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5 Things That Have Been Found In Fat People’s Skin Folds

Fat people have a knack for being really really fat. And sometimes they get so fat that objects get caught in the folds in their fat folds. Here are five examples.

5. A Turkey Sandwich
According to an emergency room doctor: “A morbidly obese man with a large abdominal pannus (the overhanging image above) came in exhibiting red, irritated skin around the abdomen.

It looked like a routine skin infection. But what was the cause? During the exam, I lifted the pannus and a turkey sandwich fell from between his folds.

The man said it was about a month old, which the smell confirmed.”

4. Loose Change
According to an RN: “We got a lady who was admitted because her many decubiti needed debriding (aka, her bedsores needed to be treated). She had several of them, and was so fat, she was as wide as she was tall. I took all of her clothes off and prepared to dress and document all of her wounds.

Part of her abdomen and one of her breasts were greenish; I thought she had a fungus or something. I started wiping it off and followed it up to a skin fold, where I found . . . a quarter, a dime, and a penny–that was oxidizing and was turning her skin green. There were perfectly round sores underneath each coin. The smell was lovely too.”

3. A Packet of Duck Sauce, other stuff
Perhaps MacGuyver put on a few pounds. According to a hospital worker: “A 600+ lb woman comes in. It takes 8 people to transfer her from the ambulance stretcher to the bed. When removing said patient’s clothing from her, in the folds of her abdomen, we find: a paperclip, a plastic fork and a package of duck sauce.”

2. A Couch (Yes, a couch)
According to a Stuart, Florida news station: “Gayle Laverne Grinds, 40, died Wednesday, after a failed six-hour effort to dislodge her from the couch in her home. Workers say the home was filthy, and Grinds was too large to get up from the couch to even use the bathroom.

Everyone going inside the home had to wear protective gear. The stench was so powerful they had to blast in fresh air.

Emergency workers had to remove some sliding glass doors and lift the couch, with Grinds still on it, to a trailer behind a pickup truck. Removing her from the couch would be too painful, since her body was grafted to the fabric. After years of staying put, her skin had literally become one with the sofa and had to be surgically removed.

She died at Martin Memorial Hospital South, still attached to the couch.”

1. Pot
According to a Jacksonville, Florida (it’s always Florida) news station: “Officers said Cedric Webb, 25, was at the Montgomery Correctional Center on the Northside on Friday night when officers searching for contraband told him to lift his shirt.

According to the police report, when Webb raised his shirt, the officer saw two bags of marijuana and tobacco tucked into his stomach fat.

Investigators said the drugs then fell to the ground.

The report said Webb would not explain how he got the banned substances into the facility.

The arrest report describes Webb as 6 feet 2 inches tall and 290 pounds and his build as ‘heavy.’”


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54 Responses to "5 Things That Have Been Found In Fat People’s Skin Folds"

  1. Brain says:

    PK, I’m sure they lady didn’t have time to pack for snacks on the way to the ER.
    here are some costume ideas for the fattie


  2. James says:

    Huang Xiangji is a 50-year-old woman from Chengdu who uses her skin like writing paper.Woman�s Paper Skin a Walking Notepad

  3. Tammy says:

    I have heard from nurses in an er that that they once found cockroaches in a woman’s fatty folds.

  4. sup says:

    Most of these people are from Florida That’s a bit odd.

  5. Emmitt Till says:

    That first persons stomach looks like my face…after the whole, you know…incident

  6. Anonymous says:

    just thank….. now look at your self and say im a dumb motherfucker and then i will belive you

  7. Roc says:

    Fat chicks are nasty. I can’t imagine having sex with one. I think finding her vag would be too hard, and eventually you’d have to settle with the fold lubricated by the most sweat. I’m gonna go dry heave now.

  8. CO says:

    That’s too funny. I work at the jail here, and I heard a story where in one of the pods, there were drugs. They did a shakedown and found nothing. One of the inmates said that one of the other inmates was hiding it in his belly button. This suspected inmate was HUGE. So one of the sergeants asked him to take stuff out of his belly button, and even though the sgt couldn’t see anything, he said he did. So the inmate pulls out two pretty good sized balloons (most likely made from our rubber gloves in the facility), filled with different drugs, mostly tobacco and marijuana, and a lighter. I know it’s true, because I backtracked and read the incident reports along with the supplements. Crazy, right?

