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These People Want To Have Sex With Birds

I’m not one to judge, so I’m going to let EroticFalconry.com speak for itself:

What’s abnormal about wanting to see your wife take a three-inch beak instead of a 10-inch African American phallus or a silicon, injection-molded forearm? How can a human vagina or anus even compare to hollow bones or a molty egg-hole.

Eroticfalconry.com is hopefully just the tip of the iceberg. Our goal is to show others what turns us on so that they can see the natural sexual ferocity of our feathered friends.

I just worked up a math equation to express how I feel about boning birds: Talons + Penis = Terrified Screaming. And I try to do as little terrified screaming as possible during sex. (That’s usually reserved for my partner.)

3 Responses to "These People Want To Have Sex With Birds"

  1. Buddy Ice says:

    I really just don’t get it. Really, what’s the point?. The website is just PG-13 rated photos with pictures of a falcons photoshopped in. This doesn’t evoke any type of mental reaction in my brain whatsoever; maybe confusion.
    If it was a bird picking out the eyeballs of a naked Paris Hilton then, maybe then I’d get a chubby, but this is just … nothing.

  2. Sir Fatty says:

    Birds don’t wear underwear, because their peckers on their face.

  3. tallboy says:

    ha, you blew the damn page up, kid!

    You’ve beeen TACO’ed