealous people here… who cares if she’s a slut!! The majority of women in the industry are too, and who cares that she has a reality show I’d rather watch her than Flava Flav!! Realistically take away though women make-up artist and the all look like poo ie. Oprah Winfrey Yet she was voting one of the most beautiful women. bottom line, get the hate out your blood. i’m not saying she’s hott and i dont even have her as a friend on myspace, she’s just some random chick who made it big good for her.

  6. Yea she’s an annoying idiot that probably has the emotional and intellectual iq of a peanut, but I’d still hit it. Don’t lie you would too.

  7. your mom says:

    “Lot Lizards” not “Road Lizard” they hang out at truck stops making a quick buck. A timeless profession

  8. Jake says:

    USAFdude, you’re an idiot if you don’t loathe her just a little. she makes people stupider when they have to hear her talk. just like reading your retarded little post just did.

  9. Are you an Idiot? says:

    To USAFDude…are you an idiot? Good for her that she made it? There are women out there struggling with the decision every day if they pay rent or buy their kids food and not because they chose to have 6 kids before their 22nd birthday. This is reality, I’ve seen it as a recruiter for scores of job fairs – people who work for a company 4 years and make about $8/hr. Fuck all the people who watch her shit and promote her shit…she deserves nothing and it’s those idiots who buy, read or promote her shit that make her famous. You want a real women, let me take you to some of the small towns I’ve been in where real woman are making small miracles happen each day that never make the news…oh and some of them are damn hot too! I don’t know what’s worse, the no talent/skill ass clowns that make it big even for a few to score some cash or the idiots who promote their 15 minutes of fame.

  10. Heh says:

    You’re contributing to her fame by posting this article dumb fuck.

  11. Idea for a shirt says:

    “I’d fuck TV ugly” with a picture of TiTe

  12. dorkus maximus says:

    Tila Nguyen (I think the ‘Tequila’ came along when she got on MySpace) actually has been around for ages in the Import car scene. I believe she started as a car girl and slowly moved herself up that ladder, and I’m guessing it was by sleeping with the promoters. She did plenty of modeling and appeared on flyers around California back in the day. I remember several times seeing and meeting her at Hot Import Nights.
    (I sorta stood out, being a white guy and all.)

  13. Willie He says:

    She is hot. Never watched the show personally but I’ld hit it. I like the whores!

  14. bread & circuses says:


    The idiocracy is already here. What made the US great is now pretty much dead.

  15. Trev says:

    HAHAHA, this is GREAT! I’m betting cold hard cash that a woman wrote this article, can tell by the words used and the obvious envy dripping from the tone. Honestly, I didn’t know who this person was until I read this article. How could that be, you ask?

    Because only someone who spends as much time online as Tila could possibly be bothered to write an article about Tila, good or bad. So here we are, a writer at Holy Taco. How many more hours a day on Myspace could Tila possibly spend than you do here in the ‘blogosphere’ ?

    The only difference in the two of you I can see: she succeeded, you didn’t.

  16. she looks like a bobble-head says:

    Does anyone stop and think about this? She is “oh-so into both men, AND women”…WOW…there’s really NO COINCIDENCE HERE, men just hate it when 3’9″ WEAK whores make out with other girls. Also, the bitch probably doesn’t know shit about cars…she only poses to be that down-to-earth auto gal TO ATTRACT MORE DUMBFUCK COCK MEN. Dicks, you are only living up to your name by admitting you’d “hit that.”

    “Women” like tila bring out the Neanderthal-dumb-fuck-instincts that some men still hold.

  17. so um, trev says:

    …why the fuck are you on this page then?

  18. George Thompson says:

    All women are freaky with the right person but she’s a superfreak with both sexes. Don’t hate on her though. She’s hot enough. I definitely wouldn’t kick her out of my bed. I would just have to make it clear that it was purely sexual. No one wants to get old with a brainless whore though. Looks don’t last forever.

