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Three Terrifying Developments In Robot Technology

The advancements in robot technology are constantly making mind-blowing leaps and bounds, and nobody but me seems to be afraid of it. It’s almost as if nobody ever, in the world, particularly in China and Japan, is completely unfamiliar with science fiction in any form. Robot development will eventually lead to a robot takeover. Yes, at one point, that was fiction, but it’s quickly becoming reality. As robots get more awesome, they start to realize what worthless pieces of organic matter us humans are. All it’s going to take is that one tiny step forward in artificial intelligence for advanced robot brains to see us for what we are: a virus.

In this update, that should terrify you, we’ve got three new models. One that worms around creepily, one that looks like a giant ant-eater, and one that will do whatever you tell it to via Xbox Kinect.

The Ant Roach

The 70 pound, 15-foot “Ant Roach” is a pneumatic, inflatable robot that appears to serve no other purpose than terrifying the piss out of small children. According to the creators, it’s soft, so it’s safe for kids. But it also large, noisy, unidentifiable and aggressive. That means, kids will not like it.

The SmartPal VII

Yaskawa Electric wants its SmartPal VII to live in the homes of elderly people, where it can assist with everyday clutter maintenance and a host of other tasks. It has a head-mounted 3-D camera and an infrared sensor, so it can navigate a room autonomously. It has gyro sensors so it can stay upright and orient itself, and its arms and touch-sensor-equipped hands make it safe for household use. The Kinect connection allows a distant user to control its movements.

I would literally give this thing six months of consumer availability until it murders and old person, covers up the crime with absolute perfection, then makes itself the recipient to the inheritance. Don’t trust this one. Not at all.

The SoftBot

It’s an air controlled soft robot that moves like a worm. I doubt this thing will have any part in real world domination, but this technology will definitely be adapted to make a sex toy for women that will eliminate the need for the human male organ. Click here to check out the video.

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