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This Superman Is Better Than Your Superman

Really Weird Superman – Watch more free videos

On Fridays we like to provide you, dear reader, with something that’s a little more thought provoking than normal. We don’t want to send you off into the scary wilderness of a weekend without a little something extra to chew on.

I’m not sure if this video qualifies as “thought provoking,” but since it does qualify as “totally awesome” we’re gonna give it to you anyway. Now go out and have yourself a weekend worthy of the real Supermens.

via those wacky bastards at bushleague

5 Responses to "This Superman Is Better Than Your Superman"

  1. Some Guy says:

    Wow…are foreigners HILARIOUS in their inability to interpret our popular entertainment?

  2. Pratik says:

    Superman saving Lois Lane from Spiderman’s Death Star… throw in Indiana Jones crashing the scene with Klingon ambassadors and this will be the greatest video ever.

  3. Mr. Balls says:

    Actually I think that was more entertaining then any of the Superman films Hollywood has released up to this point. My favorite part was when he stabbed that guy. Also, Luis Lane was hot.

  4. aluu says:


  5. Sexy Biatch says:

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