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The Ultimate Piers Morgan Douchebag Highlight Reel [VIDEOS]

(Fare thee well, Lord Blowhard.)

By Jared Jones

Today marks a great day for journalism, America, and really, all of humanity, as it has been announced that CNN is cancelling Piers Morgan’s mind-numbing talk show, Piers Morgan Tonight, after an abysmally-rated three year run in the prime time spot. The announcement was made by the President of CNN Worldwide, Jeff Zucker, who stated that the move will be one of many in CNN’s upcoming revamp focused on “broadening the definition of news.” Funny, I thought that was exactly what CNN was doing by hiring a former tabloid editor and pompous windbag like Morgan in the first place.

Over the years, Morgan has become infamous for making outlandish, idiotic statements in the immediate aftermath of tragedy, which were usually refuted by the level-headed, fact-checking guests who dared grace his program. So we figured, “What better way to bid a famous douchebag adieu than by compiling a definitive highlight reel of his greatest failures?” This is that highlight reel.

Piers Morgan vs. Greg Ball

Piers Morgan vs. Ben Shapiro

Piers Morgan vs. Larry Elder

Piers Morgan vs. Larry Pratt

Piers Morgan vs. Ron Paul, round 1

Piers Morgan vs. Ron Paul, round 2

Piers Morgan vs. Robert Blake

And finally, the botched feud with Janet Mock that might have been the last straw for CNN…

So long, Piers. May your lowbrow, gotcha-journalism tendencies and inability to accept objective fact over subjective “truth” see you land a gig at TMZ in the near future.

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