  19. Tila Tit Fucker says:

    Hmmmm I would totally hit that Bobble headed Bratz© wannabe….

    and you would too.

  20. aw says:

    Maybe I’ve been in Asia too long but, if I saw her working a bar I would definitely hit on it

  21. Zamboni says:

    “The only difference in the two of you I can see: she succeeded, you didn’t.”

    Succeeded in looking like a cross between RuPaul and a Keebler elf, maybe.

  22. Greg says:

    She is nasty I do agree! Especially about her being four-foot gremlin-faced whore. If some people were thinking she is hot or that they would want to sleep with her then I guess there are always truly desperate people in the world…

  23. tay says:

    i think tila is awesome, leave her alone, she’s really pretty.

  24. b says:

    funny read, however, i wish to challenge some factual information please.

    you say “she was in a bunch of stuff you’ve never heard of” or very similar to…

    my point is if you would have ever read a “tuner_car” type magazine you might have seen her as a tuner model years before she did stuff mag, when she created her myspace, she instantly had an influx of car guys and fans that saw her model.

    PS, when she first hit the scene, her breasts looked better, and she was less gremlinish. Also, being short never hampered her career, and time will tell if her head is connected properly.

  25. media says:

    I Think she is cute!
    She once played at the Asianmodelpalooza Festival and was Great!

  26. ME BITCH says:


  27. Elton says:

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  28. fussball says:

    Gute Arbeit hier! Gute Inhalte.

  29. EVRqkJS says:

    Hi! CLXBLkc

  30. Anonymous says:

    have to say that I don’t see why she is famous, I think she is ugly as sin and unlike most people here I wouldn’t even have sex with her, even if she paid me! I know alot better looking women on myspace and in real life and she definetly doesn’t even come close to any of them. Gucci Fall Winter handbag

  31. vale motherfucker says:

    damn. she should at least have a decent face.

  32. waldmeister says:

    hey guys. thats what i found about her…

  33. Serena says:

    Why are we letting these no talent, filthy people take up our air time on TV. She belongs on the porno channel and that’s about it. She gives all asians a bad name. Tila needs to step aside and stop pretending to be attractive, gay and important. Fact remains that she is not!

  34. GDUBB says:

    Dude you would fuck her for two reasons. One she is a woman, two she’ll let you. Don’t be a jackass.

  35. Shesugly! says:

    I have to say that I don’t see why she is famous, I think she is ugly as sin and unlike most people here I wouldn’t even have sex with her, even if she paid me! I know alot better looking women on myspace and in real life and she definetly doesn’t even come close to any of them. The people who defend her and say she is hot or they want to do her have never been with a woman anyways so they don’t know that there is better women out there. The world will be a better place once Tila finally disappears from the spotlight.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Well, I think you’re wrong.

    And stupid.

    But mostly stupid.

  37. Jeska says:

    I think she’s beautiful.

    Since when do people mock other people for being short and just…looking the way they look? I mean, you don’t make fun of “little people”, do you? If you do, well you’re just sick.

    You can’t blame me for throwing out the jealousy card here. Isn’t that what happens when you’re jealous of someone? You spend hours trash talking them?
    If anything, you’re just a “pathetic” as her if you have nothing better to do than talk down about someone you don’t even know.

    And now, I’m sure you’ll all be picking apart my comment and insulting ME.
    It’s like I said, you’re the pathetic one’s if you have absolutely NOTHing better to do than insult someone you don’t even know.

  38. SillyPutty says:

    good job added to her googleness.

  39. Andria says:

    Ugh. She’s what, down here in Texas, we call “Road Lizards”. You know, the prostitutes that hang out around truck stops….


  40. Shes-a-slut says:

    The bitch is a slut. Plain and simple.
    spot on with the 4ft gremlin comment though haha

  41. El Rico says:

    I was thinking…how about a picture of Brooke Hogan squirting a hot lunch on her forehead? Pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaassse…….

