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“There Were Three Foot Piles Of Feces In The Hallway”

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Last year, we posted photos of what, at the time, was the world’s most disgusting apartment. And while that one was pretty filthy, it was basically just full of pizza boxes and ash trays. This home in New Jersey was full of 100 cats. And cats are really good at shitting. According to CBS:
Nearly 100 cats and one dog were found Thursday living in a home in a million-dollar neighborhood in Morris County.
"The conditions were absolutely horrific – there wasn’t one inch of the house that wasn’t covered in feces or urine," SPCA Lt. Rick Yocum says. "There were three foot piles of feces in the hallways."
"These people are not horrible people – their lifestyle went out of control," Yocum says. "She’s obviously a hoarder."
How do cats, which are usually only a foot high, manage to create a pile of their own shit that’s three times as tall as they are? That makes no sense at all. Maybe these are some kind of genius architectural cats. Or maybe the owners are hoarding cat shit. Either way, here are a few more photos of this awesome house.
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11 Responses to "“There Were Three Foot Piles Of Feces In The Hallway”"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yep sounds like NJ to me. I thought every house in NJ was like this. Let me guess, after this they moved to FL.

  2. uglysexy says:

    you don’t want to know what i do with the animals and piles of shit late at night!!


  3. uglysexy says:

    I told you people to stay out of my house!!! :(


  4. Anonymous says:

    I hate you, douchebag.

  5. Frank says:

    I was wondering if we’d get to see photos of this place or not. I have to ask though…am I missing something? I don’t see three foot high piles of cat feces anywhere. I see lots of random garbage and some ruined furniture, but I don’t really see any cat feces at all.

  6. your junk says:

    haha, wtf?

  7. todders says:

    looks like the place this guy’s been living (only, no mustache trimmer):


  8. Mr. Pink says:

    Did the owners died?

  9. English Bob says:

    Is this how the colonies have ended up.

  10. Paul says:

    Damn, how do you come how to that, let alone sleep at night, with the smell of crap and piss, cat fucking is loud and abnoxious.. Plus there probably running around jumping and walking over you..

  11. Anonymous says:

    those poor cats