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Tiger Woods Masters Tournament Score Card

Augusta National Golf Club was crowded yesterday with hordes of crazed golf fans trying to get an autograph from Tiger Woods on the first day of the Master’s Tournament. What a bunch of idiots. We just stole his score card.

12 Responses to "Tiger Woods Masters Tournament Score Card"

  1. jaz says:

    Stay clean-shaven. Stay focused, yet friendly with crowds.

    TO COMMENTATORS: BE FAIR IN REPORTING THE GAME. Tiger is a contender. Do not leave him on the sidelines but report his game just as you are all the others at the top of the leaderboard!!

  2. jaz says:

    Knock it off with the disgusting comments.

    Have just a little class at least !

  3. Tiger Woods says:

    Agreed! Now do you mind if I take a dump on your chest?

  4. Vice President Joe Biden says:

    I know right! Just like I said before, you can’t walk into a convinience store these days without hearing hindu!

  5. gimp says:

    It’s “hindi”, Joe

  6. President Obama says:

    Just give it up gimp, I tried to correct him on so many things, and eventually you learn that Joe is indeed an idiot.

  7. pratik says:

    For some good pizza, call up 706-650-2000. It’s a Pizza Hut in Augusta that I actually used to work at.

  8. President Bush says:

    I was figuring it would have been a convenience store.

  9. Dwight K. Shrute says:

    First, oh yuck…I can’t get Mose’s balls flavor out of my mouth after that tea bagging incident…

  10. DonkeyXote says:

    How many times do I have to tell you my name’s not MOSE!

    And I wan’t my chaps back douchebag!

  11. Jim Deeno says:

    LOL< I am surprised there is not a map to his "party Bus" location on the back LOL Im sure its parked nearby!