  42. Joe says:

    Seriously… when I go to her MySpace page to troll her forums and see all the loser shits who posted “OMG YOU’RE SO HOT I WANNA FUCK YOU” I lose a little hope for humanity.

  43. Kevin says:

    Anybody see the movie, “Idiocracy”? Reality of this is, it’s coming to a future near you. Give it time.

  44. Illuminati says:

    With people like that running the mag, it’s amazing it failed. It’s a shame because right before the mag folded they were going to do a ‘Girls of Online Gaming’ cover based on most friends and hottness of voice.

  45. Pants McGee says:

    I’m not sure which is worse…that awful magazine or Tila Tequila. It’s like when two morbidly obese people get married…you’re happy they found each other but you secretly want to vomit b/c the thought of them procreating makes your eyes bleed.

  46. Hit It... NOT! says:

    Eh, ok bod, but fugly face. I wouldn’t hit it, yeah I got a pair.

    So all you guys that would hit it are bi, right? Cause saying you’d hit it cause it’s something to hit implies that you hit anything as long as it was squishy. And if you’d hit a no brains/talentless/fuck her way to the top/ugly ass biatch like that you would surly hit the goatse guy from the back.

    Have fun fucking the most popular idiot evar! Then maybe after you drop your load, you’ll look at her face and realize everything everyone is trying to say here, cause we all know after the load is dropped reality ensues.

  47. RealCredible says:

    “Especially when they are four-foot gremlin-faced whores?” I’m not really a fan of Tequila, but opening with a biased statement like that just kills your credibility. Learn how to write, you look like an asshole.

  48. CT says:

    It’s called jealously people. You don’t have to watch her, but YOU DO…so again 25 million people can’t be wrong. So, even though you hate her, welcome to her fan base!

  49. jon says:

    uhh. well actually. she started out as an import model. like. i guess as an asian teenager at the time i really liked her, so i friended her. she also did stuff like playboy before that whole stuff magazine myspace thing.

  50. jon says:

    oh and btw. i remember when i found out people were calling her tila tequila i was kinda annoyed by it. TILA NGUYEN PEOPLE! TILA NGUYEN!

  51. DiscoStu says:

    She’s got a bangin’ body if you’re into midgets but her face is totally fucked up. Paper bag that shit.

    She’s right up there with Jessica Simpson, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Jennifer Garner on my list of incredibly unhot women who walk around like hot shit.

    It’s like people are afraid to admit they’re fugly just because the collective says otherwise (read: good marketing).

  52. AnalJustice says:

    The author resorts to writing up pointless articles about other peoples’ undeserved rise to fame because the local newspaper refused to even mention his name for fear that it might recall disturbing images of a geek whose features bare striking resemblance to that of a common toad.

    No, but seriously you must have something better to do?

  53. Anal Fuckpussy says:

    I would like to sticky my dicky up Tila’s asscunt. I bet her nasty pussy smell like cum and shit and vomit mixed with gabage and rotting garbage. imagine that smell in your fucking nostrils you bastards!

  54. MISSY says:


  55. Rick Cain says:

    I work with a bunch of vietnamese women that all look like Tila Tequila. Moon faced little elves with the body of a 10 year old boy, bad english, acne (from the western diet no doubt) and all have tiny-necked ladyboy husbands with bad teeth.

    Tila is so lame, but at least she relishes her lameness. She now seems to think she’s too good to show off her furry zinger to the camera so all of her non-playboy porn is just shots of her silicone boobies. Sorry Tila Nguyen, there’s no such thing as a viet girl with big tits, yer not fooling anybody.

  56. Monkey says:

    Well, I’d never heard of her, then this article came along. So now she’s a bit more famous. So why is she famous? Because of you. Way to object.

