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Those Cold Blue Eyes Are Making Your Nipples Hard


35 Responses to "Those Cold Blue Eyes Are Making Your Nipples Hard"

  1. man of tivol says:

    hi – lights

  2. tt hja says:

    so who is this?

  3. clubf00t says:

    that bitch needs to get into a tanning bed asap PASTY BITCH

  4. The Pope says:

    Does the skin tone clash with your tanned curly fry cock?

  5. Simmon Cowell says:

    That’s my tranny mom!

  6. eucky says:

    Who cares about cold eyes, only shows the wild side when she gets buttered up…lol see her hard…..;;p nipples

  7. tt hja says:

    madison ivy?

  8. Kotzi says:

    Name?? Quit your bitching and give a name!!!

  9. Bucket Headed Monkey says:


  10. Tiger Woods Wing Wang says:

    She has eyes?

  11. First says:

    Everything is hard here.

  12. Randy says:

    Haha, like any of you fast food loving stupid teenage americans are ever gonna get with her lol. Besides, none of you are confident to approach girls, and if you do, you’ll get shot down so badly.

  13. 2008 Taxes says:

    Is it cold in here or are you just happy to see me?

  14. anon9877 says:

    hah, wow man…. that was way out of left field…

  15. Why? says:

    Naw! Way out in the left field is: He has his left nut in his hand and thinks it’s her TIT…

  16. Anonymousy says:

    would love to have those eyes staring at me while she’s sucking on my cock. She looks Russian so it wouldn’t cost more than $100 and a bottle of Vodka.

  17. kcmo says:

    $100? no way, $20 tops…you said russian right?

  18. First says:

    is enough with just the Vodka

  19. Anonymousy says:

    neah, it’s expensive now, Moscow got classy…their hoes actually wash their cooters once a month now.

  20. The Jokerâ„¢ says:

    Anonymousy’s world knowledge baffles me. I’m particularly impressed with his erroneous hypotheses on DonkeyXote.

    Oh yeah. FAGGOT!

  21. The Jokerâ„¢ says:

    sorry I think my previous post was not clear enough.DonkeyXote is my lover and nobody can talk smack about him.

  22. M. Jackson says:

    You don’t need the Vodka, just tell her you are US citizen and you will marry her, and she will suck your cock.

  23. MOUSE says:

    aren’t you supposed to be dead ?

  24. Anonymousy says:

    I’m brain-dead, does that count?

  25. M. Jackson says:

    I am Matoya Jackson.

  26. DonkeyXoteâ„¢ says:

    Not with a hypodermic dick, you won’t!

    See What I Did There, Faggot?

  27. See What I Did There? says:

    Wow…that necklace SO does not go with her scrunchy.

    Also, I would like to obliterate her vaginal walls.

  28. JHC says:

    A hypodermic dick would obliterate her vaginal walls. You should know the definition of the words you choose to use as insults. Then you would look like less of a complete fucktard. Unless that’s what you’re going for.

  29. DonkeyXote's Tranny Mom says:


  30. Barn Door says:

    HT needs to do a top 25 with girls that have pointy boobies.

  31. TheBigMudd says:

    We were going to but we lost the picture of your mom

  32. This girl is hot! says:

    Is that true that mom is a MILF for sure!

  33. The Jokerâ„¢ says:

    Why so serious?

  34. This girl is hot! says:

    In Soviet Russia, girls ride you!! LOL

    She is also super mega hot and sexy!

  35. DonkeyBlowMe says:


    In Soviet Russia, (insert random comment)!! LOL

    You’res trully,

    Dwight K. Schrute aka DonkeyBlowMe et al,.

    P.S. Go away Donkey!!!!! noone here likes you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!