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This Dog Really Doesn’t Like Boxing.

I like how this guy thinks his dog is learning how to box, meanwhile the dog is thinking “How the f*&k do I get these things off my paws. Why is he clapping for me?” If slapping something on your dog suddenly makes him whatever it is you put on him, then I taught my dog how to be a late 19th century railroad magnate by putting him in a tuxedo and giving him a top hat and a monocle.

5 Responses to "This Dog Really Doesn’t Like Boxing."

  1. Fidleiscreepy says:

    I did not see this on tallmingle. I am just a normal person who finds dog boxing amusing. I am in no way a weirdo, freak- creeper trying to promote a lame website. My name is not Fidel.

  2. Anonymous says:

    tallmingle must be a pretty shitty site if they can’t even afford real advertisements. No one would know what tallmingle.com was if there weren’t an army of spamming tallminglers posting on every website that has a comments section. If the site is so great, you must have some sort of revenue which can be invested in ads. Currently, on the top right corner of my screen is one of those stupid games where you try to shoot the duck to win a prize. If you feel this site is a good venue for people looking to date tall ugly people, invest in that space on the top right corner and gtfo the comments section. Hell, I’ll pitch in for advertisement costs if you just stop posting on every fucking entry on every fucking website. I hate you.

  3. Nick Romo says:

    You’re only opening more doors for Michael Vick..

  4. Buddy Ice says:

    “Put up your fuckin’ dukes.”

    “But I ain’t go no fuckin’ dukes man.”

  5. DeAnna says:

    you should see what happens when he puts the dog in Tap shoes…