  57. CrticismDeserved says:

    I love comments made by the defenders/critics like AnalJustice who apparently believe that this author does not have the right/a point/anything better to do in writing this article. They make it sound as though this article’s criticism is misplaced or undeserved. I have only one question for these people: Have you ever watched the reality show Tila agreed to star in?

    Had she never stepped in front of the camera and agreed to host the degrading acts that the “contestants” on her television show must perform I would have been more sympathetic to that criticism. Two minutes of watching that crap and she deserves everything these people are dishing out and more.

    Is my english okay? You folks also tend to criticize grammar.

  58. Joshua Laferriere says:

    She’s gorgeous

    Her 4 foot body I’d love to have jump up and down on my pogo

  59. durga says:

    “four-foot gremlin-faced whore”
    man i hope that makes her cry that black spackle on her eyes right down her pointless frenchfry of a body.
    what a generic twit. so what if she likes girls and boys both, only in a backwards ass country like fratboy land would that be considered remotely radical. hurry off the media stage and go sling drinks in some douchebag bar, hey, wanna do some shots with me? fuck no.

    and to all who say “yeah but I’d hit it”
    you just got VD for even thinking that

  60. ana in houston says:

    Listen in everybody. I went to high school with Tila.
    Here in Houston /tx in a little ghetto are4a we all ALIEF.
    She was a slut sine high shool and still a fob. We had psychology and calculus together.
    Since she was too ool she wouldn’t talk to me. Now look at her she needs the atention and talks to those who have money. If I had money then would she talk to me? Would she even remember who I am? Doubt it. She is in the4 little world she;’s been wanting and now that she has it it will not last long anough. IT was Hastings High School!!!!!
    IT is a surprise to see how the hell he got her own show o MTV.

    Before all of the exposure she got, she used to show her ass in front of cars
    posing as a car model. Later progressed making some nude work to reach her hungry starve fame. I don’t see what any people up high there thought this FOB
    annoying, and fake Asian is even worth earning that money,

    She comes from am already rich Vietnamese family so they helped her, spolied her and since they didnt speak good english what-so-ever. You get the point how she now bacame that high school slut nto a bigger slut with shitty sense of clothing.

  61. ana in houston says:

    i know and have heard almost all of her rumors that are true from back n he high school days.
    and i still remember tgan

  62. ana in houston says:

    on top of this all she is an alien look at the sixe of her head and the unevenness her tiny body

  63. Lost faith in humanity says:

    Your comment and this whole situation makes me lose even more faith in humanity.

    This whole thing seems a bit misogynistic. Yes she is short but I wouldn’t call her a gremlin. Or at least she isn’t ugly.

    What is the writer of this article’s claim to fame? He makes snide jealous comments about someone? How sad.

    Why is it that guys use the word whore or slut to describe a women when they themselves would sleep with lots of females? I have no problem with females that sleep with lots of guys as long as they are at least honest about it. Most people like sex. Don’t bash them for it.

  64. Obagi says:

    America has become the giant landfill of the incompetent, lead by our furious leader and followed by the millions of couch potatoes. Who gave fame to Pamela, Tequila, Shauna … and so on. It’s us and our Gen-TV generation that is to blamed.

  65. Regis says:

    I can’t imagine there are very many parents out there who would be proud to see their daughters pictured on a magazine cover wearing heels and little else while clutching a huge phallic symbol.

    If Ms. Nguyen/Tequila, has or ever develops any capacity for depth of character or self-reflection, she’ll find out when she’s older and no longer in the spotlight that no level of fame attained or amount of money earned will ever make up for the loss of what she so easily gave up to achieve those things – that being her dignity.

    That realization will hit her like a ton of bricks if she ever ventures down that road intellectually. For her sake, I hope she’s just not that bright of a person now and that she remains blissfully ignorant for the rest of her life.

