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Tony Romo Can Sing Better Than Jessica Simpson

While he’s no Mike Ditka, Jeff Gordon or Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Romo put on quite a vocal performance at the Cubs game last weekend. He should give his girlfriend and noted Cowboy-killer Jessica Simpson a tip or two on how to belt out a beautiful song. (I think the key is to hold the microphone far away from your face.)

6 Responses to "Tony Romo Can Sing Better Than Jessica Simpson"

  1. mynameistest says:

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  2. Apicozhx says:

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  3. Pratik says:

    I’m sure all the Rangers and Astros fans appreciate this.

    What’s next, announcing the line-up at the next New Jersey Nets game and then throwing back a few at the next game the Tampa Bay Lightning has?

  4. BraystreetLad says:

    Tony Romeo doesn’t have 40D boobs,so who cares?????