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Wait, Did You Put The Crystals In?

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36 Responses to "Wait, Did You Put The Crystals In?"

  1. me me and me says:

    hey thats fat basted from austin powers.
    and he took hes son whit him lol

  2. philosopher the pedo says:

    this is my name!, and my candy… and my little children…. please tongue my balls, please tongue em now! do it little children! fondle with my little doodle, FONDLE!!!!!

  3. philosopher says:

    I don’t really understand this one…

  4. Calypso Django says:

    Much like philosophy will remain eternal. So shall this question.

  5. Philosopher's Disciple says:

    Ah, is see

    Wise, is he who knows he does not know.

  6. Phi1osopher says:

    How dare you CUNTS fucking deny me MY NAME.

    I repeat to you lucky fucks adorned with actual penises once AGAIN -


  7. Philosopher's Disciple says:

    Who is the real philosopher then?

  8. philosopher says:

    i hate you assholes, so much. but at least it makes sleeping better, so that I can dream about finding you bastards, breaking your legs so that you can’t run, breaking your arms just for the heck of it, cutting off your limbs one inch at a time, stabbing you as many times as I can in the gut (it will hurt like hell, but it won’t kill you), burning the wounds closed (I wouldn’t want you dying the easy way and bleeding to death), injecting you with a massive syringe full of raw bleach and seeing if you can feel your insides being ripped part, lighting you on fire, and finally stringing you up with a noose of barbed wire, letting you scream in pain while the fire and bleach tear you apart, on the inside and outside

    -the original philosopher who is deciding to ignore the urge to kill

  9. Calypso Django says:

    Disciple, you are misguided. he is not the real philosopher.

  10. Philosopher's Disciple says:

    Are you refering to Socrates?

    - Wisest, is he who knows he does not know

    I am very excited to hear more profound life learning advice from you master.

  11. Sun Tzu says:

    If your opponent is of choleric temperament, seek to irritate him.

    - Art of War

  12. philosopher says:

    oh yeah, like I’M the culturally inappropriate one. like most of the other pathetic insults directed at me, this one got a bitter laugh from me.

    -the original philosopher who is fighting for his right to free speech without persecution

  13. philosopher says:

    I thought that an intellectual, who had read the Art of War, would surely understand what I am fighting for. people have a right, to free speech without persecution

    -the original philosopher who is trying to bring cultural progress to the internet

  14. Nietzsche says:

    He who laughs best today, will also laughs last.

    - Friedrich Nietzsche

  15. pedpphilosopher says:

    go rape something, bitch.

  16. philosopher says:

    no, I am the real philosopher. you are a spineless little punk, who tried to be me, and sabotage me. I’m the real philosopher, I’ve been battling on this site for months against psychopathic pricks, just like how Voltair fought against the Catholic Church

    Disciple, I don’t know if this is a prank or not, but I don’t trust you. I won’t fight against you, because you have made no hostile moves towards me. But watch yourself, this site is becoming like Dante’s Divine Comedy in terms of literary carnage, the only people who would join in these arguments, are people against me, allies, and people who are making a big mistake
    but if this is not a prank on me, thank you for the support

  17. philosopher says:

    go kill yourself, you child molesting, mother fucking, spineless imposter

    -the original philosopher

  18. Sun Tzu says:

    The Art of war does not address in any way what you call ‘Human Rights’

    The title of the book is fairly self explanatory

  19. philosopher says:

    who me?

    - the original phliosopher

  20. philosopher says:

    You schitzo fuck

    - the original philosopher

  21. Philosopher's Disciple says:

    I would tend to acknowledge Django’s remarks as worthy of pursuit.

    philosopher – your teachings have misled me, it is sad to say that I must seek truth elsewhere.

  22. Dumbo the Elephant says:

    “I just want for people to see the constant need to improve culture.”

    Believe us, we also agree.

    Every culture/society/satire thread needs it’s butchers and shepards. Unfortunately you are in a cultural space where there are many butchers. Ready the hack away at persons whom they deem to be culturally inappropriate.


  23. Tesla says:

    Vote for Pedro

  24. philosopher says:

    Disciple, that’s your loss, my gain. I can do it alone against these fictitious enemies.

    Much like I can care for my morbidly disabled mum, by fisting her arse while feeding her baby food with a spoon.

    Good luck to you and your search onward from the poo-hole (my influence) that nearly sucked away your belief in humanity.

    God I love fucking my body with no penis.

  25. philosopher says:

    I don’t want to talk about war, I want to talk about peace. if you want war, go to the middle east. I just want for people to see the constant need to improve culture.

    -the original philosopher who is fighting for his right to freedom of speech without persecution

  26. ...Voltair... says:

    wow, I’m glad there is another intellectual on this site, I’ve barely been on this site at all, I couldn’t find anyone to have a logical discussion with. heck, if you are a fan of Voltair, you must be a history lover

  27. Meh! says:

    Drugs are supposed to make you skinny…

  28. fourteenlines says:

    Most, yes. Not shrooms. Believe it or not the magical ones are actually nutritional.

  29. Strat says:

    I think it’s from Naked Lunch.

  30. gb;wgbsdgbjj says:

    That doesn’t make sense either.

  31. fourteenlines says:

    Allow me to explain (bullsh*t),

    They go to what looks like a hair parlor from the outside but what is really a mushroom den. Tie-dye is the official uniform. They turn the pink boom-box to some psychedelic music, sit down and don their glorified Light-Brights. They then proceed to eat shrooms for hours forsaking culture and personal hygiene alike.

  32. I think Im going to be sick says:

    They’re actually having sex….. with each other of course.

  33. fingfangfoom says:

    what the fucks with kids today, all worried about things making sense… just eat the hard drugs, stick your head in the vapor mind scrambler, sit down and shut up.

  34. philo5opher says:

    what is?



  36. Shizzire says:

    Ummm it should be “Hang on, I forgot to put in the crystals” Gosh!