  66. eltardo says:

    I agree that Tila is a sack of cum but shit, at least do your homework before you write an article as to why someone is famous. Stuff didn’t do shit, I mean sure, she became *more* famous but she was out waaay before this with her own website, even a recording career, well, a shitty one. She didn’t do hardcore like some troll suggested, she’d done some softcore and girl girl shit, but nothing hard. She blew her way to the top, wow, surprise.

  67. whatamidoing says:

    I can not even express how My Brain feels after reading what I just read. Before you begin to criticize someone you don’t even know, because you read something on the internet, or heard something on TV, ask yourself: do you really know someone enough to make such a judgment? What if she was your kid, that because one day she decided that Myspace was a joke and she could see how many suckers would add her, someone decided to give her a lot of money. I’d be like ” what?! hell yeah!!” and a bunch of internet nerd teenagers have nothing better to do than to “gossip” about human beings that “have great minds and creative talent which means they should be famous.”

    yo, get a life bitches, stop worrying about people you don’t know, and start worrying about people you don’t know.

  68. concrete says:

    she is a whore just band her hard..

  69. Leave poor Tila alone. She’s beautiful and seems to have a good soul. Leave the judging up to God. Lord knows if anyone were saying these horrible things about you, you’d be crushed. She has feelings too, and you may not care, but I do. So the girl may not do or have done what you find acceptable, but to each their own. Karma is a bitch and it’s going to bite you all in the ass. Think of someone saying these things about your little sister, mother, neice, etc. How would you feel? Worry about your own lives and fixing your flaws rather than focusing on others.

  70. All I see on this blog is a bunch of “insecure bitches cuz i could never be her, look like her, get famous like her, and get the attention like her” haters and “guys that could never fuck her so they claim to think she’s a skank and wouldnt hit that shit with a 10-foot pole” haters. Get a fucking life all of you. This is the lamest thing EVER!! One GREAT thing about Tila that no one can deny is……

  71. really says:

    tila’s show is on non stop like all day anymore. its like porn for people that cant afford the playboy package. lolz

  72. if u dont like tila, dont watch her show, quite listening to her music, quite going to her myspace page. focus ur energy somewhere else, like on someone u do like. there’s enuff hate and anger in the world as it is. no need for more hate and anger on someone u dont know. if i dont care for someones work, i just dont buy it or support it, listen to it, or look at it. but i dont spend my precious time and energy wasting away at bashing them. i have better things to do. i believe in karma. what goes around comes around. leave people alone.

  73. Troy says:

    Tila Tequila is the singular reason the Vietnam War should have never ended.

  74. Matt says:

    the guys are just jealous because they cant get with her and the girls are jealous they cant look like her… all of you get a fucking life.

  75. daWoLf says:

    No matter what everyone thinks…I will hit that till she cant walk anymore…thats for sure! She must take it like a slut!!!

  76. PigletScrotum says:

    “FocusUrEngeryOnPositive” I think we would have all benefited from you not posting that comment, regardless of how Tila Tequila got famous.

    I am not sure whether Tila Tequila is meant to be some kind of rolemodel but women of today should be seriously upset as the concept of the show “A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila” appears to be very demeaning to your gender. She is the perfect person to put on those kinds of reality TV shows although they could have found someone a bit more good looking because she certainly doesn’t make me want to milk my prostate!

  77. WestCoastPunk says:

    I love these hate forums. They’re so funny, with people arguing over the Internet as if they’re some badass players who are better than the rest of us and have sex with the hottest piece of ass in town.

    You argue about how Tila Tequila’s a waste of space and how she’s ruining society or whatnot, and that all that deal with her are a waste of space. Guess what you’re doing right now. You’re increasing her popularity just by interacting in this forum. If you really didn’t care you wouldn’t take the time to write a hate message about how much of a slut the girl is.

    Kudos to ‘FocusUrEnergyOnPositive’ and anybody else on here who shared the similar message. But now it’s the haters’ turns! So, who’s going to be the first one to call me a bitch?

  78. Balzac says:

    Cory Jones? Is that the name of the guy who wrote this?

