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There’s Nerd Semen Everywhere

If you’ve ever been to one of those Star Wars or Star Trek conventions you’ve witnessed first-hand how totally fucking mental nerds get whenever one of their own pimply, overweight girlfriends gets dolled up as one of the characters. So imagine how much vigorous masturbation these photos of G4′s Olivia Munn in Princess Leia’s gold bikini has triggered. All those scrawny forearms pumping in unison and praying Mom doesn’t come down into their basement bedrooms…followed by a relaxing pull from an inhaler after the imaginary coitus. Live it up, nerds, because this is your Super Bowl. And you know what, we’re all winners.


5 Responses to "There’s Nerd Semen Everywhere"

  1. richard says:

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  2. baron says:

    tnx a lot, i`ve downloaded the program, installed it. Didn`t get into all features but there are some results already. My account is slowly filling with money.
    Great thanx:-)

  3. Devin Smith says:

    i am not even a nerd but she is hot

  4. Jesse Helms says:

    Holy Shit. Post imaginary coitus asthma. That’s funny.

  5. dickgrays1 says:

    Even more nerdtastic: there are pictures of Kristen Bell in essentially the same outfit.