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This Is Daniel Day-Lewis With His Lincoln Beard. What’s He Thinking?

Lincoln Question Marks

For the past few years, Steven Spielberg has been trying to make a movie about Abraham Lincoln. In that time the film went from rumor to concrete to on the verge of happening to dead and back to life. Originally, Liam Neeson was rumored to have the roll of our 16th president, and then he dropped out. Finally, method actor Daniel Day-Lewis got the part. We’re all waiting to see what a professionally performed Lincoln looks like on screen, seeing as, for most of us, our only knowledge of honest Abe doesn’t extend beyond Disney’s Hall of Presidents and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. So, from those two incarnations of Lincoln, I can assume Lincoln was a stiff-bodied man that always took the time to remind us to be excellent to each other, as well as to party on, dudes.

Earlier this week the internet got its first taste of Daniel Day-Lewis’ portrayal of Lincoln with a leaked picture of Lewis sporting his Lincoln beard while eating at a restaurant. So, of course, I took it upon myself to imagine what’s going on in Lewis’ brain. Because why not?


Lincoln 1


Lincoln 2



Lincoln 3

Lincoln 4

Lincoln 5


Lincoln 6



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