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This Baby Gorilla Is Going To Grow Up To Be a Terrifying Adult Gorilla

Awwwwwwwww! Look at that baby gorilla! It’s absolutely adorable! We can hardly take it! While this story and image of this orphaned baby gorilla is circulating, we just wanted to make sure all of you were aware that baby gorillas turn into adult gorillas, and as the following videos show, they’re absolutely terrifying. You still like that baby gorilla? You wanna take it home? Because it’s up for adoption. You can adopt it and play with it and raise it into adulthood. You can teach it sign language and learn about its way of life. Maybe you can teach it to do cool stuff or teach it to help you move heavy furniture. Or maybe, you can adopt it, and then end up in the wrong place at the wrong time, catch the gorilla in a bad mood, and get your esophagus plucked out…

This gorilla dragged a ranger several feet, for no good reason, like a boss.

Just FYI, if the mother of this baby gorilla decides to come back, it’s going to flip shit on you.

This gorilla fight isn’t too intense, but just look at the human-head-size openings in their mouths full of sharp teeth.

Bam! Gorilla got you!

At 40 seconds, it’s an incredibly intimidating, gorilla-style “come at me bro”

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