    Cory, if you have no respect for whores, why don’t you go jump off a bridge so we don’t have to read your shitty opinions?

  79. RichIsSmart? says:

    I can barely stop laughing hard enough to type this post. Dipshits like

    Lost faith in humanity,
    WestCoastPunk, and

    all swoop in and post their defense of Tila as if she is reading this, will take heart in their writings, and suck their cocks/pussies for standing up for her.

    Get real. She could care less about you. She cares about money and fame. Some of our criticisms are dead on because they focus on her willingness to sell her dignity and the dignity of the people on her television show for cash.

    To some people, selling your dignity is still a bullshit way to make a living. But hey, if you think cheering on a whore is equivalent to giving mad props to a mathlete, then you and I have different standards for what makes a society great.

    And to Mr/Ms UrAllPathetic: Smart != Rich. If it were true, then all of those hereditary morons who take over their family fortunes would have IQs higher than a drosophila melanogaster.


  80. Anon says:

    I’m on a work computer, so as much as I’d love to, I probably shouldn’t talk about how much I want to hit her in her stupid face with a brick.


  81. Marx says:

    For all of you people who who subscribe to the fallacious logic that “25 million people can’t be wrong”, you should remember that over 60 million people voted for George W. Bush…the second time. If your response to that is “so?” then you and Tila Tequila belong together. Forever. In a hopeless limbo of eternal dissatisfaction brought on by this perverse HYPER-obsession with hero/slut/money worship that is unique to the USA.

    Not that I wouldn’t dip my stick in her honey…but making love and engaging in disrespectful, degrading sex are two different things…

    There’s nothing wrong with her or what she does (though it’s embarrassing that editors and producers think that this is what we yearn for). We made her famous and if television didn’t already strip of us our principles and consciences, we would realize that she is the perfect symbol of what is wrong with us. She could have done us all a favor in that respect…instead people ignore it and continue to watch MTV and make insane assertions that any of those shows are better than any others.

  82. Jeska says:

    Oh! And you think SHE’S the biggest thing we have to worry about…in terms of our society going down the tubes?

    Ever checked out http://www.menarebetterthanwomen.com?

  83. Yo mama says:

    I would fuck her brains out so she would have a reason to be stupid.

  84. WhoCaresWhatJeskaThinks? says:

    “Since when do people mock other people for being short and justlooking the way they look?”

    I don’t criticize Tila because she’s short or because of the way she looks. I criticize her because she appears on a television show where “contestants” perform degrading acts with the *hope* of having sex with her.

    That is degrading for the contestants and for Tila. She is whoring for money.

    You find that something worth defending? Don’t attempt to change the premise of the question to her looks because I could care less about how she looks, only how she acts.

    And I agree that the menarebetterthanwomen.com site is stupid. What’s your point? That Tila should be allowed to whore herself because that site exists?

    Pretty poor logic.

  85. Google Translator says:

    She turned you down cold.

  86. DefenseBrigade..Nah. says:

    Tila Tequila is like a used condom you’ve thrown away but keeps appearing in your drawer again and again and again.
    It’s really surprising how many people find her incredibly attractive despite only being slightly pretty and that would only apply BEFORE she got a boobjob [yeah, supporter of natural jugs - unite!]. I also have to question the sanity [or sex life] of those who say they’d do her in a heartbeat and questions the ‘manliness’ of anyone who says otherwise. No accounting for taste? I’m a college student and on a bad day you can find a couple hundred girls on campus with better bodies, better personality, and ‘no-gremlin-face’. The majority of her fans are either virgins or would like to eat out of a greasy garbage bag- the equivalent of it anyway.

  87. WestCoastPunk says:

    Personally, I don’t think she’s all that attractive. I don’t like her game show and I think that it’s unfair to contestants to make them compete for one person. The show might be set up or whatnot. That’s just my personal opinion though.

