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Tony Romo Parties At Hooters


I once ate quesadillas and this weird chicken that came in a can, every day for three weeks in college because I was broke.  Then I sold my textbooks back and went directly to an Outback Steakhouse and ordered some kind of beef item for every course including dessert.  So it’s confusing for me that Tony Romo, after banging Jessica Simpson for such a long time, breaks up with her and immediately goes to a Hooters and starts hitting on a girl that looks exactly like Jessica Simpson.  Usmagazine.com reports:

New photos have surfaced on Perezhilton.com that Jessica Simpson’s boyfriend Tony Romo getting cozy with a tan blonde at Chicago club Manor over the weekend.

Perez reports that “five to six girls from Hooters” , including the woman he’s seen whispering into the ear of , partied with Romo, 28, and his pals.

Wow, when you’re the good looking star quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys and you go to a Hooters, I’m pretty sure you put on a condom before you even set foot in there.  You might just be minding your business and ordering a buffalo chicken sandwich and then suddenly look down and be surprised to find your pants off and  a hooters girl already banging you.  But, Jessica of course denies they’re splitting up.

A rep for Simpson told Us, the singer is “very happy with Tony they are both happy together.”

Hmmm, I’m pretty sure Jessica can expect to find a note like this from Tony in the near future:


5 Responses to "Tony Romo Parties At Hooters"

  1. Pratik says:

    I can’t wait for “Papa Joe” to come out of the woodwork and demand that Tony get back with Jessica.

  2. morty says:

    “Star” quarterback…I use the term star loosely…bangs random hot hooters girls…1) Who the fuck wouldnt, 2)Jessica Simpson is hot, but so are random hot hooters girls, 3)Have cake and eat it too…do it for the yutz’s out there who only get the smiley faced i on their bill at hooters

  3. THAT WAS RANDOM! Come dance with me PEREZ – you phat phuck.

  4. Den says:

    In your attempt at being, oh I’ll go with “clever”, you missed that they were at the club Manor and not at Hooters as your headline states. The girls were supposedly from Hooters. That complex US Magazine writing style must have tripped you up, eh?

  5. Tony Romo says:

    Is there any doubt Tony Romo will lead the Cowboys to the Super Bowl?