  9. Anonymous says:

    dude sir johnny shut the fuck up.

  10. Aaron says:

    alright, 2 true spories

    my friends mother works in a type of ER for crazy people, she said one time they had to give this women a sponge bath, and what happens to be hiding underneath her breasts? noneother then a delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwich… yum

    (somehwta off topic)
    another time she said that this man came in because his scrote hurt, apparently he tried to hide a pick of cigs in it by folding it aroudn it somehow… it got stuck…

  11. OneThere says:

    That couch story was made into an episode of Nip/Tuck. I really amazing, moving episode actually. Second season I think.

  12. Jennifer says:

    Hmmmmm? I wonder if there are any fat people in Casey Anthony’s family?

  13. Seth says:


  14. 5k3tch says:

    zomg… O.0 my eyes burn

  15. Fat people disgust me. That’s why me and my boys go to the gym, pump iron, eat egg whites, drink protein shakes, take creatine, have a GNC Mega Men Multivitamin, do wind sprints, tons of ab work, 6 small meals a day, boxing, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, wrestling, fucking, hitting on broads, fucking cougars, and having jaegerbombs. The only thing you will find on my skin is a sick set of abs. Fucking fatties!

  16. GuidoKiller says:

    STFU Guido Faggot

  17. Lisa says:

    Not all fat chicks have forgotten about personal hygiene, not all look as bad as that, in fact speaking for myself here i don’t look anything like that… But what does make me very disappointed is this as you lose weight you stomach drops and its like you have an apron and that really does suck so i can understand why some people don’t diet. In saying this its not gonna put me off, i will still diet and hopefully when done find a nice plastic surgeon to fix me up, hopefully i will win the money to pay for it…

  18. T says:

    go to the fucking gym, you forgot to add: ‘shave each others chest hair, oil each others glutes, and take bets on who’s balls will shrink the smallest.’

  19. bill smith says:

    Ithink it is discusing

  20. porkdisco says:

    Im a nurse, I’d I can vouch for odd things found in fat rolls. I had a woman with a huge abdominal fold with a sore between it and her huge fupa roll. Twice a shift I had to lift up the fold and clean and put ointment on the wound. The first shift I did it I found pretty much an entire salad: lettuce, a slice of cucumber, and what looked like a crouton. The lady said “Oh, I wondered where that went” and pretended like nothing completely disgusting had occurred.

  21. pat says:

    thats bullshit. the last one. im 6 foot 4 and 315 lbs and i dont have rolls like that. i couldnt even hide a pack of zig-zags

  22. Alice says:

    People are getting to fat !!!!!!!!!

  23. Sad says:

    This breaks my heart. The couch lady had a broken leg and inadequate care in 1998, which is why she was 6 years on the couch. People pity anorexics, alcoholics, even sex and gambling addicts, but fat folks are free fodder for prejudice.

  24. See this is why I didn’t sign up former IFL Champ Roy Nelson. That fat asshole might be hiding a knife in his belly. It’s a good thing Andrei knocked his fucking ass out in their last fight before he could pull one on him. As for Go To The Fucking Gym, go fuck yourself you stupid guido piece of shit. If you ever tried out for the UFC you’d probably get spanked by Fred Ettish, yes FRED FUCKING ETTISH. You’re just a stupid douchebag that needs attention all the time and with your personality you’d probably end up with a job at Wal-Mart greeting folks until the day you died because you were too busy working hard to buy steroids instead of stocks or mutual funds. Fuck off and die.

  25. STFU Dana White! I think Gary Shaw is a way better MMA promoter than you are. He’s made Elite XC as popular as WWE. So fuck you!

  26. PK says:

    my friend is an x-ray tech, while they were lining this morbidly obese woman up for a lateral x-ray, she got some white stuff on her hands. she asked the woman if she put lotion on, she said no. they lifted her folds and, wait for it….. a twinkie. and, you guessed it, she ate it. i really wish i was making this up, but some people are just that foul.

  27. JWW says:

    That’s ok though Roc… just as all other females, the fat chicks wouldn’t have sex with you either.

