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Their Love Is Unbeakable


19 Responses to "Their Love Is Unbeakable"

  1. International Insemenator says:

    Duck for cover

  2. daman says:

    I’d sleep with that too if i were married to count dracula over there.

  3. Cornbread says:

    So are her fucking teeth!

  4. Duck Sick says:

    Fuck the crack skeeze, Duck meat for my dong.


  5. Nos Party says:

    This guy is thinking screw this nasty bitch… im fucking the duck.

  6. Rob Grave says:

    One shouldn’t have physical relations with their Quack

  7. Dspayre says:

    Her face is unbeakable! if unbeakable means fucking horrid!

  8. CHammer says:

    Is that the AFLAC duck?

  9. MMM says:

    All I can see is that womans horrible teeth!

  10. FranTheBanana says:

    When you said you mounted birds I thought you were a taxidermist!

  11. Nice Story Bro says:

    No SERIOUSLY…. The more I stare at that nasty bird the more I think I can honestly smell it.

  12. YYY says:

    he has no choice!

  13. filucifer says:

    no, thats a lady off in the distance

  14. Captain Obvious says:

    Does he have a boner too? YIKES!

  15. yaa boy says:

    btw its not his kid at all, but she calls him daddy

  16. Captain Obvious says:

    Look at the alternative behind…

  17. Inferno's_Light says:

    Hidesously repulsive, disgusting duckling, or the bird that he’s cuddling with. Decisions, decisions.

  18. Jbyrdd says:


  19. Nice Story Bro says:

    Look at the teeth on that Euro skeezy.
    She looks like she’s been eating rocks.

    ….Also that duck looks like it’s been dead for a while…someone may wanna call the vet.