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The Seven Most Ratchet Dollar Store Fights Ever [VIDEOS]

By Dustin Seibert

Most people patronize dollar stores (Tree, General, Barn, etc.) to buy stuff that, say, Target will charge you five times as much for. Unfortunately — or fortunately, depending on what side of the camera you’re on — they are also prime breeding grounds for high-intensity hood and/or hayseed behavior.

The latest dollar store viral sensation is a busted white lady laying into a black dude with some of the most egregious, unrepentant racism I’ve seen in a while (she used the N-word more times than Django Unchained and Justin Bieber put together), on top of admitting to being a stripper and threatening his health by way of her ass-kickin’ husband. And in front of her small children, no less. The video may shock and anger you, but if you laugh a tad, don’t feel too bad. I chuckled, and I’m black.

If ever you wanna walk out of a retail shop with both a sense of haughty superiority and a huge bag of cheap shit, hit up a dollar store. It’s just a matter of time before the fit hits the shan.

Always great to see a profound tirade condemning racism. So many quotables here: “Y’all need to teach that bitch how to be customer service!” “Respect the queen when you see her, bitch! Imma kick yo ass! Lemme see you come out this muthafucka!” “What time you get offa work, bitch??”

The fighting in this video is not nearly as interesting as the commentary. Listen closely and you’ll be handsomely rewarded.

This one looks more like an MMA fight than a dollar store battle. Ol’ girl went HAM n’ eggs hauling that mini-basket. This is ghetto inspiration right here.

This is actually a fight between two female associates who work at a Family Dollar, apparently over a hidden cell phone. A customer could’ve made off with the entire Tupperware section and gotten away with it.

So good, a lot of people still think it’s staged. The homo-fab employee cusses out a woman in a car with her kids and sprays Febreze on/near her to drive his point home. This whole thing happened in Saginaw, Michigan, which makes perfect sense to you if you know anything about the “Sagnasty.” Dude got fired for it, but I’m sure Wendy Williams will call him in for an interview very soon.

An “extreme couponer” got her ass thwomped by a manager at a Dollar Tree after getting all her coupons rejected. Which begs the question: How in the unholy shit do coupons work at a Dollar Tree?!?

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