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These Dogs Can Cook Better Than You

It would probably break some sort of FDA and FCC regulations, but I don’t care, The Food Network really needs to give these guys a show. They aren’t nearly as hairy as Emeril, so maybe it would work out after all.
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9 Responses to "These Dogs Can Cook Better Than You"

  1. Roc says:

    I could take some diet tips from these dogs. Maybe next time I try and lick uncooked dough I’ll just smack myself and all the temptation will cease.

  2. Sceptre22in says:

    Omg! I haven’t seen this since i was 3 or 4. For some strange reason I feel optimistic and happy… I loved those dogs when i was little.

  3. Mateowayo says:

    He thinks hes people..Love it!

  4. CartmansFather says:

    This is fucking stupid.

  5. cory says:
    He’s just hungry!
  6. Stinky Elvis says:

    That other dog is being an ass-hole!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely frightening.

    not quite as bad as this kid:


  8. ReicheruChan says:

    They scared me, haha. I used to love them but now they frighten me!

  9. johnconnah says:

    @ Anonymous

    that kid IS creepy… maybe it’s the five o’ clock shadow