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This Old Man Could Destroy All of Us

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7 Responses to "This Old Man Could Destroy All of Us"

  1. yer says:

    BABE ALERT!!! lmao

  2. Nasty Girl says:

    I wouldn’t like to see the state of his Speedos after he watches this Nude Erotic Video.

  3. Hektor says:

    He looks like Chuck Norris’ nut sack!

  4. weaselstomper says:

    “…and you thought steroids were just for kids and horses, eh?”

  5. uglysexy says:

    jack lalanne’s younger brother??


  6. noahaction says:

    Is “captcha ” a public company? if so, i’d liked to short its stock. this thing should be called “cockblock” or “threadkiller”. i haven’t seen something clear out a room so quickly since i crapped my pants in third grade.

  7. DirtyDoorKnob says:

    It’s Nasty Girls mother