  28. killer abs says:

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  29. Jim says:

    In case you morons didn’t know; most of the comments left here are written for your entertainment only. After spending extensive time on the net and interacting with people in the real world I have come to the inescapable conclusion that it is not fat people who are the real problem but rather it’s the stupid people who can’t STFU.

  30. picsux says:

    Monique, a Leaf fan, set up this absolutely well-defined to believe. Now, let me core out that this was in no way an crack to articulate one together is advantage than the other. It was objective a core to glory two things.

  31. Peter Wallis says:

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  32. killer abs says:

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  33. Pratik says:

    The guido dude spends time fucking with his boys, and then goes to try to score with MILFs? Hope you wash the man-ass off your rod before trying to jam the snatch.

  34. You Son Of A Bitch says:

    I can’t believe you’d write a comment like that! You racist son of a bitch!

  35. News Flash says:

    Hey you guido piece of shit. Gary and Jared Shaw’s bullshit MMA circus just went out of business. Shows you what a consummate businessman Dana White is compared to those boxing promoting jerk offs.

  36. Shane says:

    Ouu mannnnn! Can’t believe!

  37. Rich says:

    Dude, those chicks… Man you’d have to roll her in flower to find the wet spot, fuckkkkk that

  38. Rich says:

    Haha im mean flour*** my bad im a little fucked up right now

  39. psst says:

    Pratik is gay

  40. me says:

    to sad(way up there):
    people pity anorexics and adicts because its not their fault. After a certain stage, they can’t help themselves(maybe not the addicts, but deffinitely ppl w/ diseases). Fat people could have stopped, but were too lazy to.

  41. Anonymous says:

    that’s not always true. some people have an illness or compulsion to eat a lot or often. for you to decide that you know what other people are going through is out of line.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Do you really suck so bad that you have to steal articles from other sites?

  43. Josh says:

    Not too long till we hear about an Amber Alert, and some fat chick was hiding the baby in her rolls. And the funny thing is, I bet it would be 100% on accident.

  44. Sir johhny says:

    I must say, the fine women in those pictures are quite deliciously sexy. I must say, I’ve turned a pinky and commenced my ritual of beating the corn off the cob. Fine creatures you got there. And the packet of bbq sauce makes them even more so delectable.

  45. Jennatalia says:

    That was THE most disgusting shit I have ever read.

  46. Pratik says:

    Sir johhny, be sure to beat the corn off your cob Rachel Ray style. It would be the right thing to do.

  47. Nikki says:

    Whaaat isss thaaat? ^

  48. Nikki says:

    Johnny, are you saying you like “big beautiful women”?

    Honestly, I don’t think you would be able to find their vagina.
    But, I guess you could stick you wiener in between her rolls.

  49. Pratik says:

    Nikki, watch this video. It explains everything:


  50. blake says:

    you missed one. My dick.

  51. Jason says:

    #6 me.

    I like fat chicks.

  52. George W. Bush says:

    We must end the terrorist threats. No longer will we endure the ramificationale of a Jihadism attack on Americanese soil. I will inductrinate the taxification of junk foods not just to remedify the mortgage meltdown the the volitilitation of the market, but to disrobe the unhealthy folks from inducting too much fatty food into their fatty tissue. I I know folks, I’m from Texas and all you see on a Friday night dance floor is a bunch of heifers being led to slaughter. It’s really sad folks because you see one of those Irv Gotti kids from New Jersey, toxic waste in their hair and poisonous fumes masticating from their bodies, trying to romanticize all the fatties. It saddens me that my great state of Texas has been reduced to nothing but the battle of the bulge, which is a name I just made up. They will probably put that in a text book when they write about me heh heh. Battle of the Bulge. But really what I am getting at folks is, as my last days as President of the World, that I just want to do my damnation to go out and make the U S of A a better healthier city. No longer will our country be known as the a country of out of shape and overweight people who hide things in the deep dark clutches of their fat skins, but a country of strong Adonises and Eves who would go out and put for the beautificational abilities of making the United States of Americanesia a better healthified place of great upstational citizens. God Bless you. I’m going to go hunting with Dick Cheney now. Thanks