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Thirsty Thursday: Jose Cuervo Platino Tequila

Platino is the newest tequila from Jose Cuervo’s ultra premium Reserva De La Familia line. This limited edition silver tequila, which means it’s only been aged 60 days, was once reserved as the Cuervo family’s private stash. But now you can have your own bottle for $59.99. 80 proof.

Say this to sound smart: The Platino is handcrafted, using a proprietary method known as “Escencia de Agave, which brings out the fresh, crisp agave flavors.

Say this to sound stupid: I just shit your pants.

Hangover rating: If you drink better booze, you’ll feel better tomorrow. So don’t have more than 10 Platinos if you have an early meeting. You can probably have 12 if you’re meeting isn’t until noon.

Impress Your Girlfriend/Warden/Mortician with this Recipe:
Jose Cuervo Platino Dirty Martini
1oz Jose Cuervo Platino
1.4oz Vermouth
1tsp. Olive Juice

Mix ingredients in cocktail shaker with ice. Serve in a chilled martini glass straight up. Garnish with olives.

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