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There’s So Many Reasons I’m Going To Hell For This

If there is a God, I’m really hoping he got together with his advisors and said "We need something that’s a real test of whether or not someone should go to hell."  Then everyone stood around and was like "We could look at their life, see if they’ve lived it well?" and God was like "Nah, that sounds like a lot of work.  What if he just made a preacher who sounded retarded, then if people laughed, they went to hell."  "Done."
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2 Responses to "There’s So Many Reasons I’m Going To Hell For This"

  1. goposaur says:

    Is that the “I can count to potatoe” kid?

  2. Shizzire says:

    I’m joining you in hell. We can get high when Satan isnt looking. And when he is looking, we can get high with him.