    See? You can criticize without calling her a trollface, midget hobag, or calling people dipshits, dumbasses, or wangbone cuntfaces. But hell, no matter how successful you become, there will always be the haters to try and take you down. It’s cool to be a hater!

  88. Loloh says:

    I think Tila Tequila is King of Magazine for this month…her photo is very sexy…ck..ck…ck

  89. TrueTrue says:

    She’s never been attractive to me. If you have an asian fetish [yellow fever], there are hundreds of other asian models who are hotter [and some even have real boobs! wow!]. I do feel that she doesn’t really deserve the success she’s had but hey, that’s show business. Some cuntbags like Paris Hilton get famous for being whores and some actual talented people take years to make it big. *shrugs*

  90. Eli says:

    Fuck, she looks scary in the first picture. Tiny goddamn head.. But looks amazing in the second, amazing what some airbrushing can do.

  91. Nadine says:

    # Silenoz Says:
    June 24th, 2008 at 12:06 pm

    [tila]: i like to f**k sexy boys sexy girls
    i like to f**k like the pants dirty curls
    i like to f**k suck cock untill i hurl
    i like to f**k everybody in the world
    michael jackson
    a shot of tequila gets em real hot
    i blow of the door to showride the hot block
    squirt like the wipers on my hot car
    ama ma se ma ma sa, ma ma coo sa
    suckin on my titties so milky
    i get dirty with it i so filthy
    do it like u wanna make a baby yeah milfy
    if it aint yours u can still come and show me righttttt


    Please kill me.

    bahahaha if your gunna quote the song maybe you should get the right lyrics??? lol

    Honestly….do you ppl not have anything better to do then sit on the internet and talk about her????

    # Joe Says:
    June 23rd, 2008 at 2:33 pm

    Seriously when I go to her MySpace page to troll her forums and see all the loser shits who posted “OMG YOU’RE SO HOT I WANNA FUCK YOU I lose a little hope for humanity.


    like if you dislike her sooo much why are you creepin on her myspace page? thats funny shit right there.

  92. Nadine says:

    [ Tila Tequila: ]
    I like to fuck sexy boys sexy girls
    I like to fuck leather pants jerry curls
    I like to fuck suck cock until I hurl
    I like to fuck everybody in the world

    Shot of tequila get em real hot
    I blow the Dozier ride the hot rod
    Squirt like the wipers on my hot car
    Amase amasa mamatusa
    Suckin on my titties so milky
    I get dirty with it
    I’m so filthy
    Do it like you wanna make a baby yeah milk me
    If it ain’t yours you can still come and drill me right?

    that right there is the lyrics

  93. nonomati says:

    TOP Tila Tequila Posts on VOX and WordPress !!!



    Enjoy it…

  94. Jessika says:

    um… does it really matter what the real lyrics are? its a pretty freakin rediculously hilarious song either way.
    it reminds me of um Meet the Fockers…

  95. Jessika says:

    do u wanna make a baby…. lmao…. omg that shit is too freakin funny

  96. Reality TV needs Reality Check says:

    What does this girl stand for that’s positive. I’ve always thought she was dumb, but when she made that comment that she thinks her show helped California open up and allow gay marriages, just confirmed that she is a TYPE A MORON! She’s cute, but if she carried herself with some sort of class, I would have appreciated her a little, but she’s such a disgrace. Sorry, I used to think she was ok, felt bad for her, til she started exploiting herself and getting money hungry and using her body to do so through TV, magazines, music, and youtubing herself.

    BTW, there’s nothing wrong with being petite, I’m small as she is, and there’s nothing I can do about it if I was born that way and is out of my control and you can call us all sorts of names just like if you were to make fun of someone of their skin color or for their physical impairment, but it won’t change anything . I’m happy the way I am being small and all at least I carry myself with class. So if you were to scrutinize or criticize anyone, do it with a sense of class and sincerity for something that’s beyond them.