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Tina Wallman Pictures

Where You’ve Seen Her: Tina Wallman is well known for being the spokemodel for Carbon Poker.  She’s also from Australia, but making the rounds in the states, which out here is known as putting "another shrimp on the bobby".  She better get used to that joke.
Pointless Quote: "Publicity is always good."


16 Responses to "Tina Wallman Pictures"

  1. Sven says:

    Fuck! We lost to the swedes agai…. Fuck! We lost to a swede. And we know your name is Sven, and you have a bowl haircut. And know every ABBA song by heart.

  2. Sweanis says:


  3. Just Trying to Help says:

    But his wife Olga, although a little on the heavy side, can yodle with the best. They’re up all night waiting to post first, and they’re both in therapy.

  4. anyone! says:


  5. Lou Woods says:

    Oh Hell yeah dude, now she has it going on!


  6. AnonymousAussie says:

    I never heard of “shrimp on the bobby” only of Shrimp on the BARBIE!

    Be no point placing seafood on the local constabulary.

  7. Ben Affleck says:

    I’m a little upset that when I googled her name, I wasn’t bombarded by extreme graphic porn, or at least mildly skilled photoshop composites.

  8. BooYa says:

    Ohshi She looks like my friend ali in that first pic

  9. Ben Affleck says:

    By “friend” do you mean debt collector? Nobody that posts on the internet has any friends.

  10. pratik says:

    I hate Hawaii (second thumbnail).

  11. Anonymussy. says:


    you’re funnie!! CALL ME!!

  12. Anonymussy. says:

    Donkey, you French Faggot

  13. Anonymussy. says:

    You can tell it’s still me, Dwight K. Schrute.

    I capitalize words like eugenics and faggot for no fucking reason.

    Dwight, you cross-dressing little homo-bitch!!