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Those Kids Don’t Stand a Chance

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8 Responses to "Those Kids Don’t Stand a Chance"

  1. Jack Of All Trades AND Philosopher's Gay Latin Lover says:

    your dick in my mouth makes you gay…MY DICK IN YOUR ASS MAKES YOU SUPER FUCKING GAY…

  2. resident says:

    those vans Are in Calgary i see them all the time. I’m suprised they haven’t posted pictures of Reggin plumbing yet. On the side of the Vans in big Blue letters Plan as day it clearly say Nigger when read backwards.

  3. The Real Life Yes Man says:

    Actually douchebag that would make you gay, not philosopher. The fact that you can even imagine something like that (because to write something you imagine it in your head first) makes YOU gay and even a dirty gay who as a child would probably be looking up old men on the internet to get them to fuck you.
    Bullying doesn’t feel good does it?
    Stop bullying ‘philosopher’ or ‘jack of all trades’. He has as much right as anyoneone else to put what he likes on here. The fact that you can’t handle that if he says something that is even 1 point above your IQ’s you have a hissy fit and start bullying shows you are all insecure.

    I mean come on grow up and ACTUALLY grow some balls

  4. Andy says:

    Dude, it’s the internet, like 3 quarters of people who post stuff are little 13 year olds who haven’t even discovered that they have balls. Don’t even waste your time writing smart shit, they’ll just troll you.. It makes their dick hard.

  5. Jake Of Ass Raid says:

    philosojoat posts meaningless and unfunny shit that makes me (and anyone who’s not a pathetic 50 year old douchbag, constantly attempting to jack off their flaccid dong)cry in shame of possibly being the same species as him.
    It’s like small talk at business convention or garden party ffs…

    It’s hardly bullying. Just trying to spare ourselves of his faggatory, through educating.

    And otherguy.. (I forgot your name) What makes my 13 year old dick harder is the fact that you know you’re causing the growth, yet you continue to tease me with talk of balls I might one day discover. I hope they’re your balls.

  6. traffics de- says:

    now now, andy’s right. what he didn’t mention is that the other 25% are pussy-ass whiny bitches like him and philosopher/jack or whatever the fuck he’s calling himself this week

  7. You cant fool us says:

    Jack of all trades is really philosopher with a new name. Jack of all trades is the new philosopher. who else makes dumbass comments like that. Plus, i can smell his vagina.

  8. Jack Of All Trades says:

    wow, whoever drives that van, probably gets better parking than regular handicapped people