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Those lips….

People.com reports Jessica Simpson has denied rumors that she’s gotten lip injections.

“Jessica did not get lip injections.  She spent Thanksgiving weekend with Tony Romo,” said her publicist.

Okay, let’s say she’s telling the truth.  What do we know from this article?

Fact: She did NOT get lip injections.

Fact: She spent the weekend with Tony Romo

Fact: After the weekend, her lips were incredibly swollen.

Fact: Tony Romo threw four touchdown passes last night and commentator Bryant Gumbel described his play as “loose” and “like he’s floating.”

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.  I’m not a detective but…

One Response to "Those lips…."

  1. Britney says:

    I think she has been looking for love in ALL the WRONG places.