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Peyton/Eli Manning Headline Seems Gay/Normal

When I first saw those commercials last year that showed both Mannings lapping away at a couple cookies, I thought they were a joke. But apparently the jokes on us. Peyton and Eli are going to “battle” a couple of civilians and the first team to suck off a couple of girthy Oreos wins $10,000. (I’m assuming the Manning will lose.)

I’m sure they were paid an assload of money to do this Oreo Double Stuf Lick Race, or whatever it is, but it seems that the Mannings should have rethought their venture into homoerotic brotherly tongue competitions that involve thick, white cream.

I miss the days when the lamest thing a Super Bowl winning quarterback would do is go to Disney World. But this all would’ve been worth it if, after the Super Bowl, Eli would’ve yelled, “I’m going to…be in a cream licking contest with my brother! For money!” Can someone make Brady say that next year?

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One Response to "Peyton/Eli Manning Headline Seems Gay/Normal"

  1. Pratik says:

    Quick, someone register doublestufmyface.com and get these pictures up there ASAP.

    P.S. I can’t check to see if that site already exists since I’m at work and don’t want the IT police breathing down my neck… again.